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Best practiclessme2012

New chapters in Project story

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Best practiclessme2012

  1. 1. Best Practicesin SME competency projectShort report
  2. 2. Starting Case Target group: SME in west slovakia region Isue: Need for change in sales skills Model: Low cost & mass project Planed project parameters Target group: 5000 ID (from 2 to 25 empl.) Time span: 18 month (6m startup, 12m full operations) Frequency: Weekly (additional services in 2 weeks)
  3. 3. Project timelineStart at 2010 2011 2012
  4. 4. Main line Support for SME – Sales competences  Stack at partner owerload  Complicated relations all levels  Out of priority scope Interest and usefulness si declared
  5. 5. New lines and nods New viable communities  expert communities  Children care services  Mediators community  Orthopaedists expert community  General Practitioner community  Pharmacists community  Start-up-ers  Digital issues  eCommerce
  6. 6. New lines and nods
  7. 7. Case typology Inspiring personality with topic  Community focused to the topic  Issues for the Community  Solutions and support services Timeline  Project creation 3 moths  Startup 3 months  Adopt phase 6 months
  8. 8. New services eCommerce start-up services Inovative technology lease Community management Online meeting support Connect praxis and education system
  9. 9. Key issues Inspiring personality Community management Expert guarantor Off topic correction system
  10. 10. Prognose? Come back to the entrepreneur community Research for organic model behavior of the communities New business models
  11. 11. Thank you! More at