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The UK followed                                     Scotland in 1929 with                                     their own en...
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  1. 1. The UK followed Scotland in 1929 with their own energy drink Lucozade Energy. Lucozada Energy was marketed as a medicinal beverage. It In 2001 energy drinks was not until decades recorded sales of $8 later in the early million annually. Only 1980’s that it was sold 5 years later energy to replenish energy. beverage sales grew to These drinks were first The Scottish drink Irn- This Change in The 1980’s saw a new exceed $3billion Bru was the first accepted mostly by athletes in marketing saw a new It was introduced in dollars annually recorded energy drink slogan for energy surge in the popularity America a decade later the United States who would The first real drink made just drinks. The drink Jolt marketed in 1901. Irn- of this energy drink. for energy was made in Japan in 1997 and has been use the drinks to give them Bru commonly referred Cola was marketed as in the 1960’s. rising in popularity extra energy before and to as Iron Brew was having twice the normal caffeine of any ever since. brewed and marketed during workouts or in Scotland other soft drink. competitions and games. However, as word spread about the effects of energy drinks, the general public entered into the energy drink craze, as well.1901 1904 1929 1960 1980’s 1990’s 2000’s Energy drinks went up Coca-Cola for 61% in the year 2005 The main active instance, was originally alone in the U.S. marketed as an energy ingredient in this drink Pepsi in the U.S market and every year booster; its name was was taurine, an amino introduced Josta in energy drinks go on to derived from its two acid that was first 1995. Josta was Pepsi’s become more popular active ingredients: discovered in bulls as first energy drink and and come out with Coca leaves and kola was later taken on by nuts (a source of lead the way for other more variations. an Austrian in 1987. major soft drink caffeine). Fresh coca leaves were replaced A Dietrich Mateschitz manufacturers in the by "spent" ones in took this novel idea energy market. 1904. and ran with it, adding caffeine and sugar and named this drink Red Bull.