Exploring the universe


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Exploring the universe

  1. 1. Exploring The Universe !
  2. 2. Center Of The Milky Way  Our Milky Way Is A Spiral Galaxy Is Located At The Edge Of The Milky Way , On Orion Arm .  People Have Estimated That The Milky Way Galaxy Is About 13.2 Billion Years Ago .
  3. 3. The Nebula  The Nebula Is Where All The Stars Are Born , A Group Of Dust Put Together B Gravity To Create All The Stars We Have In Our Solar System , Some Become An Average , While Others Become A Massive Star .
  4. 4. One Of My Favorite Planets ...... Neptune ! Neptune Is The 8th Planet That We Have In Our Solar System . It’s Soft Blue Makes It Stands Out The Most . It Goes Around The Sun 167 Earth Years . It Is Now Known As The Last & Farthest Planet From The Sun
  5. 5. White Dwarfs White Dwarfs Is When A Star Is Coming To A End , & All It’s Light Is Starting To Dim Out , & Eventually Become A Black Dwarf .
  6. 6. Black Holes Black Holes Are Very Mysterious . Many People Don’t Know Where They End Up Or Where They Came From , & We Have Yet Find The Right Material To Figure Out All About The Black Hole .
  7. 7. The Sun The Sun Is The Biggest & Oldest Star To Planet Earth . The Sun Is Over 2,000 Degrees F . Our Sun Is An Average Star Therefore It Will Never Blow Up Or Become A Giant .
  8. 8. Red Super Giants ! A Red Super Giant IsThe Biggest Type OfStar By Volume , ButNot By Mass . ItBecome 200 Between800 Times TheDiameter Of Our Sun.
  9. 9. The Earth ! Earth Is The Planet That We Live On . It’s The Right Amount Away From The Sun . It’s The Third Planet Away From The Sun . It’s Also The Only Planet That Has Living Organisms …. So Far . Many People Wonder Is The Other Planets Like Earth , But We Can’t Find Out Because We Have No Yet Discovered The Right Equipment Yet .
  10. 10. Our Solar System This Is Our Solar System , & The Only System That We Know About . There Are Nine Planets , But Only One Of Them Is Where People Live …. So Far , & That’s Earth .
  11. 11. The Big Bang Theory ! The Big Bang Theory Is What Many Scientist Believe Start Space , All The Planets & Ect. As Time Goes By Everything In Space Slowly Spreads Apart From Each Other . Many People Call This The Red Shift . If Space Start To Spread Out Fast , People Believe That Everything Will Become Black & The Big Bang Might Start All Over .