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Full in depth Internet Marketing Plan for OB Centric

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Internet Marketing Plan- OB Centric Paper

  1. 1. Introduction OB Centric is a fun and unique, locally owned gift shop centered in the authentic beach town of Ocean Beach, California. As San Diego’s destination for fine antique and vintage shopping, OB primarily consists of locally owned mom and pop shops that represent the small beach community. Products sold include unique, one of a kind trinkets such as beach style jewelry, music, art, organic soaps, and a large variety of unthinkable gifts like guitar pick necklaces and coasters made from vinyl records. What sets them apart from the typical gift shop however is that 90% of their products are locally made by artists and designers in San Diego County. They also offer a wide collection of green sustainable, organic, and recycled products to promote an earth friendly environment. OB Centric’s target audience consists primarily of Obecians (locals living in OB), as well as locals from the neighboring towns of Point Loma and Mission Beach and the occasional tourist. OB Centric’s ideal customer is someone who appreciates art and creativity, and values the originality of Ocean Beach. Also very important to the company are People searching to give and/or ship gifts to these creative types. Competitors include other local merchandising stores in OB, art galleries, and gift shops. OB Centric is so unique however, that it is hard to have such a direct competition. There is no other shop like OB Centric. Goals of the Campaign The store itself opened in September of 2009, and is now constructing its website to create awareness and increase store traffic. The main purpose of OB Centric is to connect artists with regular local shoppers at a price they can afford. The theme of the website will be the same as the ambiance of the store: Eccentric, earth friendly and unique, with a local OB feel. The goal of this campaign is to bring San Diego locals together by creating unity through the appreciation of the art and talent that is produced locally. Another objective is to increase awareness of the new establishment, and increase sales both online and in store. There are several features that set OB Centric apart from the typical OB merchandising store or gift shop. One already mentioned is the store’s uniqueness. Nowhere else can you find individually hand crafted lamps, all natural handmade soaps, coasters and notebooks made out of recycled vinyl records, beer and coffee mugs made from recycled wine bottles, and art and music produced by local San Diegan artists. Another feature that sets them apart is they are a one stop shop for gift purchasing and shipping needs. The 400 square foot space is shared by 2 businesses. The left half is the OB Centric gift shop, and the right half is a local packing and shipping company called Saffran Packaging, both managed by the same owner. This creates a convenient combination for the customer, especially around the holidays. A customer can come in to pick a couple of gifts, and have them shipped right then and there. This also reduces lead time when consumers start to make purchases online. The convenience of having a packaging company right in the store increases customer service by getting their merchandise to them promptly and without delay. Another major element of the store that attracts the interest of the green living customers is their Packing Peanuts Recycling Center for the Plastic Loose Fill Council (PLFC). The council operates the Peanut Hotline which is America’s most successful packaging reuse program that allows consumers to drop off their plastic loose fill, or “packing peanuts”, for reuse. This service is more geared toward the Saffran Packaging business, but still lets the customer know that they are an environmentally friendly store. Majority of their products are also made from recycled goods, and have an all natural organic appeal to promote green living.
  2. 2. The eccentric theme, store uniqueness, go green environment, shipping convenience and local appeal are all features to use in order to make OB Centric stand out in consumer’s minds. The goal of the campaign is to successfully portray these advantages and themes on the website to be. By using the internet to market this brand, it will spread awareness, get local Obecians involved, and increase sales either through e-commerce or through in store purchases. Measuring the Success of the Campaign The success of this campaign will be measured through several different avenues. First use the website traffic software, Google Analytics, to see how many people are visiting the website, where the traffic is coming from, what keywords they are using, what pages are popular, and what the top exit pages are. Do not rely completely on e-commerce sales as criteria for evaluating the website success because in store purchases and offline marketing are also being used. However do, keep an eye on sales increases overall. Measure the online branding success by examining the percentage of direct requests, the top keywords searched, and the number returning visitors and repeat buyers overtime. How to measure the success of online ad buys, partnership development, PR efforts, viral marketing, and email marketing campaigns is discussed in each of their respective sections. Search Engine Optimization Because of the size and budget of the company, do not purchase any keywords. Instead plan to use keywords to create organic results. These Keywords include: San Diego Local Music, San Diego Art, Unique Gift Ideas, Ocean Beach Gift Shop and Organic Gifts. Also register OB Centric into a couple of local online directories such as the OBMA’s Local Business Directory and Google’s Local Business Center. Through these, track how consumers are most likely to find the company and what keywords they are searching. Also increase link popularity to better the search engine optimization. All of the musicians, artists, and craft makers whose items are retailed through the company will have a link to OB Centric’s website, and therefore increasing the incoming links. Whichever musicians, artists and craft makers show to be popular, will be used as keywords on the homepage. Since everything is done locally, optimizing the search engine will not be hard because everything is done on a much smaller scale (as opposed to optimizing a company nationally). Website Design Structure The structure of the website is going to be focused on e-commerce. As mentioned before, the goal of this campaign is to gain awareness and increase sales by bringing together the locals of OB through appreciation of art and creativity. The target audience being a typical green living, eccentric, OB local; and tailor the website just for them. The top banner of the homepage will display a background picture of the OB pier, to make the viewer feel at home. Then, to attract their creative side, feature a monthly piece of art next to the welcome text. Change the featured artists monthly to keep returning visitors interested. Every page throughout the website should give the viewer an earth friendly, unique, Ocean Beach feel. Content
  3. 3. Gear the website to provide informational web content. By providing detailed product information and constructing a safe and easy purchase outlet, it will increase both online and in store sales. In this way customers can know what they are purchasing with the confidence it will be delivered in a safe and timely manner. To create this feeling, announce in the “about us” section that OB Centric shares ownership with Saffran Packaging. By giving detailed information about Saffran’s safe shipping policy, the customer will feel at ease making an online purchase. Second, offer enough product information that new viewers will leave with a clear understanding of OB Centric’s products and brand image. In addition to informational web content, also offer a sense of community. In order to bring San Diegans together, take pride in the fact that 90% of OB Centric's products are locally made. Under each product description there will be information regarding who made it, where it was made, and the history behind it. The goal here is to create unity and appreciation for the creative arts produced locally. Navigation Another feature of the website that is imperative is the user friendly shopping navigation. The left column of the homepage is a set of categorical links to make searching for products easy. First, the customer can “shop by holiday” (holidays will change seasonally). Currently listed is Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanza. Clicking on one of these links will show the viewer a variety of products themed for the chosen holiday. Next, the customer can “shop by category”. Categories include what’s new, music, art, clothing for her, clothing for him, accessories, gift cards, trinkets, and clearance. There is also a search bar on the top right of every page. Online Ad Buys- The online publication that recommended for OB Centric is San Diego City Beat. is San Diego County’s destination for arts, events, music, food, politics and everything that is local. The weekly magazine and website publication portray a similar theme as OB Centric, and therefore, have a similar audience. It follows an unconventional method and draws in those with an unusual lifestyle. By featuring news articles such as “Homeless Person of the Week” and “Dope Deliberations” they are drawing in the same eccentric, atypical person that OB Centric is after. It has an online readership of 99,000 and is only distributed in San Diego County, so there will be no demographic waste coverage. OB Centric however is mainly seeking awareness from people based on the psychographic qualities similar to City Beat; so, this publication suits their needs perfectly. will provide OB Centric with the freedom to advertise various promotions based on subject matter. The publications website has tabs separated by news, blogs, music, arts, events, eats, and special issue. All are updated weekly. This will allow OB Centric to create several different promotions geared towards each page. For example, they can use the “music” page to create a banner ad that appeals to people searching for music. Create the same banner for each page, promoting the same benefit and the same call to action, only with different words to attract their attention. Each banner will have the same feel and the same logo; it will just appeal differently depending on whether it is selling music, art, gifts or an event. The call to actions will be “Come to our store”, and the benefit will be, “We have what you need”, communicated better of course. For the best results, the ads will also communicate the same theme as the editorial content of the magazine; eccentric, unconventional and creative. (picture examples)
  4. 4. The Numbers Given the $5,000 monthly advertising budget, it is recommended to purchase an online media kit at First, enter the Online Business Directory for $99/year. This can be done on Google’s local business center and Yahoo Local as well (for free!). Second, construct 3 different “medium rectangle” banner ads, one for music, art, and gifts. Place the music banner add on City Beat’s music page. When the viewer clicks on it, it will take them to OB Centric’s “Shop by Music” landing page. Place the art banner ad on City Beat’s art page. Clicking on this ad will take the viewer to OB Centric’s “Shop by Art” landing page. And lastly, place the gifts banner ad on City Beat’s news page and on their special issues page. Clicking on this ad will take the viewer to OB Centric’s “Shop by What’s New” landing page. Chose to advertise on only specific pages to ensure quality of impressions over quantity. The “medium rectangle” ad is recommended to buy because it is placed more toward the center of the screen. This makes the ad look like it is part of the website, not an advertisement. Because everything is done online, there is also the option of switching out different banner ads to test for effectiveness. Google analytics will help measure the success of each of these ad buys. Choosing a payment method is easy because they only offer rates by impression. Cost per action and cost per click through are not options. So, with an average page view of 109, 837 per month and at $10/CPM, each banner ad will cost $1,098.37 per month. Multiply that by 4 banner ads (music, art, and 2 gifts) and it will total $4,393.48 per month. Finally, add the online business directory fee and the total monthly cost is $4,401.73. The left over $600 from the proposed ad budget can be used sporadically to advertise an upcoming event such as the OB Centric Entertainment Swap. For more information about City Beat’s media kit, go to and click the “ADVERTISE” link at the bottom. They can also be reached at (619) 281-7526, or 3047 University Ave, Suite 202, San Diego, CA 92104. Strategic Partnership Development (Co- Branding) Portugalia is San Diego's first and only Portuguese Restaurant. Located at 4839 Newport Ave- only a few blocks away from OB Centric, this establishment is a prime prospect for a partnership. Not only because of the congruence in ideals as businesses, and the psychographic similarities between customers. Like OB Centric, Portugalia has a strong emphasis on art, local music, and uniqueness. The interior is filled with art pieces, cultural murals and has live music every evening. Musical entertainment features local bands and songwriters performing blues, reggae, classic rock, blue-grass, and jazz. And above all, the authentic Portuguese cuisine is prepared by the owner himself, Jason Agrella. In the first part of this co-branding strategy OB Centric can offer a promotion: in which a customer who buys an Anniversary, Valentines, Birthday gift for their loved one, also receives a coupon for a free appetizer at Portugalia. In offering this, OB Centric increases value to their customers gift by adding an enjoyable experience for the couple to the special occasion. This offering also adds extra incentive for the customer to buy their gifts at OB Centric rather than finding a similar product at another store, who does not offer such a promotion. Portugalia benefits from this promotion by extending it’s reach to OB
  5. 5. Centric’s customer base. Secondly, Portugalia gets customers in the door. Meaning they’re more likely to stick around to enjoy the music, order a few drinks, and or purchase entrees. In return, Portugalia would cater events at OB Centric. For example their “Clothing Swap” event or any future art-showings, cause or theme related events. Then Portugalia can benefit from online PR by being mentioned in press releases and event reviews when catering for OB Centric. Secondly Portugalia would host performances by the OB Centric’s musicians during their nightly live music entertainment. The Costs related in this partnership include: Portugalia offering free appetizers. These range from $3-9, however Jason may decide the coupon covers a select a few of the appetizers, that work best logistics wise. Also any costs associated with paying the music entertainers. For OB Centric, the costs include the catering expense is approximately $1,000 for meals for 100 people. This amount varies with menu selections, party size, and other event details. Of course negotiations of payment prices should be re-approximated to consider the traded value via promotions. Banner Ad placement on web pages should free of charge. By forming a partnership, it is mutually beneficial for both parties by providing an opportunity to increase brand equity, produce/service value, and extend customer reach, all at minimal costs. This partnership can be marketed online in the email newsletters, and advertising the promotion on both company's websites. The coupon offer should be available for online or in-store purchase. Each company can promote the other’s establishment in a banner ad on their website (use a trackable URL for the banner ad). Also Portugalia will receive online PR by being mentioned in press releases and event reviews when catering for OB Centric- also be sure to use trackable URLs from the redirects from the PR articles. Ways of tracking the success of the partnership include: how many people click through to the landing page when the promotion is mentioned in the newsletter. By measuring the coupon redemption rates. By using web analytics to focus on the trackable URL on banner ads to see how many referrals your website is receiving via the banner ads, and then measuring the trackable URLs from the press release links. If web referrals between the two web pages increase, awareness and interests levels are on the rise. If the coupon promotion’s landing page is viewed often there is potential that these views may lead to delayed or offline conversions. The most tangible success level and optimal action is for the coupon to redeemed- driving OB Centric product sales, and bringing traffic and potential increased sales into Portugalia. If you’re interested in taking the next step towards implementing this partnership, the owner’s name is Jason Agrella. His contact info is (619) 222-(7678) and email is Online PR Online Press Releases serve not only as a way to get media exposure, but help to optimize search engine ranking. An online press release is a condensed news-like article that can be found by consumers and journalists through search engines, or submitted to news organizations directly. Posting Press-releases online improves search engine ranking by: increasing your opportunity to use keywords within the PR content, keeps your sight up to date, and helps increase your link popularity. Attached at the end of the paper is a press
  6. 6. release on the upcoming "Entertainment Swap" at OB Centric. Immediately following are a number of recommended websites to submit the release to. Viral Marketing Viral marketing can be a very successful marketing tool to employ when having a new store and launching a new website. People find out about new websites in one of two ways: either by the use of search engines (which is why SEO is so important) or by word of mouth. Word of mouth that is highly efficient is known as Viral Marketing. The undertone of the viral communications are to indirectly convey OB Centrics exemplary customer service (due to the locally produced products, and the ability for customers to have direct communication with the owners). More importantly the key concept of the videos should be newsworthy information and/or have entertainment value. The objective with this viral campaign is to raise awareness of OB Centric, it's website. Also to get people talking about the events and causes that OB Centric supports. The secondary objectives are to give incentives to the people who are framiliar with the store, (a) to invite and (b) to get prospective customers to the events. Lastly, keep a top of mind position with current customers and continue to provide them with information to gives them cognitive affirmation. Once a month, embed a video on the home page. Give a brief mention of the topic in the email marketing for the month, along with a link that will re-direct them to the video. Also begin an OB Centric station on youtube, to post the monthly videos. In the email newsletters and in the "info" section on youtube mention the incentive very briefly and post a link to find out the full details of the promotion (create a separate landing page for this incentive offering). End all videos with the final shot being the URL to the OB Centric website. The incentive is has three tiers and likely to have both, long and short term benefits for the company. For every person the viewer "shares" the video with online, they will gain X amount of points in their OB Centric shopping cart. For every person the viewer "invites" to the events to as a guest, they earn Y amount of points. If the guest attends, the person who extended the invitation, will get a "code" at the door for Z- amount of points. This code has the highest point value of all the prizes and is to be redeemed online. These points are accumulated in the customers online account to earn increasingly valuable offers. For example, once a customer earns XX amount of points they get free gift wrap on the next purchases. After a customer reaches the initial prize, they move onto the next tier. In which if the customer earns YY amount of points they receive 20% off shipping. The benefits of viral are to use entertainment and interesting information as a means to spread the company's name and website around the community. Getting more people to the website will increase search engine rankings, and more importantly gets them to view your products- the first step in purchasing. Viral marketing is a great way to get people turned onto OB Centric because it's one of few ways to really convey the company's ideals and beliefs. The use of the incentive point system gets customers to continually stay connected with your website, is an avenue to reach new customers, and get them to come into the store during events. Helping new customers to have an enjoyable experience at the store and see your product selection.
  7. 7. The video series can have a three different themes for videos. One theme being a "How its Made" video, beginning with an intro on the what the product, art piece, or music is. This video can feature the producer themselves, briefly going through the process of creating it. Introduce the step that they're doing, and then use a "fast forward" editing technique to keep down the length of video. The final stage of this video is the creator presenting the final product, and placing it on it's shelf in OB Centric. The second theme of the film series can be informational, on topics that OB Centric products embody. These video topics may include subjects like, the importance of supporting local artist or musicians, the benefits of using organic products ect. The third theme for this viral series can be "Special Cause & Event" related. For example when holding a "Clothing Swap" create a video explaining the experience and activities that will take place at the OB Centric event. Then explain the social cause this event is going to support, such as donating clothes to the homeless. Another example for the cause type of video would be to promote the "Book Swap" taking place. For this you can start the video off with a "public service announcement" of how the Mayor of San Diego is proposing to cut back the days of the week that SD libraries are open for operation. Then promote the book swap and state that whatever books have been donated at the end of the day will be sold to a used bookstore. With the money made from the cause , X percent of it will be donated to the Ocean Beach Library to help it stay afloat, even during these budget cuts. And finally finish it up, with a clip from the "Fahrenheit 451" movie- about what the world would be like if society stopped recognizing the value of books. Email Marketing Continually build a customer email database by collecting email address in-store either by using a sign up list, or business card fishbowl at the register. The other means for building your list is by providing a sign-up option on your website. When you are ready to begin the email campaign, here are some general guidelines on tips and things to include in all emails to make theses marketing communications as effective as possible. Be sure to use the Sender Name: “OBCentric”, in doing so it is clear it’s from a source the receiver trusts and is interested in hearing from. The next step is creating an effective subject line. Here are some general rules of thumb to use for writing a subject line: be direct, stress the benefit inside (i.e. discount/ promotion vs. event info vs. informative articles), ask a question, be personal (use their name in the subject line and in greeting), and tie in upcoming events/holidays. Some things to be sure not to use when writing a subject line are: using all caps, exclamation points, and hard-sell terms like “free” and “buy now”. In writing the body, Give a personal greeting, and then follow up on what you hinted at in the subject line. If you offered a discount or promotion, tell the reader details on the time period the offer stands, what products are included, how to redeem the coupon or discount ect. In emails such as product promotions or gift ideas it’s very important to show pictures in the email. These pictures would be as detailed and of as high of quality as possible. Aside from sales and promotion emails, you may choose to offer other services to the reader such as upcoming event information- possibly information about your featured artists’, musicians’, & craft-makers shows or the OBMA events. The third type of email may serve to give the reader informative content on subjects such as: why to be green, ways to be green, green gift ideas, innovative “refreshed” (recycled & reincarnated products). In the Body it is important to keep the content short and focused- Roughly 500 is recommended. This is convenient for readers and most efficient in enticing the reader to learn more by
  8. 8. visiting the website. Near the end of the body provide a reason for them to click on the link to be redirected to OB Centric website. At the end of every email letter there are 3 elements that are necessary to include. The first being the companies Contact Info (website, phone, and address). The next is a link to view OB Centric's privacy policy. The privacy policy basically states that your company will not sell customers’ information to any outside parties, and this gives customers confidence in registering, and remaining on the email list. Lastly, always provide an Opt- Out option. This allows the customer to unsubscribe from your emails, and benefits OB Centric by keeping your list of the highest quality and effectiveness as possible. Below are monthly examples of subject line suggestions for OBCentric and a brief description of what to include in the body of the email. In-order to further expand these into a full email campaign, be sure to reference the guidelines listed above. Jan: “Dry winter? Renew and refresh yourself with organic lotions.” · Show pictures of the lotions, include benefits of organic usage, list the different fragrances and variety of lotions available, stress that it’s locally produced and an affordable price <Measure increase in Sales for lotions> Feb: “Shopping for a One-of-a-kind? Find unique Valentines gifts here.” · Show detailed pictures of variety of special gift items for a loved one. · Segment suggestions to make them efficient for the reader: for him, for her, for the art lover, for the musician · Market the partnership with Portugalia (see co-branding section above) about the promotion for “buying a gift at OBCentric, and receive a coupon for a free appetizer at Portugalia. · Market the convenience of buy, wrap, ship all in one spot <Measure Website Analysis of” the visitors’ journey through the website, time spent on pages or the funnel from the landing page link in the email, through the gift search process leading up to conversions online. This may also increase in-store sales, by those people who prefer to research online and buy in person.> March: “Go Green for St Patties- 20% off all recycled products.” · Position this as an informative article on the topic of benefits of recycling, organic, & reincarnated products and how they have been made into the very best- for both you and the environment · Link to the website to redeem the printable 20% off coupon (for in-store) or if purchasing online- use the code provided in the email. <Measure the effectiveness promotion code and coupons usages. > April: “April showers are more fun than ever with our Hand-made soaps” · Do a feature article on the maker of your line of Hand-made soaps · Post picture of the Soaps and the Creator · Post a link to the viral marketing video about the process of making them on your website. <Measure video views, and change in sales of Hand-made soaps in-store and online> May: “__(Name)__Buy & Ship Mom extraordinary gifts”
  9. 9. · Show a few example product pictures- organized in categories of: jewelry, art, music, clothing. And add a link to see more of each category on the websites landing page for Mothers day. · Also market the “personal gift shopper” feature available in the store or on the website with Keyword for free wrapping. For those shoppers who are interested in saving time, or simply needing help picking a suitable gift. o The customer provides: price range, selects the relationship to gift receiver, the occasion, receiver’s interest (from select all the apply boxes). o The personal shopper comes up with 3 items that match the criteria, and contact the customer for final selection and confirmation o Then Gift wraps it, and option of shipping <Measure the success of the Mother’s Day Landing page, product suggestion views, click- throughs & conversions. Use the Keyword promotion for gift-wrap to track which customers learned about this new shopping service via your online marketing. > June: “Going to the OB Street Fair? Stop in for refreshments and savings” · While at the OB Street Fair come in for free water or lemonade and save on OB brand clothing. Visit our website to get printable coupon · List features of the OB Street fair, and that stopping by your store for the perfect OB souvenir/ memento to remember the day’s fun. <Measure: printable coupon printed vs. redeemed, and using web analytics- track how the number of people who redirected to view OB Street Fair page. > July: “ __(Name)__looking for ways to save this summer in San Diego? · This informational email can be offer up affordable things to do in ocean beach such as going to dog beach, watching the fireworks on the OB pier, Surfing by the pier, or watching surf competitions- (list some of the suggestion, but have the full list viewable on a landing page “to see the complete list click here” · In this list include a few events at OBCentric like an “art show” (possibly catered by Portugalia- your co-branding partner), or “A Day With The Creatives”: use the back patio area to interact with customers in creating low cost crafts, or have the ability to choose the stones/ feathers used in personalized jewelry made on the spot · Have a landing page on the website to go into more detail on the OBCentric event including things like date/time and featured artists & their respective products. <Measure: redirects/ Landing page hits for “Ways to Save” article, and secondly the number of click throughs to view more about the OBCentric event. > Aug: “Hosting out of town guests? Get your OB souvenirs here” · Include a short blurb on the characteristic and uniqueness of OB · In this email showcase your “OB labeled items” with pictures · Suitable for people visiting OB, or to send to friends and family · Stress that nearly all your products are locally produced <Intangible Objectives: Increase awareness that OBCentric offers many OB label products, and secondly nearly all products are produced locally. Measure: the change in OB label product sales. > Sept: “Fill out our Survey and get 20% off your next purchase”
  10. 10. · Tell the reader by filling out this survey you can better serve their interests, likes, and provide them with the products their looking for. · Use an online Survey link to get them to take the survey, and once they’ve completed the survey, Print their completion certificate/coupon for 20% off of their next purchase. · Post a link to your website, and have this promotion on your website as well. Incase they delete the email, or decide at a later time, they’d like to complete it. <Measure: number of people that clicked the link for the survey, compared with the number of people who completed the survey, compared with the number of coupons redeemed. Oct: “Start the Oktoberfest party off right, come in 10/10/10 to receive 10% off “ · By riding the coat tails of all the Oktoberfest traffic, offer people an incentive to stop in your store that day to take advantage of the 10% off sale at OBCentric since they’re just up the street. · Use the OBMA to get the event info for Oktoberfest and highlight some of it the email. · Post a link to a printable coupon on your website. < Measure: printable coupon redemption, in-store traffic, & again using web analytics- track how the number of people who redirected to view Oktoberfest page Nov: “Showing our Thanks by giving you discounted shipping for gifts” · Purchase $20 or more from OBCentric in November and the cost of shipping for it will be 10% · Use Code in email to redeem discount for online purchases <Measure campaign through discount code redemption> Dec: “Need a gift idea? Christmas and OB Centric, right around the corner” · Show a few example product pictures- organized in categories of: jewelry, art, music, clothing. And add a link to see more of each category on the website’s landing page for Christmas gift suggestions. · Also market the “personal gift shopper” feature available in the store or on the website with Keyword for free wrapping. For those shoppers who are interested in saving time, or simply needing help picking a suitable gift. o The customer provides: price range, selects the relationship to gift receiver, the occasion, receiver’s interest (from select all the apply boxes). o The personal shopper comes up with 3 items that match the criteria, and contact the customer for final selection and confirmation o Then Gift wraps it, and option of shipping <Measure the success of the Christmas gift Landing page, product suggestion views and click- throughs & conversions. Use the Keyword promotion for gift-wrap to track which customers learned about this new shopping service via your online marketing. > Measuring the Success Email Marketing. In the list monthly marketing suggestions for email subject lines and content, the last sentences enclosed in <carrots> gives suggestions on ways to measure the successfulness of each marketing email. In a general sense, here are the typical ways to measure effectiveness depending on the function/ positioning chosen for each email. The promotional and discount type emails offer a tactic to track marketing success and conversions using codes, keywords, and coupons for in-store and or online purchases. The Event/social type emails are directed to take advantage of the increased number of people attending events on Newport Ave, and aiming to increase store traffic and coinciding increasing purchases by marketing the products that tie-in well with the specific event taking place. The Informative types of emails make your company more credible by
  11. 11. serving as an information source, and develop an intangible relationship and loyalty with customers.