Role of Strategy in Digital Marketing, Online Reputation Management & Branding


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Tampa Internet marketing agency Tutak Consulting discusses the role of strategy in digital marketing, online reputation management and brand development.

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Role of Strategy in Digital Marketing, Online Reputation Management & Branding

  1. 1. Presented by: Aparna Tutak, CEO & Founder Role of Strategy in Digital Marketing, Online Reputation Management & Branding
  2. 2. Role of Strategy in Digital Marketing
  3. 3. Digital Marketing Vs. Digital Strategy Facebook 1 Billion+ Twitter 550 Million+ Google+ 343 Million LinkedIn 225 Million Source: Image Credit:
  4. 4. Digital Marketing is IRRELEVANT Digital STRATEGY is Research to Accomplish Measurable & Actionable Objectives
  5. 5. Target Consumer Behavior • Associations Can Analyze the Behavior of Clients in Digital Realm • Create Custom Campaigns • React Quickly to Develop Personalized Offers & Messages in Real-Time
  6. 6. You’re Just Not That Important Image Credit: • Digital marketing is NOT for the benefit of your business – It’s for your CLIENTS! • B2B - B2C – Doesn’t Matter • P2P – People-to-People • Provide Value to Clients • Think like Amazon’s CEO
  7. 7. 4P Approach • People = Most Important of 4Ps • Increase Client Retention & Decrease Attrition
  8. 8. Golden Key of Digital Marketing BUYER PERSONAS are the MOST Important Facet of Digital Marketing • They are the People Around Whom Your Whole Business is Built • Key to Unlocking Your Digital Strategy Image Credit:
  9. 9. SMART Marketing Framework Specific – goals should be unambiguous Measurable – goals should be able to be tracked Attainable – goals should be realistic Relevant – goals should matter to your business Timebound – goals should have deadlines
  10. 10. Make a Plan for Your Content • Content is King • Map Out Your Content • Create an Editorial Calendar • Have a “MC” – Marketing Champion
  11. 11. Role of Strategy in Online Reputation Management
  12. 12. Broken Glass, Broken Reputation Perception in Marketing is Truth. Clean It Up - SimpleWash -
  13. 13. Reputation Management for Lawyers • Control the Message • The Internet is like an Elephant • Online Persona Should Reflect Real Life YOU • Lawyers Behaving Badly • Don’t get Disbarred - Practice Good Judgment • ORM Tools Image
  14. 14. Role of Strategy in Branding
  15. 15. Branding Through Social Media Marketing Will Smith Image Credits: Lindsay Lohan Image Credits:, Miami Herald Blog • Authentic and Evolutionary • Be Personal & Have Passion • Remain True to Who You are and Your Business Image • Don’t Deceive the Public – It can Ruin your Brand • All Individuals – NOT Just Law Firms – Are Brands
  16. 16. How to Brand Myself Online •Become a Thought-Leader to Gain Credibility & Trust •Blogging – Only 9% of Attorneys Do This! •Conversion •Brand Recognition •Targeted Audience •Loyalty •Identify Type of Cases & Clients You Want •Target Influencers •Social Listening •Podcasting •Participate in the RIGHT Social Media Networks Source & Image Credit: Law Firms with Blogs
  17. 17. Enchanting Your Clients Image Credit: • “Enchantment transforms situations and relationships” • Lesson #1: Be Likeable • It’s Not About What Other’s Can Do for You – It’s About What You Can Do for Others” • Being “Mean”
  18. 18. Delightful Marketing • Build Relationships with Content that is E.T. or 3T • Educate – Entertain – Entice • Teach – Tickle – Touch • Make People Want to Do Business with You – Why? • Customers More Likely to Share Negative Experiences with Businesses Online • Solution: Effective Listening & Monitoring Image Credit: Image Credit: Image Source:
  19. 19. Beat the Blink Test • Appearances Matter Online • Visiting Your Website Should Be a Beautiful Experience to Increase Conversion Rate • Website Should Pass the “Blink Test” to Capture Attention, Share Message & Spark Interest
  20. 20. Image Credit: Final Thoughts • Digital Marketing is a Marathon, Not a Sprint • Be the Tortoise – Slow & Steady Wins the Race