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DEW w.e.f 17 11 2021.pdf

  2. 2. Write a paper by Identify a real-life problems from the growing domain and suggest plausible IT solutions of your own which includes the suggestions from the IT-Experts in the concerned field, and prepare a technical presentation based on this paper.
  3. 3. DEW Web App Development Trends 17-11-2021
  4. 4. Web App Development Trends 17 – 11 – 2021
  5. 5. Development Trends  1. (Progressive Web App) PWA  2. Single Page Application (SPA)  3. Motion UI  4. Voice Search  5. Cybersecurity
  6. 6. . (Progressive Web App) PWA  Progressive web app or PWA is best defined:  A website with all the benefits of a mobile application is a faster, more reliable, and more engaging version of a website or eCommerce store.  Basically, PWAs are websites similar to native mobile apps and can work offline, too. Simply put, it’s best known for delivering fantastic user experiences. The famous examples of PWA are Tinder, YouTube Music, Pinterest, and Trivago Hotel Booking.  Like native apps, PWAs can do many things such as operate offline, access cameras, GPS, etc.  PWAs are also beneficial for desktop users since it includes so many benefits such as quickly updating in the background and there is no need to encourage users to update the apps on their own. In short, PWAs take no time to install.
  7. 7. Single Page Application (SPA)  Single Page Application or SPA is an application that is an alternative technology to the traditional web pages, which consists of several layers of pages to display the content. This is going to be one of the web app development trends that we can expect in 2022.  SPAs eradicate the need for heavy loading, where the server reloads the whole page whenever users request some part of the data. In other words, SPAs never reload the entire page, but only the requested data gets updated.  SPAs are best known for reducing site abandonment rates and performance. This is because most of the resources SPA requires (HTML, CSS & JavaScript) are loaded at the launch of the application and do not need to be reloaded during usage. The data is the only thing that changes and is transmitted to and from the server. This way, it’s responsible for providing the shortest possible wait time. Also, it has become the primary reason developers choose single- page apps. The famous examples of SPAs are Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and Airbnb.
  8. 8. Motion UI  The next popular web app development trend is motion UI, as it offers an enhanced user experience. Motion UI comes with the functions like loading spinners, attractive CTAs, CSS animations, and subtly moving elements.  It provides a great way to grab users’ attention where you want your audience to see. This web development technology helps website users to get relevant and specific information by pointing out the appropriate location.  UI motion supports real-time interaction as it creates the same emotional benefits when people interact with a physical object in real life. In short, the interaction makes users satisfied. Some common motion UI motions are – micro-interactions, showing the progress state, key navigation, and data visualization.
  9. 9. Voice Search  Voice search technology is another emerging web app development trend.  This technology has been a leap forward in the last few years since people have changed their way of searching online. Following are a few statistics that show that voice shopping is going to be a huge trend in the upcoming years:  Since 50% of all searches were done by 2020, voice shopping will reach $40 billion in the U.S. alone by 2022.  In the United States, 13% of all households owned a smart speaker in 2017. However, it is predicted that this number will rise to 55% by 2022
  10. 10. Cybersecurity  Cyber attacks are becoming normal these days. Despite tough security algorithms, even big companies like Facebook and Microsoft have become victims of such cyberattacks. Security breaches can ruin brand reputations if organizations take the security of their websites or applications lightly.  So, all you need to make sure that you must hire reputed third-party service providers with in- built security measures. This way, by adopting this web app development trend, you can prevent your business from a significant loss.
  11. 11. DEW Growing Career Fields, Best Paying IT Jobs and Domains 01-12-2021
  12. 12. Growing Career Fields In 202N 01-12-2021
  13. 13. Guaranteed Certainty! In the future, uncertainty is the only certainty. Think -- “ Remote Work!!!! ” Way back in 2019, it was slowly gaining acceptance even as most managers resisted. In 2020, companies and their employees were forced to adapt. For companies hoping to attract top talent, remote work is now an enticing benefit, and non-negotiable for many.
  14. 14. Post-COVID world Many of us experienced a bit of emotional whiplash when the summer of freedom choked out and offices delayed reopening. Predicting which careers will flourish in our post-COVID world isn’t easy. Still there are some definite trends. If you are loving your current status, I’m not suggesting a radical course correction. However, if you are indeed considering a change, here are the few growing fields in the years ahead.
  15. 15. Five growing fields 1. Healthcare 2. Information Technology 3. Supply Chain Management 4. Financial Management 5. Actuarial and Statistician
  16. 16. 1. Healthcare  The COVID-19 pandemic had an outsized impact on health-care system and workers.  Some caught the virus, many became ill or even lost their lives.  After enduring a months-long onslaught of patients, studies suggest over one-third are thinking about leaving the profession.  Effective system to increase productivity is in high demand.  Many of the existing systems need to be replaced with highly optimised ones or require upgradations to meet challenges  New Healthcare Technology for a few more years to have sustainable solution.  All these going to constitute IT related Medical Researches and Development.  That’s one reason healthcare is a stable field of the future.
  17. 17. 2. Information Technology  Of course IT has been a growth field for years.  What’s different is that an increased focus on remote work and smartphone development has increased demand for software and app developers.  Although this field has traditionally required a bachelors of science degree, companies are now recruiting people who learned to code online. So if you’re thinking about a career change and are tech orientated, you may want to consider taking some coding classes.  The Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) The Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) predicts that by the end of the decade, the software development field will grow by 22% –– which means over 300,000 new jobs with a median salary over six figures.  SMBs, SCM, Assisting Apps, Customer Centric Online Solutions/Apps, Intelligent Agents, Model Engineers, Solution Architects, AdHoc Technology Consultants, Finacial IT expert solutions/apps, AgroTechs… etc
  18. 18. 3. Supply Chain Management  You probably aren’t surprised to find that this is a growth field.  The panic buying that began before last year’s lockdowns upended the just-in-time delivery methods that so many retailers had long relied on.  Jobs in this field include Purchasing Agent managent, Logistics Analyst, and Distribution Manager Assistance.  Industrial engineers are also plentiful in this supply chain management.  So if you are skilled with math, statistics, engineering principles and IT, and love making systems work more efficiently, this could be the right field for you.
  19. 19. 4. Financial Management  Careers in this field are expected to grow by 15% over the next decade.  Financial managers (Technical Managers with domain knowledge) are hired to examine a company's spending and income while looking for ways to maximize profitability.  Fortune 500 companies often seek candidates with an Expert Domain(or IT with Financial Domain) Knowledge.  Or a few of them get replaced with automated intelligent systems in the future.  The median income approaches 120K. Management consultants enjoy similar high rates of growth and high median incomes.
  20. 20. 5. Actuarial and Statistician  Actuaries enjoy an almost 20% growth rate by the end of the decade and a median income over six figures.  If you enjoy data and statistics, this could be the perfect high-growth field.  Most work for insurance companies, deciding whether or not to insure a potential customer.  Being able to evaluate risk is an in-demand skill.  Statisticians fulfil a similar role for companies by analysing data and projecting future sales, profits, and obstacles to growth.  Actuaries often have a degree in actuarial science and have passed a series of licensing exams. However, It can play a leading role by automating a few of the routine practices.  Data Scientists, who help companies better utilize information, enjoy a projected 30% growth in employment by 2030.
  21. 21. Best Paying IT Jobs and Domains 8-12-2021
  22. 22. Traditional salary view  Traditionally best-paying jobs like Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Merchant Navy is still in demand, however, newer roles such as business analysts, cybersecurity professionals are also grabbing the best salaries in the market today.  Salaries for each of these roles not only depend on the educational background and professional experience, but also on how well you are equipped with the latest technology in each of these fields.  We have listed down the roles which have been in demand despite the recession in our market today. Go through this list to understand the trends, skill requirements, and salary insights.
  23. 23. Best Paying IT Jobs Entering the job market as a fresher is a challenge and it could take a lot of effort to find the right job. There are various kinds of opportunities in the market and young professionals need to look out for their first job that aligns with their skills and interests. 1. Data Scientists 2. Artificial Intelligence Professionals 3. Cyber Security Professionals 4. Machine Learning Professionals 5. Full Stack Developers 6. Cloud Computing Professionals 7. Software Engineers 8. DevOps Engineer 9. Blockchain Engineer 10. IoT Solutions Architect
  24. 24. 1. Data Scientists  Data scientists are among the most sought after professionals today as companies are investing heavily into big data.  Big data is important to create consumer-centric solutions and enhance product/service performance.  Hence companies are hiring data scientists to help them make more data-driven business decisions.  Data professionals are in high demand now and the coming years are going to see more data scientists getting hired by top business companies.  A data scientists can earn a base salary that is 36% higher than most professionals in the analytics industry. •Entry Level: 5-7 lakh/annum* •Mid Level:12-15 lakh/annum* •Senior Level: 21-25 lakh/annum* Education: •Bachelors degree in Computer science, mathematics, statistics •Data science certifications •Project experience in field of application Skills: •Programming skills •Data visualization •Machine Learning •Analytical skills
  25. 25. 2. Artificial Intelligence Professionals  The supply-demand gap for artificial intelligence professionals is incredibly high in India.  Even now there are 2500 vacant AI positions that require skilled professionals and the steady rise of the applications of AI indicates the number is only going to increase in the coming future.  However, a dearth of skilled AI professionals in the market has led to companies competing with each other to hire the best talent.  Needless to say, AI experts are getting lucrative offers from all the leading companies along with a number of other benefits.  AI professionals are chiefly responsible for enabling machines to have artificial intelligence. Their core tasks include understanding and creating AI algorithm, programming and more. •Mid Level: 17 lakh/annum* •Senior Level: 26 lakh/annum* Education: •Graduate in Mathematics, computer science, statistics, or related field •Certification in artificial intelligence courses Skills: •Programming skills •Analytical skills •Robotics •Statistical skills
  26. 26. 3. Cyber Security Professionals  All most all kinds of businesses have an online presence today and so it becomes important to protect their valuable digital assets.  Since cybersecurity is indispensable to all kinds of businesses, there’s a growing demand for cybersecurity professionals.  They ensure brands and businesses are secured against cyber threats and crimes. •Entry Level: 6 lakhs/annum* •Mid Level: 10-12 lakhs/annum* •Senior Level: 30 lakhs/ annum* Education: •Graduate in Mathematics, computer science, statistics Certification in a cybersecurity Skills: •Problem-Solving Skills •Technical aptitude •Analytical skills •Computer Forensics skills •Knowledge of Security across Various Platforms
  27. 27. 4. Machine Learning Professionals  AI and ML have taken the modern world by storm by designing more personal solutions for consumers.  Machine learning professionals are helping brands to make more data-driven business decisions so that business risks are low.  Experts in machine learning have proved to be valuable assets to companies and their demand keep rising each year.  A certification or degree in machine learning can accelerate your career to exciting directions. •Entry Level: 5-7 lakhs/annum* •Mid Level: 15 lakhs/annum* •Senior Level: 22lakhs/annum* Education: •Bachelor’s degree in computer science, AI, ML and certification courses Skills: •Computer Science and Programming •Probability and statistics •Software Engineering and System Design •Problem-solving •Data analysis
  28. 28. 5. Full Stack Developers  Full-stack developers are responsible for overall web development and maintenance.  Their ability to work on both the front end and the back-end functionalities of any application makes them particularly significant in the tech department of any company.  Reports show that there has been a 20% spike in the demand of full-stack developers in India in recent times.  Start-up companies seem to be employing more full-stack developers as they need professionals who are responsible for product applications end- to-end. •Entry Level: 5-6 lakhs/annum** •Mid Level: 8-10 lakhs/annum** •Senior Level: 10-12 lakhs/annum** Education: •Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, computer science, statistics, or related field •Proficiency with fundamental front end languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript Skills: •Front end and back end technology skills •Version control system •Coding skills •Cloud skills •Database skills
  29. 29. 6. Cloud Computing Professionals  Indian cloud computing industry will be worth $4 billion dollars by 2020.  Cloud software engineers, cloud architects, cloud infrastructure engineer etc. are in high demand and it will continue to rise.  There are more openings than qualified candidates for cloud computing in India at the moment.  A degree in cloud computing can spike your salary by up to 60%.  Seasoned experts can even earn up to 70 lakhs/annum. •Entry Level: 6-8 lakhs/annum** •Mid Level:10-12 lakhs/annum** •Senior Level: 30 lakhs/annum** Education: •Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer applications or a science stream •Certification through cloud computing courses Skills: •Programming skills •Database management skills •Linux skills •Artificial intelligence and machine learning knowledge •Serverless architecture knowledge
  30. 30. 7. Software Engineers  India has been rather infamous when it comes to the number of IT professionals it churns out every year. Yet, keeps absorbing an increasing number of software engineers.  With international tech giants investing in the Indian market and outsourcing talent overseas like never before, the number keeps growing.  Cities like Bangalore alone has seen a rapid rise in the employment of engineers in recent years.  International projects and a steady domestic market ensures that money keeps coming in this sector.  Seasoned Engineers with 4-5 years of experience can expect anywhere between 10-12 lakhs. •Entry Level: 4-6 lakhs/annum* •Mid Level: 10-15 lakhs/annum* •Senior Level: 25-30 lakhs/annum* Education: •Bachelors degree in computer science, computer system engineering, or software engineering Skills: •Software testing and debugging •Computer programming and coding •Problem-solving and logical thinking •Software development
  31. 31. 8. DevOps Engineer  DevOps Engineers usually are a part the operations team and the development team.  Some of the common tools that DevOps Engineers work with are Jenkins, Linux, Unix, and Git.  On the coding and scripting front, they should be familiar with Python, Ruby, Shell and other popular programming languages.  Facilitating automation is one of the core responsibilities of DevOps Engineers. They do it by maintaining the infrastructure and integrating it with cloud services.  The other major responsibilities include participation in deployment and network operations and working on developing new applications. A very attractive salary* Skills: •Jenkins, •Linux, •Unix, and •Git •Python, Ruby, Shell
  32. 32. 9. Blockchain Engineer  Blockchain engineers are responsible for developing and implementing solutions and architectures that are related to the blockchain technology.  The adoption of digital payments is increasing drastically in India and therefore blockchain has appeared as a key innovator in fintech sector especially.  Apart from fintech, there are various other sectors where blockchain has immense scope, such as smart contracts.  Given that the technology is only recent, the job market is facing a huge shortage of skilled blockchain professionals. This might be the right time for tech-buffs to enter this domain and make a career out of it. High Salary Anticipated* Skills: •Proficiency in programming •Knowledge and understanding of Ripple, Etherium, R3, and bitcoin technologies. •In-depth understanding of consensus methodologies •Security protocol stacks and crypto libraries
  33. 33. 10. IoT Solutions Architect  This is a leadership role and involves devising strategies and overseeing the deployment of all IoT solutions within an organization.  Along with a great experience, the role demands proficiency in programming, hardware design, and architecture.  Participation in other design-related activities is also required for translating business needs into technological solutions. High Salary Anticipated* Skills: •Proficiency in programming like c, python, java etc. •Knowledge and understanding embedded technologies. •In-depth understanding of hardware programming •Skills to work on developer boads
  34. 34. A Little Practicality  While ideals, interest, skills and ambition may drive you to chase any particular career path, salary plays an important role when it comes to sustaining that path.  Certifications and training will definitely help you move forward in your career, while passion and inner drive will lead you towards success.  True passion along with self-discipline always pays off in the long run and sets you apart from the crowd.