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OGF Standards Overview - Cloudscape V


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Condensed summary of OGF standards and recent activities in cloud computing, presented at the CloudScape V conference held Feb. 27-28 2013 in Brussels, Belgium

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OGF Standards Overview - Cloudscape V

  1. 1. Open Grid Forum: Birds-eye view of OGF Standards Relevant to Cloud Computing Alan Sill Vice President of Standards Cloudscape V Feb. 28, 2013; Brussels, Belgium ©2012 Open Grid Forum 1Thursday, February 28, 13
  2. 2. About the Open Grid Forum: Open Grid Forum (OGF) is a leading global standards development organization operating in the areas of cloud, grid and related forms of advanced distributed computing. The OGF community pursues these topics through an open process for development, creation and promotion of relevant specifications and use cases. OGF actively engages partners and participants throughout the international arena through an open forum with open processes to champion architectural blueprints related to cloud and grid computing. The resulting specifications and standards enable pervasive adoption of advanced distributed computing techniques for business and research worldwide. © 2012 Open Grid Forum Cloudscape V Brussels, Belgium Feb. 28, 2013 2Thursday, February 28, 13
  3. 3. OGF Standards • OGF has an extensive set of applicable standards related to federated community grid and cloud computing: - Federated Identity Management (FedSec-CG) - Managing the Trust Eco-System (CA operations, AuthN tools) - Virtual Organizations (VOMS) and related authorization tools - Job Submission and Workflow Management (JSDL, BES, HPC Profile) - Network Management (NSI, NML, NMC, NM) - Secure, fast multi--party data transfer (GridFTP, SRM) - Data Format Description Language (DFDL) << incredibly important! - Service Agreements (WS-Agreement, WS-Agreement Negotiation) - Cloud Computing interfaces (OCCI family of specifications) - Distributed resource management (DRMAA, SAGA, etc.) - Firewall Traversal (FiTP); Usage Accounting (UR, GLUE) - Others under development through ISOD-RG, DCIFed-WG, etc. • Working to gather this information to form an organized description of OGF work - an OGF “Cloud Portfolio”. © 2012 Open Grid Forum Cloudscape V Brussels, Belgium Feb. 28, 2013 3Thursday, February 28, 13
  4. 4. OGF Cooperative Agreements In Place as of Feb. 2013 OGF and ETSI: OGF and SIENA, NIST, GICTF, Canada Cooperative MoU in place; contributing Cloud, etc.: to ETSI CSC effort. Co-host Cloud Contribute actively to to ongoing global Plugfest series (cooperative with SNIA). standards roadmapping efforts. OGF and TM Forum: OGF and DMTF: Memorandum of Understanding in Joint work register on OCCI and CIMI place; ongoing cross-SDO document with DMTF Cloud Management WG. on End-to-End Management of Cloud Service Agreements, including SLAs, in OGF and ISO; OGF and ITU-T: progress. OGF has a formal liaisons with ISO/ OGF and CSA: IEC JTC1 SC38 on Cloud Computing Cooperative agreement between OGF and with ITU-T JCA Cloud. and CSA in place. OGF and SNIA (CDMI): OGF and IEEE: Cooperative agreement w/SNIA Cloud OGF co-sponsored IEEE CloudCom on CDMI and has held 7 jointly hosted 2011 (Athens) and Cloudcom 2012 Cloud Standards Plugfests so far (Taipei); open to other engagements. (cooperative now with ETSI). © 2011 Open Grid Forum Cloudscape V Brussels, Belgium Feb. 28, 2013 4Thursday, February 28, 13
  5. 5. Cloud Plugfest Developer Series: Developer-oriented in-person standards and software testing Co-sponsored by OGF, SNIA and ETSI 7 events held so far! © 2012 Open Grid Forum Cloudscape V Brussels, Belgium Feb. 28, 2013 5Thursday, February 28, 13
  6. 6. How to find out more: • OGF web site: • Cloud Plugfest web site: • Send e-mail to • Attend an OGF event! - OGF 37: Mar. 11-13 2013, Charlottesville, Virginia USA - OGF 38: Networking events at TNC 2013 June 3-6; other working groups meet at XSEDE 2013 conference July 22-25. - OGF 39: To be co-located with EGI Technical Forum Fall 2013 • Participate in Cloud Plugfests: Multiple events in 2013 © 2012 Open Grid Forum Cloudscape V Brussels, Belgium Feb. 28, 2013 6Thursday, February 28, 13