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Role of public supercomputing centers in the promotion of HPC on Cloud: the CloudPYME Case (PPT)


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CloudPYME ( is a project funded by POCTEP ( project devoted to the promotion of Open Source CAE tools in the manufacturing industry in Galicia and Northe of Portugal that provides Cloud HPC facilities to execute product simulations. This presentation explains the reasons for the project and the Cloud platform which supports it.

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Role of public supercomputing centers in the promotion of HPC on Cloud: the CloudPYME Case (PPT)

  1. 1. CENTRO DE SUPERCOMPUTACIÓN DE GALICIA Role of public supercomputingcenters in the promotion of HPC on Cloud: the CloudPYME Case Andrés Gómez Tato (Galicia Supercomputing Centre) Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  2. 2. Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  3. 3. FINIS TERRAE Spanish National Unique Scientific & Technology Infrastructure More than: 16,000 GFLOPS 2,580 CPUs 19,640 GB Memory Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  4. 4. MISSION STATEMENTTo provide high performance computing and advanced communications resources and services to the scientific community of Galicia and to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), as well as, to institutions and enterprises with R&D&I activity.To promote high quality research in Computational Science in close collaboration with the research community from Galicia as well as from other regions or countries all over the world; contributing in this way to the advancement of science, to transfer technology to industry and administrations, and as consequence, to the welfare of society as a whole. Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  5. 5. Legal Status  Non Profit Foundation PARTNERS  Regional Government of Galicia  National Reseach Council of Spain Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  6. 6. CUSTOMERS  Universities of Galicia  Regional Research Centers  National Research Council Centers (CSIC)  Hospitals  Private Companies from any country  Technological Centers  Other Non Profit RTD Centers ISO 9001:2008 UNE166002 Excellence in Management Quality Management R&D Management Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  7. 7. CESGA SERVICES Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  8. 8. HPC EVOLUTION AT CESGA Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  9. 9. GALICIAN WEATHER FORECAST Daily Execution of Operational Weather Forecast Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  10. 10. HARBOR SAFATY Daily Execution of Operational Oceanographic Forecast Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  11. 11. NEW TURBINE DESIGN: CFD CENER Sugoi Gómez Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  12. 12. NUMBER OF COMPUTING USERS Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  14. 14. SIMULATION IN SMEs (2004) Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  15. 15. CONSTRAINTS Open Source Training External CPUs: CLOUD Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  16. 16. ACTIONS  Identify, Verify and Validate Open Software  Salome  Code_aster  OpenFOAM  Training Technological Centres  External Support Supercomputer Centres  CPU on demand or Cloud Providers Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  17. 17. Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  18. 18. ACTIVITIES Validate software: CODE_ASTER Develop Training Material and Courses Deploy Cloud Infrastructure Create a support infrastructure Train 100 people Test system in 10 SMEs Study sustainability Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  19. 19. CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE Remote StorageQueue Classical Batch CloudPYME Distribution  Shared for SMEs employees Better Performance SALOME  Protected on Queue Must wait CODE_ASTER STORAGE HPC on Cloud  CPUs on Demand  Same CloudPYME Distribution Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  20. 20. CLOUD SUPPORT LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  21. 21. PORTAL Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  22. 22. Next Steps Add more applications: OpenFOAM, MaxFEM Test with 10 SMEs Write best-cases Disseminate Cloud Advantages Sustainability Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  23. 23. CONCLUSSIONS Simulation is a must for SMEs Still important barriers to adopt it Supercomputing centres have the computing knowledge But need collaboration with Tech Centers Open Software and Cloud could help adoption And… Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  24. 24. CESGA STAFF Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN
  25. 25. THANK YOU Göteborg, May 2012, SWEDEN