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Udi 2009 Presentation

  1. 1. Welcome to Universal Dynamics
  2. 2. Universal Dynamics (UDI) We are a Global Security and IT Systems Integrator using “best-in-class” solutions. Our specialization is Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (ATFP), Access Control Point (ACP) Security, and general Homeland Security for Government and Commercial Clients Worldwide. Our broad client list includes the civil and military branches of several governments, including the United States, as well as multi-national corporations in the U.S., Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and many of the world’s most politically volatile regions.
  3. 3. Integration Capabilities Unwanted Unscreened Malicious Intruders And Potential Take Intruders And Personnel And Criminal Vehicles Intruder Appropriate Vehicles From And Activities Approaching And Actions Penetrating Vehicles From The Vehicle Necessary Barriers Into From Occurring At Perimeter Threats To Overcome Protected Accessing Your Facility Of The Facility At The The Threat And Areas Protected Command Protect The Areas Control Asset Center
  4. 4. Layered Solutions for Key Facilities o Barriers o Fence o Intrusion Detection o Analytics o CCTV o Night Vision o Command Control
  5. 5. Integration vs. Ad/Hoc Merits of an Integrated vs. Ad Hoc Solution o Lowers Project Costs o Shortens Project Timeframe o Allows for Phased Implementation o Establishes Single Point of Accountability o Offers Flexibility o Coordinates Trade Integration Issues
  6. 6. Vehicle Barriers and Bollards o Fixed or Portable Steel Plate Barriers o Anti-ram Gates and Drop Arm Barriers o Retractable Bollards and Guard Shelters © Universal Dynamics, Inc.
  7. 7. Vehicle Barriers and Bollards UDI’s Vehicle Barrier Solutions provide protection for some of the highest profile government agencies, military installations, and corporate facilities in the United States and around the world. Our barrier solutions have proven to be an effective vehicle threat deterrent, as well as a reassuring security measure for employees and other authorized personnel. These products are designed primarily to control, detect and where necessary, stop unauthorized motor vehicles. In addition, these barrier systems have qualified and have been certified by DoS for the highest rating established per the DoS specification for K12/Pass (L3). Today more than ever, barrier systems should be an integral part of any new or upgraded maximum-security plan. Whether the concern is stopping terrorist vehicle attacks or simply preventing unauthorized vehicle access, nothing gets by UDI’s chosen barrier solution partner.
  8. 8. Portable Barriers and Walls o Pre-cast Concrete Base o Portable and Easy Assembly o Varying Fence Styles Atop Barrier o DoS Certified Options
  9. 9. Portable Barriers and Walls Our “drop-and-go” modular barrier solution for customers requiring DoS K4 rating now makes it possible for tactical units, military units, and facilities to secure perimeters and manage risk in minutes, rather than days. These systems use high strength, steel- reinforced concrete. UDI’s highway barrier system partner developed the first system available in with no pins, bolts or loose hardware. These barriers allow you to control vehicular and pedestrian traffic for major events, conferences and concerts. The “person portable” line of anti-ram vehicle barriers was designed to save lives as well as to protect assets. Advantages that these barriers provide include: rapid deployment, modular, and options for fully armored (NIJ-IV) options. The design durability permits these products to be used anywhere, at any time, under any conditions.
  10. 10. Pedestrian Access Control o Restricted to One Person per Activation o Tailgate Detection o Integrates with Access Control Systems o Including Biometrics o Reduces Costs o Deploy Fewer Human Guards o Secures the Perimeter o Fully Welded Components o Eliminates Exposed Fasteners o Continuous Duty o Permits Ingress/Egress o Provides Accurate Counts o Who is still on the Premises o Who Arrived/Departed (timestamps)
  11. 11. Pedestrian Access Control UDI’s Pedestrian Access Control security turnstiles are also installed at virtually every type of government facility, including military installations, research laboratories, Federal Reserve banks, embassies, and a host of other federal, state, county and municipal facilities. Clients include most of the major grocery and retail chains in the United States. A partial list includes Kroger, SuperValu, Safeway, Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, and Lowe’s use this equipment. Major corporations such as General Electric, Boeing, Chevron, FedEx, Coca-Cola, Hewlett Packard, Proctor & Gamble, Merck and many others rely on these turnstiles for entrance security at thousands of facilities around the country. For over 50 years, our pedestrian access control partner has remained guided by a simple goal: to provide cost effective solutions that protect assets and control the flow of people.
  12. 12. Vehicle Barrier Fencing o 15,000 lb Vehicle o Speed 50 mph o K12 Barrier Fence o Explosives Standoff o Blast Mitigation o Stops Suicide Bombs
  13. 13. Fence Options o Ornamental – picket or palisade style o Non-metallic – utilized for border security o Welded Wire – standard or tight mesh o Chain Link – standard or tight mesh
  14. 14. Vehicle Barrier Fencing UDI’s fencing partner began manufacturing operations in 1982 and currently operates using a new state-of-the-art, 1 million square foot manufacturing facility. Steady growth since that time pushed the company to a rapid evolution toward high-technology, high- speed production systems for roll-forming, pipe and tube manufacturing and the most advanced epoxy and polyester (double-coat) coating line in the industry. Today, UDI integrates DoS & DoD K-Rated High Security Fence, which is designed to be stronger than conventional rails. Pointed security spikes along the top front surface between pales prevent climbing. The special, roll-formed Rail acts as a tray for carrying a 1" diameter steel cable that runs continuously from terminal to terminal in an installed fence line. Multiple rails can be attached (at lower end of panel) to carry multiple cables. With a two rail cable system integrated with various fence in-fill options, a 15,000 pound vehicle traveling 30, 40 & 50 mph applications results in less than 1 meter penetration.
  15. 15. Integrated Automated Gate Systems Multiple Gate Types o Slide o Swing o Vertical Lift o Barrier Arm Applications o Medium and High Security o Non-rated, K4, K8, and K12 o High Cycle Capable Integration o Multi-operator synchronization o Perimeter breach reported to command and control station o Access Control Integration
  16. 16. Integrated Automated Gate Systems Our Gate System partner invented the first hydraulic slide gate operator and owns title to the strongest brand and highest volume sales of hydraulic slide gate operators. The company designs, engineers and manufactures automated slide, swing, vehicle barrier, and vertical lift gate operators. These machines most often protect critical infrastructure and key asset sites including international and municipal airports, federal and other government facilities of all types, military, department of transportation, power generation and distribution, water treatment and distribution, prisons, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other high security facilities. Existing customers include the open gates at Baghdad International Airport, Fort Knox, The Pentagon, The United Nations and embassies worldwide. These operators are chosen for one or more of the following reasons: Highest reliability, ultra low maintenance, sophisticated reporting and security integration, and their ability to move small and up to 20,000 lb. (7,464 kg) gates.
  17. 17. Blast Mitigation o Glass Anti-Fragmentation Film o Explosions With and Without o Protect Personnel And Assets From Flying Glass Shards Associated With Explosions o Ensure Adequate Standoff Distance Between The Explosive Device And The Protected Asset
  18. 18. Blast Mitigation Our Blast Mitigation partner is recognized as one of the industry leaders in the use and installation of Fragment Retention Window Film (FRF) as well as interior glazing retrofits for controlling glass failure caused by bomb blast, windstorm, earthquakes, spontaneous glass failure, and forced entry. They develop and test glazing product to meet government specifications for controlling glass failure and/or RF, EMI, IR, electronic emanations and eavesdropping products (Tempest Requirements). Millions of square feet of Fragment Retention Film (FRF) has been installed around the world. FRF is designed to hold broken glass shards together in a single sheet, thereby reducing the threat of injuries and damage caused by broken glass from bomb blasts, windstorms, seismic events, and spontaneous glass failure. FRF products have passed the rigorous GSA Security Criteria Blast Tests and meet Conditions 2, 3a, and 3b, depending on the FRF and anchoring configurations used.
  19. 19. Laser Illumination CCTV Systems o 3m Rubber Boat o Natural Contrast Video o Distance1400m o High Magnification 750mm o Identify Handgun o Laser Illuminator and Camera o Integrated With Radar and other IDS o Assessment of Distant Objects Day or Night o Recognizes Faces and Markings in Zero Light
  20. 20. Laser Illumination CCTV Systems Our Laser Illumination CCTV System partner delivers advanced and innovative physical security products and services that enable security professionals to see, interpret, and respond to criminal and terrorist threats. This unique system produces a high-resolution images that are captured by standard video equipment and leverages advanced electro- optics and image processing expertise to create high performance, versatile, visualization hardware and software technologies for the defense and physical security markets. A laser illumination CCTV solution is affordable, compared to high end thermal camera systems, and easily integrate with existing security architectures. Introduced in 2006, this equipment is being used to monitor Nuclear Power Plants, Water Systems, Airports, and Commercial Industrial Complexes in the Petroleum Industry.
  21. 21. High End CCTV Products Environmental o All Environmental Housings are Sealed and Pressurized o NEMA 6X / IP67 (Dry Nitrogen Pressurized for Lifetime) o NEMA TS-2 Rated o Shock / Vibe / Corrosion / Temp (MIL 810x) o Experienced at Protecting against Marine, Arctic, and Desert Conditions Multiple Sensors o CCD, CMOS, aSi, Vox, InSb experience o Progressive Scan, Interface, Frame Transfer o Format Size (1/4, 1/3, ½, 2/3, 1/1, 4/3) Experience with designing, manufacturing, and testing of custom military specification products
  22. 22. High End CCTV Products UDI’s CCTV Partner easily distinguishes itself from its competition due to its ability and commitment to creating high performance solutions that meet its customers’ unique requirements. The company develops and manufactures for government, industry, medical, science, education, and other markets and applications. Security: Installed worldwide in applications ranging from aircraft in-flight safety and entertainment, surveillance systems for high-risk facilities, explosives detection, military targeting, border control, and hazardous material handling. Intelligent Transportation Systems and Traffic Management: Video systems installed in the largest transportation districts throughout North America and gaining acceptance worldwide. Typical ITS/traffic management applications include general highway surveillance, electronic toll collection verification, traffic responsive timing, wide area detection, and inspection checkpoints.
  23. 23. Radar Detection Technology “AIMS FAST-SCAN” o Transmitted Frequency: 9.23 GHz o Peak Radiated Power: 1 Watt to 80 Watts o Scan Rate: o Maximum of 60 deg/sec o 48 deg/sec Max During Surveillance Mode o Radar has Anti-Jamming, Sea and Land Clutter Algorithms
  24. 24. Radar Detection Technology Our Radar Detection Technology supplier is a global leader in providing complete radar security solutions. With offices strategically located in Virginia, Florida, UK, Norway, Spain, and the UAE; they are able to offer their customers service and attention to detail that is second to none. Due to their broad range of radar products and services, they typically provide either standard or custom solutions that are tailored to their client's needs. Our partner has substantial experience in land, air, and waterside installations. Operation over both land and water is difficult for many radar systems, but long-term development and testing of algorithms has led to unparalleled performance in this environment. Whether it is land, water, or air, UDI’s radar partner has the solution to meet the client’s needs.
  25. 25. ALPR and ITS o Red Light Violation Detection Capable o Reliably Captures License Plate Information o Supports High Speed Highway Cameras (IP or Analog) o Local Database Capable (Insurance or Registration Violations) o Delivering Complete Intelligent Transportation Management Systems
  26. 26. License Plate Recognition UCS uses the Most Advanced License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Systems in the World to deliver a broad range of ALPR products, providing the next generation of information technology for Travel Time Measurement, Law Enforcement, Tolling, Congestion Charging, Access Control, Traffic Monitoring and Automated Site Security Solutions. Our technology partners include industry leaders in the development and manufacture of ALPR (Automated License Plate Recognition) systems for fixed and mobile solutions as well as ITS camera manufacturers. Typical ITS and Traffic Management applications include general highway surveillance, electronic toll collection verification, traffic responsive timing, wide area detection, and inspection checkpoints.
  27. 27. Intrusion Detection Systems Vibration, Microwave, Fiber, Infrared, Volumetric
  28. 28. Intrusion Detection Systems Our Intrusion Detection System (IDS) partner produces the world's most complete line of electronic perimeter intrusion detection systems to meet the security demands of harsh exterior environments. Today, over 40,000 of these Microwave systems are in operation in over 70 countries worldwide in nuclear generating stations, correctional institutions, military bases, industrial facilities - areas that by their nature require high performance and unyielding reliability. UDI, together with its IDS partner, offers site planning, design assistance, technical training and system commissioning services to ensure that each system meets the customer's needs. We provide the foundation and experience delivering a variety of electronic perimeter intrusion detection systems such as fence mounted sensors, wall mounted sensors, microwave sensors, buried cable sensors, barbed tape sensors, active & passive infrared sensors, and associated alarm monitoring & control software.
  29. 29. Biometric Access Control Enrollment Data Checks for Various ID Card Duplicates Cross Referenced with Databases and Watch Lists o Fingerprint Imaging o Hand Imaging o Facial recognition o Secure Credentialing o ID Document Printers o Document Verification o License Authentication o Passport Authentication
  30. 30. Biometric Access Control Our Biometric Access Control partner provides a full range of fingerprint and palm, facial and iris biometric technologies, as well as systems and solutions that empower the identification of individuals in large-scale identity management programs. The solutions include live-scan systems and services for biometric data capture, mobile solutions for on-the-spot ID, facial screening, fingerprint log-on software, fingerprint devices and next-generation multi-biometric identification solutions that are standards-based to reduce your investment risk over time. UDI, together with it’s Biometric Access Control partner, serves a broad range of markets including federal, state and local government, law enforcement, financial services, border management and travel clients worldwide. With the trust and confidence in individual identities provided by our biometric partner, our customers can better guard the public against global terrorism, crime and identity theft fostered by fraudulent identity.
  31. 31. Under Vehicle Inspection o Quick and Easy to Operation o High Quality Images o Zoom Function o Integrates with LPRN Software o Image Change Detection o Explosive Object Detection o Contraband Detection o Weapons o Chemicals o Drugs
  32. 32. Under Vehicle Inspection Our Under Vehicle Inspection technology is designed to automatically detect vehicle bombs and/or changes to a vehicle's undercarriage along with the authentication of each vehicle's identity. The system deploys algorithms that automatically compare a vehicle's undercarriage to a database of vehicle undercarriage images containing the same or similar vehicle make and model. In addition, the system collects intelligence about the movement of vehicles based on data collected at multiple locations systems that can be analyzed to assist in the identification of potential terrorists and their activities. Any vehicles that have been denied access to a facility or have been placed on a watch list for other reasons can be entered into a system Watch List. Vehicles appearing on a Watch List can be listed by their license plate, RFID or make and model. A database is automatically interrogated each time a vehicle crosses a system to ensure all vehicles are authenticated and undercarriages searched.
  33. 33. Detection Technologies o Secure HVAC Systems o Chemical/Biological Agent Detection o Agent Destruction and Decontamination o Hand Held Detection Devices for Narcotics o Hand Held Detection Devices for Explosives Hand Held Detector o Laboratories to Analyze and Manage Threats Isis-3D Pollutant/Agent Dispersion Models Chemical Agent Neutralization Processes
  34. 34. X-Ray and Trace Detection o Parcel/Postal o Portable / Compact & Mail o Hold-Bags / Customs o Backscatter Measurement o Narcotics and Explosives o Metal Detectors (walkthrough, multi-zone) o Hand Wands
  35. 35. Detection Technologies Our Detection Technologies partners specialize in the design, manufacture and support of high quality, professional security X-ray scanners and metal detection systems. Advanced detection of explosive devices, weapons, narcotics, and other contraband has been their focus for over 60 years. The most advanced features are standard their systems and include: o Image Enhancement, o Automatic Threat Alert o Full Contrast & Aspect Stretch o High and Low Density Penetration o Sensor-Free Scrolling o Automatic Edge Enhancement This security screening equipment is used in numerous applications including: cruise ships, airports, corporate mailrooms, schools, courts, correctional and psychiatric institutions, other government facilities, hospitals, nuclear power plants, customs, air cargo, agricultural and electronics inspection, the Olympics, conventions and other special events.
  36. 36. Command Center Integration o Design and Construction o Networking and Cabling o Video Walls / Video Displays o Enterprise Video Management o Serial or IP Sensor Integration
  37. 37. Command Center Integration Command Center Integration is one of many security related Engineering, Design, and Consulting Services offered by UDI. We can assist your organization by: o Designing turn-key integrated security solutions o Realizing a higher return on your project investment o Managing your risks o Aligning project solutions with your operational priorities o Integrating multiple areas of expertise to arrive at a better solution Our project teams provide turnkey services to help you manage and implement complex projects from initial concept to delivery and operation.
  38. 38. Representative Clients Sites Markets o US Embassies o Critical Infrastructure o State & Federal Capitols o Municipalities o US Military Bases o Nuclear Power Plants o Educational Institutions o Aramco Refineries o Petrochemical Facilities o US Federal Agencies o Water Authorities o FBI o CIA o Port Authorities o NSA o Data Centers o DOE
  39. 39. UDI Consulting Services Your strategic borders and facilities are at risk. The risks include potential damage from a person or persons determined on destroying your facility and possibly causing a loss of life. What are the risks? How much risk? What parts of your perimeter border or facility are most vulnerable? How do you mitigate damage, loss of life and potential litigation costs? UDI can quickly and efficiently assess your perimeter security risk and provide recommendations on how to cost effectively, best protect your facility. UDI has an abundance of perimeter security experience within the most challenging of environments. Our perimeter security analysis will give you a complete picture of your security situation and detailed recommendations on how to make your facility as safe as possible from pedestrian and vehicular-based attacks and potential blast damage.
  40. 40. Blast Consulting Services UDI provides assessment of blast effects ranging from terrorist bombs to chemical plant explosions. Vulnerability assessments are conducted by industry professionals with extensive experience in blast modeling and a proven record in mitigation of blast effects through practical retrofits of structures and equipment for DOD, DOE, GSA, and other government and commercial clients. UDI, with its Alliance Partnerships, has conducted explosion testing to prove the effectiveness of blast mitigation products and retrofit techniques with special emphasis in glass hazard mitigation.
  41. 41. Engineering and Design Services Engineering is a key element that is overlooked in many projects which are often performed without a Master Security Plan at the forefront. If the drawings, specifications, submittals, layout, and equipment design are not engineered properly, the end result is often much different than what was intended. UDI’s civil, mechanical, and electrical teams work diligently on each individual project to ensure all information is correct and that all project documentation is complete. UDI employs an experienced engineering team that understands perimeter security concepts, designs and integration. We can ensure that the security solution designed for you on paper will be the same solution that is subsequently installed at your site. UDI has the capability to take your ideas and recommendations and create a complete package ready for your project management team to review and implement.
  42. 42. UDI Assessment Program Review of Current Situation The first step in the consulting process is a detailed review of your site. Our team will assess your needs, current threats, work in progress, and answer your questions and concerns about perimeter security. On-Site Evaluation UDI’s security and consultant experts will perform a comprehensive examination of the identified and targeted sites with key managers and security personnel from your organization. UDI assesses public and facility traffic, pedestrian movement patterns, stand- off distances, blast mitigation, and other factors relevant to your site. The efficiency and feasibility of a number of potential solutions will be discussed. Armed with this information we can create a comprehensive report on your current risk.
  43. 43. UDI Assessment Program Vulnerability Assessment Report This report provides you with a comprehensive analysis and explanation of your current risk of attack, overall vulnerabilities, and points of strengths and weakness. Our expert team will help you understand areas of high risk, possible safeguards through blast studies and analysis, as well as stand-off distance analysis and access limitations. Recommendations Finally, UDI provides you with practical solutions utilizing best-of-breed technologies and services that will minimize your risk and address your site’s needs in a practical and cost- effective manner. UDI will provide an array of options utilizing the finest equipment and design available, while remaining focused on your specific needs and concerns. UDI’s experienced, knowledgeable staff will remain available to provide any required assistance in the years to come.
  44. 44. Summary UDI delivers engineering from concept to completion. Serving as a specialty engineering, consulting, and construction management firm, UDI provides integrated services to the Homeland Security, Environmental, Energy, Infrastructure, and Real Estate markets. UDI’s multi-discipline project teams provide turnkey services to help you manage and implement complex projects from initial concept to delivery and operation. UDI can assist your organization by: o Designing turn-key integrated security solutions o Realizing a higher return on your project investment o Managing your risks o Aligning project solutions with your operational priorities o Integrate multiple areas of expertise to arrive at a better solution
  45. 45. Local Representative Partner Universal Dynamics Turnkey Solutions, Inc.