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ING Improving Customer Experience


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ING Improving Customer Experience

  1. 1. Customer Experience Complexity in CustomizationPrepared by:Waqas Ahmed BajwaAmy BoyerMeghan EricksonErika GameroAbdesslam Hjiej
  2. 2. AGENDA The Challenge of Customizing – ING Direct Delivering Service Online - Insurance Industry - Banking Industry - Hospitality Industry - Other Examples Survey Insights Recommendations 1
  3. 3. ING Direct – Customizing the Experience “Les maitres des finances” “Les Jeunes VIP” 36+ yrs old, reasonable 18-35 yrs old, need amount of money good rates Visibly segment into two blocks, and offer tailored solutions for each segment Don’t differentiate between segments, treat every customer the “same” way, only better 2
  4. 4. Insurance Sector Examples Web Personalization solution • Deliver the most relevant content to their users • Just like ING, want to provide an easy-to-use portal – Web personalization makes the navigation experience easier • Important tool to gather important data that will allow better understanding of customers -> allows to offer better solutions 3
  5. 5. Insurance Sector ExamplesSolution developed by: 4
  6. 6. Insurance Sector Examples• Car Virtual Insurance Office 5
  7. 7. Banking Examples• Need for Enhancing Customer Experience• Optimizing Service: • Empowering the Customers to create their own experience- Moody Bank, First Security Bank, First Bank of Wyoming • Improving the design and features of the website- Groupama 6
  8. 8. Banking Examples• Introducing the Concept of an Online Relationship Manager (ORM)• Helping Customers Manage their Finances and Budgets- Monabanq and Boursorama Bank 7
  9. 9. PFM : Boursorama 8
  10. 10. Enhancing the experience at ING café :Umpqua Bank 9
  11. 11. Hospitality Examples: Sephora • Large Spender Perks • Customized Account Landing Page • Tailored to purchase history and profile • Transactional Emails • In-stock availability of favorite/most frequently purchased items • Replenishment Reminder Program“This ultimately helps make digital communicationsmore relevant and personalized for our clients whichin turn helps build client loyalty, reinforce our brand image and drive sales” – Tiffany Lei 10
  12. 12. Hospitality Examples: : Beauty Talk • Pull vs. Push Strategy • Advice From the Experts • How-to Videos • Links to Other Customer Communication 11
  13. 13. ING Direct Service Gap: Communication 12
  14. 14. Other Examples: Verizon Wireless • Online chat – Link and Pop-up • Video Tutorials • Online Workshops • Community Forum • Top Support Questions and Forum Posts 13
  15. 15. SURVEY – Getting to know the “needs” Age group: 18-35 100% Use online banking How often do they check Income levels their account? 1 month >70k 6+ 14% 31% month Less 32% than 2-5 30,000 month 50k- 63% 54% 70k 6%*Survey conducted at, Nov. 2011Results based on 35 respondents, full responses provided in Report Appendix 14
  16. 16. SURVEY – Getting to know the “needs” What added value would you like to see from an online bank? “Ease of linking different account types is very important” (eg: banking Online games services vs brokerage Chat area for recommendations/insights services). - Anonymous #1from other online customers at your bank Money management program “It would be nice to have an online representative Offers from partners (ie. travel, retail, restaurant discounts) that can chat with you if you have questions or Money saving tips of the day disputes. Any disputesYou personally customize your log-in page could be a little easier or be(ie. colors, customized music, features....) done better online” 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 - Anonymous #2 15
  17. 17. FINAL THOUGHTS & RECOMMENDATIONS Customer Expectations o Faster Resolution online Transparency o Self –Service Trust o Faux personalization Ease Customer Satisfaction 16
  18. 18. FINAL THOUGHTS & RECOMMENDATIONSAccess: Physical facilities:- “How to” Videos - Integration of all customer service touchpointTutorialsCommunication: Tangibles - Better experience at ING Café - 24/7 Website with PFM tool & Call Center- Personalizedcustomization toolsUnderstanding thecustomer: - Delivering Empathy Reliability superior value- Web analytics SERVICE DIMENSIONS Prompt service: - Reviews - Chat service - WOM Assurance Responsiveness - Previous Experiences 17
  19. 19. Thank you!!Questions? 18