Life On Other Planets


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Life On Other Planets

  1. 1. Alex H Life On Other Planets Are we the only living life forms out there? Is there such things as aliens? Is it possible for humans to live on another planet, if so which planet? These are all good questions, let’s find some answers! To start with are we the only living life forms out there? The answer is probably not, as for humans living on other planets, it may be possible. All of the planets in our solar system except for Earth are uninhabitable although we may be able to set up a “station” on the moon. A station would simply be a building that has artificial air being pumped through it. Is it possible for humans to live on planets outside of the solar system? Let’s find out! Let’s start with searching for life forms in the galaxy. An organization called SETI is determined to find out if there are intelligent life forms out there. The key word is intelligent, SETI focuses on scanning the skies for radio or other signals that could indicate that we are not alone out there. A spin off of SETI known as METI is all about sending messages out into space in hopes that they may get a response. The only problem is that there may be life out in the universe but it may not be intelligent. SETI and METI are all about finding intelligent life forms but what if there is life out there and it just isn’t evolved enough to respond or interpret our messages sent out by METI or to send messages picked up by SETI. There may be life out there it just may not be as intelligent or as evolved as we are. Onto the next question, is it possible for humans to live on other planets? To find out the answer to that we have to take a look at our own solar system, in particular Earth. In order for humans to survive we need one essential ingredient, H20 or water. If a planet has water we can survive. In order for Earth to have water we need to be a certain distance from the sun or in another solar system, a central star the planets revolve around. The Earth can’t be too far away from the sun or all of the water would boil away, which is what happened to Venus, nor can the Earth be too far away from the sun or all of the water would freeze which is believed to be what happened to one of Jupiter’s moons Europa. Europa is believed to have a vast ocean covered with a thick layer of ice. Earth or any other inhabitable planet would have to have an atmosphere to protect the planet. Every time you see a shooting star a meteor is being burnt up in the Earth’s atmosphere, without it Earth would look like the Moon which has a very thin atmosphere. If a planet has all of these characteristics it may be inhabitable by humans, if we
  2. 2. Alex H could only find a way to travel crazy distances in a short period of time. The nearest planet that may have life is over 20 light years away! Is there such things as aliens? Well to answer that question we have to look at what an alien is. All that an alien is an intelligent life form that lives on another planet. Are there aliens out there? Think about it. Humans are completely dependent on H20 or water but there is nothing saying that aliens are. Aliens could live off of ammonia and would die if exposed to water. There are endless substances that aliens could live off of, even materials not known to man. Space is so vast and if there wasn’t any other life forms it would be an awful waste of space! In conclusion, it is very likely that there are aliens or intelligent life forms out there, although it is more unlikely that humans will be able to thrive on another planet at this point in time. As soon as we can figure out a way to travel light-years in a very short period of time, going to another planet would be pointless. The closest planet that even has a chance of having life on it is 20 light years away. It takes 20 years for light to get from there to here so if we were going the speed of light it would take us 20 years to get there! Is there intelligent life out there? We’ll have to wait and find out!