Media production risk_assessment


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Media production risk_assessment

  1. 1. Media Production Risk AssessmentProject Title: Masquerade Photoshoot Shooting date: 29/11/2012Location: Priestley College performance hallProducer: Alex Bottomley Contact Number: 07807059169Others involved: Model – Olivia WilliamsCourse: Level 3 Media.Approved by Tutor: Yes. Date:20/11/2012Notes/Conditions Mark all potential causes of hazard that apply at this locationAccess/egress LightAlcohol/drugs Lighting equipment *Animals/insects Lone workingAudience/public Night workCables * NoiseChildren Person with special needsCommunication failure Physical exertionConfined space RoadsCostume/make-up Set construction *Derelict/dangerous buildings Slipping, tripping, falling *Diseases SmokingElectricity StuntsFire/flammable material TheftFood hygiene VehiclesGlass ViolenceHazardous substances WaterHeights WeaponsHostile/remote environment WeatherLifting heavy objects/equipment Other
  2. 2. For each of the hazards identified overleaf, fill in a box below:Potential HazardCablesWhat could cause harm?We could trip over the cablesWhat is the likelihood of this happening?Not a large chance.Who or what would be harmed?Me and my model.How much harm?It depends how serious the fall was.How will the risk of this hazard be minimised?The cables have been taped down to the floor so there is only a small chanceof this happening.Potential HazardLighting equipmentWhat could cause harm?We could trip over as some of the equipment is on the floor. Also ifsomebody accidently walked into the lights they could be very hot and maybegive a slight burn.What is the likelihood of this happening?Very small chance as we are aware that they are around.Who or what would be harmed?Me and my modelHow much harm?Only minor injuries.How will the risk of this hazard be minimised?We will turn off the lights when they are not in use, and we will just be veryaware of the lights around us.
  3. 3. Potential HazardSet construction/ Slipping, tripping, fallingWhat could cause harm?Any pieces of material falling down from the ceiling.The bark on the floor could cause my model to slip when she is running for aparticular type of shot that I want.What is the likelihood of this happening?Material falling is very unlikely as it is tied in several tight knots.There is also a very unlikely chance of my model slipping as she knows totake a lot of precaution.Who or what would be harmed?Me and my modelHow much harm?Very minor injuries, if any at all, especially if the material falls as it is verylight.How will the risk of this hazard be minimised?We will just be very aware and alert.