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Shutter island film promotion package

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Shutter island film promotion package

  1. 1. Shutter Island FilmPromotion Package. Alex Brend
  2. 2. Trailer – Sound/Shots/Transitions Shot of the trailer is introduced with many sound effects which includes loud bangs, frequent screams and intense sharp noises. This creates a feeling of tension and mystery around what is going to happen and what the film is about. There is also a voice over which gives a clear idea of what is happening without giving the whole idea of the film away.The very first shot is a long shot, its sets the scene it also creates an atmosphere as it shows a boat emerging from within the fog. It then cuts to an establishing shot of the island which helps create a direct link between the boat and the island. They also use a fade transition to help the passing of time which and then uses a point of view shot to allow the audience to feel involved as well as introducing them to the start of the film. It then uses a series of quick cut shots to show the pace and intensity of the film throughout the trailer. Extreme close ups are also used through out the film on items of significance, this helps re-emphasise the main idea of the film and help create a feeling of eeriness, they are also used on the actors face to help portray their emotions to the audience.The mise en scene created in the trailer are that of figures of authority, it shows them wearing long cloaks, suits and hats, with guns and Marshall badges. This portrays the idea of old fashioned police/detectives.
  3. 3. The oversized image of the maincharacter in the poster shows Film Posterhim to be looking for or atsomething, this helps with the Dark background creating thecorresponding text ‘someone is feeling of mystery and eeriemissing’ which is revealing one atmosphere.of the main plots to theaudience. Although this is shown The dull dark colours of theit is not given away to the main image contrast with thataudience about who is missing of the text of the main title andso they are not aware the full the release date. This draws thefilm plot. audiences attention to the bottom of the poster to where important information about the film is displayed whilst helping the audience The island is significant as it differentiate clearly between is placed in a central position text and images. within the poster, with a faint glow surrounding it, the darkness of the island and troubled waves creates the feeling that this is a gloomy All of these components result in puzzling place. The red exposing the genre of the film to the writing illustrates the image audience , it is clear that it is a sci-fi of it being written with horror thriller. blood, adding to the effect of the whole film poster.
  4. 4. Magazine Front CoverThe long mid shot of The image of the lighthouse isLeonardo Di’caprio fills the placed in front of the title ofmajority of the page, this the magazine, it also creates asignifies that he is an subtle hint that the lighthouseauthorative figure and that is of major importance whichhe is the main character will be revealed in the film.within the film. The dark muggy atmosphereThe red text interlinks with that surrounding Leonardo Di’caprio,on the film poster, this helps re- helps to further the idea andemphasize the ideas behind the genre of the, as the font is also similar tothat used on the poster. These all again help reinforce the genre of the film, main character and idea behind it.

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