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Open-Source Software in the New York State Senate


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"Open-Source" Presentation at Government Technology East Conference by New York State Senate CIO Andrew Hoppin

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Open-Source Software in the New York State Senate

  1. Open-Source Software, Open Everything in the NY Senate Andrew Hoppin CIO, NY State Senate
  2. Mission The Office of the CIOʼs mission is to strategically leverage technology and information in order to: • TRANSPARENCY: create a more transparent legislature, •EFFICIENCY: enable Members to serve constituents in a more effective and efficient manner, • PARTICIPATION: provide New Yorkers with the means to take a more participatory role in their State government,
  3. Rationale •Cost Savings (no license fees) •Innovation (leverage of community-built software) •Speed to Deployment (clone product a peer has created) •No Vendor Lock-In (hire anyone to work on it) •Recruit Talent (top developers like to work with F/OSS) •Leverage Tax Dollars (share our code to benefit others)
  4. Used in NYSenate For •Server Software (Linux, Apache) •Databases (MySQL) •Programming Languages (PHP, Java) •Platforms / Applications: •Content Management: Drupal, WordPress •Relationship Management: SugarCRM or CiviCRM •Task Tracking: RedMine, TRAC, OpenAtrium
  5. (Drupal)
  6. Data (WordPress)
  7. CRM?
  8. Task Tracking (RedMine)
  9. News 2.0
  10. Open Everything •Software (e.g.: LAMP, Drupal) •Data (e.g.: legislative data) •Standards (e.g.: schema, taxonomy for legislative data) •Copyright (e.g.: Creative Commons) •Community (e.g.: sharing via unconferences, developer code sprints)
  11. Open-Source (Code)
  12. Open Data
  13. Open Legislation (Feeds, API)
  14. Open Standards
  15. Open Content
  16. Open Community (unconferences)
  17. Followup Hoppin@Senate.State.NY.US Ciodesk@Senate.State.NY.US