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Children s rights_


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This presentation describes the project idea about Children's rights that we have discussed together during the eTwinning Learning Event, Web 2.0 and Collaboration

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Children s rights_

  1. 1. Children's Rights: Right About Our Rights!
  2. 2. Description of Project: In this project, students will learn about children’s rights:  basic needs of having parents, food, education, etc.  Through the creation of animated movies, books and comics, word clouds and mind-maps, quizzes and games they will learn about what’s right, what’s not, and discuss their thoughts together during a video conferencing session.
  3. 3. Goals of the Project: Cognitive: Students will learn important issues on children rights; improve their English and ICT skills. Affective: Students will develop their interpersonal skills through the communication with their partners Psychomotor: Students will develop their artistic skills and talents.
  4. 4. Some ICT Tools we will be using: or create beautiful wordclouds of children rights in the different languages of schools involved. : to create mind-maps on children rights in English pointing at children’s perception on their rights. Dvolver:  to create animated movies - Toondoo:  to create online comic strips/books -