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  1. 1. By: Andrea Jacobs
  2. 2. Please look through this guideand see if your question can beanswered by following thedirections provided. If you stillcan’t fix the problem or yourproblem is not listed, contactthe technology coordinator.Thank you!
  3. 3. My computer won’t turn on?? Is the battery charged? If not, plug in the charger and plug into an electrical supply. Is it in sleep mode? Hold down the power button for a few seconds and see if it will turn on.
  4. 4. My computer takes a long time to startup? Check to see if programs are set up to start when the computer is started. This will slow down startup and is likely the cause. To check this, go to Control Panel and click on system configuration and deselect programs that are not needed on startup. Also a performance check can be ran from the control panel to disable unneeded programs at startup. If your computer does not have enough hard drive; it could cause a slow startup. This is most likely not the case though. Also updating Windows may help speed startup. This can be done on the bottom panel or through the Control Panel. Information by Computer Hope, 2012
  5. 5. Screenshot of System Configuration
  6. 6. I can’t connect to the internet?? Check to make sure the wireless button is pushed. Click on the little icon on the bottom of your screen with two computers and a wireless signal coming from them. Make sure that it is connected. If it is connected, press disconnect and then reconnect. Check your password for that wireless connection that you are trying to connect to. Also try running network troubleshoot from the Control Panel. The wireless router may need to be restarted if nothing else works. Contact one of the Techs.
  7. 7. Checking wireless properties and password
  8. 8. My sound doesn’t work?? Check the volume by clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner with the speaker. Is it on mute?? If using headphones, are they plugged in?? Is the cord loose?? Are they plugged into the right place?? Check other volume settings in the program you are using. Are they clicked to on??
  9. 9. My screen froze??? Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete at the same time. Then click on Task Manager. Close the programs that are not responding or all of them. Restart the computer. If all else fails, shut the computer down by holding power button. This will cause unsaved work to disappear. Only do this if nothing else works.
  10. 10. My SMARTBoard does not react to touch correctly (puts marks in wrong spots) It is out of alignment. It needs to be calibrated. On the SMARTBoard hold the mouse key and the keyboard key on the base of the board at the same time. Follow the instructions on the SMARTBoard and click the nine locations in the center to realign .
  11. 11. Screen shot of calibrationhttp://webpage.pace.edu/ms16182p/troubleshooting/interactivewhiteboard.html
  12. 12. I can’t log in to the computer-it’s locked?? Try username: user password: eagles If the student forgot to log off, the username and password would be theirs. If those two ways don’t work, take computer to library because only the technology coordinator can unlock the computer.
  13. 13. My overhead projector is on and the fan is running, but I can’t see anything?? The lightbulb is most likely blown out. You will need to put a new lightbulb in. If the picture is not clear, refocus the lens or clean the lens carefully. http://www.ehow.com/how_4485253_repair-overhead-projector.html
  14. 14. My pens are not working on my SMARTBoard?? First check and make sure all pens are in the trays and then try using a pen. Check the pen trays and make sure that nothing is blocking the sensors such as pieces of paper. Make sure the pen is making direct contact with the board and writing is not too fast.http://www.cvs.k12.mi.us/21/Documents/SMART-Board-Issues-b.pdf
  15. 15. SMARTBoard projector keeps turning off?? Check to make sure all cables are connected properly. Clean the filter. Change the bulb.www.bsapp.com/smartboardfiles/Smartboard Trouble Shooting Guide.doc
  16. 16. The netbooks will not charge?? Make sure the cart is plugged into the electrical outlet. Check the charger and make sure it is not broken and plugged into the cart securely. Make sure each netbook is plugged into a charger inside the cart. Make sure the light is lit on the back of the cart. This will indicate if the cart is charging.
  17. 17. The SMARTBoard’s light on the front is red or blinking green??? The light must be a solid green to work. If it is red, the projector is not connected to your computer. If it is blinking green, the computer must have the SMARTBoard software installed.
  18. 18. My print job is sent to a different printer?? Check to make sure that it is not being sent to a default printer each time. To change the default printer, go to devices and printers and right click the printer and select to make your default printer. This is sometimes a problem with Windows 7.http://www.pcworld.com/article/185111/10_biggest_printer_problems_an d_how_to_fix_them.html
  19. 19. My document won’t print?? See if the light is blinking on the printer. If it is blinking, that means that it was sent. Check to make sure there is paper loaded. Also make sure there are not paper jams. If the light is not blinking, check to make sure that the print job was sent to the right printer. Also make sure that printer software is installed on your c0mputer. See the previous slide if it is not printing to the right printer.
  20. 20. Resources Computer Hope, 2012. http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000179.htm Pace University, 2012.http://webpage.pace.edu/ms16182p/troubleshooting/interactivewhiteboard.html PC World, 2012.http://www.pcworld.com/article/185111/10_biggest_printer_problems_and_how_t o_fix_them.html www.bsapp.com/smartboardfiles/Smartboard Trouble Shooting Guide.doc Chippewa Public Schools, 2010.http://www.cvs.k12.mi.us/21/Documents/SMART-Board-Issues-b.pdf