3 photographers


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3 photographers

  1. 1. ANSEL ADAMSAnsel Adams was an American photographer who is best known for his black and white photographs ofWestern America. The category that his photographs best fall into is nature and landscape. Although not all ofhis photographs are landscape, they still have a taste of it and a definite feeling of nature.Adams uses a large format camera for his photographs so that they create extremely sharp focused imageswhich then allow him to blow them up to much larger sizes, also a lot of his pictures are in black and white. For example, this photograph is quite a close up shot and even though it isnt a landscape it still portrays and links the idea.  Adams work has many different purposes. From a commerical side of printing his photographs in calendars and postcards to also selling original prints. His photography also helped to open National Parks. People could see that nature was changing through Adams photographs, it was becoming difficult to find nature without any man made features and so National Parks were opened to protect wildlife and nature. One thing that Ansel Adams does with his photographs is that he portrays meaning and gives us something to think about. This is another one of Adams photographs. This landscape photograph also has a theme of nature, however for me personally when i first looked at it it gave me the feeling of peace and relaxation. I could see this through the light underneath the dark sky, as though the grave yard and the sky had a connection of peacefulness. Looking at this picture several more times it also has a very eery feeling due to again the graveyard and the dark sky. Whichever way you look at this photograph it still has the idea of nature.
  2. 2. TOM JENKINSJenkins started being a professional sports photographer in 1989. For the vast majority of the time since he hasworked for The Guardian and The Observer newspapers. Of the many international events he has covered probablythe 5 World Cups and 3 Olympics stand out as the highlights. For this photograph Jenkins would have used a slow shutter speed lense, the reason being for this is that also you can see the biker it actually captures the movement, you can see the air and force that is given off the bike. The camera would have also had a large lense that would be able to zoom in and capture a clear shot. For this photograph a fast shutter speed lense has been used as the people in the foreground (especially Kelly Holmes) are very clear and visible and the background is blurred. This shows us that the focal point and what we ‘want’ to see is the winner of this race. This also allows the camera to capture every small detail.
  3. 3. RANKINRankin covers a few different categories, them being: Portrait, which are mostly celebrity portraits, fashion andstyle. Nearly all of the photographs Rankin takes are in a studio. He also takes photographs of specific genres such ashair, beauty, lingerie and sport which are all for advertisement purposes.The purpose of his photographs are generally for advertisement, fashion and magazines. PORTRAIT ADVERTISEMENT This portrait photograph of Adele, This is one of Rankins advertisement photographs, again it is identified like most of Rankins work has been as being one of Rankin’s works as it is in a studio, with an infinity wall to taken in a studio. A strong light and produce an even background. There is bright lighting and strong make heavy make up has been used and up. It is a very high fashion shoot, the models hair, make up, clothes and also a wind machine to create even pose suggest this. Also we know it is for an advertisement as when some interest in the way her hair the photograph has been edited ‘THOMAS WYLDE’ has been printed onto lies. It is very posed, as her lips it and the model is clearly holding one of his bags which gives a focus are pouted and her eyes are very point and we know what the photograph is selling. fixed.