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Digital footprint presentation


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Digital footprint presentation

  1. 1. Digital Citizenship: helpsstudents, teachers, technologyfacilitators, and parents developan understanding of howstudents and other technologyusers should be usingtechnology appropriately. Inaddition, digital citizenshipprepares students andtechnology users for a “societyfull of technology” as well as theappropriate and inappropriateways to use technology in theclassroom and at home” (Ribble,2012).
  2. 2. Currently, there are millions ofteenagers that are postingpersonal information onlineand on social networkingwebsites all over the world.These teenagers do notrealize that they are leaving a“digital footprint” which cansubject them to seriousconsequences in their futures.Many teens do not know thatfuture employers and collegerecruiters are tracking theirevery move before they areeven called for an interview orconsultation (Oxley, 2010)
  3. 3. • Goal 1: • Parents, Teachers, and Students • Develop an understanding of what a “digital footprint” is.• Goal 2: • Parents • Set-up parental controls on your computer at home to ensure that your child is safe from predators and explicit websites.• Goal 3: • Teachers • Educate students on the importance of appropriate language, content, and pictures when posting personal information online. • Explain to students that whatever information is put online is permanent and accessible to everyone.• Goal 4 • Students • Use appropriate language, do not post personal information, and do not post inappropriate pictures of yourself online.
  4. 4. Goal 1: Parents, teachers, andstudents will Google their firstand last name to see whatinformation populates aboutthem. After parents, teachers,and students realize whatinformation is available aboutthem they will then visit: to learn how todelete their information online.
  5. 5. Goal 2:Parents will watch How to Set UpParental Controls in Windows 7. Bydoing this, parents will be able tocontrol what their child is viewing aswell as block out times that the child isnot permitted on the computer. Parentshave full control over what their childhas access to including games,websites, and programs that areinstalled on the computer. Parents willalso discuss with their child the settingthat they have created so the child isaware of their boundaries. In addition,parents are encouraged to watch YourDigital Footprint to face the reality ofhow quickly a person can find privateinformation.
  6. 6. Goal 3:The teacher will begin by creating aKWL chart with the class. The studentswill describe what they know aboutdigital footprints and what they want tolearn about digital footprints. Next, theteacher will present Be Cool byMountfield School – Netiquette Winnerand Hoven School DistrictSuperintendent’s Blog What DigitalFootprint Will You Leave Behind?videos to the class. Once they havewatched the videos they will then finishthe KWL chart by explaining what theylearned from the videos. Then, theteacher will use the resources found at to wrap up the lesson.
  7. 7. Goal 4: Students will get into small groupsto discuss what a digital citizen anddigital footprint is how to usenetiquette, and how to keeppersonal information private. Thestudents will then work with theirgroup to create a PowerPoint,SlideShare, Prezi, or Googlepresentation about digitalcitizenship and the digital footprintas well as how to use propernetiquette at home and in school.Encourage students to for moreinformation about digital citizenshipand footprints.
  8. 8. Teachers, parents, andteachers need to be awareof the permanentinformation that theychoose to put online andrealize that it is thereforever. Also, studentsneed to understand thatwhatever they put onFacebook, Twitter, etc. willand can be seen byanyone on the web.
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