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  1. 1. myBC Home Advising o Advising Appointments o Advising Informationo Display Interactive Degree Audit o Display Unofficial Transcript o Educational Plan o Graduation Application Registration o Add/Drop o Maintain Notification List o My Schedule o Registration Dates o Registration History o Update Vehicle Info My Financials o Payment  Credit Card  Mail o Fee Summary o Sign-up Options  Florida Pre-Paid  Financial Authorization  Bill Delivery Preference o 1098-T  1098T Information  1098T Delivery Method o Financial History  Financial Holds  Financial Aid Financial Authorization History Bill Delivery Preference History  View Receipts  Excess Student Funds  Receivables  Obligations  View Bills Financial Aid o Aid Status o Application o Application Status o Awards o FAFSA Application Records o 1098 Info o Course Evaluations o GPA
  2. 2. o Grades o Graduation Application o Licensure & Certification o Limited Access Application Status o Tracking Records o LRC Hours o Transcripts  Display Transcript Received Info  Display Transcript Request Info  Display Interactive Degree Audit  Institution Transcript Requests  Unofficial Transcript Information o My Comments o My Details o My Requests o Request Information o Smart Thinking o o Gartner Research Personal o Change Address o Change PIN o Change PIN Reset Q&A o Student Email o Update Vehicle Info Logoff Complete Educational Plan for AngeletBredy Advisement Records Advisement records exists for the following terms. They can be imported into the Educational Plan by going to the educational plan term record, and then importing the advisement information for that term. Summer Term 2011 - (20113) Fall Term 2011 - (20121) Winter Term 2012 - (20122) Summer Term 2012 - (20123) Fall Term 2012 - (20131) Educational PlanSelect a specific term to update courses for that term, or click here to add courses for a non-listed term.Fall 2011 - (20121) AAR0003 A & R Session ENC0025 Dev Writing II ENC0025L Dev Writing II Lab REA0017C Col Prp Read 2
  3. 3. SLS1001 Strat./SuccessWinter 2012 - (20122) CGS1060C Comp Literacy ENC1101 Composition I HLP1081 Total Wellness MAT0028 Dev Math II MAT0028L Dev Math II LabSummer 2012 - (20123) CRW1001 Creative Writing I ENC1102 Composition II MAT1033 Inter Algebra SPC1024 Intro SpeCommFall 2012 - (20131) BSC1010 Intro Bio I BSC1010L Intro Bio Lab CHM1040 Gen Chem A Ex-Sq FRE1120 Beg French I MAC1105 Coll Algebra Transfer Major InformationYou have indicated that you intend to transfer to the following institution and enroll in the following major once you havecompleted your AA degree. You may elect to update your transfer major information by clicking here.Transfer Major: Biology, GeneralTransfer Institution: Florida International University Current Graduation Status Messages The graduation status messages from the primary program degree audit are shown below. The educational plan should be built to help resolve these issues to allow a successful and prompt graduation. Student may not graduate this term because of the following reasons. Area 01 COMMUNICATIONS will not be satisfied. Area 02 COMMUNICATIONS will not be satisfied. Area 03 COMMUNICATIONS will not be satisfied. Area 04 HUMANITIES will not be satisfied. Area 05 SOCIAL/BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE will not be satisfied. Area 06 BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE will not be satisfied. Area 07 PHYSICAL SCIENCE will not be satisfied. Area 08 SCIENCE LAB will not be satisfied. Area 09 WELLNESS will not be satisfied. Area 10 MATHEMATICS will not be satisfied. Area 11 COMPUTER COMPETENCY will not be satisfied. Area 12 INTERNATIONAL/INTERCULTURAL will not be satisfied. Area 13 WRITING REQUIREMENT will not be satisfied. Required program hours will not be satisfied. Residency credit hours will not be satisfied.
  4. 4. Minimum General Ed will not be satisfied.CLAS exit test requirements not met.