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Key for students excellence


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Five simple but very important characteristics of a student as given in Indian Sanskrit Scriptures!!!

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Key for students excellence

  1. 1. Key for Students Excellence
  2. 2. काक चे टाEfforts should be similar to a crow,(repetitive, if not successful)
  3. 3. बको यानंConcentration that of a crane
  4. 4. वान न ा तथैव च ।Nap (sleep) similar to that of a dog
  5. 5. अ पहारs(he) should eat less / appropriately
  6. 6. गृह यागी,should be away from the sweet home/ attend school regularly
  7. 7. व याथ पंच ल णं ॥काक चे टा बको यानं, वान न ा तथैव च ।काक चे टा बको यानं, वान न ा तथैव च ।अ पहार गृह यागी, व याथ पंच ल णं ॥
  8. 8. A Presentation byRtn. Amit Gopal ChauhanRotary Club of Kalyan, RI District: 3140IndiaCell: +919769442462Email: