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Presentation group b


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Presentation group b

  1. 1. Family Values Done by Group B: Douglas William Jun Kai Ameerah Nisa Yasmin Adibah
  2. 2. What are family values to us?• responsibility• care• concern• respect• honesty• love• roles of family members
  3. 3. What are the roles andresponsibilities of each family member? Parents • give advice to the young ones • pass down the heritage • provide education and comfort for their child • protect the child at any circumstances • make important decisions in the family
  4. 4. Have the family values changed over time? Past Present school is rare; only some school is compulsory for all went to school children only the husband works both parents work children must ask children can sometimes go permission to go out out without permissionparents are very strict and parents are lenient andphysical abuse is common physical abuse is rare
  5. 5. What are the advantages/disadvantages of the changes in family roles and responsibilities? Advantages DisadvantagesAble to afford more things too little quality time to and to enjoy a better spend with children standard of livingbetter career and jobs for relying too much on the future grandparentsBruneian society becomes relying too much on more modern domestic helpers
  6. 6. What do you think would happen without family values?• child safety would be neglected• increase of criminal activity• more chaotic families• hatred and revenge would be common in family conflicts
  7. 7. The story of Jong BatuNakhoda Manis (Captain manis) achievedsuccess and wealth by marrying a prettynoblewoman. He became arrogant and refusedto acknowledge his mother when she came tovisit him. He was then turned into the rockoutcropping known as Jong Batu aspunishment.And that is why family values are important
  8. 8. Solutions• spend more time with your family• schools should teach family values• parents should teach the kids about family values
  9. 9. Thank you for your kind attention!