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Mon sheong dbc (1)

  1. 1. Mon SheongDragon Boat Crew2012 Recruitment Orientation
  2. 2. Introduction• Who we are• What is Dragon boating• Goals this year• Why MSDBC is for you• How to Join• Next week
  3. 3. Who Are We?• We are the Mon Sheong Dragon Boat Club• Known as Paddlebears• Paddled together as a collective for past few years• Part of bigger organization, Mon Sheong Youth Group
  4. 4. Mon Sheong Youth Group• Founded in 1969• Dedicated to promoting the Chinese language, culture, heritage and philosophy.
  5. 5. What is Dragonboat?• Sport of dragon boat racing originated in China over 2000 years ago• Initially boats part of a fertility rite and also ensured a good harvest• Folk legend starts with Qu Yuan
  6. 6. Dragonboat• Paddle not row!• 22 people in a competitive dragonboat – 1 Drummer – 20 Paddlers – 1 Cox (steers)• 3 Sections – Pacers/Strokers/Timing Box – Engine Room – Rockets/Terminators
  7. 7. 2012 Club Goals• Strive to achieve great synchronicity• Continue to improve on our times as a team in the 500m• Maintain the same division at TIDBRF Festival (J division)• Get fit together as a team• Get that hardware
  8. 8. Why join MSDBC?
  9. 9. Why join MSDBC?• Besides joining a really, really, really, ridiculously good looking team...• Team sport; getting healthy and fit together• Push each other to achieve our fullest potential• Try something new• We’re all here to have fun first• Great way to meet new people
  10. 10. Season details• 3-4 races this year.• Pickering DBC Race Jun 3• Toronto International DB Race Festival Jun 23- 24• Montreal DB Festival (Tentative) July 21-23• NDC Toronto Cup Aug 11
  11. 11. Season details• Land Practice: start Jan 15, 2012 – Every Sunday (10am-12pm) – Downtown practice-dependent on interest• Fitness assessments- 3 total between Jan-April• Individual fitness plans (to be done at home) will be distributed after 1st fitness assessment• Pool Practice: starts Mid Feb• Water Practice: start April/May, Sat or Sun morning/afternoon• Team name: Paddlebears
  12. 12. Requirements & Costs• Show up to practice• Attendance essential• Show improvement in Fit Tests• Team player• $30/person next week at fitness assessment• $150/team member for season
  13. 13. Testimonials• Edmund Cheung• Yesterday, I got home at 2:30 in the morning to cap a whirlwind 3 days of NYC trip. Dehydrated from the Coffee, sleep deprived stiff from the car ride, I made a bee line to my computer to watch one of my favourite players in NBA, Dennis Rodman give his acceptance speech when he made it to the Hall of Fame. He was an amazing player, but crazy in life. Watching the clip however, I realize that even though he’s the prototypical bad boy, he still gave genuine thanks to all the people who helped him in his life. This, along with me listening to 2 hours of Adele while driving has contributed to the follow note/post. The point of me writing this whole thing is I get the feeling that not a lot of people are going to return next year, be it their schedule, or joining other teams. This may very well be the last time we would ever paddle together, and I just want to say that I’m grateful to every one of you. I’ve made mistakes before, year after year in Mon Sheong, where I’d just keep to myself on the team because I felt it was pointless because people would just leave the next year and I’d never see them again. This year just felt different. I thought it was the winning (all the damn time), but upon some reflection, I realize it was the people on the team. I feel I made some new friends, and deepened my relations with others. If I see you again next year, great! Let the good times roll. If I don’t, please know that though I might not remember your name (inside joke to Felix), I felt we had good times together this year, and will definitely remember that. The list of things I’ll remember about the Paddle Bears: Derrick joking put in the suggestion for the name and conceptual design, only to realize that it was made into a reality. Richard’s coaching voice where he wants you to “DIIIIG DEEEEP” Felix’s insatiable appetite for food and life. “WAAAAH, I’m HUNGARRRY” “I am DYING” “You are PLAYING ANGRY BIRDS WRONG” Cheering for the losing team because it means we won first. Trying to spin the cheer because we were just happy for the other team to get a medal Being embarrassed with the “clean” Paddle Bear cheer, but doing it anyways. Raymond’s Heisman. You all know what I’m talking about. Figuring out Raymond’s initials also spells RAY. Being jealous. Dan’s “enhancement supplement” I swear it’s just like Kool-Aid Felix’s testing of such enhancement Martha’s Shifty Eyes and Lead Foot. Also the Paddle Bear Logo that was a hit in NYC, also the butt pad. Alicia genetic tolerance of very spicy food “Meh, it’s not that spicy” while everyone else is drinking like their life depends on it…especial Felix’s Fun Alicia and Even more fun Alicia, and Alicia’s guns “Daaaaaamn” and her discovery of such guns. Stephen’s shades Dom’s guns and tuna Natalys backwards peace sign Sandy’s teacher voice, her sweet china town cab hookups, and her amazing lunches she eats right before race time. Carbo-loading right before race time is right! Oi and her love of backstreet boys, also her very scary coaching “My coaching style is not as soft as Richards. When I coach we never stop paddling.” I’ll remember most on the NYC trip where nicknames were cool again and a source of comedy all around. I’ll remember the responsible consumption of both food and beverages where responsible fun and amusement was had all around. I will remember the straight and direct route to get from point A to point B was the mandate and was achieved constantly and consistently. I will also remember the strict adherence to the traffic laws of NYC. I’ll also remember the sweet china town cab service, except for that time where they refused to pick us up from the flushing area. I will remember getting back to the hotel room, only for more responsible consumption of snacks and beverage. Want to give thanks to Paddle Bears for the best year that I’ve ever had in Dragon boating, hopefully with more good times to come. Special thanks to Richard, Raymond, Felix, and Dan. Through good times and bad, they kept the core team intact and we had fun, and also got a lot of medals because of it. I know I said that I only paddle to win medals and my idea of a good time is going to the event, WINNING, and show my wife the medal that I won. However, because of the Dennis Rodman HOF clip, I too realize what I tell people is not how I truly feel. I do want to win, but I would rather lose with a group of friends than win with random strangers, but if I can win with the group of friends, it’ll be excellent. In that regard, you were right Sandy, medals/winning isn’t everything. Thanks to everyone!
  14. 14. Questions?