Jan. 2012 Anvil Webinar: Competitive Intelligence


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Do you know what your competitors are doing online? You may be surprised who your true online competitors even are. In the digital space, a competitor can be anybody who takes visibility away from your online properties regardless of the services they offer or products they sell. Today more than ever it’s important for business owners and marketers alike to be aware of the competition—who they are, what they’re doing, and where they’re doing it. We’ll teach you how to stay on top of your competitors by leveraging today’s tools and technology.

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  • Jan. 2012 Anvil Webinar: Competitive Intelligence

    1. 1. CompetitiveIntelligence forDummies GeniusesPresented by:HallieJanssen(@hallie_janssen)CEOAnvil Media, Inc.503.595.6050 ext 221hallie@anvilmediainc.com
    2. 2. About Anvil MediaAnvil Media, Inc. is a digital marketing agency specializing in search enginemarketing services, including search engine optimization, analytics, pay-per-click management, online reputation management, mobile & social mediamarketing services.
    3. 3. Some of Our Clients
    4. 4. Anvil Key Differentiators100% of account team Google AdWords & Analyticscertified100% of account team published and spoken in theindustryHigh client & employee retentionFounding member of SEMpdx trade associationSocial Media & PPC Training partner with OMI &WhartonExpertise in technology and entertainmentMajority of clients come from word-of-mouth andreferralsAward winning: PBJ Fastest Growing, Inc 5,000, AMAMAX
    5. 5. Agenda• What is Competitive Intelligence?• Why is Competitive Intelligence Important?• Who are my Competitors?• Where is the Competition Active?• How is Tactical Competitive Intelligence Conducted?• Resources & Q&A
    6. 6. What is Competitive Intelligence?
    7. 7. Definition Competitive Intelligence-“An analysis of the online presence andstrategies of key competitors in order to better understand their marketing objectives, competitive strengths &weaknesses, and areas of opportunity.”
    8. 8. Factors InvolvedOnline Competitive Offline Competitive Intelligence Intelligence On Site Traditional Ads Paid Media Ads Pricing Search Visibility Location Product/Service Social Media Key Differentiators
    9. 9. Factors Involved in Online Competitive Intelligence On Site: Search Visibility: Volume, Month-Over- Target Keywords, Link Month Trends, On-Site Profiles, Link Anchor Text Engagement, Conversion Optimization, Mobile Site Competitive Intelligence Social Media: Profile Paid Media: Target Development, Fan Keywords, Spend, Ad Counts, Levels of Creative, Channels Engagement, Campaigns
    10. 10. Why is CompetitiveIntelligence Important?
    11. 11. Importance of Competitive Intelligence• Complements any marketing strategy• Gives the decision support needed to move forward with confidence and realize the true impact of marketing efforts• Gives businesses insights to stay on top of the competition while enhancing their own marketing efforts for the future
    12. 12. Who are my competitors?
    13. 13. “Old School” (Traditional) Advertisers
    14. 14. “New School” (Online) Advertisers
    15. 15. “Old School” Advertiser vs. “New School” Advertiser “Old School” “New School” Website, PPC, Display Ads, Marketing TV, Print, Radio, Direct Social Sites, Review Sites, Mail, Billboard, Store Coupon Sites, Forums, Blogs, Channels Display Organic Search Flexible – with the right Operating knowledge, making/maintaining High – traditional types of a website and online presence advertising are costly Budget can be much more affordable than traditional advertising Difficult – companies often think they know who their competitorsDistinguishin Easy – marketing are, but they actually might not channels are limited, so g finding competitors be competing with them online, depending on the search resultsCompetition requires little effort. from various keywords.
    16. 16. SEO CompetitorsWikipedia is occupyingSERP space.
    17. 17. Paid Search CompetitorsPaid SearchCompetition.
    18. 18. Where is the Competition Active?
    19. 19. Where is the Competition Active Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Profile Social Development, Fan Counts, Campaigns, Levels of Engagement On- Traffic Volume, Month Over Month Trends, On-Site Engagement, Conversion Site Optimization, Mobile SiteSearch Target keywords, Link Profiles, Link AnchorVisibilit Text y Paid Target Keywords, Spend, Ad Creative, Channels Media
    20. 20. How is Tactical Competitive Intelligence Conducted?
    21. 21. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+SOCIAL
    22. 22. Social: Facebook Jaguar USA has a well developed, customized Facebook presence: • 124,000+ Fans • Videos • Video Chat • Frequent/Relevant Wall Posts • Models page • Special offers incentivizing Likes
    23. 23. Social: FacebookScreen Shot 1.12.2012 Screen Shot 1.13.2012 Increase of 1,234 Facebook Likes in one day!!
    24. 24. Social: Twitter• Both Jaguar and Audi have very clean Twitter layouts that are visually pleasing• Audi has more followers at 183,000 compared to Jaguar’s 17,000. Audi is also following 13,000 users compared to Jaguar following only 117• Jaguar has limited their updates to only one per day compared to Audi’s average of 10 tweets per day
    25. 25. Social: YouTube• Jaguar has the most carefully managed YouTube channel, with custom layout, easy navigation, and professional videos• Surprisingly, BMW’s view totals and other metrics are much greater than any competitors.
    26. 26. Social: Google+• Audi, BMW, Jaguar and Infiniti all have Google+ Business pages• Audi has the most +1’s at 2,510 compared to Jaguar’s 173 +1’s• The main find here is that they all have Google+ profiles. This is an important factor as Google is starting integrate their own social network into their search results
    27. 27. Traffic Volume, Engagement, Conversion Optimization, MobileON-SITE
    28. 28. On-Site: Traffic Volume• BMW is the distinct winner for visitors, but Audi is keeping up and ever surpassed BMW in early 2011• Jaguar has obviously been making a push since the end of 2011 and their efforts are paying off. Tool Used: Compete
    29. 29. On-Site: Traffic Volume Tool Used: Compete
    30. 30. On-Site: EngagementTraffic is only part of the story of the success of a website. Metrics such as length ofaverage visit, visits/person, and pages/visit provide a more complete picture. (Topperformers highlighted) Audi BMW Infiniti Jaguar Tool Used: Compete
    31. 31. On-Site: Conversion Optimization
    32. 32. On-Site: Conversion Optimization
    33. 33. On-Site: Conversion Optimization
    34. 34. On-Site: Conversion Optimization
    35. 35. On-Site: Conversion Optimization• How well a site converts can only be determined internally• The important thing here is to review what your competitors are doing in this area and test something on your site if you think it will benefit your conversions
    36. 36. On-Site: Mobile Mobile sites ensure more users can access your site. Tool Used: Mobilizer
    37. 37. On-Site: Mobile Nice use of images and navigation optimized for mobile. Tool Used: Mobilizer
    38. 38. On-Site: Mobile Good call to action that keeps mobile site interactive and not just static. Tool Used: Mobilizer
    39. 39. Target Keywords, Link Profile, Link Anchor TextSEARCH VISIBILITY
    40. 40. Search Visibility: Target Keywords• BMW currently ranks for 11,733 keywords and ranked for as many as 13,589 in November 2011• Jaguar currently only ranks for 1,117 keywords• Knowing how many keywords and what keywords your competitors rank for is important because their results occupy the Search Engine Results Page Tool Used: SEM Rush
    41. 41. Search Visibility: Link Profile - QuantityThe most important factors in organic search engine ranking are the quantityand quality of inbound links to that domain or page.Audi had dominated all categories. Tool Used: SEO Moz – OpenSiteExplorer.o
    42. 42. Search Visibility: Link Profile - QualityLooking closer at the quality of links:• Follow v. nofollow: “Followed” links explicitly allow search engine spiders to follow them; and “nofollow” links, while still potentially valuable, do not provide the same SEO value.• Internal v. external: While internal linking structure (links from page-to-page within the same domain) is important for helping spiders discover and understand the content of a site, external links (from other sites) provide much greater SEO value. Note Jaguar’s off-balance internal v. external profile. Tool Used: SEO Moz – OpenSiteExplorer.o
    43. 43. Search Visibility: Link Anchor Text Number of Linking Root Number of Links Containing Anchor Text Domains Containing Anchor this Anchor Text Textbmw 619 2797bmwusa.com 303 72312bmw usa 205 7904www.bmwusa.com 197 593bmw of north america 129 519<i>[No Anchor Text]</i> 105 314http://www.bmwusa.com 62 177bmw north america 59 2886bmw of north america inc 46 58bmw of north america llc 42 1273http://www.bmwusa.com/ 39 59bmw 38 324usa 20 1576<i>[No Anchor Text]</i> 14 17bmwusa 12 1394bmw usa 10 46visit bmw usa bmw is the ultimate 9 1368driving machinebmw north america llc bmw north 7 12americabmws 6 11website 5 14 Tool Used: SEO Moz
    44. 44. Target Keywords, Spend, Channels, Ad CreativePAID MEDIA
    45. 45. Paid Media: Target Keywords• Tools like SEM Rush will not only tell you how many keywords your competitors are paying for but they will also tell you which keywords they are paying for• BMW is obviously bidding on the most on keywords at about 29,000 Tool Used: SEMRush
    46. 46. Paid Media: Spend• SEM Rush will also tell you how much your competitors are paying on Paid Search• Even though BMW is bidding on a significantly larger number of keywords they aren’t paying much more than Audi Tool Used: SEMRush
    47. 47. Paid Media: ChannelsTools like Adbeat will show you where your competitors are advertising. Tool Used: Adbeat
    48. 48. Paid Media: ChannelsAdbeat will also show you what creative your competitors are using. Tool Used: Adbeat
    49. 49. Paid Media: Ad CreativeTargeted Keyword better Stronger Call to Action Use of Site links
    50. 50. Where do we go from here?NEXT STEPS
    51. 51. Sample Action ItemsIn order to capitalize on the findings in this competitiveanalysis, and to continue to monitor the online strategiesof competitors, Anvil recommends the following: Update list of organic target keywords Mine BMW’s referring domain data for link development targets Keep an eye on competitors’ paid search data for new keyword niches to be added to campaigns, as well as inspiration for fresh ad copy Pay particular attention to Jaguar & Audi as they appear to be the sharpest in terms of social media Implement on-site SEO improvements
    52. 52. It’s very unlikely that all competitorswill be doing everything well.By looking at everything that yourcompetitors do, you can pick outthe best pieces, tweak them, andthen use that to develop the bestonline marketing strategy you can.
    53. 53. Summary• Competitive intelligence should be a part of every marketing strategy• When done correctly, it provides confidence in decision making and helps businesses stay on top of their competition• There are many useful tools to help: • AdBeat (http://www.adbeat.com) • Compete (http://compete.com) • Open Site Explorer (http://www.opensiteexplorer.org) • SEOMoz (http://www.seomoz.org) • SEMRush (http://www.semrush.com)
    54. 54. ResourcesArticlesCompetitive Intelligence: Purpose & Processhttp://www.seomoz.org/blog/competitive-intelligence-purpose-processWebsite Analytics vs. Competitive Intelligence Metricshttp://www.seomoz.org/article/search-blog-stats8 Brilliant Ideas on Competitive Intelligencehttp://imediaconnection.com/content/20044.aspSEO Competitive Intelligence Strategyhttp://www.seobook.com/seo-competitive-intelligence-strategyFree Internet Marketing & Search Engine Competitive Research Toolshttp://tools.seobook.com/competitive-research-tools/Whitepapers5 Simple Steps to Online Marketing Success: Using Competitive Intelligencehttp://media.compete.com/site_media/upl/img/Five_Simple_Steps_to_Online_Marketing_Success_Using_Competitive_Intelligence_White_Paper.pdfThe Marketer’s Guide to Optimizing Your Web Content for Search Engineshttp://www.anvilmediainc.com/search-engine-marketing-resources/free-white-papers/seo-white-paperThe Advanced Guide to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketinghttp://www.anvilmediainc.com/search-engine-marketing-resources/free-white-papers/advanced-pay-per-click-marketing-white-paper
    55. 55. Q&A & Next Steps• Read Anvil’s blog, articles & white papers• Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter• Contact us with questions about our Competitive Intelligence services Hallie Janssen CEO Anvil Media, Inc. 310 NE Failing Street Portland, OR 97212 O: 503.595.6050 x221 M: 503.502.9562 hallie@anvilmediainc.com Twitter: @hallie_janssen LinkedIn: halliejanssen
    56. 56. Upcoming Anvil WebinarsFeb 15th, 2012 – 10am PSTLead Generation and Lead NurturingMarch 21st, 2012 – 10am PSTLocal SEOApril 18th, 2012 – 10am PSTSite SearchMay 16th, 2012 – 10am PSTAdvanced AnalyticsFind Out More and Registerhttp://www.anvilmediainc.com/search-engine-marketing-webinars