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  1. 1. Level 3 Media Cambridge Technical Production Recce RECCELOCATIONPriestley College performance hall. LOCATION ADDRESSLoushers Lane Warrington, Cheshire WA4 6RD TYPE OF BUILDING/STRUCTURE/LANDSCAPECollege building. WHY IS THIS LOCATION SUITABLE FOR YOUR PROJECT?This location is suitable for my project as it has recently been converted into a forest for a dramaperformance. I thought that it would be a lot more effective if I did my shoot here rather than outside asI would have stage lights that I will be able to move around and experiment with. ACCESSTRANSPORT LINKS TO LOCATION PHYSICAL ACCESS TO SITECar -Car park next to the building. -Stairs -Ramps GENERAL INFORMATIONPeople who might impact on or be affected by recording in this location:There are no people that will be affected as the space has been hired for my use only therefore nobodyelse will be entering the area.Precautions/measures taken to minimise the impact of your recording:There will not be anyone there that will affect my photo shoot as I have booked the room out for myselfand my model.Power sources available YesCatering Yes, café available.Toilets Yes several in the college building.Telephones Own mobile phones.Daylight times (if recording outside)Locals/Authorities to be contacted No.Measurements of space used on location: (Use paces if necessary)15 x 18 metersDescribe any restrictions/hazards in the immediate vicinity:The only hazards that we need to be cautious about are any wires underneath the wood shavings aspeople could possibly trip over. Another thing is that the bark is quite slippery on the ground andtherefore any shots where I ask my model to run she will have to be careful so that she doesn’t slip.Where will the crew work on this location?No crew required.Where will the cast work on this location?In the main hall space – on set.
  2. 2. Level 3 Media Cambridge Technical Production Recce TOP 3 RISKS IDENTIFIED ON LOCATION (N.B. this does not replace the Risk Assessment form which must be carried out for any practical project) - Wires running across the floor connecting to the lights and projection however they were taped down so it shouldn’t be a problem. - To take precaution when lying on the floor and not moving to much to avoid getting any splinters. - My model needs to be cautious on the floor as when I will ask her to run towards the camera for some shots, the bark can be quite slippery therefore taking care when running is very important.Describe the aesthetics of the location (e.g. Describe the potential camera shots or describe theacoustic value of the location) - The area is designed and transformed into a forest set. - There are stage lights and projectors which allows me to control the atmosphere of the shoot and also allows me to experiment with projections shining onto my model creating interesting shapes and designs. - My model will be able to interact with the set e.g the material that is hanging around the space and the bark on the floor. - The location will be a lot more pleasant to work in as the model will not get cold in a dress as we are indoors however with the set looking so realistic it is believable that we are in a forest. - With the location being indoors it allows me to have ladders on hand so that I can shoot interesting shots from several different angles, e.g. birds eye view. - Another potential camera shot for my shoot is worms eye view as the bark on the floor could create an interesting lead to the model.