Feast Days and the Second Coming


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Feast Days and the Second Coming

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Feast Days and the Second Coming

  1. 1. ByPastor Eli James1
  2. 2. IntroductionAt Matt. 14:17, we are toldthe story of the miracle ofthe 5 loaves and 2 fishes.The 5 loaves, in myopinion, represent the5,000 years from Adam toChrist (Septuagintchronology) and the 2,000years from the FirstAdvent to the SecondAdvent. Hosea confirmsthis imagery when hesays, 2
  3. 3. IntroductionAfter two days will he reviveus: in the third day he willraise us up, and we shall livein his sight. - Hos. 6:2. Thesetwo "days" actually representa period of a thousand yearseach, as per 2 Peter 3:8:―Beloved, be not ignorant ofthis one thing, that one daywith Yahweh is as a thousandyears, and a thousand yearsas one day.‖3
  4. 4. IntroductionThe two fishes represent the2,000-year Grace Periodfrom the Sacrifice on theCross to the Judgment Day.As you know, the symbol ofthe fish has been the symbolof Christianity for these lasttwo thousand years. I willmake you fishers of men.(Mark 1:17.)4
  5. 5. IntroductionThe 7,000 year timeline of God‟s plan ofsalvation looks like this:Adam FirstAdventSecondAdvent5,000 BC 2 BC – 33AD1998-2033AD5
  6. 6. IntroductionBut Jesus tells us that thedays of Tribulation wouldbe shortened for theelect‟s sake (Mark 13:20),so we can expect Him toreturn some time before2033. The Lord‟sjudgment will be broughtupon the Last DaysChurch of Laodecia,which has grown fat andpompous:6
  7. 7. IntroductionAnd to the angel of the church ofLaodicea write: The words of the Amen,the faithful and true witness, thebeginning of Gods creation: I know yourworks: you are neither cold nor hot.Would that you were cold or hot! So,because you are lukewarm, and neithercold nor hot, I will spew thee out of mymouth. For you say "I am rich,7
  8. 8. IntroductionI have prospered and I need nothing," notknowing that you are wretched, pitiable, poor,blind and naked. Therefore, I counsel you tobuy from me gold refined by fire, that you maybe rich, and white garments to clothe you andto keep the shame of your nakedness frombeing seen, and salve to anoint your eyes,that you may see. Those whom I love, Ireprove and chasten; so be zealous andrepent. - Rev. 3:14-19.8
  9. 9. Jesus is Coming SoonThe SDA Churchwas founded uponthe idea that Jesuswould return in 1844.Obviously, that didnot happen.9
  10. 10. Jesus is Coming SoonAccording to Adventists, the2300 days began in 457 BC andended in 1844 AD. But WilliamMiller made some mistakes andthe Great Disappointment wasthe result.One who reads the entirechapter of Daniel 8 will see thisinterpretation:WilliamMiller10
  11. 11. Jesus is Coming Soon1. The two-horned ram of verse 3 is the Medes and Persians.2. The he-goat of verses 4-7 is Alexander the Great, whoconquered the Ram3. Verse 8 explains that Alexander‟s empire, after his death,was broken up into four parts, under four different generals:11
  12. 12. Jesus is Coming Soona) Greece, under Cassander,b.) Thrace, underLysimachus,c) Syria, underAntigonus, andd) Egypt, under Ptolemy12
  13. 13. Jesus is Coming Soon4.) The Little HornDaniel 8:9: And out of one of themcame forth a little horn, which waxedexceeding great, toward the south,and toward the east, and toward thepleasant land.13
  14. 14. Jesus is Coming SoonIn verse 9, the little horn that attacked the pleasantLand, Palestine, is Antiochus Epiphanes, of theSeleucid (Syrian) Kingdom of Greece.Map of the Territory ofAntiochus Epiphanes:14
  15. 15. Jesus is Coming SoonDaniel 4:13 Then I heard one saint speaking, andanother saint said unto that certain saint whichspake, How long shall be the vision concerning thedaily sacrifice, and the transgression of desolation,to give both the sanctuary and the host to betrodden under foot?Verse 14 is the 2300 days prophecy: ―To 2300 days(evenings and mornings), then shall the sanctuarybe cleansed.‖15
  16. 16. Jesus is Coming SoonIt was AntiochusEpiphanes, whodesecrated thealtar andslaughtered a pigthereon. PhilipNewell makes thiscase:16
  17. 17. Jesus is Coming Soon"For a duration of time during which2300 daily sacrifices would ordinarilyhave been offered, one at evening andone in the morning, as specified inExodus 29:38-43. Since there are twoof these daily, the actual time periodinvolved is 1150 days, or slightly overthree years. This, in fact, was the timeof the Maccabean tribulation, 168-165B.C., at the end of which the sanctuarywas cleansed by Judas Maccabeus inhis restoration of the evening andmorning sacrifices (210:1-5)." 17
  18. 18. Jesus is Coming SoonThis is the verse that WilliamMiller used for his 2,300"year-days" to calculate thatJesus would return in 1844(2,300 years after Cyrusissued the decree to rebuildthe temple). His movementended up giving birth to theSeventh-Day Adventists,Jehovahs Witnesses, andseveral other movements.18
  19. 19. Jesus is Coming SoonBut the actual date of thetransgression byAntiochus was 168 BC,not 457 BC, so Miller waswrong on two counts. Isthere another way ofreckoning theapproximate date of theSecond Advent?19
  20. 20. The Seven Times Prophecy(Lev. 26)What is a prophetic―time‖?What is a prophetic “time”?20
  21. 21. The Seven Times Prophecy(Lev. 26)If the disciples had the key to understandingprophetic calculation, of determining the length ofseven times punishment (as mentioned inLeviticus 26: 18, 21, 24 and 28), then they wouldnthave asked Jesus in Acts 1:6, "Lord, wilt thou atthis time restore again the Kingdom of Israel?" Thekey is found in Revelation. Most judeo-Christianstudents of the Bible are unaware of the 2,520 yearcycle and its importance in Bible prophecy.21
  22. 22. The Seven Times Prophecy(Lev. 26)However, most know about the 1,260 day cyclementioned in Revelation 11:3 and 12:6 and verse14, where its called a time, and times and half atime. 1,260 is half of 2,520. A prophetic year is 360days, because its halfway between a solar year(365 days) and a lunar year (354 days). 3 1/2prophetic years is thus 1,260 days and a fullseven year cycle is 2,520 days. In long termprophecy, the days are years.22
  23. 23. The Seven Times Prophecy(Lev. 26)We get the confirmation ofthis conversion inNumbers 14:34, "after thenumber of the days inwhich ye searched theland ... each day for a year,shall ye bear youriniquities" and in Ezekiel4:6, "and thou shalt bearthe iniquity ... I haveappointed thee each dayfor a year."23
  24. 24. The Seven Times Prophecy(Lev. 26)Daniel 12:7 repeats theexpression a time, timesand an half. Although hedoes not mention 1,260specifically, it is generallyaccepted that a timerefers to 360 days oryears. Therefore, times‘would be a doubling, or 720, and half a time wouldbe 180. Add them up: 360+720+180 and you get1,260.24
  25. 25. The Seven Times Prophecy(Lev. 26)This calculation verifies that atime is indeed 360 years. So,seven times is seven multiplied by360, which equals 2,520. Seventimes is mentioned seven times assuch in the Bible, and remarkablythe 3 1/2 times is also referred toseven times. Additional proof thatthese periods of time aresynonymous is found in Revelation3:2 and 13:5, where it is 42 months(i.e. 1,260). 25
  26. 26. The Seven Times Prophecy(Lev. 26)Confirmed in II Samuel 7:10, weread: "Moreover I will appoint aplace for my people Israel, and willplant them, that they may dwell in aplace of their own, and move nomore; neither shall the children ofwickedness afflict them anymore, asbeforetime.‖26
  27. 27. The Seven Times Prophecy(Lev. 26)Because of their national sins, God woulddrive them out and into a new land. If youlook at some good biblical maps, youll getan idea of the migratory routes that ourancestors took when they left Assyria(modern Syria and Turkey) and travelednorth and west. John 7:35 refers to them asthe dispersed, and Jesus knew where thelost sheep of Israel were and commandedHis disciples to go to them.27
  28. 28. The Seven Times Prophecy(Lev. 26)What followed was the Christianization ofEurope. Israel would occupy Isles orislands, and coastlines, wilderness anduncultivated land their fathers never knew.God was to scatter and sift them amongnations, and then would regather the twelvetribes and again, give them a land topossess in the Kingdom Age. It would notbe in the old Jerusalem; thus it would be aprophetic new Jerusalem.28
  29. 29. The Seven Times Prophecy(Lev. 26)Lets get to the punch line! The conquest ofthe ten-tribed northern house of Israel tookabout 25 years to complete. The logisticswere monumental, as some two millionpeople were transported hundreds of milesaway from their homeland. As near as canbe determined through archaeology, thehistorical record and the Bible itself, thefirst campaign against Israel began in 745BC on the east side of the Jordan River.29
  30. 30. The Seven Times Prophecy(Lev. 26)Precisely 2,520 years from 745 BC is the finaldate where the seven times punishmentexpires upon the nation of Israel. On this date,a nation was born in a day, just as Isaiah 66:7-9had prophesied, which I think alsocorresponds to Revelation 12, when it speaksof a woman travailing in birth, in pain todeliver, bringing forth a man child. This wasspeaking of Israel becoming a new nation.Verse 8 in the Ferrar Fenton says,30
  31. 31. The Seven Times Prophecy(Lev. 26)"Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen itlike that? For the earth to produce in a day! In amoment a nation be born?" And if I canparaphrase God in verse 9, He is saying "shouldI restrain this birth which I have produced?" Thisglorious moment in history; the conclusion ofthe chastisement upon Gods Israel people andthe restoration of their birthright blessings wasnone other than July 4, 1776. - Seven TimesPunishment, by Pastor Mark Downey31
  32. 32. The Seven Times Prophecy(Lev. 26)From the foregoing, we seethat a prophetic time equals360 years.In 745 B.C., Tiglath-Pileser, theking of Assyria, began the firstinvasion against Israel in thereign of Menahem (2 Ki.15:19-20).32
  33. 33. The Seven Times Prophecy(Lev. 26)In this year, the Assyrianscaptured and deportedhalf the Tribe ofManasseh, the half whichlived on the eastern sideof the Jordan River. Thisevent began the processof deporting the tennorthern tribes away fromPalestine,33
  34. 34. The Seven Times Prophecy(Lev. 26)who were then resettled innorthern Media, just southof the Caucasus MountainRange. From there, theyeventually migratedthrough these mountainsinto Europe and becameknown as the CaucasianPeople.34
  35. 35. The Seven Times Prophecy(Lev. 26)Putnams Dictionary Of Events, copyright 1927,page 6, states, "745, Accession of Tiglath-pileserIII of Assyria, who wages war against Chaldea,Syria, and the kingdom of Israel." (Tiglath-Pileseris called "Pul" in the Bible -- 2 Kings 15:19; 1Chr.5:26). As Pastor Downey explained, from 745B.C. we add 2520 YEARS (Seven Times) to get1775 plus one (compensating for the calendricalfact that there is no year "zero") is 1776 A.D., thevery year the American Declaration ofIndependence was signed.35
  36. 36. The Seven Times Prophecy(Lev. 26)From this prophecy, we know that Americarepresents the regathering of the TwelveTribes of Israel, according to the 7 Timesprophecy of Leviticus 26. We, along with ourChristian Israelite brethren around the world,are the New JerUSAlem. But America, whichis still the world‟s only Christian Republic, willbe the seat of God‟s government, after theJudgment Day.36
  37. 37. The Significance of the Year,1982.“After two days Hewill revive us. In thethird day He willraise us up and weshall live in Hissight.‖ – Hosea 6:2.37
  38. 38. The Significance of the Year,1982.In order to understandBible prophecy, you mustbe able to identify theBabylonians in the worldtoday; and it‟s NOT theIraqis or the Muslims.Nor is it America. Nor isit the Catholic Church!38
  39. 39. The Significance of the Year,1982.Dan. 5:30 tells usthat Belshazzar,King of Babylon,was slain by Dariuson the very nightthat the handwritingappeared on thewall.39
  40. 40. The Significance of the Year,1982.The Babylonians had presumedtheir walls to be impenetrable, sothey were busy partying,completely unconcerned withwhat the Median army might bedoing outside the walls of thegreat city. According tohistorians, Belshazzar wasbeheaded by Darius the Mede,using a ceremonial sword. Thisevent occurred in the year, 539BC.Belshazzar40
  41. 41. The Significance of the Year,1982.Here is William G. Fowler‟s account, as givenin his book, End Time Revelation:The fifth chapter of Daniel gives anaccount of what took place in Babylon on thenight when the city fell. Belshazzar, the king‘sson, and co-regent in Babylon, was holding afeast, blasphemously using the gold andsilver vessels taken from the temple ofJerusalem.41
  42. 42. The Significance of the Year,1982.Suddenly, writing appeared on the wall, ―Mene,Mene, Tekel, Upharsim,‖ which Danielinterpreted, ―God hath numbered thy kingdomand finished it. Thou art weighed in the balancesand art found wanting.‖ Thy kingdom is dividedand given to the Medes and Persians.‖ Historyrecords that the Medes and Persians gainedentrance into the city by diverting the riverEuphrates, so that the river bed became drywhere it ran through the walls.42
  43. 43. The Significance of the Year,1982.43Now, it is interesting to notethat the four words, written inChaldaic (Aramaic), whentranslated into Hebrew, wouldread ―Minah, Minah, Shekel,Peres,‖ which were Hebrewweights. The gerah was thesmallest weight, and the totalof the above weights,expressed in gerahs, is2520.‖ - p. 125.Gerahcoin = 1/20of a shekel
  44. 44. The Significance of the Year,1982.44Babylon was overthrownby the year, 539 BC. Now,given what we havelearned about theprophetic significance ofthe number 2520, let‟s dothe math:539 BC + 2520 = 1982.
  45. 45. The Significance of the Year,1982.45I happened to be doingsome research on theHebrew calendar, whenthe internet search I wasdoing listed a seeminglyunrelated item,something about RonWyatt finding the inJerusalem. I checked itout and the video justblew me away.
  46. 46. The Significance of the Year,1982.46Ron Wyatt‟s description of howhe found the blood on theMercy Seat and the lab analysistook my breath away. 23chromosomes from His mother,Mary, plus one y-chromosomeprovided by the Holy Spirit. Thefact that the blood only had 24chromosomes could only beaccounted for by the fact thatJesus had no earthly father:Ron Wyatt
  47. 47. The Significance of the Year,1982.47This was mind-bogglingstuff!! I immediatelynotified my entire mailinglist (of about 1,000 people)to inform them of thisremarkable find. Theprophetic significance ofthe year 1982 had finallybeen revealed; and itrelates to the AtoningBlood of Jesus Christ!!
  48. 48. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns48
  49. 49. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns49Before continuing withthe subject of theAtoning Blood, we mustunderstand that, at theSecond Coming,Yahshua will accomplishtwo purposes:
  50. 50. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns501.) the destruction of all evil inthis world, and2.) the Restoration ofChristian Israel.#1 must happen before #2 canbe accomplished, so let‟sanalyze some Scripturesrelevant to the Judgment Day:
  51. 51. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns51"And there came one of the seven angels whichhad the seven vials, and talked with me, sayingunto me, Come hither; I will show unto thee thejudgment of the great whore that sitteth upon themany waters:... So he carried me away in the spiritinto the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon ascarlet coloured beast, full of names ofblasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns...And upon her head was a name written, MysteryBabylon..." -- Rev. 17:15.
  52. 52. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns52The angel further explainsto John the meaning of theimage of the ScarletWoman: "And here is themind which hath wisdom.The seven heads areseven mountains, onwhich the woman sitteth.And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and oneis, and the other is not yet come; and when hecometh, he must continue a short space." -- Rev.17:9,10.
  53. 53. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns53The image of the ScarletWoman refers to SevenKings upon whom she sits,that is, over whom she haspower and control. Five arefallen and one is. The onethat obviously is the RomanEmpire because John, theauthor of the Book ofRevelation (Apocalypse toCatholics) lived in Romantimes.The RomanEmpire
  54. 54. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns54Tracing backward intime, we know thatprevious to Rome wereGreece, Medo-Persia,and Babylon, threeempires which werealso mentioned inDaniel as part ofNebuchadnezzarsimage.
  55. 55. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns55But there were two empiresbefore Babylon which werealso great. These were Egyptand Assyria. So, inchronological order, we havesix great empires who aredirectly under the control ofthe Scarlet Woman ofRevelation. These are:
  56. 56. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns561: Egypt, datingfrom approximately3100 BC, whichwas conqueredby…..
  57. 57. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns572: theAssyrianEmpire, whichwas replacedby the
  58. 58. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns583: BabylonianEmpire in 609BC. Then,
  59. 59. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns594: theMedo-PersianEmpire,followed by
  60. 60. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns605: Greece.
  61. 61. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns61These five had alreadyfallen by the time ofJohn the Revelatorwho lived in the firstcentury AD.According to theangel in John‟s vision,one "is." That is, onekingdom iscontemporary withJohn. That empire is,obviously,6. Rome.
  62. 62. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns62Revelation 17:10says that "the otheris not yet come; andwhen he cometh, hemust continue ashort space.”
  63. 63. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns63Some people might here objectand say that Secular Rome andPapal Rome are two differententities which are not to beconsidered as a continuousempire, so that the Rome of theCaesars should be consideredas one empire and the Rome ofthe Popes another.
  64. 64. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns64The fact is, however,that Papal Rome wasstill a secular power. Itadopted Christianitymerely as a matter ofconvenience to bothplacate and deceive theearly Christians intothinking that it wasbecoming "holy".
  65. 65. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns65Although Constantine putan end to the martyrdomof Christians during hisreign when he issued hisEdict of Toleration, it is arecorded fact that he didnot personally convert toChristianity until he wason his deathbed. Perhapsthe then-current Bishop ofRome talked him into anattempt to save his soul.
  66. 66. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns66In addition, he retained the pagan title of PontifexMaximus even while he presided over the Council ofNicea, where the books of the Bible were decidedupon.
  67. 67. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns67The title of PontifexMaximus was usedby all of the previousRoman Emperorsand it signified theHigh Priest ofJupiter, the rulinggod of the Romanpantheon.
  68. 68. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns68"And I stood upon thesand of the sea, andsaw a beast rise up outof the sea, having sevenheads and ten horns,and upon his horns tencrowns, and upon hisheads the name ofblasphemy." – Rev. 13:1.
  69. 69. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns69Many Bible prophecyscholars have interpreted theseven heads to be the sevenhills upon which the city ofRome is built. But, theseseven heads are the same asthe seven beasts of Rev. 17.In this particular vision, thebeast with seven heads isseen as one entity havingseven heads and ten horns.Map of theseven hills ofRome
  70. 70. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns70Then, what are the ten horns?Most likely, the ten horns are theten European nation-states whicheventually formed a league withRome after the city of Rome wassacked by the Germanic tribes.
  71. 71. The Beast With Seven HeadsAnd Ten Horns71These ten nations or tribes were the 1. Franks, 2.Huns, 3. Vandals, 4. Visigoths, 5. Ostrogoths, 6.Alans (and Sueves), 7. Burgundians, 8. Odoacer‟sItalian kingdom of several tribes, 9. Saxons, 10.Lombards.
  72. 72. THE HEALING OF THEDEADLY WOUND72"And I saw one ofits heads, as itwere, wounded todeath; and hisdeadly wound washealed: and all theworld wonderedafter the beast." –Rev. 13:3.
  73. 73. THE HEALING OF THEDEADLY WOUND73The "deadly wound"was the sacking ofRome by theGermanic tribes,which led to thedemise of theemperors, who hadall taken the title"Pontifex Maximus."
  74. 74. THE HEALING OF THEDEADLY WOUND74After a period of utterturmoil in which leadershipwas up for grabs, Romemiraculously reappeared asthe Holy Roman Empire.While the secular emperorswere disappearing, thegroundwork was being laidfor the emergence of thepopes, who claimed to bethe "vicars of Christ".
  75. 75. THE NUMBER OF THEBEAST: 66675The title for the Pope, in Latin, is "Vicarius Filii Dei."This title is engraved on the Papal mitre. It means"Vicar of the Son of God." According to the RomanNumeral System, V=5, I=1, C=100, A=0, R=0, I=1,U=5 (U and V have the same value), F=0, I=1, L=50,I=1, I=1, D=500, E=0, I=1.Adding these numbers, we get:5+1+100+1+5+1+50+1+1+500+1=
  76. 76. THE NUMBER OF THEBEAST: 66676At some point, the title,Pontifex Maximus, wasassumed by the popes, whoare still known as "Pontiffs"today. Thus, the deadlywound which wasadministered to the paganemperors of Rome washealed and the popes tooktheir place.
  77. 77. THE NUMBER OF THEBEAST: 66677Imperial Rome and Papal Romeare one continuous entitysymbolized by the number 666.This combined beast is,therefore, the sixth beast of theApocalypse.
  78. 78. THE SEVENTH BEAST78The fact is that the sixthbeast was dethroned by aseventh beast, just as theBible prophesied. PapalRome was ultimatelyrelieved of power by noneother than NapoleonBonaparte in 1798 ascommander of the Frencharmy. In May of 1804,Napoleon was declaredEmperor of France by theFrench senate.
  79. 79. THE SEVENTH BEAST79In December of the sameyear, the still acting Popewas to crown him Emperorin an official rite. As asymbol of Rome‘s powerover all of Europe, thereigning Popes hadcrowned the kings andqueens of the Europeanmonarchies for centuries.
  80. 80. THE SEVENTH BEAST80This was anestablished rite whichwas begun by Pope LeoIII when he crownedCharlemagne in theyear 800; andNapoleon, a thousandyears later, wasexpected to adhere tothis tradition. The sitewas the Cathedral ofNotre Dame.
  81. 81. THE SEVENTH BEAST81As Pope Pius VII was preparing to crownhim, Napoleon grabbed the crown fromthe Pope‟s hands and crowned himself,thus signifying that he, and not thePapacy, was the true power.
  82. 82. THE SEVENTH BEAST82When Napoleon came topower in France, he relievedthe Papacy of its real estateholdings in that country,namely the monasteries. Thiswas about 25% of the land inFrance. In 1809, Napoleoncompleted the takeover byannexing the Papal States.The Papacy was stripped ofboth its military and politicalmight, but never its spiritualmight.
  83. 83. THE SEVENTH BEAST83At this point,Napoleon‟s power wasat its height. But in1815, only six yearslater, his empire wasdefeated by Wellingtonat Waterloo. Regardingthe seventh beast, theBible says:The Duke ofWellington
  84. 84. THE SEVENTH BEAST84"...and when he cometh,he must continue ashort space." Indeed,Napoleon‟s reign of 17years was the shortestof any of the 7 beasts.The last beast of theprophecy, then, is7: Napoleon
  85. 85. THE SEVENTH BEAST85This brings us up to theyear 1815. Historyrecords no clearsuccessor to Napoleon,yet the Bible tells usthat there is to beanother beast, the 8thBeast!Left: Napoleon‟sDeathbed
  86. 86. THE SEVENTH BEAST86Rev.17:11: "And thebeast that was, is not,even he is the eighth,and is of the seven, andgoeth into perdition."The beast that "was, isnot," and yet "is theeighth" is to be one ofthe five previous toRome. Why is this true?
  87. 87. THE SEVENTH BEAST871. It cannot be Romethat is to be resurrected.The angel clearly tellsJohn that it, the 8th beast,"is not," meaning it is notin power at the time ofJohn the Revelator.Logically, therefore, itcannot be Rome becauseRome "is."RomanColoseum
  88. 88. THE SEVENTH BEAST882. Although the versesays that the 8th beast is"of the seven," it cannotbe number sevenbecause the verse saysto John that the 8th beastalready "was." That is,the 8th Beast is onewhich existed previouslyto Rome but is to bereincarnated later.
  89. 89. THE SEVENTH BEAST892. So, we have ruledout beasts six andseven as possiblecandidates for theresurrected eighthbeast. Although manyBible prophecyinterpreters teach thatRome is to be revived,they are clearly wrong.
  90. 90. THE SEVENTH BEAST902. The language ofthe Bible is so clear onthis fact that it can becategorically statedthat the Papacy is not acandidate for the 8thBeast. The Papacy will,however, fulfill anotherprophetic role entirely,that of the FalseProphet..
  91. 91. THE SEVENTH BEAST91Obviously, the8th beast is oneof the previousfive. But whichone? Let us goback to the Bookof Daniel.
  92. 92. NEBUCHADNEZZAR‟SSECOND DREAM92Daniel 4:4,5: "I,Nebuchadnezzar wasat rest in mine house,and flourishing in mypalace: I saw a dreamwhich made meafraid, and thethoughts upon andthe visions of myhead troubled me."
  93. 93. NEBUCHADNEZZAR‟SSECOND DREAM93As with the previousvision, the Babylonianpriests had failed toreveal the meaning ofthe dream, soNebuchadnezzar wasforced to turn to Danielagain. But before Danielbegan his interpretation,the king revealed a fewmore details of thedream.Daniel InterpretsThe Dream
  94. 94. NEBUCHADNEZZAR‟SSECOND DREAM94Daniel 4:10-15: "Thus were thevisions of my head upon mybed; I saw, and behold, a tree inthe midst of the earth... Thetree grew, and the heightthereof was great... And,behold, a watcher and an holyone came down from heaven; He cried aloud andsaid thus, Hew down the tree, and cut off hisbranches... Nevertheless leave the stump of hisroots in the earth, even with a band of iron andbrass."
  95. 95. NEBUCHADNEZZAR‟SSECOND DREAM95Daniel then told him that thetree is Nebuchadnezzar‟sempire, Babylon. The cuttingof the tree is the vanquishingof Babylon at the hands ofthe Medes and Persians, andthe banding of the tree stumprefers to a future rebirth ofBabylon.
  96. 96. NEBUCHADNEZZAR‟SSECOND DREAM96"And whereas theycommanded to leavethe stump of the treeroots, thy kingdom shallbe sure unto thee, afterthat thou shalt haveknown that the heavensdo rule." - Dan. 4:26.
  97. 97. NEBUCHADNEZZAR‟SSECOND DREAM97Now this dream had apersonal meaning forNebuchadnezzar in that hewas driven insane for sevenyears, after which heregained his sense anddeclared the God of Israel tobe the One, True God. But inthose days, the king and hisempire were consideredone; so,Nebuchadnezza -Insane
  98. 98. NEBUCHADNEZZAR‟SSECOND DREAM98… there is a secondarymeaning which involves theempire, Babylon. As hisempire was cut down as a tree,so was the stump of that treebanded. (This banding of atree stump to prevent thedying of the roots is stillpracticed today.) And since thestump represents the empireas well as the king, Babylon isto be reborn.
  99. 99. NEBUCHADNEZZAR‟SSECOND DREAM99So, in fitting symbolism,Nebuchadnezzar "died"and was reborn afterseven years just as the8th beast, MysteryBabylon, formerly the3rd beast, is to bereborn after sevenkingdoms.
  100. 100. MYSTERY BABYLON: THE8TH BEAST100Returning to Revelation, we find that Babylon,indeed, has been reborn: "And there werevoices, and thunders, and lightnings; and therewas a great earthquake, such as not since menwere on the earth, so mighty an earthquake, andso great. And the great city was divided intothree parts, and the cities of the nations fell; andgreat Babylon came in remembrance beforeGod, to give unto her the cup of the wine of thefierceness of his wrath." – Chap. 16, vs. 18, 19.
  101. 101. MYSTERY BABYLON: THE8TH BEAST101This can be a literalearthquake or it can bethe final World War,neither of which hashappened yet, but it isclear from the prophecythat the world will bedivided into three partsjust before the Day ofJudgment.
  102. 102. MYSTERY BABYLON: THE8TH BEAST102Observe, however,that Revelation clearlyforetells a time duringwhich corporate"global governance"is an established fact.
  103. 103. MYSTERY BABYLON: THE8TH BEAST103The essence of the prophecy is that the world hasentered into a period of global economy in which thenations are ruled by merchants:
  104. 104. MYSTERY BABYLON: THE8TH BEAST104"For all nations havedrunk of the wine of thewrath of herfornication, and thekings of the earth havecommitted fornicationwith her, and themerchants of the earthare waxed rich throughthe abundance of herdelicacies." – Rev. 18:3
  105. 105. MYSTERY BABYLON: THE8TH BEAST105"...for thy merchantswere the great men ofthe earth; for by thysorceries were allnations deceived." – Rev.18:23.
  106. 106. MYSTERY BABYLON: THE8TH BEAST106"And the beast was taken,and with him the falseprophet that wroughtmiracles before him, withwhich he deceived themthat received the mark ofthe beast, and them thatworshipped his image.These both were cast aliveinto a lake of fire burningwith brimstone." – Rev.19:20.
  108. 108. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD108In 1815, the very year inwhich NapoleonBonaparte was defeatedat Waterloo by a Britisharmy financed by theRothschild bankingfamily, the very firstattempt was made tocreate a One WorldGovernment. It wascalled the Congress ofVienna.
  109. 109. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD109The Congress wasconceived by the Emperorof Austria, but theRothschilds and otherZionist banking families ofEurope co-opted theCongress and turned it totheir own ends, withnightly receptions for thedelegates held in thehomes of prominentJewish bankers andmerchants.The Congress ofVienna
  110. 110. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD110These ends were for thelong-range goal ofovercoming nationhood andestablishing a One WorldGovernment. The Emperor ofAustria (left) wanted to uniteEurope in order to preventanother Napoleon fromcoming to power; but theRothschilds had biggermotives.
  111. 111. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD111The Rothschilds hadbecome unimaginably rich –billionaires – during theNapoleonic Wars becausethey had lent money to all ofNapoleon‟s enemies. In fact,Nathan Rothschild privatelyorganized the financing forWellington‟s army while hewas fighting againstNapoleon in Spain for twoyears before the battle ofWaterloo.
  112. 112. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD112At that time, the Britishgovernment was reluctantto fund Wellingtonbecause they were stillreeling from a secondmilitary defeat at thehands of the UnitedStates on the other sideof the Atlantic during theWar of 1812.
  113. 113. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD113At the same time,Napoleon had lost hisnavy at the Battle ofTrafalgar, so theconsensus in thegovernment was thatNapoleon could neverstrike across theEnglish Channel toharm Britain.
  114. 114. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD114Unless things changeddramatically, NapoleonBonaparte was the mainland‟sproblem. In addition, GreatBritain was selling goods to bothsides in the struggle, so she wasprofiting handsomely from thewar and had no incentive to stopit or to commit herself militarily.The more the continental powersbattled each other, the strongerBritain would become.
  115. 115. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD115But the Rothschilds saw that Wellington‟s army wastheir trump card in saving their European economicand political investments.
  116. 116. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD116Had Napoleon prevailed,they would have lostseveral fortunes, not tomention all of the influencethey had accumulatedthrough their banking andmercantile activities. Butthe complete story of theBattle of Waterloo is rarelytold.
  117. 117. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD117The fact is thatNapoleon had foughtWellington to astand-off. It wasn‟tuntil the Prussianreinforcementsarrived thatNapoleon‟s fate wassealed. It was thecharge of theGerman cavalry thatcarried the day!German Cavalry
  118. 118. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD118As a result ofWellington‟s Victory, theRothschild family madethe first of many hugekillings in the Britishstock market byspreading the rumor theWellington had beendefeated at Waterloo.
  119. 119. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD119According to popularreports, NathanRothschild had alreadylearned by carrier-pigeon message thatWellington had won.According to the book,The Rothschilds, aFamily Portrait, byFrederic Morton, here iswhat actually happened:
  120. 120. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD120"For thirty hours thefate of Europe hungveiled in cannonsmoke. On June 19,1815, late in theafternoon a Rothschildagent namedRothworth jumped intoa boat at Ostend. In hishand he held a Dutchgazette still damp fromthe printer.
  121. 121. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD121….. By the dawn light of June 20 Nathan Rothschildstood at Folkstone harbor and let his eye fly over thelead paragraphs. A moment later he was on his wayto London (beating Wellington‘s envoy by manyhours) to tell the government that Napoleon hadbeen crushed. Then he proceeded to the stockexchange.”
  122. 122. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD122NOTE: By this time, theRothschilds hadcentral banks locatedin Frankfurt, London,Vienna, Naples, andeven in Paris, witheach of Meyer AmschelRothschild‟s five sonsin charge of a branch.
  123. 123. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD123Because of all thesespread-out locations, theRothschilds haddeveloped a system ofsecret couriers who coulddeliver messages morequickly than even themilitary messengers ofEurope‟s various armies.
  124. 124. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD124Napoleon had standingorders that these messengersshould be detained whereverthey might be suspected.Having received news fromone of his own couriers of,Nathan Rothschild went andtold certain members of thegovernment the truth, butwhat he did at the stockexchange was a differentmatter. Read on.
  125. 125. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD125After Wellington‟sRothschild-financed armydefeated Napoleon atWaterloo, NathanRothschild haddemonstrated hiseconomic might by nearlybankrupting Great Britainso that he could make ahuge killing in the stockmarket, thus furtherprofiting from the war.
  126. 126. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD126The Rothschild Money Powerhas secretly and relentlesslyconspired to rule over thenations ever since, setting upprivately-owned centralbanks that dictate economicterms to these same nations,although this is a secret onlyto the public. America‟sFederal Reserve System isjust such a privately-ownedbank,
  127. 127. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD127… operated for theprofit of the bankers,not the good of thenation. TheRothschilds and otherinternational bankingfamilies have alwaysbeen the inspiration forall subsequentattempts to create aOne-World-Government.
  128. 128. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD128As Meyer AmschelRothschild put it sobluntly: "Give me thepower to issue anation‘s currency and Icare not who makes itslaws."
  129. 129. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD129The international bankersare the true power behindthe United Nations. Asthe Money Powerproceeds with its plansfor the New World Order,the United Nations ismaking plans to take overthe world‟s variousarmies, so that no nationcan resist the will of theU.N.
  130. 130. THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD130"...and theyworshiped thebeast, saying, Whois like unto thebeast? Who is ableto make war withhim?" – Rev. 13:4.
  131. 131. The Divine Sacrifice131Daniel 9:20-27:And while I wasspeaking, and praying, andconfessing my sin and thesin of my people Israel, andpresenting my supplicationbefore the LORD my Godfor the holy mountain of myGod; Yea, whiles I wasspeaking in prayer, eventhe man Gabriel,
  132. 132. The Divine Sacrifice132whom I had seen in thevision at the beginning,being caused to fly swiftly,touched me about the timeof the evening oblation.And he informed me, andtalked with me, and said, ODaniel, I am now comeforth to give thee skill andunderstanding.
  133. 133. The Divine Sacrifice133At the beginning of thysupplications thecommandment cameforth, and I am come toshew thee; for thou artgreatly beloved:therefore understandthe matter, andconsider the vision.Seventy weeks aredetermined upon thypeople and upon thyholy city,
  134. 134. The Divine Sacrifice134… to finish thetransgression, and tomake an end of sins, andto make reconciliation foriniquity, and to bring ineverlastingrighteousness, and to sealup the vision andprophecy, and to anointthe most Holy.
  135. 135. The Divine Sacrifice135Know therefore andunderstand, that fromthe going forth of thecommandment to restoreand to build Jerusalemunto the Messiah thePrince shall be sevenweeks, and threescoreand two weeks: thestreet shall be builtagain, and the wall, evenin troublous times …The TempleJerusalem
  136. 136. The Divine Sacrifice136And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiahbe cut off, but not for himself: and the people of theprince that shall come shall destroy the city and thesanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood,and unto the end of the war desolations aredetermined.
  137. 137. The Divine Sacrifice137And he shall confirm thecovenant with many forone week: and in the midstof the week he shall causethe sacrifice and theoblation to cease, and forthe overspreading ofabominations he shallmake it desolate, evenuntil the consummation,and that determined shallbe poured upon thedesolate.
  138. 138. The Divine Sacrifice138Before Ron Wyatt‟sdiscovery of the HolyBlood on the Ark, I hadassumed that Daniel‟sexpression, “to anoint theMost Holy,” was areference to Jesus Christbeing anointed. I thinkthat virtually everyChristian scholar is of thesame opinion; but now Ihave a different view.
  139. 139. The Divine Sacrifice139Having researched how theexpression is used in theBible, I realized that themeaning of “most holy”[Hebrew: HaQodashim] in theOld Testament is NEVER usedof a person. It is usedEXCLUSIVELY for the secretchamber, behind the veil,wherein the Ark and the MercySeat lay hidden from the eyesof all the world, with theexception of the High Priest.
  140. 140. The Divine Sacrifice140The very last act of thesacrificial ritual was tosprinkle the sacrificialblood onto the MercySeat. If the High Priestdid not do this, thenthere was noatonement.
  141. 141. The Divine Sacrifice141Consequently, thisaspect of the ritual,which was mandated byYahweh, as explainedearlier, was crucial tothe fulfillment of theLaw. The ceremonywas NOT COMPLETEuntil the blood wassprinkled on the MercySeat.
  142. 142. The Divine Sacrifice142Here is how oneauthor describes it:Within the Holy Placeof the tabernacle,there was an innerroom called the Holyof Holies, or the MostHoly Place. Judgingfrom its name,
  143. 143. The Divine Sacrifice143… we can see that it was amost sacred room, a place noordinary person could enter.It was God‘s special dwellingplace in the midst of Hispeople. During the Israelites‘wanderings in thewilderness, God appeared asa pillar of cloud or fire in andabove the Holy of Holies. TheHoly of Holies was a perfectcube — its length, width andheight were all equal to 15feet.
  144. 144. The Divine Sacrifice144A thick curtain separatedthe Holy of Holies from theHoly Place. This curtain,known as the ―veil,‖ wasmade of fine linen andblue, purple and scarletyarn. There were figures ofcherubim (angels)embroidered onto it.Cherubim, spirits whoserve God,
  145. 145. The Divine Sacrifice145…..were in the presenceof God to demonstrateHis almighty power andmajesty. They alsoguarded the throne ofGod. These cherubimwere also on theinnermost layer ofcovering of the tent. Ifone looked upward, theywould see the cherubimfigures.
  146. 146. The Divine Sacrifice146The word ―veil‖ inHebrew means a screen,divider or separator thathides. What was thiscurtain hiding?Essentially, it wasshielding a holy Godfrom sinful man.Whoever entered intothe Holy of Holies wasentering the verypresence of God. In fact,
  147. 147. The Divine Sacrifice147…., anyone except thehigh priest who enteredthe Holy of Holies woulddie. Even the high priest,God‘s chosen mediatorwith His people, couldonly pass through the veiland enter this sacreddwelling once a year, on aprescribed day called theDay of Atonement..
  148. 148. The Divine Sacrifice148The picture of the veil was thatof a barrier between man andGod, showing man that theholiness of God could not betrifled with. God‘s eyes are toopure to look on evil and He cantolerate no sin (Habakkuk1:13). The veil was a barrier tomake sure that man could notcarelessly and irreverentlyenter into God‘s awesomepresence.
  149. 149. The Divine Sacrifice149Even as the high priestentered the Holy of Holies onthe Day of Atonement, hehad to make somemeticulous preparations: Hehad to wash himself, put onspecial clothing, bringburning incense to let thesmoke cover his eyes from adirect view of God, and bringblood with him to makeatonement for sins. – “Holyof Holies and the Veil”
  150. 150. The Divine Sacrifice150So, the Holy of Holies,or the Most Holy, is thesacred space, theenclosure, whereYahweh met with theHigh Priest. And theMercy Seat was thespot on the lid of theArk where the bloodwas sprinkled. TheMost Holy is alocation, not a person.
  151. 151. The Divine Sacrifice151Secondly, we know thatthis ritual was performedin Old Testament times asa prefigurement of the LastSacrifice. The Holy ofHolies ritual was institutedas an ongoing practice inpreparation for the ONELAST TIME: theredemption of Israel on theCross by Yahshua‟s ownBlood.
  152. 152. The Divine Sacrifice152Thirdly, since theentirety of Christ‟sPassion was enduredunder the terms ofthe Old Covenant, theatonement could nothave been lawfullyexecuted unless HisBlood wasLITERALLYSPRINKLED ON THEMERCY SEAT!!!!
  153. 153. The Divine Sacrifice153The New Covenant couldnot go into effect until all ofthe provisions of thesacrificial law had beenmet.Therefore, the expression,“anoint the most holy,”Daniel 9:25, is a referenceto the anointing of theMercy Seat with Christ‟sown Blood.
  154. 154. The Divine Sacrifice154Daniel 9:27 is veryspecific as to the natureof the change in the Lawwhen Messiah issacrificed: ―And in themidst of the week Heshall cause the sacrificeand oblation to cease.‖
  155. 155. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 1155One of the mostastounding coincidencesof the Hebrew Calendar isthe apparent fact that theFeast Day Appointmentsof Yahwehs Calendarcorrelate with the majordevelopmental stages ofthe human fetus in themothers womb.Seven Thunders Ministry:http://www.seventhundersministry.com/
  156. 156. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 1156Just as Yahweh set up specificdays for His feasts, there are alsospecific cycles of growth for ababy in its mothers womb. It isfascinating to discover theparallels between His feasts daysand the development of life in amothers womb. This study willattempt to demonstrate theamazing similarities, for in God allthings have perfect timing!
  157. 157. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 1157Feast Day Gestation StagePassover Fertilization (formation of the zygote)Unleavened Bread Implantation of Zygote in Uterus WallFirst Fruits (Wave Sheaf) Zygote Becomes an EmbryoPentecost Embryo Becomes a FetusTrumpets Third Trimester StartsAtonement Baby Begins to Make Its Own BloodTabernacles Viability
  158. 158. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 1158If this correlational table isindeed valid - which itappears to be - then theBiblical Appointments havea hidden significance neverbefore suspected!
  159. 159. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 1159In the northernhemisphere, YahwehsSolar Calendar alwaysstarts with the SpringEquinox, when thedaytime is equal to thenighttime and when lifeis renewed.
  160. 160. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 1160Comparing the Feast DayCalendar with the HumanGestation Period:Day 1 SpringEquinoxOvulationDay 14 Passover MaximumFertility
  161. 161. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 1161(If fertilized, the egg becomes azygote within 24 hours, containingthe combined DNA of both parents.During the next seven days, thezygote must implant itself into thewall of the uterus, where it will benourished for development andgrowth. Passover is always the daybefore a Sabbath, so the next day(24 hours) is always the Sabbath ofUnleavened Bread.)
  162. 162. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 1162Day 15 Feast ofUnleavenedBreadFormation ofthe zygote
  163. 163. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 1163(In this context,"unleavened" meanspure, uncorrupted, asJesus Christ wassinless. Barringcomplications, thezygote will attachitself to the uterinewall and grow.)
  164. 164. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 1164Day 16 First Fruits ofbarleyZygoteconnects withuterus
  165. 165. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 1165(Also known as Wave Sheaf Dayrepresents the point where theZygotes outer membrane opensup and physically connects withthe mothers uterus, beginningthe process of developing theumbilical cord. The umbilicalcord provides the necessaryexchange of bodily fluids, for thezygote to develop into anembryo.)
  166. 166. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 1166Day 65 Pentecost Embryobecomes a fetus
  167. 167. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 1167(Forty-nine days after theWave Sheaf offering,Pentecost (First fruits ofwheat) becomes the pointwhere the embryo becomesrecognizably human, withappendages, head, eyes,shoulders, etc., all takingshape. This represents thetransition from embryo tofetus.
  168. 168. Prophetic Fulfillment of theFirst Four Feasts168In the Spring of 33 AD, thesefirst four Feast Days were allliterally fulfilled by Jesus Christand the Disciples. Jesus wascrucified on Passover Day,redeeming Israel fulfilling theLevitical sacrificial type. Hispurity was maintained evenunto death (Unleavened Bread),and it established the NewCovenant (Wave SheafOffering).
  169. 169. Prophetic Fulfillment of theFirst Four Feasts169Finally, on the Day ofPentecost, the Holy Spiritdescended on thoseDisciples who hadassembled in Jerusalem,symbolizing the first fruitsof wheat, with the finalharvest of grapes comingin the Fall.
  170. 170. Prophetic Fulfillment of theFirst Four Feasts170The delay in time between the SpringFeasts and the Fall Feasts is thedifference in time between the FirstAdvent and the Second Advent!!!
  171. 171. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 2171Day 183 Feast ofTrumpetsBiologicalfunctionscompleted
  172. 172. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 1172(The Feast of Trumpets(third trimester) representsthe point where the fetushas all of its parts fullyformed and functioning. Thelittle human being needsnow to fully develop andintegrate those parts.Notably, its ears are capableof hearing (the trumpets) atthis point.)
  173. 173. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 2173Day 190 Day ofAtonementBloodDevelopment
  174. 174. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 2174(The sixth stage (Day ofAtonement) is when thefetus starts producingits own blood, inpreparation for the daywhen it will no longerhave the mothers bloodavailable for nutrition.)
  175. 175. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 2175Day 197 Feast ofTabernaclesViability
  176. 176. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 2176(The final stage before birthis the Viability Stage. TheFeast of Tabernacles is alsocalled the Feast of Booths,meaning living outside intents. It represents thebabys ability to live outsideof the womb.)
  177. 177. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 2177Day 204 Last Great Day Premature BirthViable
  178. 178. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 2178Now, given this trulyremarkableparallelism, I wouldlike to carry it onestep further. Thehuman gestationperiod isapproximately 9months, or 270days.
  179. 179. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 2179(9 * 30 = 270. With the Solar Calendar ofEnoch and Jubilees, we would add the three91st Days of the three seasons. 270 + 3 = 273days.) If we begin this process on the FirstSabbath after the Spring Equinox, say March21 (ovulation), then the birth date of the babywould be December 21, the Winter Solstice!!!!
  180. 180. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 2180The Mayans considered theGreat Rift to be the "BirthCanal" of the Milky WayGalaxy. The Great RiftNebula will be in perfectposition (surrounding theSun/Galactic Centerconjunction) on Dec. 21,2012, in perfect position to"give birth" to a "newheaven and a new earth."
  181. 181. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 2181Thus the SolarCalendar can beincluded among thevarious pointers thatfocus our attention onDec. 21, 2012.
  182. 182. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 2182Fascinating, isnt it? TheMarch, 2008 issue ofAmericas Promise Newsletteralso contains an article on thissubject, by Mike Vincent.(http://amprom.org/m_39.asp)Here is what Pastor Vincenthas to say about the Feast ofTabernacles:
  183. 183. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 2183The Feast of Tabernaclesfollows on the 15th day ofthe seventh month. This isthe day that the Israelitescelebrated Gods breathingthe breath of life into Adam.Medical Fact: by the 15thday of the 7th month thechild is capable of breathingair,
  184. 184. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 2184…. he or she is a fullydeveloped Tabernacle andcan be born. However, toachieve maximum strengththe child should continueto grow inside a motherswomb for another 70-80days.
  185. 185. Yahwehs Feast Days AndThe Female Gestation Cycle,Part 2185It can thereafter be bornand dedicated to God.The feast 80 days later iscalled the Feast ofDedication. (Dec. 21,although it has beenchanged to Dec. 25.)
  186. 186. Prophetic Fulfillment of theLast Three Feasts186Since the Spring Feastswere all fulfilled in thesame year, I expect thatthe Fall Feasts will alsobe fulfilled in the sameyear, very soon!!!Whatever year this is, itwill begin with the Feastof Trumpets,
  187. 187. Prophetic Fulfillment of theLast Three Feasts187…. which will probably beannounced by themysterious SevenThunders of Rev. 10:3-4.This will probably be aseries of greatearthquakes, announcingthe fulfillment of the FallFeasts, specifically theFeast of Trumpets.
  188. 188. Prophetic Fulfillment of theLast Three Feasts188Then the Day ofAtonement, on whichTrue Christendom,having made herselfacceptable, humblesherself byREPENTANCE, PRAYERAND FASTING, willdedicate herself toJesus Christ has HisBride.
  189. 189. Prophetic Fulfillment of theLast Three Feasts189Finally: The Second Coming!! During theFeast of Tabernacles, Jesus Christ will return(tabernacle with us!) with His army of angelsto vanquish the forces of evil and to claimHis Bride.(Rev. 21) On the Last Great Day, the WeddingFeast will occur and the New Jerusalem willdescend upon the earth.(Rev. 21) On the Last Great Day, the WeddingFeast will occur and the New Jerusalem willdescend upon the earth.
  190. 190. Prophetic Fulfillment of theLast Three Feasts190I Corinthians 15:52 In amoment, in thetwinkling of an eye, atthe last trump: for thetrumpet shall sound,and the dead shall beraised incorruptible,and we shall bechanged.
  191. 191. Prophetic Fulfillment of theLast Three Feasts191Revelation 10:7 But inthe days of the voice ofthe SEVENTH ANGEL,when he shall begin tosound, the mystery ofGod should be finished,as he hath declared tohis servants theprophets.
  192. 192. Prophetic Fulfillment of theLast Three Feasts192Revelation 11:15 And theSEVENTH ANGELsounded; and there weregreat voices in heaven,saying, The kingdoms ofthis world are becomethe kingdoms of ourLord, and of his Christ;and he shall reign forever and ever.
  193. 193. Prophetic Fulfillment of theLast Three Feasts193Matthew 24:29Immediately after thetribulation of those daysshall the sun bedarkened, and the moonshall not give her light,and the stars shall fallfrom heaven, and thepowers of the heavensshall be shaken:
  194. 194. Prophetic Fulfillment of theLast Three Feasts194Luke 21:26 Mens heartsfailing them for fear, andfor looking after thosethings which are comingon the earth: for thepowers of heaven shallbe shaken.
  195. 195. Prophetic Fulfillment of theLast Three Feasts195Hebrews 12:26 Yetonce more I shakenot the earth only,but also heaven.
  196. 196. Prophetic Fulfillment of theLast Three Feasts196Isaiah 13:13 Therefore Iwill shake the heavens,and the earth shallremove out of herplace, in the wrath ofthe LORD of hosts, andin the day of his fierceanger.
  197. 197. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament197The Sprinkling of the Blood in the New TestamentUntil I found outabout Ron Wyatt‟sdiscovery of the HolyBlood on the MercySeat, I had no ideathat Christ‟s Blood,in addition to beingspilled on theground, was alsosprinkled on theMercy Seat of the Arkof the Covenant.
  198. 198. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament198The Sprinkling of the Blood in the New TestamentThe most sacredsacrifice in the FeastDay calendar was theDay of Atonement. AllIsrael was required totake that day off, prayand fast. The Feast wasnot complete unless thesacrificial blood wassprinkled on the MercySeat.
  199. 199. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament199The Sprinkling of the Blood in the New TestamentAnd because so few peopleare aware of Ron Wyatt‟sdiscovery of the blood onthe Mercy Seat, scholars willuse expressions like“Christ‘s Blood was shed onthe Mercy Seat inheaven.” Up until now, noone could have imaginedthat His Blood was literallysprinkled on the Mercy Seatin Jeremiah‟s Cave!!!
  200. 200. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament200The Sprinkling of the Blood in the New TestamentIs there any evidence inthe New Testament thatrecognizes the legalnecessity that Christ‟sBlood was literallysprinkled on the MercySeat? I think there is.Peter opens his firstepistle with these words:
  201. 201. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament201The Sprinkling of the Blood in the New TestamentPeter, an apostle of JesusChrist, to the strangersscattered throughoutPontus, Galatia,Cappadocia, Asia, andBithynia, Elect accordingto the foreknowledge ofGod the Father, throughsanctification of the Spirit,
  202. 202. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament202The Sprinkling of the Blood in the New Testament… unto obedience andsprinkling of the blood ofJesus Christ: Grace untoyou, and peace, bemultiplied. Blessed be theGod and Father of our LordJesus Christ, whichaccording to his abundantmercy hath begotten usagain unto a lively hope bythe resurrection of JesusChrist from the dead,
  203. 203. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament203The Sprinkling of the Blood in the New TestamentTo an inheritanceincorruptible, andundefiled, and thatfadeth not away,reserved in heaven foryou, Who are kept by thepower of God throughfaith unto salvationready to be revealed inthe last time. – I Peter1:1-5.
  204. 204. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament204The Sprinkling of the Blood in the New TestamentIt is not possible that Petercould have known about thefact that Yahshua‟s Bloodwas sprinkled on the MercySeat. Perhaps Peter meant“by the shedding of Hisblood,” but he uses the word‗sprinkling‘ [Greek: raino],not „shedding‟ [Greek:haimatekchusia = theshedding of blood]
  205. 205. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament205The Sprinkling of the Blood in the New TestamentPerhaps the Holy Spiritinspired him to use thislanguage, as he, in hisown mind, could havebeen using itmetaphorically, or inremembrance of the OldTestament ritual.
  206. 206. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament206The Sprinkling of the Blood in the New TestamentPaul, in the NinthChapter of Hebrews,gives us this detailedaccount of thetransition from the OldCovenant to the NewCovenant:
  207. 207. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament207The Sprinkling of the Blood in the New TestamentBut Christ being come anhigh priest of good thingsto come, by a greater andmore perfect tabernacle,not made with hands, thatis to say, not of thisbuilding; Neither by theblood of goats and calves,but by his own blood heentered in once into theholy place
  208. 208. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament208… having obtained eternalredemption for us. For ifthe blood of bulls and ofgoats, and the ashes ofan heifer sprinkling theunclean, sanctifieth to thepurifying of the flesh:How much more shall theblood of Christ,
  209. 209. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament209…. who through theeternal Spirit offeredhimself without spot toGod, purge yourconscience from deadworks to serve the livingGod? – Heb. 9:11-14.
  210. 210. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament210“By His own Blood He enteredonce into the holy place.” Isthis another metaphoricalstatement? Or did the HolySpirit inspire him to make astatement that was literallytrue? The only way that thisstatement can be taken literallyis if it is a reference to the factthat Christ‟s blood actuallydripped on the Mercy Seat!
  211. 211. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament211But Paul could not possiblyhave known aboutthis. The only explanationwould be that he wasinspired to make thisstatement by the Holy Spirit– either that, or thestatement cannot be takenliterally. He would not haveknown what he was saying,but he said it anyway!
  212. 212. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament212We know for a fact that Christbled literal blood. Does mereshedding of blood qualify for“entering into the holyplace”?Is it not a requirement, underthe sacrificial law, which wasstill operative under the OldCovenant at His Crucifixion,for the blood to be sprinkledupon the Mercy Seat?
  213. 213. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament213If His body gave up theghost at the moment thatthe first drop of His Blooddripped onto the MercySeat, then we have theinstantaneous transitionfrom the Old Covenant tothe New Covenant.
  214. 214. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament214But you are come to mount Zion…And to Jesus the mediator ofthe New Covenant, and to theblood of sprinkling, thatspeaketh better things than thatof Abel. See that ye refuse nothim that speaketh. For if theyescaped not who refused himthat spake on earth, much moreshall not we escape, if we turnaway from him that speakethfrom heaven: - Heb. 12:22-25.
  215. 215. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament215Again, the word issprinkling, notshedding. Sprinkling is anact performed by thesprinkler. The shedding ofone‟s own blood usuallyhappens by accident, or bysomeone else‟s hand; andthe one whose blood isbeing shed is not“sprinkled” by that person.
  216. 216. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament216If His body gave up theghost at the moment thatthe first drop of His Blooddripped onto the MercySeat, then we have theinstantaneous transitionfrom the Old Covenant tothe New Covenant.
  217. 217. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament217But you are come to mountZion… And to Jesus themediator of the New Covenant,and to the blood of sprinkling,that speaketh better things thanthat of Abel. See that ye refusenot him that speaketh. For if theyescaped not who refused himthat spake on earth, much moreshall not we escape, if we turnaway from him that speakethfrom heaven: - Heb. 12:22-25.
  218. 218. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament218Again, the word issprinkling, notshedding. Sprinkling is anact performed by thesprinkler. The shedding ofone‟s own blood usuallyhappens by accident, or bysomeone else‟s hand; andthe one whose blood isbeing shed is not“sprinkled” by that person.
  219. 219. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament219The two concepts, thoughsimilar, are not thesame. Sprinkling is a ritualact. The blood has to beshed before it can besprinkled, so the sheddingand the sprinkling are notthe same act!
  220. 220. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament220The first thing we think ofwhen our blood is beingshed is to stop thebleeding! No one eversays, “OK, now let mesprinkle the blood I havejust shed.” Only someoneperforming a ritual wouldthink that way.
  221. 221. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament221Peter and Paul could nothave been consciouslyaware that Christ‟s bloodwas literally sprinkled onthe Mercy Seat; but this isthe language they bothchose to use. Only now, inhindsight, can we evenconsider the possibilitythat these words can betaken literally, not justfiguratively.
  222. 222. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament222In Acts, Chapter 2, Luke statesthe following:Now, this is what wasspoken by the prophet Joel: Inthe last days, God says, I willpour out my Spirit on all people.Your sons and daughters willprophesy, your young men willsee visions, your old men willdream dreams. Even on myservants, both men and women,
  223. 223. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament223I will pour out my Spirit in thosedays, and they will prophesy. Iwill show wonders in the heavenabove and signs in the earthbelow, blood and fire andbillows of smoke. The sun willbe turned to darkness and themoon to blood before thecoming of the great and gloriousday of the Lord. And everyonewho calls on the name of theLord will be saved.‖
  224. 224. The Sprinkling of the Blood inthe New Testament224Ron Wyattdiscovered the signof the Blood beneaththe earth. Fire andbrimstone will benext.
  225. 225. The Final Revelation225The Blood on the MercySeat only contained 24chromosomes, provingthat Jesus had no earthlyfather, for, if He had hadan earthly father, HisBlood would havecontained the usual 46chromosomes. It provesthat the Y-chromosomecould not have comefrom a human male.
  226. 226. The Final Revelation226It also proves that Marywas still a virgin when Hisblood was formed. Likethe rest of basic Christiandoctrine, the virgin birthstory is true. Just asamazingly, the Israeli labtold Ron Wyatt that theBlood had come back tolife. He was as amazedas the lab technicians atthis piece of information.
  227. 227. The Final Revelation227This is just another ofthe long line ofsupernatural events thatsurround the Passion,only this one justhappened to occur 2,000years later.For me, as a Biblescholar specializing inprophecy interpretation,1982 WAS THE MYSTERYYEAR,
  228. 228. The Final Revelation228…. the year for which I hadexpected to find a significantdevelopment of Israeliteprophecy / history. Thereason I didn‟t know aboutRon Wyatt‟s discovery ofChrist‟s Blood on the MercySeat before 2009 was becausethe Jews were covering thisstory up like the proverbialskeleton in the closet!
  229. 229. The Final Revelation2291982 was the year ofRon Wyatt‟sdiscovery of theBlood of JesusChrist on the MercySeat.
  230. 230. The Final Revelation230(The Seven Times count,resulting in the year 1982,is from the overthrow ofBabylon by the Medes andPersians in 539 BC.539BC + 2520 = 1982
  231. 231. The Final Revelation231Ron Wyatts discovery of theHoly Blood on the Mercy Seatin 1982 symbolizes the factthat Mystery Babylon will beoverthrown by Jesus ChristsHoly Blood at His SecondComing. The reason why theIsraelis must suppress thisknowledge at all costs is thatit proves the virgin birthdoctrine.
  232. 232. The Final Revelation232Rev. 21:9-12 states that theNew JerUSAlem willdescend down to ourplanet. The Kingdom willbe both physical andspiritual. Both Adventsplay a part in overthrowingMystery Babylon. Also,both Advents play a part inthe Restoration of Israel.
  233. 233. The Final Revelation233The first Advent (the Passoversacrifice) redeemed Israel ofthe past sins of Adam and Eve,plus the past sins of nationalIsrael. (Romans 3:25 and IIPeter 1:9.) The SecondAdvent, which is typified bythe Fall Feasts, will include theFeast of Trumpets, the Day ofAtonement, on which TrueIsrael must repent as a nation,and the Feast of Tabernacles.
  234. 234. The Final Revelation234The True “Rapture” of theSaints will occur on theLast Great Day of theFeast of Tabernacles).This is the glorious day onwhich True Israel will befully restored to theimmortal bodies thatAdam and Eve gave up. )
  235. 235. The Completion of theSacrifice Under the OldCovenant235―At the time of Jesus‘ death, eventhe physical environmentreverberated with the effects ofthat death. The veil in theTemple, a very heavy linencurtain embroidered with spungold, was torn from top tobottom. This veil formed theentrance to the Holy of Holies,the most sacred and theinnermost part of the Temple.
  236. 236. The Completion of theSacrifice Under the OldCovenant236The Holy of Holiesrepresented the presenceof God with Israel. Onlyonce a year could anyoneenter it, and that was onthe Day of Atonementwhen the high priest alone,after a period of cleansing,would enter in through theveil. Only he could enterinto God‘s presence.
  237. 237. The Completion of theSacrifice Under the OldCovenant237There, he, as therepresentative of Israel wouldintercede with God forIsrael. For this reason the veilrepresented the separationbetween God and Israel. At themoment of Jesus Christ‘sdeath, this separation wasdone away with.‖ - Victor PaulWierwille (left), Jesus ChristOur Passover, p. 256-257.
  238. 238. The Completion of theSacrifice Under the OldCovenant238In addition to Christ‟sblood being shed for ourredemption at Passover,His Blood had to have beensprinkled on the MercySeat as well, otherwise, theLevitical Type ofAtonement ritual couldnever be literally fulfilled.
  239. 239. The Completion of theSacrifice Under the OldCovenant239Yahweh would have brokenHis Own rules had notChrist‟s Blood actually beensprinkled on the MercySeat! Yahshua‟s atoningsacrifice could not have beenfulfilled to the letter of theLaw unless this sprinkling –the very last element of theatoning sacrifice of the HighPriest – was accomplished.
  240. 240. The Completion of theSacrifice Under the OldCovenant240Therefore, I must considerthat Daniel 9:24 is speakingof that very sprinkling,which Yahweh Himself hadarranged for on Mt. Calvarythat fateful year. In theSpring, Christ‟s PassoverBlood was shed for ourredemption,.
  241. 241. The Completion of theSacrifice Under the OldCovenant241Some of that Blood washeddown into the crack underthe cross, just aboveJeremiah‟s grotto, whereYahweh had arranged toplace the Ark of theCovenant.
  242. 242. The Completion of theSacrifice Under the OldCovenant242According to Ron Wyatt, theearthquake not only splitthe rock of Mt. Calvary, italso split the stone lidwhich held the Ark of theCovenant, exposing theMercy Seat. Then, in theFall of that year, on the Dayof Atonement, when therainy season begins inPalestine,
  243. 243. The Completion of theSacrifice Under the OldCovenant243Yahweh sent the rains towash that Blood downthrough the rock, to besprinkled onto the MercySeat, so that the Day ofAtonement ritual might befulfilled as well! Again, inthe words of the prophet,Daniel:
  244. 244. The Completion of theSacrifice Under the OldCovenant244Seventy weeks are determinedupon your people and uponyour holy city, to finish thetransgression, and to make anend of sins, and to makereconciliation for iniquity, andto bring in everlastingrighteousness, and to seal upthe vision and the prophecy,and to anoint the Most Holy. –Daniel 9:24.
  245. 245. The Completion of theSacrifice Under the OldCovenant245Were it not for Ron Wyatt‟sdiscovery of the Ark of theCovenant in 1982, we wouldnever have known thatChrist‟s own Blood wassprinkled on the MercySeat, thus literally anointingthe Most Holy! What anincredible story!
  246. 246. The Completion of theSacrifice Under the OldCovenant246For those Christians whoremain skeptical of thisanalysis, all I can say isthat it is no moreimprobable than Lazarusbeing raised from the deador Yahweh‟s angel killing185,000 of Sennacherib‟sAssyrian soldiers in onenight!
  247. 247. The Completion of theSacrifice Under the OldCovenant247The only difference is that the lattertwo haven‟t been deliberatelysuppressed by all parties: Christians,Jews and atheists alike! The potentialof this story to create a Christianrevival is enormous; but I also knowthat none of the existingdenominations want to offend theJews by demanding access to the Ark,if only to have the Blood tested again.
  248. 248. The Completion of theSacrifice Under the OldCovenant248The last thing the Israeli State wants isto have that Blood tested again,because a DNA test will show thatJesus was NOT a Jew, because Mary‟sDNA is purely Adamic, not mixed withEdomite. Jewry cannot afford to havethis Blood tested again, because of twofactors: 1.) If the Blood is confirmed tohave only 24 chromosomes, then thiswould provide scientific proof of theVirgin Birth.
  249. 249. Conclusion249And there are three thatbear witness in earth: thespirit, and the water, andthe blood; and these threeagree in one… He thatbelieves on the Son ofGod has the witness inhimself: he that believesnot God has made him aliar;
  250. 250. Conclusion250…because he believes notthe record that God gaveof His Son. And this is therecord that God has givento us eternal life, and thislife is in His Son. He thathas the Son has life; hethat has not the Son ofGod has not life.‖ - I John5:11-12.
  251. 251. Conclusion251Psalm 85:10: Mercy andtruth are met together;righteousness and peacehave kissed each other.Truth shall spring out ofthe earth; andrighteousness shall lookdown from heaven.
  252. 252. Conclusion252―And shall not God avengeHis own elect, which cryday and night to Him,though He bear long withthem? I tell you that Hewill avenge themspeedily. Neverthelesswhen the Son of Mancomes, shall He find faithin the earth?‖ - Luke 18:7-8.
  253. 253. Conclusion253Video of Ron WyattDescribing the LabTest. At the end, RonWyatt says to the Israelilab technicians, “It‘s theblood of YOURMessiah.” http://anchorstone.com
  254. 254. ByPastor Eli James254
  255. 255. 255