Art Education And Technology


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Incorporate technology into your art education curricululm with jeopardy games, art videos, and powerpoints that have multimedia features.

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Art Education And Technology

  1. 1. Using Technology Art in Education
  2. 2. The Different Medias Power Points, You Tube Video, File Conversions, Photo-Story, Moviemaker, Jing and Blogs.
  3. 3. Power Points Slideshare website to download PowerPoint presentations. •Sign up for a free account •Login and search for a topic •Download the power point onto your computer. •Modify it to suit your needs.
  4. 4. Power points are also good for Jeopardy games.
  5. 5. YOU TUBE Use videos to capture your students attention Convert art videos and play them in class.
  6. 6. Educational Videos on You Tube
  7. 7. FREE Video File Conversion Software •Teacher Tube - sign up • School Tube - sign up • Zamzar - Free Online Conversion with no sign up necessary. There is a limitation on the file size and you must retrieve your file within a 24 hour period.
  8. 8. Video File Conversion 1. Copy the URL address of the video 2. Select URL and paste address
  9. 9. • Make sure you scroll to the left on the address bar to check entire address….sometimes there are two http:// in the front of the URL address, and you delete one of them. • Convert files to: video – mp4 • Enter your email address 6. Then click convert and wait a few minutes until your file downloads.
  10. 10. Saving your video file If you have an extensive firewall at home, then forward your email to your school email address. Open your email, and download your file. You will need either Quick time or Media Player on your computer to view the video. Remember you only have 24 hours to retrieve your movie and you cannot convert a video larger than 1GB or about 7 minutes or longer.
  11. 11. It is fun, quick, easy and the download is free!!
  12. 12. Microsoft Photo Story 3 Go to the free download website and follow the prompts. photostory/default.mspx Click on Download Photostory 3
  13. 13. What is your operating system? Are you running Vista, XP, or 2003?
  14. 14. You are ready to start a story!
  15. 15. Import your pictures
  16. 16. AD D X TE T
  17. 17. Add free music to your movie.
  18. 18. Movie Maker
  19. 19. Movie Maker on Windows Look under programs and look for this icon
  20. 20. Movie Maker Take movie clips and insert them, along with still pictures. All windows computers 2001 and newer have this program. It is similar to the Macintosh iMovie.
  21. 21. Customize Your Video Under Tasks and video effects you can change the transitions, add text and import music or audio and change the look of your video.
  22. 22. Narrate your movie All you need is a microphone and a headset to narrate your own movie. Adjust the audio levels, and have your audio play on specified slides for the duration you set the movie to run.
  23. 23. Text in your Video
  24. 24. • TRANSITONS and Movement
  25. 25. Jing Free download to capture what is on your screen.
  26. 26. Blogs and Art Assignments
  27. 27. Must have Websites -Directory/Arts-and-Entertainment/Painting_-Architecture_-and-S H PerspectiveDrawing/OnePointPersp/OnePointPersp.htm
  28. 28. http://www.learnoutloud .com/Catalog/Arts-and-Entertainment/Painting_-Architecture_-and-S