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Breast cancer powerpoint


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Breast cancer powerpoint

  1. 1. Breast cancer
  2. 2. lumps  Breast infection  Fibrocystic breast disease  Fibroadenoma (noncancerous tumor)  Fat necrosis (damaged tissue)
  3. 3. PAIN  Stress  Side affect of birth control  Hormones caused by menstruation  Bra that doesn’t fit
  4. 4. symptoms  Nipple discharge or retraction of the nipple  Enlargement of one breast  Dimpling of the breast surface  An “orange peel” texture to the skin  Vaginal pain  Unintentional weight loss  Enlarged lymph nodes in the armpit  Visible veins on the breast
  5. 5. Types of breast cancer  Noninvasive: cancer has not spread from original tissue (stage 0)  Invasive: cancer cells have spread to surrounding tissue (stages I-Iv)
  6. 6. Breast exams  Mammogram: an x-ray of the breast to help tell between a benign and malignant mass  Biopsy: removal of a small amount of breast tissue for testing  Ultrasound: use of ultrasonic sound waves to produce an image of the tissue  MRI: normally used in conjunction with other tests, magnetic resonance imaging is another noninvasive way to examine breast tissue
  7. 7. treatments  Mastectomy: surgical removal of part or the whole breast to remove a tumor and connecting tissue  Lumpectomy: removes the tumor while leaving the breast intact  Chemotherapy: the most common cancer treatment, chemotherapy uses anticancer drugs to interfere with cells’ ability to reproduce  Radiation: another standard in the fight against cancer, radiation uses X-rays to directly treat cancer  Hormone & Targeted Therapy: used when either genes or hormones play a part in the cancer’s growth