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Sport facilities in Agurain, The Basque Country. Comenius 2010-2012

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  1. 1. DESCRIPTION OF A BUILDING/ CIVIC EDUCATION 2011-2012PLACE … WHERE I PLAY...I have been swimming for3 years, but this year, I´mno swimming too much.We used to be 10 people, The Basqueand we used to go twice a Country and Agurainweek. The swimming-pools are near the SportsCenter, where people go 4. DBHthere to swim after playingfootball or doing another CIVIC EDUCATION 2011-2012 Ainhoa Castrosport. ANITURRI 4. DBH 2011 INSTITUTUA
  2. 2. AGURAIN THE BASQUE COUNTRY SPORT FACILITIES IN MY VILLAGE Agurain is situated in the Basque In Agurain and in the Basque Country. In the flag of the Basque Country in general, some people Country there are three main colours: white, red and green. The symbol is play a tradicional sport calledAgurain is in the Basque Country like a star because the colours make Basque pelote but this doesn´tand it is very beautiful. We have a cross. The language of the Basque mean that we don´t play many Country is Basque but the majority ofsome rivers like Zadorra that other sports like basketball or people speak Spanish. The capitaljoins the Ebro, and there are ex- football. There are two big foot- city is Gasteiz but Bilbo is the biggestcellent valleys. There are a lot of city. ball pitches and near them, theresmall villages around our town. is a Sports Center where people practrise basketball, football and handball there. MY FAVOURITE SPORT ACTIVITY I have been doing gymnastics since 2002 but when I was seven I started doing athletics. I began doing gym- nastics again because athletics wasThis village has got 4,600 inhabi- very boring Two years later, I startedtants but all of them weren’t swimming with my friends and weborn here. In Agurain the majori- CIVIC EDUCATION 2011- were the best swimming team. Then I 2012ty of people speak Spanish but a was bored with swimming, and I deci-lot of people speak Basque, too. ded to study more. ANITURRI INSTITUTUA