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This presentation at CapitalCamp 2013 in Washington DC discusses the Drupal "OpenCivic" distribution, and it's role in supporting the burgeoning civic software ecosystem with an open platform to run app catalogs and hackathons.

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OpenCivic Drupal Distribution presentation at CapitalCamp

  1. 1. Andrew Hoppin | @ahoppin Creating a global marketplace for civic software
  2. 2. Falling Government Budgets Rising Government Needs
  3. 3. Better Government… …Less $ 3
  4. 4. Civic Innovation
  5. 5. Civic Software Innovation
  6. 6. 311 Appapalooza...
  7. 7. 2013 Ecosystem: 100s of Cities, 1000s of Apps, 100,000s of Data Sets...
  8. 8. Drupal4Gov Community Collaborates...
  9. 9. White House We The People
  10. 10. --> Petitions Distro on
  11. 11. White  Label  Theme+Pe00ons  Distro  =  Quick  &  Easy  for  Any   Government  to  have  “We  The  People”
  12. 12. “Distribu0ons”  are  Making  Drupal  the  “Default”  CMS  for   Governments  Worldwide
  13. 13. House Senate Judiciary Executive City County Town Federal Indiana Vermont California Missouri …… Civil Servants Elected Officials Citizens Businesses Interest Groups Environment Transit Health DMV Education Labor State Tech  CEO  Council  Es/mates  $1  Trillion  saved  by  2020  through  streamlining,  sharing   *within*  Federal  government  alone   What  About  the  Rest?  
  14. 14. 2012 Ecosystem: 100s of Cities, 1000s of Apps... ...But still, most City Agency Projects Still Look Like This
  15. 15. EMERGING GROWTH Open311 Transit?? Weather MATURE GPSGov CMS Distributed innovation API API API government industry citizen How Do We Innovate on Key Civic Platforms?
  16. 16. How Do We Foster Reuse?
  17. 17. For Software to be Shared, People Have to Know It Exists
  18. 18. The Birth of Civic Commons (or: “Governments That Work Like The Web”)
  19. 19. App Marketplace: Key to Re-Use of Civic Apps
  20. 20. World Bank Sponsored Reusable “OpenCivic” Drupal “Distribution”
  21. 21. • Drupal  distribu0ons  (“distros”)  also   called  “installa0on  profiles.” • Provide  website  features  and  func0ons   for  a  specific  type  of  site,  as  a  single   download. • Make  it  possible  to  quickly  set  up  a   complex  website,  s0ll  fully  customizable • Launch  your  own  Apps  Catalog  or   Hackathon  website  in  less  than  an  hour   Drupal Distributions
  22. 22. What is in the Apps Catalog distro? Applications Organizations Deployments
  23. 23. An “Application” is a working piece of software that serves a particular purpose. App Description Key features Creator Logo Homepage Source code URL Demo URL Rating Supporting vendors Screenshots Video Related applications License Release Notes Taxonomies: Application function Civic sector Tags (free tagging) 25
  24. 24. An “Organization” is a company, government agency, NGO or team that creates, supports or uses applications. Description Logo Organization type Address Telephone Website Members Apps experience Services Taxonomies: Civic sector Tags (free tagging) 26
  25. 25. A “Deployment” is the story of an application being installed for a specific organization and purpose. • Application • Organization that Deployed It • Developers • Narrative Details: What worked well with this deployment? What didn’t? • Website • Location 27
  26. 26. Integration With Hackathons
  27. 27. Hackathons <--> Apps Catalogs How should content be synced/shared between websites?
  28. 28. Can an Apps Catalog Improve the Hackathon Business Model? • At  the  end  of  the  hackathon,  how  do  the  best   ideas  get  funding  to  carry  them  forward? • How  do  funders  determine  which  ideas  are  the   good  ones  worth  funding? • Can  Apps  Catalogs  increase  the  market  for  open   source  solu0ons? 30
  29. 29. Two, Three, Many Apps Catalogs? Some  of  the  use  cases  that people  have  discussed  with  us: • Civic  Commons/Code  for  America • New  York  City • Topic-­‐specific  app  catalogs • NGO  wants  to  catalog  so`ware   for  pro-­‐democracy  ac0vists 31
  30. 30. Amsterdam Barcelona Berlin Helsinki Manchester Rome
  31. 31.
  32. 32. Distro Road Map • Apps  Catalog – Applica0ons – Organiza0ons – Deployments – API – Language  localiza0on • Hackathon – Problem  Statements – Projects – Teams • Community – Events – Blog – Wiki • Open  Data – Datasets  and  Resources – Visualiza0on • Apps  Contest – Problem  Statements – Datasets – Submissions – Prizes • Civic  Sandboxes – Try  out  an  actual  demo • Investment  Network – AngelList-­‐like  financing  to  turn   projects  into  full  apps  and  businesses37
  33. 33. 38
  34. 34. Andrew Hoppin | @ahoppin