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Nyss gtc gov20


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Presentation given for the Government 2.0 panel at the GTC East 2010 conference in Albany.

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Nyss gtc gov20

  1. 1. NYSenate & Gov 2.0: Participation Yields Transparency & Efficiency Andrew Hoppin CIO, NY State Senate
  2. 2. Better Laws, Government Less $
  3. 3. Collapse Physical Geography w/ Gov20
  4. 4. Social Web Adoption Collaborate Across Virtual Geographies …… Federal Missouri California Vermont Indiana NYSenate Judiciary Executive Assembly Citizens Civil Servants Elected Officials Rochester Businesses Troy NYC Interest Groups
  5. 5. Open Legislative Data
  6. 6. Public Comment
  7. 7. Ideas Crowdsourcing
  8. 8. Live Events, Social Bookmarking
  9. 9. …Content to the Cloud
  10. 10. Social Web Adoption
  11. 11. Social Web Use
  12. 12. Intuitive, Accessible Data
  13. 13. Establish Prerequisite Policies
  14. 14. …Open APIs, Open Standards
  15. 15. …Open Community
  16. 16. = Direct Democracy? • Today: “eGov” services (e.g.: 311), online town halls, blog comments, idea voting; white House, some Agencies, a few cities, pilot tests; fragmented across platforms • Tomorrow: ubiquitous Local/ State/ Federal / Community 311; single sign-on, portable profiles for access to all government services; online advisory voting on bills, budget line-items, proposed regulatory rules; integrated across Web
  17. 17. = Citizen Bureaucracy? • Today: P2P 311 (e.g.:SeeClickFix), “Apps” Contests using govʼt data • Tomorrow: govʼt as a platform; civil servants as organizers coordinating p2p government services
  18. 18. Social Web Adoption Gov.Gov: Intragovernment Collaboration …… Federal Missouri California Vermont Indiana NYSenate Judiciary Executive Assembly Rochester Troy NYC
  19. 19. Followup @ahoppin @NYSenateCIO Hoppin@Senate.State.NY.US Ciodesk@Senate.State.NY.US