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DKAN: The Drupal Open Data Distribution (presented at SANDCamp San Diego Drupalcamp)


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Presentation about DKAN, the open data distribution of Drupal, given at San Diego Drupalcamp in January 2014.

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DKAN: The Drupal Open Data Distribution (presented at SANDCamp San Diego Drupalcamp)

  1. 1. 2013 US Federal Project Open Data
  2. 2. 2009
  3. 3. 2009
  4. 4. 2012 Local Laws.... Facili&es
  5. 5. Resulting in New Open Data Portals Facili&es
  6. 6. Open  Data:  Government  Opera/ons  Innova/on Facili/es
  7. 7. Open  Data:  Civic  Empowerment Facili/es
  8. 8. Open  Data:  Economic  Development   Facili/es (Shout-­‐Out:  Portland  CivicApps  <-­‐-­‐>  CitySync)
  9. 9. 2013 Civic Open Data Ecosystem: 100s of Companies, 1000s of Governments, 10,000s of Apps, 1,000,000s of Data Sets...
  10. 10. San Diego is Next!
  11. 11. Proprietary SaaS Open Data Portal Market Leaders
  12. 12. CKAN: Open Source Market Leader
  13. 13. More About CKAN Python Javascript ORM: Pylons web framework & SQLAlchemy PostgrSQL Jinja2 Template Engine SOLR Modular; ~40 extensions
  14. 14. In 2012 CKAN Broke Out...
  15. 15. CKAN In the US
  16. 16. CKAN Worldwide
  17. 17. Why Open-Source Matters... • No vendor lock-In / choice of consultants / ability to build inhouse capacity • Collaborate w/ our peers (White House) • Security transparency (US DoD is a major consumer for this reason) • Open-Source platforms often pay more heed to open formats and standards (e.g.: DCAT, RDFa, OData, JSON vs Shapefiles, PDF, etc.) • Innovation: healthy open-source projects can aggregate more engineering effort than proprietary alternatives, propagate great new extensions faster • Freedom of Hosting Options: consume as a cloud-hosted service today, change our mind and host in-house tomorrow, etc.
  18. 18. But,,,    OpenGovPlaKorm,   etc.  all  added  Drupal  to  CKAN
  19. 19. If  you  Already  Use  Drupal,  Do  You  Really  Need  CKAN?
  20. 20. With  DKAN  Distro,  Drupal  Itself  Now  Also  Becoming  a  Public   Sector  Data  Management  System  (“DMS”)
  21. 21. Why DKAN Instead of Drupal+CKAN? • Manage content, data, permissions through same platform • Single software stack to maintain • Single site to design & theme • Easy to extend with social features • Transparent, well-governed upgrade path of Drupal • Extensive Drupal ecosystem of civil service talent, consultants, hosting, support
  22. 22. Why Drupal? •  MATURE:  >1  million  sites  (2%  of   all  sites),  3,718  Code  commits/wk,   6,388  issue  comments/wk   •  IN-­‐HOUSE  SKILLS:  24%  of  .gov   sites •  EXTENSIBLE:    18,489  Modules,   1,512  Themes,  21,009   Contributors •  FISMA-­‐Cer&fied  Cloud  Hos&ng   Op&ons •  INTEGRATES  easily  w/  public   websites  lots  of  de  facto  data  is   already  published  as  content
  23. 23. Why Drupal? Open Content since 2009...
  24. 24. 24
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Content = Data (Legislative Committees) h_p://
  27. 27. Open Data Sets Catalog
  28. 28. Custom Search for Special Data Types
  29. 29. Allow Data to be Augmented
  30. 30. Make it Easily Discoverable...
  31. 31. And Accessible Everywhere... 31
  32. 32. ...And Easily Shared
  33. 33. Drupal  “DKAN”  Distribu&on Open-­‐Source  Data  Management  System  (DMS)   +  Content  Management  System  (CMS)   =  Streamlined  Data  Collabora&on
  34. 34. Open Data is Just “Sharing Your Files” • Datasets  are  collec&ons  of  resources,  with  some   descrip&ve  metadata • Resources  are  just  files.  They  can  be  any  kind  of   file,  but  ohen  they  are  CSV  files,  spreadsheets  or   some  other  kind  of  tabular  data  file. • Organiza&ons  create  datasets  and  upload   resources. • Data  consumers  can  browse  datasets  and   some&mes  see  visualiza0ons  of  resources. 34
  35. 35. DKAN •  Fully functional data portal housing datasets, Solr search, accessible via JSON and RDF; csv or xml files uploaded through Drupal, stored in *SQL, visualized through Recline.js • Seeks to replicate CKAN 2.0 functionality, design, standards, & API • Reuses CKAN components wherever possible (e.g.: Recline.js) • Built with support and input from the Open Knowledge Foundation • Fully open project, with code on
  36. 36. DKAN Components • DKAN  Distribu&on DKAN Dataset module DKAN Datastore module
  37. 37. DKAN Walkthrough
  38. 38. DKAN Walkthrough
  39. 39. DKAN Walkthrough
  40. 40. DKAN Walkthrough
  41. 41. DKAN Walkthrough
  42. 42. DKAN Walkthrough
  43. 43. DKAN Walkthrough
  44. 44. DKAN Walkthrough
  45. 45. Early Returns: Cologne, Germany
  46. 46. Early Returns: Puerto Rico
  47. 47. Early Returns: CivicInfo British Columbia
  48. 48. Early Returns: Data Wisconsin
  49. 49. Ongoing Development •  Adding  feedback  on   datasets,  other  social   features •  Support  for  addi&onal   file  types •  Adding  DKAN_DataSet   &  DKAN_DataStore   modules  to  other  Distros   like  OpenCivic   •Offering  enterprise   support  &  hosted   OpenSaaS  DKAN
  50. 50. “NuData DKAN” OpenSaaS Offering •  NuData  =  our  DKAN  as  a  turnkey  hosted  24/7  supported  sohware-­‐as-­‐a-­‐service •  Governments  like  SaaS  like  Socrata  because  it’s  quick,  affordable,  and  no   technology  burden  on  exis&ng  staff •  Governments  like  open-­‐source  (e.g.:  CKAN)  because  they’re  in  control-­‐-­‐  no   vendor  lock-­‐in,  ability  to  customize,  innovate •  OpenSaaS  =  the  best  of  both  worlds;  SaaS  but  truly  open-­‐-­‐    you  can  take  your   app  and  your  data  with  you  with  minimal  switching  cost •  Drupal  is  excep&onally  well  posi&oned  to  enable  OpenSaaS  businesses
  51. 51. Drupal Open Data Policy Compliance Recipes add /data.html & /data.json pages to existing Drupal site with new Open Data Module? (sandbox project) add data management & publishing features to a Drupal site with DKAN Data Set & DKAN Data Store Modules deploy new Open Data Catalog / Portal with the DKAN Distribution, on your own, or as SaaS
  52. 52. Followup Project Page: “Fully Made” DKAN w/ .js libraries: Marketing Site: | @ahoppin | |