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London Olympics_Supply Chain Managementt

  1. 1. Role of logistics in the successof London Olympics -2012
  2. 2. Setting the scene: London 2012 • Olympic Games is the world’s biggest logistical event • 26 Olympic Sports • 203 countries • 17,800 athletes and team officials • 5,000 Olympic Family officials • 22,000 media • Paralympics Games is the world’s second biggest logistical event • 20 Paralympics Sports • 170 countries – 4,000 athletes and team officials • 1,000 Paralympics Family officials • 4,000 media 2Source: Olympics 2012: Understanding and Managing the Challenges, Summer 2012
  3. 3. Olympic Games – When? AROUND 100 CONTINUOUS DAYS JUN 2012 JUL 2012 AUG 2012 SEP 2012 Planned events including visitor landmarks and events London working and moving JUL Torch Relay AUG London Olympic SEP 2-5 JUN Games ParalympicsDiamond Jubilee 13 JUL Departures Games Official opening of Departures 28 JULY - 12 AUG AUG Olympic Village Olympic Games Notting 14 SEP JUN Hill Olympic Venues open Park Media centre opens closes 27 JUL Soft opening of Opening 29 AUG 30 AUG - 9 SEP Olympic Village Ceremony Paralympics Paralympics Games Opening Ceremony
  4. 4. Olympic Games – Where? 37 competition venues across the UK 27 of which are in London
  5. 5. London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG)
  6. 6. A Challenge of Herculean Proportion “Steady state” 281,000 freight deliveries and Rising to 25% of journeys collections make journeys from delivering goods up 17% of the Monday to Friday including food traffic and retail items 250,000 items of Additional 1 luggage to be Feeding million items of moved and additional people sports equipment managed Providing Providing excellent “retail accommodation therapy” for for people visitors • Any many more……..
  7. 7. UPSOfficial Logistics and Express Delivery SupporterOperation of the Games Logistics andCommand CentreVenue Logistics ServicesWarehousing ServicesTransportation NetworkTechnology SystemsCustoms and freight forwarding andcourier services
  8. 8. Venue Logistics Services • Located inside the Olympic Village • Special all-inclusive outbound service • Packaging 1st UPS Relay • Customs advice Room • Security clearance • Carbon neutral shipping DeliveryOlympic ParkRelay Rooms • Located at High Street at the International Broadcast Centre/Main Press Centre Complex 2nd UPS Relay • UPS shipping advisors Room • Customs and freight advice to international media organisations dealing with large shipments of equipment
  9. 9. Warehouses & Distribution• Network of warehouse and distribution facilities totalling over 800,000 square feet 300,000 550,000 square square Over 120 More than foot foot sister dedicated 2,000 warehouse warehouse drivers employees in in Tilbury Stevenage• Everything is processed through UPS warehouses
  10. 10. Transportation Logistics • Games Logistics and Command Centre • Olympic and Paralympics Route Networks (ORN & PRN) ▫ A “mass transit” network ▫ 109 miles of total London road network of 9200 miles ▫ 30 miles of “Games Lanes” dedicated to athletes, officials and special trafficSource:London 2012 Games Transport, Peter Hendy, London‟s Transport Commissioner, December 2011
  11. 11. UPS delivers for ParalympicsUPS warehousing all of the kit All items will then be scanned Each athlete receive 3 official kit bags Innovative tracking and vehicle technology UPS warehoused packed and UPS Swap Van for last-minute delivered more than 27,000 exchanges items to over 300 Paralympic athletes
  12. 12. Managing Athletes and Sportsmen • Responsible for moving all baggage for athletes when they arrive in the country ▫ More than 250,000 pieces of luggage • Handling a number of bespoke projects ▫ Torch relay logistics • Moved 10500 beds sourced in china and MalaysiaSource:
  13. 13. Managing Supplies • 30 million inventories Jan 2012 ▫ 1 million pieces of sporting Moving inventory into the site equipment • Inbound deliveries are unloaded and x-rayed for July 2012 security purposes Focus on Replenishment • Outbound shipments are planned, loaded onto vehicles Aug 2012 and sent to one of the 37 Inventory will move on to Paralympics competition venues across UK • Inventory moved by rail, road Sept 2012 and water Biggest Peak of Reverse LogisticsSource:
  14. 14. Technology Systems• Advanced technology• UPS Quantum View®• Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD)• UPS Internet Shipping
  15. 15. Sustainable and Green Supply Chain • UPS Expands London Olympics Fleet to Include Biomethane Vehicles • 10 large biomethane diesel truck • Arrival of 14 new electric vehicles • Can travel 60 miles after a six-hour charge • Eco-friendly UK fleet includes 20 green vans • Bicycle delivery services between village and mainSource: areas
  16. 16. Londons Olympic security headache • Private security contractor G4S failed to recruit and accredit enough security staff • Government deployed 18,200 troops • Safeguarding more than 100 visiting heads of state and foreign dignitaries • Fighter jets are on standby • Helicopter carrier moored in the Thames • Police numbers trimmed to around 7,000 officers onSource: duty during the Paralympic
  17. 17. If UPS can handle a logistics challenge the size ofthe Olympic Games, just think what UPS can do for your business.
  18. 18. References & Sources• Olympics 2012: Understanding and Managing the Challenges, Summer 2012• News Archive: Electric UPS Vehicles Turn London 2012 Olympics Supply Chain Green• Security At Paralympics Lighter But Still Tight - By Paisley Dodds And David Stringer, Aug. 28• Forbes, The Logistics Of The Olympics Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint - Richard Howells Richard Howells, SAP• BBC, London 2012: Athletes arriving for Olympic Games, Jul 16 2012• London 2012 Games Transport, Hosting a great Games and ensuring London is “open for business‟ in 2012, Peter Hendy, London‟s Transport Commissioner, Dec 2011• Innovating the Global Supply Chain, Professor Richard Wilding