Greenfest 2013


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Greenfest 2013

  1. 1. GREENFEST 2013Team Pi Beta Phi
  2. 2. What the f*6K is Greenfest? Greenfest is SDSU‟s annual week-long awareness event that promotes “going green” as well as sustainability! It‟s 2013 ladies, if you aren‟t aware that we are hurting our beautiful mother earth you are living in the past… But Greenfest is a fun, energetic atmosphere that brings our student body together for a great cause; our own planet we call home!
  3. 3. Why are we competing? Pi Phi has chosen to compete in Greenfest for the second time… ever! (Pathetic right?) Not only will be reflect beautifully on our chapter, but it will be a great eye-opening experience for YOU to how important this issue is to our lives, our children‟s lives, and our grandchildren‟s lives!
  4. 4. Let‟s take it back a few steps… Most importantly, we are competing in Greenfest because we have what it takes to come together as a team and win this competition fair and square… In the meantime, we will bond and form memories that will last a lifetime!! Sure, you think it‟s fun not remembering your weekends and dancing like a sloppy mess at a frat… but these are the events that will make you realize why you joined Pi Phi in the first place and realize how fucking cool our school is and how little we take the opportunity to take advantage of what our school has to offer
  5. 5. But I don‟t have time…  Nay ladies, you DO have time to participate in Greenfest! There are only three main competitions along with smaller events to attend worth TONS of points  If you only participate in 1 competition, you will receive full points for Greenfest participation from Sadie  Not only will YOU benefit by receiving points, but it will help US as a team reach our goal of WINNING this whole thing!!!!
  6. 6. BREAKDOWN OF EVENTS THREE MAIN COMPETITIONS: -Music Video (75 points) -Boat building competition/race (50 points) -Fashion show (75 points) Just by entering each competition we earn the points!!! That‟s not including if we PLACE in each event… -1st place- 25 points -2nd place- 20 points -3rd place- 15 points
  7. 7. Music Video: Due March 13 This will be my main project. I already have brainstormed exactly what song we will be using and what the music video will consist of Look up the song “We Care a Lot” by Faith No More It‟s a badass rock song from the „80s and it‟s sooooo relevant to Greenfest and promoting sustainability and caring about Motha Earth (she rox) I will have a poll asking who wants to be in it so if you‟re interested just sign up!! I will keep you updated with more info…
  8. 8. Boat building competition/race Monday March 18 @ Aquaplex 3-6 p.m. The Boat Challenge combines green trivia, boat parade and boat races to make one fabulous competition. Get ready to construct a boat out of recycled material facilitated by Aztec Adventures and race your boat down the lanes of the Aztec Aquaplex! Participant Requirements: Student Teams will turn in a design of their boat prior to the event: Information will be given at the Mandatory Meeting on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27th 1PM-2PM. Designs due by 2PM on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13th to the Associated Busi-ness Office (Aztec Mesa 110). All materials will be given to teams; NO outside materials can be used. Teams will have 45 minutes to build a boat. Once all boats are built, the race will begin. Boats will race in rotations following a boat parade. A maximum of 5 team members can construct the boat (4 builders and 1 Team Leader) Judging : Your team’s boat must stay afloat and have the fastest time in the Aquaplex race to win this challenge. Tie Breaker: In the event of a tie, the teams will race their boats again to crown the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner!
  9. 9. Fashion Show Tuesday March 19 Ens 700 7-10 p.m. Participation Requirements: -Participants will design and create clothing and accessories reusing every-day items. In addition, teams must incorporate sustainable materials that will be given to them from the GreenFest committee. -Please dont go to the store and grab paper and plastic bags, reuse items you already have ( Ex: scrap paper from old notes, Daily Aztecs, recycled cans, cardboard, bottles, or old clothes). Please practice integrity in using recycled materials and do not purchase items. -Participants must present 3 outfits representing the “three pillars of sustainability”. 1 outfit will represent the Environmental Pillar, 1 outfit will represent the Economic Pillar, and 1 outfit will represent the Social Pillar. Be creative and think outside of the box. -Participants must EMAIL a 250 word maximum description of their outfits by 2PM on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13th. Please no hard copies. -Participants must check in (45) minutes prior to the start of the event at 6:15PM at the GreenFest Canopy. Point Deductions: DO NOT USE: Non-environmentally friendly products such as Styrofoam, stickers, balloons, duct tape, glitter, drug or alcoholic related items. You will be deducted (35) points for using these materials Judging: Abidance to Participation Requirements, Creativity, Craftsmanship, Stage Presence, Incorporation of Sustainability, and Incorporation of the three pillars of sustainability. Tie Breaker: In the event of a tie, judges will award the team who scored the highest in the category of sustainability and incorporation of the theme.
  10. 10. Now it‟s time to break down theweek‟s events…
  11. 11. Monday March 18 Bike Brunch South end of Campanile Walkway 10AM - 12PM Bike, walk, carpool, take the trolley or use alternative method of transportation to get to campus and be rewarded with FREE organic fruit, coffee, bagels, all natural energy bars and more! Enjoy bike workshops and bike safety information offered in partnership with local bike shops and SDSUs Public Safety. Come by to grab a nutritious brunch and stick around for a chance to win some great prizes! Sustainable Boat Challenge (50 points) Aztec Aquaplex 3PM-6PM The Boat Challenge event will include student team boat races, green trivia facilitated by e3, and giveaways! Aztec Adventures will give student teams recyclable materials to build a boat and have the opportunity to show it off during a boat parade. Enjoy the sunshine and snacks while cheering on your favorite student team while learning more about water education!
  12. 12. Tuesday March 19Sustain Your Roots (50 points) Campanile Walkway 12PM - 2PM Teams will table on issues regarding culture and sustainability to students at the event. Teams will also visit other teams‟ tables to learn about sustaining your roots! Aztec Chef Competition North end of Campanile Walkway 1PM - 1PM Come watch SDSUs Aztec Chefs compete for the title of SDSUs GreenFest Chef Champion! Grab some lunch and join us on the grass for free food samples at what will be a high intensity, entertaining cook off! GreenFest Fashion and Music Awards (75 points each= 150 total) Aztec Green 7PM - 10PM Enjoy this years Fashion and Music Awards Show including a pre-show reception with mocktails! The show includes an Enviro-Fashion Show with outfits created out of recycled materials and a Music Video Showcase of lyrical odes to being sustainable and living the green life.
  13. 13. Wednesday March 20 Green lunch bag series Scripps Cottage 12-1 pm Keynote Speaker Address (50 points) TBA 6-8 pm Teams will receive 50 points if AT LEAST (5) members attend and check in with a designated GreenFest Volunteer before 6:00 PM.
  14. 14. Thursday March 21 SDSU Farmers Market (25 points) Campanile Walkway 10PM - 3PM Come out to the Farmers Market and find the GreenFest booth. Take a picture in front of the Backdrop wearing green or rockin‟ your GreenFest attire with AT LEAST (5) members from your team!
  15. 15. EXTRA CREDIT INSTAGRAM: (25 points) Teams will check the SDSU GreenFest Instagram to get a clue. Each morning by 10AM, clues will be posted. Figure out the clue, take and post a picture and tag @GREENFEST_SDSU, #GreenFest2013, and hashtag the name of your student team. Make sure to post each picture by the end of the day. SUSTAINABILITY PLEDGE: (20 points) Have AT LEAST (5) members sign the sustainability pledge. DEADLINE to submit is WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20th by 4PM PERFECT ATTENDANCE: (25 points) Teams that participate in ALL of the GreenFest Challenge Events and Additional Events will be rewarded 25 points. MANDTORY INFO MEETING: (10 points) Teams will receive 10 points if AT LEAST (1) member attends the meeting on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27th 1-2PM in Aztec Mesa 105 and checks in with a designated GreenFest Volunteer. GREENFEST T-SHIRTS: (25 points) Teams must buy AT LEAST 5 GREENFEST T-shirts from the bookstore.; Either Style. Submit your receipt to Aztec Mesa 110 to receive your points by 2PM on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20th to receive your points.
  16. 16. YOUR SISTERS NEED YOU!Even contributing to the most minor event will make ALL the difference in making sure we win this. I truly, madly, deeply believe we can win. We‟ve got plenty of time to prepare for this… SO LET‟S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO