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The Bourne Identity Trailer Analysis

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The Bourne Identity Trailer Analysis

  1. 1. The Bourne Identity Trailer Analysis D-uQreIwEk
  2. 2. • Institutional information is shown first so the audience can identify the type of film with other films, making them aware of what they are about to watch.• Action scenes start off early in this trailer using fast fades and flashes between different action shots, to quickly build up interest.• Some of the action shots are slowed down to create intensity and leave the audience drawn in to what is about to happen next.• Mid shots are used to show all the main characters within the film, so the audience know who is important.
  3. 3. • A high angle shot is used, suggesting that the main character is being watched, it then turns into a cctv image showing that it isnt a person watching but a camera, which could mean that more than a group is watching or identifying this person as being important.• Short fast clips of action footage from the film build up excitement for the audience influencing them to want to know more and wanting to go and see it.