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Turning Parents into Partners PDF


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Handout from the workshop, Turning Parents into Partners, led by Anthony Prince at the 2012 Kidmin Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

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Turning Parents into Partners PDF

  1. 1.  Turning  Parents  into  Partners:  Family  Ministry  101  KIDMIN  2012:  Children’s  Ministry  Conference  Anthony  Prince          A                        of  Families            Be                      Casting  a            for  Partnership            The  Parent  is  the          not  the                      t:  @anthony_prince  |  f:  |  e:  |  b:  
  2. 2.        Families  Are                      Not  Everyone                      Determining            of                        Baby              into  Partnership            Suggested  resources:  Parenting  Beyond  Your  Capacity,  Reggie  Joiner  &  Carey  Nieuwhof  Think  Orange,  Reggie  Joiner  Spiritual  Parenting,  Michelle  Anthony  Formational  Children’s  Ministry,  Ivy  Beckwith  t:  @anthony_prince  |  f:  |  e:  |  b: