Prop 37 on Facebook


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The Prop 37 phenomenon on Facebook: possibly one of the best internet marketing campaigns of all time!

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Prop 37 on Facebook

  1. 1. The Prop 37phenomenonon Facebook (10% CTR?!! Click “next” to see for yourself.)
  2. 2. When our ad campaign started,we had 44,000 fans on Facebook. Ten days later, it has doubled!
  3. 3. But more importantly, we’re nowdriving a conversation that reaches far more people than our fans. Typical fan activity ranges from 1 - 12%: 8% of fans talking: immediately after the debate on TV 1% of fans talking: amidst world tour 12% of fans: typical for a smaller fan base
  4. 4. 120% of fans talking about it: unheard of.This doesn’t just mean we’re reaching 105,000 people.We’re reaching all their friends: 3.3 million people. And ourspokesperson is not some phony professor, but yourneighbor. Not a phony farmer, but your daughter. Not aphony doctor, but your doctor.
  5. 5. With only $33k spent, we’ve reached 3.3 millionCalifornians, because of the viral multiplier More than half our reach is from Viral reach: 3.3mm people talking about us or passing the message forward by clicking “Like” or “Comment.” Paid reach: 2.1mm This was already happening, and ramped up when we began advertising 10 days ago.
  6. 6. How are people responding?First, let’s look at typical response rates.
  7. 7. Source:Quora messageboard -- adexecs braggingabout their bestresults ever.
  8. 8. How do our results compare? Before optimization: This is twenty-fold better than the internet average, and several times better than the “record” highs quoted by ad agencies!!!!!!
  9. 9. How much did it cost? This is five-fold more cost- effective than the Facebook average!!!!!
  10. 10. Starting this week, we’re reducing the cost and raising the response rate!• ½ price. We’ve negotiated to reduce the cost by half ($2.65CPM), by committing $50,000. Assuming the viral multiplier of 250% continues, this will effectively be a $1 CPM.• Higher response rate. By concentrating our $$ on the more effective ads (4.5+% CTR), we’ll be increasing our response rates.• What’s the result? $0.06 - $0.07 CPC
  11. 11. Our best response: moms & grandmasGender Age Response rate (CTR) These response rates are simply unheard of! We’ve never heard of a CTR even close to 10%. We’ll begin skewing $$ to target this demographic.
  12. 12. What do the ads look like? Will people be tuning them out?It’s not easy toignore somethingthat fills yourscreen. That’s whyour spending isfocused on mobileby 3:1. (Mobile isalso where theusers are.)
  13. 13. What’s the best ad we’ve created? Viewers click to see the rest.
  14. 14. People comment & click “Like,” forwarding it to their friends.
  15. 15. Most effective of all: “ads” that look like something your friend sent.
  16. 16. Are there limits?• We’re far from saturating the Facebook audience of Californians 18+.• However, our “social ads” (the best-performers) are limited to friends of our fans, ie 2MM Californians 18+. We’ve eliminated this limit by partnering with other groups (OCA, JLI, etc) to disseminate our ads via their fans too.
  17. 17. Where do we go from here?• We spent $33K testing: – 3.3MM Californians saw our ad (approx twice ea) – 190K Californians clicked or tapped an ad• We now have lower prices & optimized ads, to reach more. We’ve allocated $85K more to spend on Facebook.• What if we spent more?
  18. 18. We need about 7MM votes to win.• $250K would buy: – 20MM Californians aged 18+ (saturation), 10 views ea – 3.6MM clicks• $500K would buy: – 20MM Californians 18+ see our message 20 times – 7.2MM clicks
  19. 19. Support Prop 37 ads on Facebook: Double your money: every $ donated is matched 1:1. Prop 37 FTW!* (*for the win)