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Funny stories and anti-patterns from DevOps landscape


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During last several years DevOps became strong buzzword used almost in every project, team and company. But almost everywhere it is used in very funny and strange context. For example, existing ops guys are renamed to DevOps just to sell them to the client for more money. Or DevOps is used as new job title for some magically powerful person who is able to operate cloud environment and modern infrastructure related tools, leading team of old school ops and participating in management meetings. In this talk I’m going to review all different anti-patterns and bad practices in DevOps landscape using stories from my personal experience as Delivery Manager and independent consultant.

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Funny stories and anti-patterns from DevOps landscape

  1. 1. Funny stories and anti- patterns from DevOps landscape Mikalai Alimenkou @xpinjection
  2. 2. Disclaimer This talk is based on personal experience
  3. 3. Story #1. Dedicated DevOps department
  4. 4. Local responsibility syndrome
  5. 5. old days problem nowadays…
  6. 6. Story #2. We hired DevOps Engineer
  7. 7. Developer + Tester: customer viewReality is not always so positive
  8. 8. Some cases are even worse…
  9. 9. Full engagement is key to success
  10. 10. Story #3. Renaming Ops to DevOps
  11. 11. • Infrastructure Engineer • Cloud Infrastructure Engineer • Infrastructure Services Engineer • Site Reliability Engineer • Support Engineer • Release Engineer
  12. 12. Story #4. We have DevOps tools in place
  13. 13. Story #5. Blame-driven incident management
  14. 14. Story #6. End-to-end developers
  15. 15. Story #7. Diversity, diversity everywhere
  16. 16. Carl, are you seriously thinking that the only factor stopping us from delivery on prod is diversity? Seriously, Carl?
  17. 17. Summary • Change and grow DevOps culture, not job titles • Share responsibilities and accountability for success • Work as a team at all stages of development cycle • Prefer specialization for complex activities • Use right tools to maximize automation level • Establish reliable incident management workflow • Think about diversity, but not on the first place
  18. 18. Success is always in team work
  19. 19. What to read?
  20. 20. @xpinjection