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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Teaching tools
  2. 2. I. Using Zoomit to presentation• Zoomit ( )
  3. 3. Need not installation & free
  4. 4. II. Using Chrome to download Youtube video• Steps: – 1. Go to to download “Youtube download”(a Java script file) – 2. Drag the icon to the entension of the Chrome browser. – 3. Go to youtube page and refresh it. You will see a new icon”Download” – 4. click the video you want to download, and chose the quality you want to save.
  5. 5. Press Install button
  6. 6. Install Greasemonkey scripts first
  7. 7. Press Install button
  8. 8. Drag to here!
  9. 9. Slideshare 雲端平台– Let you put the .ppt .pdf into the cloud– With embedded ability– Support iphone, ipad, may play on theose devices.– Register on the web site:, then you can upload your materials.– Even you have not Powerpoint, if you can enter internet, then you can present and share your Powerpoint.
  10. 10. Upload a .ppt file
  11. 11. Mail to a friend
  12. 12.********
  13. 13. Services– Use it to transform file formats.– As internet Hard Disks– Online meeting up to 3~100 peoples
  14. 14. Create a pdf file