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Digital Marketing


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Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Interactive MarketingAmritha CSarah HSiddharth R
  2. 2. Essentials for Interactive Marketing Integrated marketing operations Integrated marketing operations
  3. 3. Cross Channel Marketing• What? – Both online and offline, will serve to both reinforce a brand’s message and increase responses• Why? – Customers move across channels in the course of making a single buying decisions
  4. 4. Email Marketing• What? – Tool for marketing a commercial message to a group of people, primarily to build on relations between existing and potential customers• Why? – Cost effective, highly targeted, customized, and completely measurable
  5. 5. Personalization• The growth of online, mobile and social channels points to personalization• Technology allows mass customization, allowing personalization across a large list of subscribers.
  6. 6. Personalization Customer-centric experiences are about personalization:using data to create a tailored experience for the customer.
  7. 7. The new P: People in the 5Ps of Digital Marketing speaks to examining the powerful human element that the digitally connected world permits: personalization
  8. 8. Social Media & Mobile MediaSocial Media Marketing Mobile Marketing•Social media has changed the world •Mobile phones potent combinationin which we market. for any marketer•Social media is all about the ways •Tools employed to reach a consumerthat we create, connect and share  SMS, MMS, USSD,content online through targeted Bluetooth/wireless technologycommunications  Mobile applications, QR Codes,•Social media channels can be augmented reality  Geo-targetingcategorised as:  Mobile Text Ads, Mobile Image  Bookmarking and aggregating Ads  Content creating  Social networks •Social Media on Mobile – Facebook,  Location Twitter.