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Network Spring 2011

  1. 1. Spring 2011Supporting and Developing, Connecting and RepresentingDonationsfrom a DragonInvestor James Caan on whatmakes him give to charities.Plus finance articles fromCCLA, RBS and the SIB.Also in this issue:Improving NHS and Third Sector RelationsEmployee Engagement is EssentialClosing Down Your Organisation
  2. 2. Why I’m an ACEVO member...“ I have been amazed at ACEVO’s level of access and influence in creating constructive dialogue and development with a wide range of decision makers. Rob Owen, CEO St Giles Trust ” Your ACEVO membership can connect you with policy-makers and key decision-makers in government. Read our weekly Leader to Leader enewsletters delivered to your inbox and visit the ACEVO website for regular updates.ASSOCIATION OF CHIEF EXECUTIVES OF VOLUNTARY 020 7280 4960
  3. 3. ACEVO network spring 2011 3Contents Spring2011 10 32 22Cover Stories In brief 2132 Dragon Donations 4 Trustee’s Welcome 24 Big Decisions in Big SocietyFind out what makes What risks are attached to yourJames Caan invest in 6 News organisational decisions? Zurich’scharities. Paul Emery highlights the importance 10 ACEVO Members’ News of risk assessments.35 Loan Financing 13 Me and My Chair 25 Drawing on all Resources?Loan application CEO Crispin Truman on what make Erin McFeely, ACEVO’s Head ofmistakes can cost. Sue his relationship strong with Chair Regional Development introducesPeters from The Social Loyd Grossman. ACEVO and ippr north’s jointInvestment Business free tips for success. 27 How to Thrive as an NGO in China36 Charity Investments What are the challenges of being an NGO in an emerging economy?John Kelly from CCLAon how investmentscould be affected by 13 Clare Pearson from DLA Piper LLP explains.the economy. 17 Leadership Team RIP? 28 Collaboration for Social Enterprises David Fielding offers advice on Consultant Jon Huggett on the37 Cash Management restructuring your leadership team. similarities between social enterpriseWhat’s your role in your collaboration and Jazz.organisation’s money 18 Member Tried & Testedmanagement? Hugh ACEVO Consulting, WorkLife Support 29 Closing Down your OrganisationBiddell has some pointers. and Special Interest Groups. An issue many third sector CEOs are facing. Read Davina Goodchild’s three 19 Better Monitoring & Evaluation key tips.In Depth Liam Cranley on what is required to effectively evaluate your organisation. 31 Community Outsourcing An interesting business model that14 Prove your Worth 20 The NHS and Third Sector many charities could benefit fromMatilda Macduff on Alison Ryan on how third sector leaders says Ian Agnew.ACEVO and NPC’s can improve relations with the performance 40 Ready for the Pension Reform?measurement framework. 21 Big Society Adventure Foster Denovo’s Ian Bird on what you Volunteering England’s Sukhvinder need to know.38 Engaging Kaur-Stubbs says adventure is neededEmployees for Big Society to succeed. 41 Closing the Perception Gap James Huckle on ensuring the publicEmployee engagement 22 Confessions of a CEO understands the charity more important than Julie Bentley, CEO, FPA under theever claims Nita Clarke. Confessions spotlight. 42 Time Out
  4. 4. 4 ACEVO network spring 2011Trustee’s WelcomeThe Challenge of Funding here is not one CEO in priorities and understanding Having seen a reduction inT the sector that does not appreciate thescale of the funding your cash drivers. It is also evident that many ‘traditional’ funding streams it is important to recognise that new sources continue tochallenges we face. With CEOs are spending more time emerge. Sue Peters from thecontract funding than usual communicating Social Investment Businessat a local and national level priorities internally to ensure gives some timely advice onbeing reduced and private everyone is working together. what makes a successfulincomes under pressure At times like this it is easy for loan application (page 35).from pay freezes, rising each department to retrench Understanding these newcosts and redundancy it does and focus on their own work, sources of funding andnot matter how your charity I see it as a critical part of my considering theiris funded – future income role to ensure everyone is appropriateness to the workstreams are more uncertain working together and sharing of the organisation could helpthan they ever have been. as much as possible. provide a more robust funding platform for theThe Chief Executive’s The monitoring of funding bids future.leadership and decision in the pipeline, and cash flowmaking skills will be put to forecasting, has taken on an And for those lucky charitiesthe test more than ever. added importance for obvious with reserves to invest there reasons. I find that this along is the added challenge ofThird sector CEOs are an with the monitoring of our inflation proofing them! Onoptimistic bunch – I think it ‘efficiency tracker’ which sets page 36, John Kelly sets outmust be an essential out the actions and future his thoughts on what hecompetence for the role. I impacts of our cost reduction thinks the current economichave found it interesting measures provides valuable climate could mean for thirdwhen chatting to peers in the reassurance to our Board at sector organisations withsector to hear about how they a time when tensions between investments.are responding to the the board and executive canchallenges we face. Much start to emerge. This is So all-in-all a challengingtime is being spent reviewing evidenced by the increase in time, but one where thereand reflecting on priorities. It calls to ACEVO’s CEO in Crisis are new opportunitiesis especially important that helpline during recent months. emerging and an evenduring this period we all stronger network of peerensure we are not distracted It has been encouraging to support seems to beby anything that does not see an even greater willingness emerging. Let’s keep talkingcontribute to these and we amongst CEOs to explore ways in Third sector to each other!only spend our funders’ which we can collaborate. Whilst CEOs are anmoney in those areas that it is clear funders are keen to Mark Lever is Chiefwill make the biggest encourage this for service optimistic bunch Executive of The Nationaldifference to the lives of delivery, it has also been useful – I think it must Autistic Society and anthose we support. Hugh to bring senior management be an essential ACEVO trustee.Biddell’s article on page 37 teams together from other Contact Mark via emailprovides advice on managing organisations to share ideas competence organisation’s money around the solutions to common for the role. or connect with him oneffectively by setting problems. LinkedIn.
  5. 5. ACEVO network spring 2011 5
  6. 6. 6 ACEVO network spring 2011Editor’s Intro News Spring2011 In BriefOnce the preserve Finance andof the private Metrics Mania Funding Issue Results. Return on investment. Performancesector, now measurement. Metrics. Buzzwords yes, buteveryone that essential if we are to prove the value of our work There are four features in this issue and that of our organisations. Once the preserve of network that focus on financefunds or donates of the private sector, now everyone that funds or and funding. Share this issue ofwants to know donates wants to know what results to expect; network with your finance directorwhat results to what the outcomes will be; how much of a return and all those involved in finance in we will make or how performance will be your organisation.expect; what the measured. All of this while supporting ouroutcomes will be; beneficiaries: the main reason many of us decided to work in the sector. It certainly is tough! Thishow much of a quarter’s network has three articles that discussreturn we the issue of results and metrics in different ways. Congratulations towill make… ACEVO has begun working with charity consultancy NPC on creating a framework that will help ACEVO Honoured Members and other infrastructure organisations measure A CBE was awarded to Janet Vitmayer impact. Matilda Macduff talks through the process of Horniman Museum and Gardens, so far on page 14. Many of you will be aware that and Margaret Humphreys founder the ImpACT Coalition is hosted at ACEVO. On page of the Child Migrants Trust. Gerald 19, Liam Cranley, Head of ImpACT reinforces the Oppenheim former director of the significance of performance measurement whilst Big Lottery Fund and Steve Wyler ensuring that the right metric is being measured. James Caan, BBC Dragon, entrepreneur and major of the Development Trust Association donor talks about the results he hopes to achieve were honoured with an OBE. Mark when he donates to charity on page 32. Law of Barca-Leeds received an MBE, along with Elizabeth Also in this issue of network, we find out what Lisgo of Age Concern Somerset, would it be like for a leader to make the tough Martin Kinsella of P3, and Grahame decision of putting up the ‘Closed’ sign. We asked Pickering of the Great North Air CEO, Davina Goodchild to tell us her story. On page Ambulance Service. ACEVO 29, she highlights three areas that other leaders CEO Stephen Bubb was also in similar situations should consider. knighted. Back to the issue of performance measurement. How does network perform as a member benefit? Complete the readership survey and tell us Find a service Agnes Jumah, Editor to match your needsEditorial team: ACEVO has relationshipsMatt Boyle, Eleanor Doherty, Katherine Hudson, Agnes Jumah and Natalie Law. with a number of corporate partners, who provide quality services andACEVO is the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations. We connect, develop supplies to members. If you’re in needrepresent and support the third sectors leaders. We have nearly 2000 members andhave been providing support and advice to our members for over 20 years. To find out more about of a recruitment consultant, solicitorbecoming a member, please contact us on 020 7280 4960 or visit or companies that can reduce yournetwork is a quarterly publication for chief executives, senior management and all those interested in utility bills or office rent visit theleadership in the third sector. It is available on a controlled basis to members of ACEVO and is available ACEVO Corporate other readers on subscription. network accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage, howevercaused, to any material submitted for publication. Editorial opinions expressed in the magazine arenot necessarily those of ACEVO. Go to part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the prior consent of ACEVO. corporatedirectorySubscription UK: 1 year - £40
  7. 7. ACEVO network spring 2011 7 Need a consultant to help manage strategic change in your organisation? Read about ACEVO Consulting on page 18. Want free resources that can help your organisationLaunch of the Commission survive the cuts? Visit VoluntaryLeadership Sector Cuts on Big Society WebsiteSurvey Update A joint initiative with a number of organisations, Launched at the end of last year, ACEVO’s Commission Pay Survey the Voluntary Sector Cuts website maps voluntaryBaker Tilly, one of the UKs on Big Society held its first meeting in early January. 2011/12 – groups experiencing reductions in public sectorleading providers of accountingand business services and Chaired by Lib Dem peer Lord Respondents funding, and allows the third sector to collaborate andACEVO launched theLeadership Survey 2011 in Rennard, the Commission is putting together a civil society receive a share their knowledge of impending cuts.March. The survey askedrespondents about different response to Big Society. The Commission members have free copy If you’re involved in aareas including third sector been looking at what the The ACEVO Pay Survey is voluntary or communityfunding, board member concept means to civil society the largest of its kind group which has been toldskills, strategic planning groups. They’ve also sought to focusing on third sector CEO its statutory funding will beand performance pull the debate onto a more and senior manager salaries. reduced, you can be part ofmeasurement. Baker Tilly and practical ground, thinking Last year nearly 1,000 this work by sharing yourACEVO will also be hosting free about what measures could CEOs and chairs participated story. Add your knowledgeseminars across the UK in help build a bigger society, helping us build a broad of cuts to the site -June to disseminate the survey as well as what continues to picture of senior management Register your interest block it. Meetings will team remuneration in thein attending and find out more continue over the coming third sector. The moreabout the survey via the ACEVO months, with a report due members that take part thewebsite soon. more comprehensive theleadershipsurvey2011 report. This year the report will produced inFor further information on Mergers, partnership with Attenti.governance resources such Partnerships & There will be feweras consultancy or the ACEVO Collaborations questions in the hope thatGovernance Review Service, The July issue of network will more members can take Orli Gorenski Head feature articles on mergers, New Deputyof Business Development on partnershipsandcollaborations. All respondents If you would like to contribute complete the questionnaire Events ManagerVisit an article contact Agnes will receive a free Jumah, Head of Marketing via copy of the report. Visit the Samantha Black is ACEVO’sto see our publications that ACEVO website in May and new Deputy Events Manager.provide governance support with details of what you would complete the survey to Having recently completed ansuch as Your Chair and Board. like to cover. If you would like receive your free copy– Events Management Diploma, to access advice or support on Samantha joins ACEVO from mergers, visit the ACEVO Business Link where she website For hard copies of the worked within the public Social networker? questionnaire or for more sector to provide business Join ACEVO members on Here you will find information information please contact support to London’s SMEs. LinkedIn and follow on many free and discounted Matt Boyle on 020 7280 4970. Samantha has also spent time us on Twitter. ACEVO resources including Read from Pay Survey working as a volunteer in the See page 42 the publication A Guide to sponsor Attenti’s Director criminal justice system in the Mergers for Third Sector CEOs. David Fielding on page 17. UK, America and Thailand.
  8. 8. 8 ACEVO network spring 2011News Spring2011 Read about ACEVO’s latest free publication Drawing on all Resources on page 25. 15 June – Learning with LeadersDates for your diary – Robert Peston, BBC Business Correspondent 03 June – ACEVO Future Leaders Summit Fancy lunch and a talk with the most How good is your senior management team at knowledgeable business communicating with you? Our Future Leaders correspondent in the country? Summit will provide practical support for future ACEVO’s Learning with Leaders leaders and senior managers helping them to develop Series will give you the opportunity to John Low communication skills important at director level. Robert Peston meet Robert and discuss the changingThis conference for third sector directors will cover: business environment. Book now at· Upward management – How to positively influence your manager 23 June – ACEVO CEO Summit· Communication skills – Successful communication with the CEO, the board and others in the senior management team If you’re a third sector leader and you can only attend one event· Influencing skills – Positively influencing potential employees this year, make sure it’s the ACEVO CEO Summit. Hear from:· Networking skills – Developing networking skills and making the most of networking opportunities · Richard Hawkes, CEO, Scope · Emma-Jane Cross, CEO, BeatbullyingSpeakers include John Low, Chief Executive, Charities Aid · Henny Braund, CEO, Anthony NolanFoundation; Miles Templeman, Director General, IoD; David Fielding · Ciaran Devane, CEO, MacmillanMBE, Director, Attenti; Ira Koretsky, The Chief Storyteller. Book now at · John Cridland, Director General, and follow us on Twitter #flsummit. · Nita Clarke, Director, IPA · Rod Wilkes, CEO, CIM13-14 June - Third Sector DigitalCommunications and Social Media Convention Are you a digital CEO? Your organisational strategy needs to include how to get the most out of efficient digital resources and communications. This two day conference will Jon Snow Henny Braund Ciaran Devane Rod Wilkes bring together 50 engaging and inspiringspeakers like Channel 4’s Jon Snow and best-selling co-author of Speakers will be covering key topics that third sector leaders‘The Networked Non Profit’, Allison Fine. The convention will cover will need to focus on in the coming months such as crossinnovation, developments, best practice and strategy in digital sector partnerships; managing strategic change; employeecommunications and social media. Over 300 delegates are expected engagement; innovation and marketing. There will also bewith a choice of 40 presentation and how to workshops. Visit opportunities throughout the day to meet and network ACEVO members receive a £50 other leaders in the sector. Visit fordiscount. Add promo code ‘ACEVO50’ when booking. more information and follow us on Twitter #ceosummit. ACEVO Board Elections In our January elections, ACEVO welcomed back four previous directors, and one new addition to the Board. Welcomed back were Cliff Allum of Skillshare International, Tom Flood of BTCV, Diana Kingdon of Greenoak Housing Association and Priscilla Nkwenti of Black Health Agency. Mark Lever of the National Autistic Society is our new addition to the Board. Mark Lever is CEO of the National Autistic Society (NAS), a charity which champions the rights of people affected by autism, their parents and carers. It provides a range of information, advice and advocacy services and support including residential services and six autism schools. A qualified chartered accountant and MBA graduate of Cranfield, Mark joined NAS after thirteen years with WRVS, rising from Director of Training to CEO in 2002. Mark has been a member of ACEVO for six years. For further information about our board, visit the ACEVO website Read Mark’s Trustee’s Welcome on page 4.
  9. 9. ACEVO network spring 2011 9 Want to improve your income? Then engage your employees. Read page 38.New ACEVO developing thisPublications understanding, and New Members examines successful caseACEVO has launched a studies involving a range Here are some of our newest members. To find thenumber of new and free of approaches including details any of these new members, go to the Membershippublications over the mentoring, pro bono project area of the website and log in. In the left-hand navigation,last few months. Two support and trusteeships. click Contact a Member to find a member.are highlighted below. Download your free copy at Steve Scown - DimensionsFor more publications or call 020 7280 4960. Nuhu Salihu - Village Aidand free downloads visit Gary Hardman - St Annes Community Servicesthe ACEVO website If you would like more or have suggestions on Ben Clacy - ITSMF UKpublications. what our future publications Lucy Nickson - Helens Trust should cover please Charlotte Weinberg - Safe Ground contact the ACEVO Solo - Age UK LeedsPushing at membership team at Gary Millner - pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group)Open Doors Peter Corbett - Thomas Pocklington Trust Colin Norman - EPP CIC Michelle McIntosh Little - Head For Business ACEVO Pensions David Pastor - Claire House Childrens Hospice Survey 2010/11 Paul Parker - Religious Society of Friends Sally Shire - Consortium for Street Children Neil Leitch - Pre-school Learning Alliance Peter Sandiford - After Adoption Jon Siddall - Landaid Charitable Trust Amanda Foister - Longridge Karen Weaver - Harrogate & Areas CVS Heather Sim - The City Of London Migraine Clinic Ann Stacey - Skills For CareThere has never been a bettertime to find ways in which to Rakesh Garala - Skills For Careincrease collaborationbetween the voluntary, privateand public sectors. By The ACEVO Pensions Surveydeveloping cross sector has been written to help thirdrelationships, the voluntary sector organisationssector can make its voice understand the upcomingheard more effectively. changes in legislation. Included in the report is a On the BoxLaunched at the ACEVO guide to the 2012 PensionPhilanthropy Conference, this Reform with useful and‘how-to’ guide offers advice practical tips on how to starton how to successfully ‘open preparing your organisationdoors’ with leaders in the now.public and private sectors. Quite a few ACEVO members made appearances on TV‘Pushing at Open Doors’ looks Read more about the results championing their causes… Don Shenker from Alcoholat the role of cross sector of the survey on page 40. Concern…Srabani Sen from Contact a Family and ACEVOlearning relationships in board member…Rob Owen from St Giles Trust.
  10. 10. 10 ACEVO network spring 2011ACEVO Members’ News 25 ACEVO members’ organisations have been placed in The Times list of 100 best places to work in the Public and Charity Sector... Members run ’Best Places to Work’ The organisations of 25 ACEVO Rob Owen St Giles Trust 4 members won a place in The Emma Saysell St David’s Foundation Hospice 9 Times list of 100 Best Places to Steve Woodford The Foundation 10 Work. Foundation and Community Nicki Youern YOU 12 Links, both Leeds-based charities Jim Gardner Kent Union 19 came 10th and 38th respectively in Christine Allen Forum Housing Association 21 the league table based on staff Susan Bickerton Norcare 27 surveys. Foundation helps those Brett Wigdortz Teach First 32 with drug and alcohol problems Tegryn Jones Keep Wales Tidy 34 and the homeless. Its CEO’s ‘sound Jon Woolmore Community Links 38 Rob Owen, St Giles trust moral principles’ extend internally Simon Morris Jewish Care 42 (according to 85% of the staff). One of the staff benefits that Caroline Ward Mayday Trust 43 contributed to Community Links’ high score is a £300 bonus for James Catford Bible Society 47 completing a year-long qualification. Mark Molden Care for the Family 48 At 27 was Norcare, which provides homes for vulnerable people Conrad Watkins Cyrenians Cymru 62 such as those with drug or mental health problems. Working to Nicholas Young British Red Cross 64 resolve drug and mental health issues may not be everybody’s ‘dream job’, but 64% of Norcare’s employees believe it is. Robert Jones Sussex Oakleaf 68 In at number 62 is Cyrenians Cymru, who help vulnerable, Alma Caldwell Age UK North Tyneside 71 disadvantaged and homeless people. Bob Reitemeier The Childrens Society 73 ACEVO member Rob Owen runs the highest ranking organisation: Rob Noble The Leadership Trust Foundation 77 St Giles Trust, which reached a very impressive number 4! 85% of David Bull UNICEF UK 81 staff believe the organisation is ‘driven by more than profit’, and are Mark Goldring Mencap 85 ‘excited about where it is going’. For all ACEVO members and their Stuart Rigg Advance Housing & Support 91 organisations that appeared in the Times list see the table on the DebbieBrannigan Swanswell 93 right. Congratulations to all members! Jan Barlow The Fire Fighters Charity 99Norcare Adapts Services drew widespread acclaim from the media for highlighting a cause that had little representation, and with an increasing number ofNorcare is a leading housing and support organisation committed veterans returning to the UK and unemployment at an all-timeto providing holistic support to vulnerable groups in the north-east, high across the country, is likely to become increasingly importantwith services ranging from debt support to counselling and medical in the future.advice. Headed by CEO Susan Bickerton (an ACEVO member for fiveyears) since 2007, Norcare has built a reputation for helping those 2011 has already been a busy year for Norcare: in January Norcaretrapped by addiction, domestic violence or mental illness both launched its leadership management programme to develop thephysically and mentally. Norcare is well known for providing role of managers across the organisation, and in February, Norcarepersonalised, individual care that goes beyond basic housing needs. launched its Active Client Employment programme, offering Norcare clients training in the housing and support sector in orderRecently Norcare teamed up with Futurebuilders and the British to promote full time employment. Norcare is currently operating aLegion to provide a housing centre for veterans, the first of its kind number of support groups for non-residents, giving furtherin the north-east. The centre is a renovated four-storey Victorian individualised care to groups of 6-8 beneficiaries who will receivehouse which has helped hundreds of veterans by providing thesameservicesasresidents.Norcarehopetosetupotherveterans’accommodation and ensuring their wellbeing upon leaving. The centres in the north east. Susan Bickerton said: “The third sector iscentre assists veterans by providing employment advice, financial facing challenging times. This makes it all the more important thatmanagement and career guidance for people who have had to we hone our services to perfectly match the needs of our clients.rapidly adjust to completely different lives. The Veteran Centre The Norcare Veterans’ Centre is a perfect example of this.”
  11. 11. ACEVO network spring 2011 11Actionfor In the two months since its launch the site has alreadyChildrenLet raised over £100K and hasDonorsMake successfully funded five of its projects. With this initialDecisions success Action for Children are making the microsite a permanent part of its funding structure. Action for Children has been working to improve the lives of vulnerable children and young people in the UK for over 140 years. CEO Clare Tickell has been an ACEVO member for more than six years. If you would like to find out more about this or anyLaunched in February, My part of Action for Children’s work, you can contact Clare Small mandate, meaning most of their constituents votedAction for Children is the newdonating system from Action through the ACEVO website. Simply click Membership on Change Big against them. The Alternative Vote (AV) aimsfor Children. What makes and log in. Difference? to change this as allthis new system different is In the left-hand navigation, candidates will have to aimits ability to allow the donor click Contact a Member to The national referendum to get 50% of the decide how their money is find Clare and send her a on 05 May will be the first This means that MPsspent in three quick and easy message. chance UK voters have had will have to reach out tosteps: Choose where, Choose to decide how their MPs get every corner of theirhow and See how. and stay elected. constituency, rather than relying on their coreDonors can either choose Katie Ghose, CEO of the supporters to stay in power.specific projects that they are Electoral Reforminterested in or projects that Society says: ‘The Electoral Katie continued: ‘Millionsare at work in their local Reform Society has been of people in this countrycommunity. Like an online fighting for fairer votes in already use AV, includingsearch engine or directory, New BTCV Chair Westminster for over 100 charities, unions andthe microsite allows users to Rita Clifton has been appointed years. On 05 May we hope to business. Politiciansenter their postcode and find as the new Chair of BTCV, the finally see our current themselves use it to electprojects in their local area. social enterprise group. Clifton system - First-Past-the- their leaders, their officialsEach project has specific is UK Chair of Interbrand, the Post, replaced with a better and their candidates.descriptions and further brand consultancy and system which gives votersinformation about how it’s President of the MRS. In the more power and forces all ‘The Alternative Vote is afunding is spent. Once a past, she has also been CEO at MPs to work harder at small, sensible change thatproject has been fully funded Interbrand and Vice Chair at listening and responding to will make a big difference.all donors will receive an Saatchi & Saatchi. Clifton said: their electorate’s concerns. It will make MPs workupdate from the project “I am delighted to be joining harder to get elected anddemonstrating how their BTCV at this very important and ‘At the last election First- give voters more of a say. Ifmoney was spent and the challenging time. BTCV CEO Past-the-Post allowed two- we don’t pull our politiciansdifference made to the lives Tom Flood is an ACEVO member thirds of MPs to win their into line now, we may neverof local children. and trustee. seats with a minority get another chance’.
  12. 12. 2011 will be a testing year for many thirdsector leaders. The ACEVO CEO Summit will Surviving and Thriving –examine the leadership and managementchallenges in the sector and will provide you Actions for awith practical ideas and information on how to:• Manage complex changes within your organisation Third Sector Leader• Develop new strategies to survive the changing environment whilst delivering for beneficiaries 23 June 2011, 09:15 – 16:30• Keep employees and volunteers engaged and motivated LondonAttend the conference and hear from experiencedleaders in the voluntary, public and private sectorsproviding advice and thoughts on developments Standard Price: £201* /£273within the sector. Speakers include: ACEVO Member Price: £135* /£165Richard Hawkes, CEO of Scope on how Scope will be Corporate Price: £243*/£273led to success through its 60th year. *Early Bird Prices for bookingsJohn Cridland, Director General of CBI on the positive outcomes of made before 20 May 2011private and third sector collaborations and how cross sector partnershipscan create capacity in both sectors.Conference Highlights Book before• Employee engagement – How CEOs can lead employees through 20 May for restructures and financial challenges keeping staff motivated early bird• Innovation – How to create a culture of innovation to support discounts organisational sustainability• Cross sector partnerships – Working productively with other sectors• Networking – The ACEVO CEO Summit will provide the space for you as a third sector leader to network and openly share your experiences, ideas and concerns with your peers.How to BookCall 020 7280 4962,email orvisit A SSOCI ATI ON OF CHIEF EXECUTI VE S O F VOLUNTARY O RGANI S ATI ON S • • 020 7280 4962 Supported by Media partners
  13. 13. ACEVO network spring 2011 13Me and My ChairCrispin Truman, CEO at The Churches Conservation Trust on his strong relationship with his celebrityChair Loyd Grossman OBE. o say that the Chair-Chief special of thanking volunteers,T Executive relationship is important in a charity isan understatement. Mutual staff and donors and adding weight and sparkle to Trust events. The Chair’s job is abouttrust, understanding and being a big part of the publiccooperation between these two face.people is only the starting point It’s also of course to lead andfor a successful and sustainable look after the Board of Trusteesorganisation. and know enough about the business to be able to support A shared sense of the vision and the Chief Executive on the criticalof how the two roles interact is issues.also indispensable. For all thejob descriptions, procedures and What makes it work?terms of reference in the world, Good housekeepingnothing can replace an intuitive including regular catch-ups;sense of how you work together phone conversations onand what you need to lead or important issues; doing adefer to each other on. It’s an art road to Damascus’ conversion on double-act on key externalmore than a science and without this issue some years ago. All networking. It can help to haveit you’re going nowhere. trustees at CCT are asked to give one or two areas of particular My Chair is Loyd Grossman according to their means: Loyd expertise where we do someOBE: businessman, cultural himself played a lead role in hands-on work together – withsector leader and journalist. setting up our Development Loyd and I, it tends to be theLoyd is a rare combination of (fundraising) Board and our new major donor fundraising,both a public figure who has major donor strategy. Government liaison and ofhelped raise our profile, and an As a chief executive I think it course, Board planning.engaged and effective Chair who really helps to have experience The Chief Executive needsis interested in the workings of of being a chair, or at least a to make sure that thethe Trust and knows where the trustee, oneself. As former chair relationship works – byline is drawn between of the London Cycling Campaign, responding constructively,trusteeship and management. I know what it feels like to be a providing the support andHe is appointed by the volunteer with little time to get information a Chair needsArchbishops’ and the Prime into the detail but a big and running the organisationMinister’s Appointments As a chief responsibility for the well. Problems occur whenSecretaries, but came to the organisation’s direction and there’s a vacuum, so keeping allTrust - as I did - through executive I success. Having put yourself in a those balls well up in the air isadvertisement and interview. think it really chair’s shoes you have a much one sure-fire way to keep your Loyd is also a donor: helps to have better sense of what they need Chair happy.something which I think is from their Chief Executive in What a good Chair does in returnnowadays a crucial part of the experience of order to do their job. is to resist coming up with tenrole of Board Chair, in any charity being a chair, For Loyd, that job is about bright ideas before breakfast,which is asking individuals to getting out there and engaging none of which support thegive their own money to support or at least a with the public, the press, agreed strategic aims. Not thatits work. As trustee of other trustee, oneself. politicians, and funders. It’s that has ever happened to me ofcharities myself, I underwent a about making something really course.
  14. 14. 14 ACEVO network spring 2011Proving Your WorthNew Philanthropy Capital (NPC) is helping ACEVO to measure its impact. Matilda Macduff from NPCexplains the stages of this interesting process. easuring impact is knowledge through online Linking activities toM challenging for any charity. But for aninfrastructure organisation resources including its guide to analysing charities, The Little Blue Book. It also vision A theory of change is a graphic representation of thelike ACEVO, with nearly offers a tailored consultancy steps required to reach a2,000 members heading up service which, amongst final, long-term goal—oftencharities of all shapes and other things, helps presented as a series ofsizes, it can be a particularly organisations to measure slides with lots of arrows.hard nut to crack. How does and communicate the Like a map, it lays out a routeACEVO go about assessing impact they create. to achieving a major aim inthe difference it makes small, manageable steps,through its work? Defining a vision linking day-to-day activities One of the difficulties all to overall vision.ACEVO plays an important organisations face inrole in the third sector, measuring and articulating Rather than starting withthrough the support and their impact is the need to what an organisation isresources it brings to define their vision very already doing and trying tocharities, and by providing a clearly. This is challenging link this to what it hopes tovoice for organisations in the enough for organisations achieve, a theory of changewider world. But ACEVO has delivering direct services. begins with the charity’sfound it difficult at times to It is even harder for an vision. It identifies thefind a way to demonstrate the organisation like ACEVO outcomes required to realiseimpact it creates. which is achieving its aims via that vision, and the activities another tier of organisations. or interventions leading toIn these belt-tightening those outcomes. There maytimes, charities need to be ACEVO’s vision is for a be many outcomes that comeable to make a good case for thriving third sector. Like together to realise a vision,funding to a range of many infrastructure and they must all beaudiences. At the same time, organisations, its aims refer considered.there are also internal to the sector as a whole. Butmotivations for looking to what does a thriving third Working out a theory ofimprove the way a charity sector look like? How can change takes time and effort,measures its impact. one measure something as and relies on staff wide-ranging as whether ACEVO’s vision engagement. Without clearWith this in mind, ACEVO the sector has improved or is for a thriving input from the staff who carryenlisted the help of charity not? And if the sector does out an organisation’sconsultancy and think tank improve, how can it be third sector. activities, it is hard to build upNew Philanthropy Capital attributed to ACEVO? Like many a realistic picture of what an(NPC) last year. NPC has ten organisation is doing.years of experience of To begin to answer these infrastructureanalysing charities and kinds of questions, NPC organisations, The value of a theoryassessing the impact they are facilitated a workshop with its aims refer of changemaking. It has developed a a group of staff from ACEVO. For NPC, creating a theory ofrobust methodology based on The aim of this workshop to the sector as change is the starting pointthe hundreds of organisations was to map ACEVO’s ‘theory a whole. for measuring has worked with, sharing its of change’. Mapping a theory of change
  15. 15. ACEVO network winter 2011 15also helps an organisation to on the second stage: creatingcome up with a narrative the tools to enable ACEVO to ACEVO’s Director ofabout its work, helping to capture the data needed to Strategy, Seb Elsworthestablish a causal measure its impact. Thisrelationship between its framework will be piloted by “We know throughactivities and positive change ACEVO in the spring and after anecdotes and feedbackby showing how certain that will be made available to how successful our workoutcomes follow on from its other organisations. has been, both in terms ofwork. It can also inform supporting our membersstrategic decisions: by Both NPC and ACEVO are and influencing policy, butbreaking down vision and keen to encourage more we recognise that we need a more systematic way of provingoutcomes into day-to-day charities to go public with their this success to strategic funders, partners and members.activities, an organisation can approaches to measurement. Improving our impact measurement will also help us tocompare activities in its understand ourselves better and know what works and whattheory of change to the doesn’t. We are working with NPC to ensure that we areactivities it is currently doing. Theory measuring the right things. We also wanted to make sure that the results of thisIf the two don’t match up, it is project would benefit the sector more widely and so we arelikely that it is not achievingwhat it hopes to. By refining of what? making the framework available to others. We hope that the framework can help advocacy and membershipits strategy to reflect the organisations to prove their worth to potential funders atactivities drawn out by the Theories of change have a time when there is pressure to stand out.”theory of change, the their roots in the work oforganisation can ensure that the evaluation Angela Kail, oneit is doing what it set out to as community, and have of NPC’s Senior Consultantseffectively as possible. become increasingly popular in the last five “Using a theory of change allowsProducing a theory of change years. Some people use organisations to capture all the stepscan be particularly useful for the term interchangeably involved in an organisation’s work andadvocacy and membership with “logic models”, every outcome that’s achieved, andorganisations like ACEVO, although it differs from see how they link together. It’s onlywhich can find it challenging these models because it once we can see how impact isto communicate what they do. shows a causal pathway created, that we can decide what are the most importantBy mapping out activities in and requires a clear things to measure.relation to an overall aim, articulation of underlying All too often charities are thinking about measurement inorganisations can assumptions which can isolation. Where organisations are making steps forwarddemonstrate just how much be tested and measured. with impact measurement we think it is vital that they sharework they carry out in order For a range of resources, what they have learnt. By supporting each other in this way,to achieve each outcome. tips and tools, visit charities can get better at communicating the value of what they do”. www.theoryofchange.orgWhat’s next for NPC the website which is the For more information about the project, contact Seband ACEVO? result of a collaboration Elsworth at ACEVO, or Angela Kail at New PhilanthropyThe first stage of the project, between the Aspen Capital or visit the theory of Institute and To find out more about NPC’s consulting services, visitchange is complete, and NPC ActKnowledge. www.philanthropycapital.organd ACEVO are now working
  16. 16. The Journey toBecoming a CEO03 June 2011, 09:15 – 16:30, LondonStandard Price: £185* /£215 Book beforeACEVO Member Price: £102* /£132 03 May for early birdCorporate Price: £193*/£223 discounts*Early Bird Prices for bookings made before 03 May 2011How good is your senior management team at communicating with you?Our Future Leaders Summit will provide practical support for futureleaders and senior managers helping them to develop communication skillsimportant at director level. The focus of this summit will be on results-drivencommunication between senior management teams, the CEO and board members.It will also focus on developing the upward management skills of third sector directors.Whether new or experienced directors, this conference will help delegates develop theright communication skills.Delegates will also hear candid accounts from high profile third sector leaders andentrepreneurs on how they have built their careers, overcoming the challenges they havefaced through effectively communicating.This conference for third sector directors will cover:• Upward management – How to positively influence your manager• Communication skills – Successful communication with the CEO, the board and others in the senior management team• Social skills – Using a practical toolkit to apply social and emotional intelligence• Networking skills – Developing networking skills and making the most of networking opportunitiesHow to BookCall 020 7280 4962, email orvisit S S O C I AT I O N O F C H I E F E X E C U T I V E S O F VO L U N TA RY O R G A N I S AT I O N S • • 020 7280 4962Hosted by Supported by Media partners
  17. 17. ACEVO network spring 2011 17Leadership Team RIP?Downsizing doesn’t have to mean the death of your leadership team. David Fielding, Director at attenti offersadvice on how to restructure and refocus your leadership team making it fighting fit for the future. uminaries such as them’; ‘They are not that bad at don’t see them as part of theL Clinton, Obama, Blair, Cameron and even Bubb,have all told us that we should the job’; ‘They will really struggle to get another job’ or ‘We might end up in a tribunal’ future say so: deep down people want to know where they stand; and they need to‘never miss the opportunity can be heartfelt but are not hear it direct.of a good crisis’. legitimate reasons for not taking action. Don’t just rely on an interview.In the growth years, many We know that validity increases,charities were in expansion attenti is backed by private the more data you take intomode; the business case to add equity guru, media personality account when making selectionnew skills and experience and Chair of the Big Issue, decisions. So get independentthrough a higher senior head James Caan. His mantra is that support and ensure you usecount was compelling. The he invests in leadership teams, other assessment tools such asargument to give people a seat not the organisation. Getting the scenario interviews orat the top table irresistible. right top team is absolutely psychometrics, giving honestThese were the good years and crucial to tackle the challenges feedback. The informationthe sector ended up with large ahead. Tinkering at the margins gained will be invaluable forand strong leadership teams. won’t do. Having helped a variety future team development and of organisations do this over the also of great value to those whoPerformance management was past 18 months our advice find themselves back on the joban activity everyone signed up would be as follows., but in reality was a lowerpriority. Sir Clive Woodward, not Ensure you and your trustees When decisions are made, actalways known for his soft side, are on the same page about the on them swiftly. Allow peopleobserved that giving a player the future and what needs to be the dignity of communicatingEngland Captaincy was done. Reshaping the team is a the outcome to their peers andwonderful but taking it away was critical leadership task; don’t team first, however long drawnsimply awful. This rings true for delegate this to HR or legal out notice periods are self-many of us. advisors. defeating. This kind of overall approach reduces the worryHaving had over a decade of Get the numbers and the of tribunals as people aregrowth, it’s not surprising that forecasting right. Be clear about far less likely to go downchairs and chief executives are how you want your top team to that struggling to get to grips operate in the future. Usewith reducing the head count behavioural competencies Finally, give as much personaland refocusing their top team. rather than simple job tasks or support as you can. An oldThere are lots of different Ensure you and job functions to help with mentor of mine used to say ‘Pipeeuphemisms for this: your trustees evaluations. them ashore rather than maketransforming, restructuring, them walk plank’.reconfiguring, downsizing, are on the same Consultation has a place - berightsizing - the list goes on. It’s page about the open and transparent about David Fielding MBE leads thealways sensitive because we are future and the process but don’t waste Not for Profit recruitmentdealing with people and having a effort trying to get practice at attenti and is one ofdirect impact on their careers what needs to consensus. Have honest, the UK’s leading head-hunters.and livelihoods. Statements be done. face-to-face conversations He is a trustee for Equinox Caresuch as ‘The staff really like with everyone affected. If you and a special advisor to ACEVO.
  18. 18. 18 ACEVO network spring 2011Member Tried & Tested Your membership gives you access to valuable resources. Read about some member benefits and feedback from your peers. ACEVO Worklife Support Employee Assistance Programme With the public spending cuts hitting the third sector it is inevitable that your employees may feel the strain, both at work and at home. Do you need to implement three managers had no ACEVO works in partnership with Worklife Support to strategic change? Could a hesitation in appointing this provide a support service for members and their staff consultant help you manage worthy consultant. The task was through the Employee Assistance Programme. This service transition within your carried out in an excellent not only helps progressive organisations to satisfy their organisation? manner, giving sound, well duty of care to employees but also to reduce costs and Contracting a consultant to work reasoned advice as well as limits business risk by resolving potential problems with your organisation can be a implementation support. promptly and constructively. difficult and daunting task. How More recently we have needed ACEVO Member David Blackburn, Director of HR & can the right consultant be further work in relation Business Support at Shepherds Bush Housing Group appointed? The consultancy to our regional structures and has said of the service: service team at ACEVO appointed this consultant once understands these challenges again.” Cats Protection “Our EAP has helped us to maintain both a low turnover and will provide you with a “This consultant did a wide- and low sickness absence levels in some of the most confidential, efficient and free ranging management review at challenging times.” service to assist you in choosing Victim Support and gained wide the right consultant for your respect there, both by the CEO The ACEVO Worklife Support EAP gives employees and organisation. We will find out and trustees who had their families’ unlimited 24-hour telephone access to a what your needs are and provide commissioned the work, and team of specialist advisors and counselors to help resolve you with a shortlist of qualified also by the managers who had to a wide range of personal or work-related issues from consultants to choose from. Read carry forward the implementation. professional guidance and counseling, to financial and what some ACEVO members This led to an invitation back to legal information and advice. have said about the consultants do other pieces of work.” For further details email from our list. Victim Support or call 0845 873 5680. “At Cats Protection we tendered for consultancy work For more information on for our senior management ACEVO Consulting, call Orli structure review and the panel of Gorenski on 020 7280 4976. Special Interest Groups SIGs are an opportunity for those from a specific sector or with a particular area of interest share experiences and develop solutions to problems within their remit. Each group is chaired by an ACEVO member and supported by staff from ACEVO. Each SIG has meetings throughout the year where members of the SIG can get togetherto talkaboutthelatestissues,policyandlegislativechanges. These free meetings are open to all ACEVO Full and Associate Members. A list of SIGs and meeting dates for 2011 can be found on the website. Visit
  19. 19. ACEVO network spring 2011 19Better Monitoring and EvaluationLiam Cranley, Head of ImpACT at the ACEVO hosted ImpACT Coalition drives home the importance ofknowing what to measure. t’s a daunting task to begin situation. These evaluation researchers to ask serviceI measuring the effectiveness of yourorganisation’s work, both in methods give funders the false impression that they are collecting the right users what really matters to them, WRVS found that some participants in the meals onrelation to knowing what to information, and it hampers wheels programme did not eatmeasure and what you might our ability to conduct effective the meals they received, yetdiscover. The key to success is monitoring and evaluation. We they continued to participate,the involvement of funders often fail to learn and therefore because the human contactand service users. Exploring fail to apply any learning left them feeling less isolated.the factors that lead to poor because we lack the right data WRVS still measure theperformance in current and motivation to do so. number of meals delivered,monitoring and evaluation Ultimately, it’s our service but their monitoring andpractice offers some users that are affected. evaluation is now gearedsupporting evidence. We are often guilty of towards measuring softer In recent years, some committing the same error outcomes, such as reducedfunders (they will remain when it comes to our isolation and increasedunnamed!) have designed relationship with stakeholders. confidence.monitoring and evaluation If we develop indicators and There are numeroussystems in isolation, away outcomes in consultation with pressures on both funders andfrom the projects and services our funders, we can be a little service deliverers, which makethey fund, and have then too convinced of our own for an imperfect relationshippassed these evaluations wisdom. There’s a temptation when it comes to monitoring andsystems down to service to second guess what is evaluating services. However,deliverers to complete. As a important to our service users, both parties ultimately strive toresult, these systems feel rather than just asking them. achieve the same goal: a bettermore like an imposition, rather We’re the experts, right? This standard of living for the peoplethan a vital check of how our approach can lead to vital they support. Rather thanprojects and services are information being overlooked, entrenching old notions of whatperforming. At best we can feel and it can have a knock-on counts as success, we need todemotivated; it can feel like a effect on the services we There are recognise that effectivechore, and at worst, we feel provide. WRVS’s project to numerous monitoring and evaluation isfrustration at being asked to capture what is important dependent on the involvementmeasure the wrong things. illustrates this point perfectly. pressures on of both funders and service Without entering into a Until two years ago WRVS both funders and users.discussion to create a system measured the effectiveness ofthat works for funders, service its work largely by measuring service deliverers, New Philanthropy Capital hasdeliverers, and service users numbers, for example, how which make for released a new publicationalike, we tend to jump through many meals on wheels were an imperfect which will explore whathoops, half-heartedly delivered on target. The senior funders can do to helpcompleting the monitoring and management team took the relationship when charities conduct monitoringevaluation reports we inherit. bold decision to ask the it comes to and evaluation andOf course, this keeps the question ‘so what?’ They demonstrate impact morefunders happy, which wanted to know what monitoring and effectively. Helping Granteessubsequently keeps funding difference their services evaluating Focus on Impact is availablerolling in. But let’s take a actually made to service users’ services. to download free atlonger term view of the lives. After commissioning
  20. 20. 20 ACEVO network spring 2011Improving NHS and Third Sector RelationsAlison Ryan, Chief Executive of Weldmar Hospicecare Trust asks whether and how the third sectorcan improve relations with the NHS. or the 25 years I have aim is to commission the right it for the NHS to engage withF worked in the third sector, improvingrelations with the NHS has been services – as defined by patient experience - for patients in the right place, at the right time and us? Do we subsume organisational differences in order to provide a coherentan unfulfilled aspiration for the to decommission services narrative to the NHS? Do wesector. In late 2009 the which do not provide this, thus work to strengthen our localDepartment of Health funded reducing the cost base of the infrastructure bodies so theythrough both ACEVO and NHS NHS by the equivalent of £25bn can perform that function or doSouthwest, a project to identify by 2014. we ignore them? Do ouractions that could improve QIPP matters, more entrepreneurial andrelations. perhaps than any other NHS competitive spirits identify As a longstanding ACEVO initiative at the moment, market opportunities and go formember and also a Non- because there are imperatives them regardless of whatExecutive Director at NHS about reducing NHS greater gains could be got bySouthwest I led the working expenditure which will survive co-operation? Can we beparty of regional NHS, third any politically inspired changes trusted? Should QIPP identifysector infrastructure and in structure, and it will be decommissioning of ‘populardelivery organisations tasked around for at least another four but actually unnecessary’with this challenge. We met in years. QIPP plans will inform all facilities to explain the rationalesummer 2010 – just as the commissioning – no matter to our constituents or will we,extent of the NHS reforms was who is doing it - and thus the knees a-jerk, attack “the cuts”?becoming apparent, immediately flows of NHS funds into our Can we be trusted with plansrendering our task nigh sector. QIPP workstreams which are half formed? Do weimpossible. In response we cover all aspects of healthcare know when we are lobbying andfocused our thinking on and is happening in every when we are contributing ideasidentifying relatively simple locality at PCT level. QIPP gives for the greater good?transactional changes which the third sector an unrivalled As became apparent in ourmight survive the hiatus, and opportunity to influence NHS In response we working party, to the NHS theindeed give both sectors a planning to improve services answer to many of thesebetter chance of success in the and create a richer more focused our questions appears to be ‘No’.turmoil. responsive health economy in thinking to Our working party evidenced an It is not possible to set out which the sector’s unique roles all-round enthusiasm for theall the findings in this space so in user empowerment, user identifying input of the sector to QIPPI’ll outline the leadership and centred service design and relatively simple planning but these significantbehavioural challenges we holistic working can flourish. transactional barriers stand in the way ofidentified – the challenges With its insights into what making it happen. A lot of themwhere we as third sector makes a real difference to changes which are barriers of our own makingleaders could make a difference. patients, its capacity to provide might survive the – it is up to us whether we alternative and often more cost dismantle them.QIPP – the only certain effective services and the degree hiatus, andgame in town to which it is trusted by patients, indeed give both What can the third sector do toQIPP (Quality Innovation the third sector should be well sectors a better improve relations with theProductivity and Prevention) is integrated into this planning – NHS? Contact the ACEVO Policythe NHS savings-through- but it rarely is. chance of success Team or start a discussion onimproving-quality-and- Do we have ourselves to in the turmoil. the ACEVO LinkedIn groupproductivity programme. The blame? How easy do we make
  21. 21. ACEVO network spring 2011 21A Big Society AdventureThe Big Society agenda, in part, focuses on a more local view with responsibilities moving from the State tocommunities. Sukhvinder Kaur-Stubbs, Chair of Volunteering England thinks this could be a welcome adventure. uring the ‘70s there develop in a way that has elderly neighbours, challengesD was a TV programme called Nai Zindagi NayaJeevan. Translated it means stifled individuals’ desire and ability to share, care and appreciate others. The sense school exclusions or has had to ask for planning permission, will know how obtuse the rulesnew way and new life. For of adventure that unified post- can be. Government isthose of us that migrated war Britons and addressing the most absurdfrom our Commonwealth Commonwealth migrants has regulations. Despite this, ourvillages to inner city Britain, been eroded. Re-imagining procedures remain complex. it was indeed a huge leap of how we live and work will Many employers are beginningfaith, a big adventure. reunite us and help revive our to realise the value of concern for each other. volunteering their professionalMy Punjabi family found itself skills; it is common practice inin Handsworth, living cheek- The pressure on public the legal profession. There isby-jowl with Caribbeans and budgets, encourages ample scope for architects,Pakistanis. With limited reconfiguration of front-line accountants, surveyors,resources but a determination provision. Instead of marketers and IT people toto do well, we looked out for replicating pre-determined provide pro-bono support.each other. When our models of delivery, voluntaryneighbour Mack returned from groups and volunteers can But it’s not just about sharingJamaica in ill-health, we put work with authorities and local skills. Too much is regulatedhim up for as long as he companies to co-design what and from too high a level.needed. When the local shop works for them. In any Individual judgement andbecame vacant, we clubbed neighbourhood, there will be discretion becomes exempted.together to set up a place many groups doing their Other parts of Europewhere we could buy and sell utmost to serve residents. demonstrate that at a localour specialist spices and Why not co-locate and share level, people and theirvegetables. When we were costs? Better still, could we Instead of communities can be trusted tojoined by Hindus exiled from bear to give up premises and do more for themselves. InUganda, we helped them just set up a community desk replicating northern Holland and parts ofconvert a derelict house into a in the lobby of a supermarket? pre-determined Denmark, road signs and eventemple. This was Big Society. The administrative headache traffic lights have been of running a small voluntary models of removed to encourageMany readers will recount organisation can too easily delivery, pedestrians and drivers to besimilar stories of their distract from the provision of voluntary more mindful of each other.nurturing communities and core services. Furthermore, Guess what? The number ofthere are countless examples technological advances have groups and accidents droppedof areas where such diminished the need for volunteers can dramatically. The welcomeengagement prevails. face-to-face servicing. For contraction of the StateHowever, the core values of a those who remain digitally work with provides an opportunity tobig society - reciprocation, excluded, a friendly and authorities and establish new ways of livingrespect and responsibility – are accessible figure near the local companies and working. Restoring aonly intermittently exposed. front door of an Iceland or sense of adventure will helpPoverty, exclusion, wealth and Aldi, could provide valuable to co-design liberate the core values offear have produced a more signposting. what works reciprocation, respect andatomised society. We have also responsibility and establish aallowed the State to grow and Any local group that helps for them. more pervasive Big Society.