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Network autumn 2011

  1. 1. Autumn 2011Supporting and Developing, Connecting and RepresentingTheresa’s TestWill the voluntary sector take it?Plus features on female leadership, diversity and part-time working.Also in this issue:Small Steps to Social MediaTop Tips for Bank LendingRe-evaluating Collective Purpose
  2. 2. Annual Conference Dinner 16 November, 18:30-21:30 An opportunity to network, hear from Guy Laurence, CEO of Vodafone UK and enjoy good food. The new 2011/12 ACEVOThe Chair and CEO Pay Survey will also be launched at the reception. ACEVO Member Price £100leading into the future Price £15017 November 2011 LondonOur speakers on third sector leadership include:Martha Lane Fox, James Caan, Loyd Grossman OBE, Stephen Hester,UK’s Digital CEO, Hamilton Chair, Churches CEO, RBSChampion Bradshaw & Conservation Trust EntrepreneurMartyn Lewis CBE, Bill Ryan, David Bull, Tom Flood,Chairman, NCVO Harvard University Executive Director, CEO, BTCV UNICEFLesley-Anne Rita Clifton, Dame Clare Tickell, Crispin Truman,Alexander, Chair, BTCV & CEO, Action for CEO, ChurchesCEO, RNIB and UK Chair, Interbrand Children Conservation TrustChair, ACEVO How to Book: Call 020 7280 4962, email or visit Standard price ACEVO Members £190 • Third/Public sector £290 • Corporate sector £350 Early bird prices until 14 October ACEVO Members £170 • Third/Public sector £220 • Corporate sector £300 ASSOCIATION OF CHIEF EXECUTIVES OF VOLUNTARY ORGANISATIONS #acevoconf 020 7280 4962Supported by Media partners
  3. 3. ACEVO network autumn 2011 3Contents Autumn2011 8 26 XX 30Cover Stories In brief26 Taking the 4 Director’s Welcome 23 New in NaplesInitiative The results ofHome Secretary 6 News Euclid Network’s social innovationTheresa May on gender 10 ACEVO Members’ News competition.equality reporting. 13 Impact Matters 24 Top Tips for28 Right to be Funders want to see impact. They no ApproachingAmbitious longer take your word for it. Richard BanksIt’s still uphill forfemale leaders. Barron explains. Talk to banks before you need them 23Dame Clare Tickell 14 Pension Reform Just 12 Months advises Liz Best.thinks mentoring Away! Major change is coming whether you’re 33 Keep Leadership Sharpmakes the climb prepared or not, warns Ian Bird. - Play Gameseasier. Playing games can help build effective 15 Winning Solutions leadership according to Jenny Berry.30 Equality and Tom Flood outlines what ACEVODiversity – To Train Solutions has to offer. 34 Re-evaluating Collectiveor Not to Train? PurposeTraining staff online 17 Delivering the Chair Leaders don’t realise whenabout discrimination. The relationship between chair and employees lack it. Michael chief executive can be fraught, says Jenkins outlines the problem.Julie Bann describes Penelope 37 Member Tried and Tested 18 Small Steps to Social Media31 The Missing Start small with social media, suggests 38 Time OutWomen John-Paul Hughes – but start. A quick guide to trending topicsWhat can women do from ACEVO’s LinkedIn groupto boost their job 19 Me and My Chair and Twitter feed.chances? David On working with the youngest chairFielding advises. in the country by Gary Buxton of Young Advisors.32 Part-time 20 Confessions of a CEOLeader? Mike Elliott, Chief Executive of TheThe future is part-time Clare Foundationand might mean abigger choice of staff, finds examples of charity ex- 19according to Karen cellence.Mattison. 20
  4. 4. 4 ACEVO network autumn 2011Director’s WelcomeStrength in NumbersOver 20 years ago some charity CEOs decided to set up a network and ACEVO was born. Seb Elsworth,Director of Strategy, discusses new developments at ACEVO. ext year it will be 25 could go about paying her CEO course go on to formN years since a small group of chiefexecutives of charities met chair for loss of earnings for undertaking the role. Advice and best practice tips came long standing peer support groups which meet for years after the course hasat the national conference of flooding in. been completed. For morethe Association of Directors experienced leaders,of Social Services and Hundreds benefit ACEVO’s professionalthought: wouldn’t it be good For many members ACEVO’s development programmeif we had one of those for special interest groups also offers bespokeour own sector. Those chief (SIGs) provide a great matching with a coachexecutives recognised that opportunity to meet fellow or mentor to drive andthe leadership role is a leaders who are working in a challenge leadershiplonely one, and that the best similar environment. SIGs decisions and styles.form of support will come are formed around both thefrom other leaders who work of the organisation Numeroushave shared those (such as health and social opportunitiesexperiences. care, professional Every third sector associations) or the organisation is influencedACENVO, soon renamed characteristics of the leader by its external environmentACEVO, was born, and our (women, BME). SIGs usually and the job of a leader isnetwork has grown in size meet quarterly and are to understand and whereand influence over the last chaired by a fellow ACEVO possible, change thattwo and a half decades. At its member. environment for the benefitheart ACEVO is all about of the organisation’sconnections. Connections Each year hundreds of mission. For most ACEVOwhere leaders can seek ACEVO members benefit members the relationshipsupport and advice. from the benchmarking of with government, be itConnections where leaders data from across the through funding, regulationcan learn and develop. network, in particular or legislation, impacts theirConnections where leaders around salaries, employee work. ACEVO providescan influence and create benefits and governance numerous opportunities tochange. practice. It’s the connecting connect with key policy of information from those makers throughOver the last few weeks I’ve hundreds of leaders which opportunities such as ourbeen party to numerous makes this benefit possible. The leadership permanent secretariesconversations where leaders The more members away-day, our taskforceshave been gathering advice contributing, the better role is a lonely and Learning with Leadersfrom their fellow ACEVO the data. one and the best events. Connections withmembers. One member form of support the business sector, whereleading a restructure in his Long term learning there are opportunitiesorganisation needed support ACEVO also helps to create will come from for both service deliveryin writing a job description to connections which are more other leaders who partnerships and newdowngrade a role in the formal and focused on CSR relationships, arefinance team. Another CEO long term learning and have shared those also fostered through ourwanted to speak to fellow development. Many experiences. events, conferences andmembers about how she participants of our New dinners.
  5. 5. ACEVO network autumn 2011 5 For most ACEVO members the relationship with government, be it through funding, regulation or legislation, impacts their work.Finding solutionsThe support which comesthrough ACEVO membershipalone may not be enough.That’s where ACEVOSolutions Ltd providesextra support if needed.As Tom Flood CBE writes inthis issue, ACEVO Solutions isour new social enterprisearm aimed at providing worldclass business solutionsand transformationalrelationships for the thirdsector and beyond. ACEVOSolutions currently offersexpert consultancy servicesand a bespoke eventsmanagement service withthe team working ondeveloping a range ofproducts and services tohelp transform the sector’sability to compete in newmarkets, all throughbrokering connectionsand creating scale.It is never easy being a thirdsector chief executive.The last few years have beenparticularly tough for many,and the next may be eventougher. We all know thatprofessional networks canprovide that essentialsupport. Your association ishere with that supportivenetwork.To find out how the ACEVOnetwork can help you or fora reminder of your memberbenefits, give us a call on020 7280 4960 or
  6. 6. 6 ACEVO network autumn 2011Editor’s Intro News Autumn2011 In BriefEquality and Diversity at the Top We’re moving!History wasn’t my favourite subject at school but as I get older I amincreasingly interested in how things evolve over time. Organisations wereonce required to ensure ‘equality’ in the workplace but current thinkingfavours ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’. Although the focus on fairnessregardless of an employee’s background is still pertinent, it’s a shamethere often appears to be little progress, particularly with regards togender. Women are still woefully under-represented in boardrooms,public institutions and in government. The third sector does better than ACEVO will be moving in the summerother sectors but despite women making up 68% of our workforce, only of next year to be part of the civil48% are CEOs. society hub that is being created at This issue has a number of features discussing gender and leadership. Regent’s Wharf. The move, which wasThe Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Home Secretary and Minister for Women agreed by the ACEVO Board earlierand Equalities outlines her step-by-step, voluntary approach to reporting this year, will represent a significantgender equality. Think, Act, Report is a new initiative encouraging organi- saving for ACEVO, allowing us to freesations to show their commitment to fairness for women at work (page 26). up more of our income to spend on David Fielding MBE examines the background to diversity issues (page member services. This move will31). Given candidates of equal aptitude, why is it often the man and not the enable us to share space and ideaswoman that goes for the better position? Interestingly, the male candidate with sector colleagues NCVO,is also more likely to apply for positions where he can’t fully evidence Volunteering England and Bond.capabilities as required by the job spec. On page 32, Karen Mattison advocates greater use of part-time rolesat a senior level to support parents back into work. Full-time contractsdon’t always suit talented candidates. It’s no surprise that many of thesecandidates are often women. We also have Julie Bann from DWFintroducing a way for organisations to identify diversity problems (page 30). Diary Dates We are also especially pleased to have the CEO of Action for Children ACEVO Health and Social Careand ACEVO Member Dame Clare Tickell DBE discuss females as leaders Conference: Health and Social(page 28). Care in Transition The subject of diversity may be big but it’s not the only one we cover. In 27 October 2011, Liverpoolthis issue you can also read about impact reporting, effective engagementwith banks and social innovation in Italy. We are always keen to hear your Annual Conference Dinner 2011views. As a CEO of third sector organisation what would you like to read & Pay Survey Launchmore of or share with other leaders? Let us know. 16 November 2011, LondonAgnes Jumah, Editor, Annual Conference 2011 17 November 2011, LondonEditorial team:Mike Barnes, Matt Boyle, Agnes Jumah and Natalie is a quarterly journal for chief executives, senior management and all those interested in Achieving a High Performance Board:leadership in the third sector. It is available on a controlled basis to members of ACEVO and is available Practical Governance for Chairs and CEOsto other readers on subscription. network accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage, however 24 November 2011, Gatesheadcaused, to any material submitted for publication. Editorial opinions expressed in the magazine arenot necessarily those of ACEVO. Localism: Success, Insights,ACEVO is the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations. We connect, developrepresent and support third sector leaders. We have nearly 2,000 members and have been providing Opportunities and Challengessupport and advice to our members for over 20 years. To find out more about becoming a member, 09 December 2011, Birminghamplease contact us on 020 7280 4960 or visit To book call 020 7280 4962 or visitNo part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the prior consent of ACEVO. UK: 1 year - £40network is designed by
  7. 7. ACEVO network autumn 2011 7 How to get money out of your bank – see page 24.Join the ACEVO Board Achieving a High David Miliband Elections, AGM PerformanceImpACT and Pension Joins ACEVOCoalition Survey Launch Board: Practical Commissionfor Free Governance for As well as fulfilling a governance role, ACEVO’s trustees agree the Chairs and strategy and priorities of the association. The board meets CEOs four times a year and in addition This one-day Conference on for a strategic planning day. 24 November 2011 in Board members may also Newcastle is an opportunityThe ImpACT Coalition exists participate in committees for third sector chairs andto help third sector dealing with specific aspects of CEOs to reflect on theorganisations become more ACEVO activities and act as governance function of theiraccountable and transparent. ambassadors for ACEVO. There organisation and undertakeThe Coalition offers members are four available trustee learning in order to improveresources on how to improve positions for election ahead of the performance of theiraccountability, including the 2012 AGM. Full members’ Board. This Conference isseminars, research and news. nominations will need to be FREE to organisations basedMembership is open to all proposed and seconded by in the North East. To find outthird sector organisations and another Full Member. Visit more and book your place go toits free to join. Go to the for the Unemployment rates amongCoalitions website for more nomination form and for more 16-24-years-olds are at nearon impact reporting details about the election record levels with almost process. Ready for Reform? million young people unemployed. The negativeRead page 13 on how the If you would like to have an impact on them and the publicthird sector can improve its informal discussion about the purse is huge. In Augustaccountability, clarity and work of ACEVO’s board, contact ACEVO launched atransparency. Seb Elsworth on 020 7280 4964. Commission to report on the Once new board members have third sector’s role in tackling been voted, their appointments youth unemployment. will be announced at the ACEVO Next year the pension reform Chaired by David Miliband AGM in January. The AGM will be comes into effect. This could MP, other members of the followed by a reception. This is have significant financial Commission include CEOs of sponsored by one of ACEVO’s implications for your Tomorrow’s People and KentFollow strategic partners Foster organisation as you will have to County Council, as well as Denovo, who also sponsor the auto-enrol all eligible staff into Professor Paul Gregg from@cutswatch ACEVO Pensions Survey 2011/12, a pension scheme. The ACEVO the University of Bristol andon Twitter! the results of which will be Pension Survey sponsored by Jonathan Portes from the announced at the AGM reception. Foster Denovo is currently live National Institute forWant relevant updates on This year the report will focus on – complete the survey by 31 Economic and Socialvoluntary resources that will the Pension Reform. All ACEVO October to receive a free copy you through these Full Members are encouraged to of the report when launched in The commission is expectedchallenging times or info on attend this free event. Contact January. All respondents can to report on its proposals incuts across the UK? Go to to book request a free pensions review the winter. If you would like your place. Read more about the with Foster Denovo. get involved or find out morefor updates and join the Pension Reform and how it will contact Ralph Michell atdiscussion. affectyourorganisationonpage14.
  8. 8. 8 ACEVO network autumn 2011News Autumn2011 Considered flexible working? Read page 32.ACEVO and NCVO Localism ConferenceDon’t be one of those struggling with localism. Discover how you can make it work for your organisation.The Coalition Governments Big Society agenda has signalled the end of centraliseddecision-making. The Localism Conference can help you benefit from the wealth ofopportunities this new agenda will bring.What will you learn at the Localism Conference?• How grant-making will work in the era of localism• How localism will affect national charities• How to use localism for your benefit – from those doing itThought-provoking speakers include:• Peter Ainsworth, Chair of Big Lottery Fund• Tony Travers, Director of London School of Economics• John Tizard, Director of The Centre for Public Service Partnership• Paul Emery, Head of Charities and Voluntary Sector, ZurichYou’ll also be able to:• Meet with government officials involved in the localism agenda• Talk with MPsImproving Equality and Diversity in Your Organisation –Free PublicationThis new guide from ACEVO aims to help third sector CEOs by providing practical steps to addressinginequality and improving diversity in your organisation. This guide has been created for chief executives ofany small or medium-sized third sector organisation that wants or needs to improve equality and diversitypractice. Chairs and trustees will also find the guide useful. The publication will be free to download fromthe ACEVO website following its launch in December. Co-author Hilary Barnard will discuss thepublication in the next issue of network. Read diversity and gender equality articles from page 26. What are third sector CEOs paid? The ACEVO Pay Survey report is being launched at the Annual Conference Dinner reception in November sponsored by ACEVO’s strategic partner attenti. Book your place at this event to receive a free copy of the report and find out how your salary compares to your peers, what More insight. Report free to delegates. other organisations offer in terms of entitlements, leadership development and succession planning. This event will also give you the opportunity to network with other members. To book a place visit the conference website or call 020 7280 4962.
  9. 9. ACEVO network autumn 2011 9Don’t want negative press? Go to page 30 and find out howyou can avoid a high profile discrimination case. Learning with Leaders - NEW DatesNew Members We are pleased to announce new dates andHere are some of our newest members. To contact them speakers at our Learning with Leadersgo to the Membership area of the website and log in. In the series. Our winter programme includesleft-hand navigation, click Contact a lunches with:Member to find a member. • Dame Suzi Leather DBE on engagingTricia Adams – School Library Association Dame Suzi Leather DBE stakeholders in constructing a strategic plan.David Barlow – London Irish Centre • Sam Younger CBE, CEO of The CharityRoger Beckett – Dementia Concern Commission on the changing role of theJacky Bourke-White – Age Concern Lewisham & Southwark Commission.Daniel Brookbank – East Sussex Association of Blind and • Lord Freud will be discussing the keyPartially Sighted People lessons learnt from his extensive Sam Younger CBE experience of leading organisationsBrian Chernett – ELLA Foundation across the private and public sectors.Jane Deamer – Service SixHilary Emery – National Children’s Bureau To find out more about these and otherRobin Evans – British Waterways upcoming Learning with Leaders events, Lord Freud please visit Geddes – West Sussex CrossroadsSimeon Grossett – Britain’s Ethnic Minority CommunityEnterprise PartnershipKath Haines - CABA We welcome your feedbackStephen Hesford – Arch Initiatives Is there a new member benefit that you would like us to look into?Andy Hugman - Reaction Send us your thoughts and suggestions and help improve your membership organisation email: Ireland – Heart of MerseyKristina Jackson – Thurrock CVSCathy James – Public Concern at WorkAmanda Jones - Sunfield CHARITY Changes toSteven Lane – Dame Vera Lynn Trust COMM ISSION COMMISSION Charities ActLorraine Langham - OfstedNick Maher – Industry and Parliament Trust The latest changes to the Charities Act 2006 regardingPhil Morris - Havencare excepted and exempt charities are currently being phased in.Sheila Paul – Earl Mountbatten Hospice The key principles are: • Charities can only be excepted if their income is belowPeter Robinson – Safe and Sound Homes £100,000 a year - charities whose income is more thanEwa Sadowska – Barka UK £100,000 lose their exception and have to registerDavid Sharp – North Yorkshire YouthNicki Shaw – The Princess Alice Hospice Exempt charities must either:Ben Simms – UK Consortium on AIDS and International • Have a principal regulator to regulate them as charities, or • No longer be exempt and have the Commission as regulator.DevelopmentSteve Smith – Young Bristol To find out more about the changes and for an update guide go toRuth Turner – Tony Blair Faith Foundation ‘Do I need to Register?’ on Walsh – CGD Research Trust The Charity Commission website also contains helpful tools suchChris Wright – Catch22 as video tutorials on how to complete annual returns online.
  10. 10. 10 ACEVO network autumn 2011ACEVO Members’ NewsCharity Times Members in PrintAwards ACEVO Members’ organisations featured This summer the good work of prominently on the shortlist for the Charity ACEVO Members has been Times Awards which take place in October. highlighted in national Parkinson’s UK and The Land Trust have newspapers and magazines.been nominated for Charity of the Year and Best New Charity Dame Fiona Reynolds, Directorrespectively. ACEVO Members Alison Rogers of the British General of the National TrustLiver Trust and Sir Paul Ennals of the National Children’s and ACEVO Member for moreBureau have both been recognised in the Outstanding than six years, recently featuredIndividual Achievement category. The British Red Cross have on the cover of Directorfeatured repeatedly for their cross sector corporate work with Magazine. Her interview lookedAllen and Overy, and Land Rover. Also shortlisted for the at her 10 year tenure at theCorporate Social Responsibility Project of the Year are the National Trust and how sheNational Autistic Society for their work with Goldman Sachs managed to modernise one of the UK’s oldest institutions.and the Teenage Cancer Trust with another global investmentbank, Nomura. Highlighted for their innovative uses of Jenny Saunders, CEO of NEA, the fuel poverty campaigningtechnology are BeatBullying’s Big March campaign, chosen for group, was on the front page of The Times in August. SheBest Use of the Web and WaterAid’s Water Point Mapper, discussed a government environmental initiative costingselected under the Best Use of Technology category. every household in Britain an estimated £120. The Printing Charity Annual Luncheon The Printing Charity is holding its 184th Annual Luncheon on Thursday 03 November 2011 in the historic Stationers’ Hall in London. This year’s guest speaker will be Alan Samson, publisher of Weidenfeld & Nicolson. He will be speaking on ‘The Printed Word’, linking his anecdotes of working with celebrities to a tour of the new challenges of publishers in the digital age. Go to to order tickets or find out more. Established in 1827, The Printing Charity provides financial support for individuals whose income is at or below the 60% median of income. Does your organisation have a similar remit? Contact ACEVO Member Stephen Gilbert, CEO of The Printing Charity and introduce yourself via the membership area of the ACEVO website. Click Membership on and log in. In the left-hand tab, click on Contact A Member to find Stephen and send him a message! Stephen Gilbert, CEO of The Printing Charity
  11. 11. ACEVO network autumn 2011 11 What your board needs is some young guns. Read page 19.LifePathTrust Small Organisation Britain’sWinsNew of the Quarter MostContract Action Acton is an with Reed in Partnership, Admired entrepreneurial West London charity and social a DWP Employment Training subcontract with Charities enterprise that’s rapidly A4E and a thriving Acton growing. In the last five street market three days years they’ve gone from five a week which has won an staff to thirty, from one Excellence in Community centre to five and from Enterprise national award. covering one borough to This is in addition to a three! European Integration FundThe Cookery Path, a social contract and a partnershipenterprise subsidiary of Life with Microsoft to work withPath Trust, has beaten off NEET young people. Thestiff competition to win a social enterprise arm ofcontract to run two Action Acton has beenrefurbished cafés in recently expanded throughCoventry’s War Memorial Park. the development of theLife Path Trust, a local charity Doughnut Factory businessserving the Coventry area for start-up workspace and theover 30 years, works to acquisition of a communitysupport people with learning fitness centre.disabilities live the lives that They help disadvantagedthey want. individuals get: jobs, education, training and The nomination resultsGary Bye, the Chief Executive qualifications, and set them are in! Four of the sixof Life Path Trust and ACEVO up in self-employment to contenders are led byMember said: "We are promote community ACEVO Members: Britishdelighted that we have won enterprise. Action Acton Red Cross, Citizens Advice,the contract to provide the work with a diverse Kidney Research and thecafés in the park. The cafés selection of the community National Trust. The finalhave been missed since their including unemployed, If you would like to be the winner will be chosen byclosure for refurbishment and refugees, young offenders, next Small Organisation chief executives of charitieswe look forward to offering NEET young people, adult of the Quarter, contact and voluntary organisationspark visitors great snacks, offenders, lone parents and Natalie Law at at an awards ceremony inmeals and service”. He added: older people. Four young October. We congratulate"This is also a fantastic offenders they were working with details of your these members on theiropportunity for people with a with last year were organisation. recognition and wish themdisability to work and show shortlisted for London ESF all good luck!that they can provide an awards and one received Celebrateexceptional service”. the ‘Young Learner of the Year’ award from the ACEVO’s SilverThe improvements made to Mayor of London. Jubilee next yearthe cafés were funded througha £2.8m grant from BIG and Action Acton delivers 15 with a specialHeritage Lottery Funds under contracts including a Work edition of networkTheParksforPeopleProgramme. Programme subcontract in January.
  12. 12. Bespoke pay data prepared for your busy schedule Whether you need data for a new role or for appraisal of an existing one, how can you be sure that staff pay and benefits are in-line with the market rate? Using our in-house database and our knowledge of the UK pay and benefits market, we produce bespoke market rate reports for individual jobs, based on criteria specified by you. Using parameters such as location, size and organisation turnover, we produce specific reports for individual roles, and how they fit within the current market. A market rate report gives detailed salary information plus a breakdown of benefits associated with the role FREE and is prepared to your requirements, sample to order, by our team of research report consultants. available Market Rate Reports are available at a special discount to members, starting at £110+VAT 01785 813566 per job.
  13. 13. ACEVO network autumn 2011 13Impact MattersRichard Barron, Director of Fundraising & Marketing at Buttle UK and member of the ImpACT Coalition SteeringGroup explains why there is an increasing need for good impact reporting. ew in our sector, I hope, reputation and funding. In my dedicated funding to do so.F would argue that greater transparency andaccountability are anything but experience it is rare that a funder will not understand the failure to meet a target if the At Buttle UK we going currently through the processgood things. Most would see reasons are clearly stated and of developing this area. Itthat good quality reporting on remedial action taken. I’m sure involves getting thethe impact of our work is other audiences would take the commitment of trustees tocentral to achieving these same view. But more reallocate funding in this year’sthings. However, the CFDG importantly there is a moral budget to allow us to movestudy Impact Reporting in the imperative at a time when forward more quickly on it.UK Charity Sector, published resources for what the sectorearlier this year, shows that does are becoming increasingly The ImpACT Coalition is athe extent to which charities scarce, while the needs we are movement of third sectortake on what is required to addressing are increasing. An organisations who recognisecomplete impact reporting honest appraisal of whether we the importance and thevaries widely. are achieving the results we challenges of trying to improve expect is critical in deciding on accountability and transparency.In such challenging times it is the development of The Coalition’s move to ACEVOunderstandable that there are programmes and services. It has been a positive recognitionreal barriers to good impact should be allowing us to see that to make real changes inreporting - not least because it that we are best serving our this area within an organisationcosts money. While jobs are beneficiaries and delivering it has to be led from the top.being lost in charities it might genuine value for the money For those that want to do morefeel that this investment is a that has been donated or in this area but are facing the‘nice to have’ that cannot provided via the taxpayer. inevitable barriers, joining thecurrently be afforded. ImpACT Coalition is aPersonally, I believe this to be All this may seem worthwhile first step.false economy, not least for patronisingly obvious, but invery pragmatic reasons. In an the CFDG study 35% of The ImpACT Coalition rangesincreasingly competitive respondents said that they did from large international aidenvironment being able to not believe that the benefits of charities to small community-clearly describe that what you impact reporting outweighed based organisations whodo works seems to be self- the costs. I have witnessed aim to challenge commonevidently useful in marketing first-hand that this is not the myths about charities andand fundraising terms. A more case, when having the systems encourage the third sectorpressing reason is that many and experience to demonstrate to be more accountablefunders and indeed the impact across a series of new and transparent.Government are placing outcomes at short notice was Joining the ImpACT Coalitionincreasing emphasis on impact the difference between gives you access to the Many fundersreporting. retaining a major grant and ImpACT Toolkit, which will are placing losing it. This was at a charity help you get a picture of whereAnother understandable increasing that had taken the decision to your charity or organisationbarrier is the fear that invest in monitoring and currently stands on the areaspublishing details of any emphasis on evaluation when there was of transparency andfailings or shortfall in impact reporting. certainly little spare accountability. The ImpACTperformance will damage unrestricted income or Coalition is free to join .
  14. 14. 14 ACEVO network autumn 2011Pension Reform Just 12 Months Away!Change is on its way – and soon. Ian Bird, Senior Partner at Foster Denovo says that employers will needto become far more knowledgeable about the pension schemes they choose for their staff. or the largest Employer knowledge • Some major pensionF employers in the UK, compulsory autoenrolment into a pension There is obviously going to be a need for employers to become far more providers are pulling out of selling pension schemes to employers with fewer thanscheme will start from 01 knowledgeable about the 20 to 50 staff.October 2012. Apart from the pension scheme/s they autoobvious increase in costs for enrol staff into and greater • From 01 January 2013 themost organisations, there is focus on the continuing Retail Distribution Reviewalso going to be a need for governance of these will outlaw the payment ofconsiderably better record schemes. commission to pensionkeeping and understanding advisers for providingof the new pension Many employers have advice to staff. The newlegislation. already started reviewing legislation requires the their pension schemes to cost of advice to either beFor me one of the biggest ensure that they are ‘fit for paid by the employer orissues revolves around the purpose’ and affordable to deducted directly fromchange from staff who have the employer. However, I’m the employees’ pensionhistorically been offered the aware of many more who fund. It may therefore beoption to join a pension have not started because beneficial to secure a newscheme and made their they are not required (due to scheme prior to 01personal decision to join by their size) to comply with the January 2013.signing an application form, legislation until betweento now being auto enrolled 2014 and 2016. • You need to ensure theinto a pension scheme in scheme you operate ismonth three of their Reviewing your scheme modern, flexible, penalty-employment. early is important as: free and good value for money, ideally with adviceNo option for staff • You need to clearly and support to bothThis will not affect just understand the financial employer and employeeyour future staff; it will affect and administrative burdens built into the charges.all existing staff who have of the new legislation.either historically decided • Using salary exchange withnot to join or where the • You will be in a better a pension scheme cancombined employer and position to communicate Staff who have significantly increase theemployee contributions are the impact of Pension historically been contributions to yourbelow the minimum set in Reform to your staff in selected scheme.the 2008 Pension Act. In advance of its impact. offered thefuture there will be no option to join a The idea of compulsoryapplication form for staff to • It’s unlikely to be cost pension scheme pensions has beensign: the decision as to which effective for pension formalised in legislationscheme they are joining, the providers to build auto will now be auto since 2008. It is now only 12fund choice and the enrolment facilities into enrolled into a months away: use this timeretirement age will have all the historic schemes wisely to provide your staffbeen decided upon by the they currently manage, scheme in month with the best schemeemployer when selecting you might be forced to three. available within yourtheir pension scheme. change anyway. given budget.
  15. 15. ACEVO network autumn 2011 15Winning SolutionsTom Flood, Chair of ACEVO Solutions describes the new range of services introduced to help the third sector.ACEVO Solutions Limited delighted by the support for “ACEVO Solutions were(ASL) was formally launched this event and said: commissioned to deliver ain July at the Grange St Pauls “The day was a great success. series of cutting edgeHotel in London to a large The whole ACEVO Events workshops across ourgathering from the public Management team have been private, voluntary andsector and charities, so accommodating and their independent sector providersreflecting the huge interest in enthusiasm, effort and recently, to support them tothe services it offers. The support has been fantastic. survive, thrive and grow in aemergence of this new social The biggest compliment I time of severe financialenterprise as part of the have had from everyone here austerity.”ACEVO Group is timely. In today is how well organisedthese difficult economic and this event has been, so thank “As a commissioner of thechanging times, all leaders you so much”. training the strength for mewill need support to maintain of using ACEVO Solutions isand deliver the highest The second product is their in-depth knowledge ofquality of provision to their ACEVO Consulting. It offers a the third sector across thebeneficiaries. matching service that pairs country – if there is an up consultants who have innovative scheme operatingACEVO Solutions’ business been accredited by ACEVO they will know about it. Inphilosophy is underpinned by Solutions with charities that addition they are abreast ofthe values of ACEVO, whose need help with various the impact of governmentrecord for leadership and organisational issues and will changes, both on the thirdprofessional development in provide a range of other sector and in localthe sector is unrivalled. consultancy support including authorities, recentlyACEVO Solutions provides business planning. undertaking majorworld class business programme of developmentsolutions and New services will be in neighbouring Londontransformational and trusted developed over the coming boroughs.”support for a wide range of months in response to thebusiness needs. It intends to sector’s needs. A good So, how valuable is ACEVObe known for its dynamic, example is the work taking Solutions to CEOs? A memberflexible and value for money “If there is an place to stimulate consortia who needed support fromapproach. of third sector providers to ACEVO Consulting said, innovative develop services for localTwo of ACEVO Solutions’ scheme operating authorities and the NHS, and “My call to you was a breathproducts already have an to link this with some exciting of fresh air in that I felt that atestablished customer base. they will know partnerships so their expertise last someone was taking theACEVO Events Management about it.” Head can be used to support the situation seriously”.(AEM) will manage events of Training, contract management offor clients. One of the first these new services.clients was the Walkabout Newham Council.Foundation, who contracted A testimonial from Moira Tom Flood CBE is ChairACEVO Events Management Storrar, Head of Training, of ACEVO Solutions Ltdto manage a fundraising walk London Borough of Newham and CEO of BTCV. To findin Regents Park on their illustrates the value of the out more visitbehalf. Their CEO is clearly ACEVO Solutions offer:
  16. 16. &WJ ^TZW JRUQT^JJX’ UJSXNTSX KZYZWJ UWTTK$ 9FPJ FI[FSYFLJ TK F +7** WJ[NJ TK ^TZW UJSXNTS XHMJRJ FSI RFPJ XZWJ ^TZ FWJ TS YWFHP KTW NYM XT RFS^ HMFSLJX YFPNSL UQFHJ NYMNS YMJ UJSXNTSXv FWJSF z NY NX NRUTWYFSY YT WJ[NJ ^TZW TWLFSNXFYNTSFQ UJSXNTS XHMJRJ X FS RJRGJW ^TZ FWJ JSYNYQJI YT F KWJJ WJ[NJ TWYM ‡ TW JRFNQ KTXYJWIJST[THTR 9MNX TKKJW NX [FQNI ZSYNQ FSI NX F[FNQFGQJ YT TWLFSNXFYNTSX MT FWJ STY FQWJFI^ J]NXYNSL HQNJSYX TK +TXYJW )JST[T ‡ TWYM TK KWJJ HTSXZQYFSH^ NX GFXJI ZUTS MTZWX TWP FY ‡ UJW MTZW 3T HFXM FQYJWSFYN[J NQQ GJ TKKJWJI What do developments in health and social care mean for your organisation?The health sector has reached a critical stage. Reforms have arrived but their full impact is unclear.This Conference is vital for all health leaders who need to understand the latest developments. Listen to theleading experts in health and social care talk about the future that’s already here – and how to keep aheadof it. Speakers at the conference will include:Mike Farrar CBE, Chief Executive, NHS ConfederationProfessor Steve Field CBE, Chair NHS Future ForumAndrew Dilnot CBE, Chair of Commission on Funding of Care and SupportTim Baxter, Head of Public Health Development Unit, Department of Health and Social Care In Transition October 2011 Liverpool 020 7280 4962 Standard Price: £125 ACEVO Member Price: £89 Supported by Media Partners
  17. 17. ACEVO network spring 2011 17 Delivering the Chair A marriage or a partnership? Having undertaken major research on the chair/chief executive relationship, Penelope Gibbs ponders the question. ’ve always had a fair old hand why none of the existing trustees non-executive chair”. The chief“I in recruiting my board of trustees and, if I’m honest, fixing it in relation to chairs” (CEO, medium sized charity). had offered to take on the role. With a strong willed founder- director and a board that started as a group of friends, being chair executive made the brave decision to try to oust the chair designate and persuaded the board to unseat them - she was “nightmarish”. At the first could work with her but felt the The dynamic of the chair/chief board meeting he started relationship would be a taxing executive relationship is shaped chairing only to be told that they one. The gamble worked, the at the start. I interviewed sixteen didn’t do it in that style. He now chair designate left the board chairs and chief executives for feels that chairs should not start and another board member was my Clore Social Leadership ‘cold’: “I was brought in not persuaded to take on the role research project. Although knowing how it operated...and of new chair. interviewees acknowledged that not understanding the dynamics Even excellent relationships open recruitment of chairs was which are peculiar to every can sour. One of my interviewees best practice, few chairs had got organisation...generally had agreed the appointment of there that way. In most cases a speaking I think chairs should the chair, having known them as retiring chair had tapped a fellow have served on the board for at a board member. But recently trustee on the shoulder or left least a short time; at least the relationship had become the chief executive to do the attended a few meetings”. more difficult, with the chair tapping. A founding CEO had dwelling on certain pet projects asked an acquaintance to and not letting go of them: become the first chair of her “What’s the role as a chair? If organisation. After surviving a you’re very knowledgeable do crisis in which the board lost you take over or do you offer faith in her and resigned en what you can in terms of advice masse, the CEO regretted not and leave other people to get on looking beyond the right skill set: with it. That’s the line that’s been “They (the chair) weren’t buying crossed”. into the values and I suppose the Chairs and chief executives The CEO may ‘fix’ the passion for the cause that we agree that there needs to be appointment of their chair but had in the organisation”. some personal chemistry, that by no means guarantees a Open recruitment is difficult. though no need to be bosom good relationship. The A well-known charity advertised buddies. A chief executive was chair/chief executive for a chair with a particular recruited by a chair whom she Chairs and chief relationship relies on mutual background. They had only two clicked with at interview. Having executives agree respect, a shared understanding applicants, neither of whom was moved city to take on a of roles and responsibilities and suitable. In the end they demanding job she was that there needs on excellent communication. approached an existing trustee, nonplussed to discover that her to be some who agreed to interview for the chair was soon to be replaced by personal Penelope Gibbs undertook this role. Another experienced chair, the chair designate. When the research as part of her Clore who was openly recruited, feels chair designate started chemistry, Social Leadership Programme though no needphotograph: Geoff Wilson that he has been hampered by discussing having her own http://www.cloresocialleaders lack of familiarity. He became e-mail address and weekly The full research chair of an organisation by meetings, alarm bells started to be bosom report will be published in answering an advertisement; as ringing: “I think she wanted to be buddies. November on the ACEVO and soon as he joined he understood an executive chair rather than a CSLP websites.
  18. 18. 18 ACEVO network autumn 2011 Small Steps to Social Media You don’t need to leap into every form of social media straight away, says John-Paul Hughes, Managing Director at social media specialists Eighth Continent. But a small step forward is better than none. don’t need to include they’re doing at a given point Facebook and Twitter;“I social media in my comms strategy…or do I?” When I asked a friend if his in time to their views on government policy – but stats don’t really demonstrate business benefits. So what involvement in Twitter chats and LinkedIn debates; answering client questions via Twitter and Facebook; not-for-profit organisation does? Well, examples of staff and supporters helping uses social media to promote social media in action would to deliver. This is possible and itself, his response beautifully help. The story of Childs i it’s not difficult (or necessarily captured a commonly held Foundation raising £10,000 in costly) to do. All it needs is opinion. He said simply ‘No just under two days in 2010 is some planning and a slight because I don’t really know an example of what can be culture shift. Besides, people what social media is for…’ He done with a YouTube video, enjoy it… said it somewhat sheepishly a Facebook fan page and and it reflected a common JustGiving. Social media is happening sentiment: social media has right now. It is already a no benefits for organisations. Supporters and fundraisers mainstream channel and a have been promoting their growing almost limitless That was twelve months ago. fundraising activities on space. If there is a debate on Things have changed since Facebook for years now, using LinkedIn about the area your and we’ve seen a shift from JustGiving and tweeting as organisation works in (and ‘Why social media?’ to ‘How they walk, run and cycle their there probably is) then you social media?’. However, way to sponsored success. should be involved in it. If your there is still a lack of belief in Are these strong enough fundraisers are using its inherent value. This is reasons to include social Facebook to promote your fuelled in part by the difficulty media in strategy? Well, cause and services, you in measuring impact, but revenue is compelling but it should be supporting them. largely it’s the result of the could be argued that these If your service users are difficulty many of us have in are tactical elements and that using Twitter to discuss grasping exactly what social social media doesn’t deserve your service, you should be media is actually about. As a a place at the strategy table. listening and talking with them. consequence many nonprofits and charities are simply A higher profile, better There is much to consider – ignoring the biggest engagement, stronger blogs, video and picture communication revolution reputation, a chance to sharing, microblogging, of our time. communicate points of view social networking sites, etc. and listen to the response, You don’t have to jump in and So, why should charities and Many nonprofits better customer service, do them all but the sooner nonprofits include social and charities are increased lobbying strength; you start to do a little the media in their comms simply ignoring these represent the wider sooner your organisation strategy? benefits that a cohesive social will learn what social media the biggest media strategy can help deliver. is for and before long you’ll I could quote statistics - over communication be repeating the successes 30 million on Facebook and Video, picture and blog you read about in the 3.5 million on Twitter in the revolution of content that is cleverly headlines. UK using it to communicate our time. conceived, planned and on everything from what shared effectively via
  19. 19. ACEVO network autumn 2011 19Me and My ChairCEO Gary Buxton (above right) of charity Young Advisors explains what he’s learned about youthinvolvement since working with the youngest chair in the country, Sean O’Halloran,18 (above left). ver wondered what culture and being an trustees and dispatch theE would happen if you had young people on yourboard? What about if your ambassador for our model with ministers, businesses and commissioners. • tickets in advance so they are never out of pocket Have the meetings onchair was 16? Well… Sean and I work to ensure Saturdays out of school timeWe have exactly that… that board meetings are for all • Display financial Two years ago Sean trustees, young and old. It is information graphically inO’Halloran, 16, became the important that when involving pie charts and bar chartsyoungest charity Chair in the young people it is not done in a • Minimise the formalitiescountry. Now 18, he still leads tokenistic way, so we’re to encourage creativeour board and helps us to sharing with you top tips on thinking!make sure our organisation is how to get young peoplea trailblazing example of how involved in governance: It doesn’t matter what type ofbeing youth led can make a organisation you’re part of, wedynamic and successful • Make sure young people both agree that having youngorganisation. are encouraged to get people on your board is Young Advisors is a charity involved, highlighting all crucial to staying relevantthat supports young people to the skills they’ll develop to the issues young people andimprove their communities through participating communities face every day!through a social enterprise • Make sure all new trusteesmodel. With 43 teams get a good induction. We Young Advisors are youngnationally and over 700 run a course for all of our people typically aged betweenworking Young Advisors it new trustees called 15 and 21, who showdefinitely keeps our staff team Getting on Board which community leaders andand board busy! As the CEO, we also deliver for other decision makers how to engageI spend a lot of my time making organisations young people in communitysure the business of Young • Keep discussion papers life, local decision making andAdvisors ticks along nicely but really brief (ideally one improving services.we always need to make sure page) with an exec Young Advisors are trainedwe’re getting it right. Sean and summary and specific agents of social action whoother young trustees help me questions for the board guide local authorities,to do that, setting the tone and • Organise travel for the housing associations and other local partners about what it is like for a young person to live, work, learn and play in their neighbourhood. It is important For more information about Young Advisors go to that when involving young or call 0161 850 1077. people, it is Young Advisors provides accredited trustee training not done in a for young people and those tokenistic way. that want to help get more young people involved.
  20. 20. 20 ACEVO network autumn 2011Confessions of a CEO Mike Elliott, Chief Executive, The Clare Foundation“A CEO can only do so much; much mBirth date and place iPhone, Formula 1 car,14 October 1952, Wiltshire Americas Cup yacht, and a lever action corkscrew!Secondary school anduniversity Length of membership ofCommonweal Grammar ACEVOSchool, Swindon 18 monthsExeter University, BSc Hons 2.1Mathematics and Statistics What does The Clare Foundation do?Early career roles up to the The Foundation is a registeredpresent UK charity, established in 2009,Mathematics and Computer that helps other charitiesStudies Teacher in Peckham; increase their social impactBusiness Analyst and Project through improved efficiencyManager, W H Smith Ltd; and effectiveness.Project Manager, RMC plc;Information Systems Manager, The Clare FoundationPalitoy; European IS Manager champions charitydivision of General Mills Inc; excellence; how does itInternational IT Manager, do this?Kenner Parker Tonka Inc; The Foundation takesVP of IS and Facilities; Hasbro established commercialEurope methods, business expertise and entrepreneurism to theFamily voluntary sector throughMarried with two grown up training, mentoring, sharingchildren best practice and networking.Area that you live in Give us the best example ofBeaconsfield, Buckinghamshire charity excellence that you’ve seen.Hobbies Two of our small charityKeen follower of Bath and local tenants continually impressrugby clubs; member of Past me, Rett Syndrome ResearchRound Tablers service club; Trust and KidsinSport, withgood food and wine; cryptic their passion, commitment tocrosswords efficiency and focus on impact delivery. Child BereavementLast holiday Charity are so professional inFascinating trip of huge contrasts all they do, their attention toto the Golden Triangle in India detail at a recent Patrons with their web trading arm Hospice at Home. Ian Rennie fundraiser was first class; it’s EthicTrade brings a recently successfully mergedFavourite things not surprising they can refreshing entrepreneurial with Grove House, a similarFamily and friends. continue to grow in these approach to the sector but I organisation. I have beenGreat technology applied well: challenging times. Africa Link must mention Ian Rennie involved in mergers in the
  21. 21. ACEVO network autumn 2011 21more has to be done through others.” commercial world and know knowledge sharing Why did you join ACEVO? when one of the small team is how hard it is, and a charity opportunities. Working with As someone totally new to off sick, or when the probably has double the the local CVS, Community the sector I was looking for a telephone and data cables are stakeholders! Their CEO Impact Bucks and Bucks source of information, stolen from the road outside! Robert Breakwell impressed Community Foundation in a contacts and commentary It’s all part of taking the pain everyone at our Leaders spirit of co-operation is really that would speed my on behalf of our tenants and Forum as he freely and positive. learning. My IoD membership letting them get on with what frankly shared the is valuable but lacks the they really do best, deliver experience. What could you not live without? sector specifics of ACEVO. their social impact. The first thing is a great team I sleep pretty well but always Tell us about the Hub. around me. A CEO can only do What ACEVO service would have something to take notes The Foundation acquired the so much; much more has to be you recommend other by my bedside. A lot of good Saunderton Estate to become done through others. The members try ASAP? ideas come in dreams and its Charity Hub for local second is up-to-date and In these days of tight budgets slumbers; the key is charities and not-for-profits efficient IT. For years I had a and funding challenges it’s remembering them in the based in the Thames Valley mobile phone, an MP3 player important to make the most morning! and Chilterns region. Tenant and a laptop and now it’s all on of subscription services. charities benefit from a single iPhone. I would encourage members What are your three subsidised office to remind themselves of the priorities as the CEO of the accommodation, meeting and How many contacts do you have ACEVO member benefits. Clare Foundation in the event facilities and shared on LinkedIn and which groups next 12 months? business services all within the have you found most useful ACEVO encourages shared We still have space for more context of a collaborative and why? learning between members. organisations at the Hub community. Many of these 211 contacts and growing, I try to What would you like advice on and we will continue to services are open to non- add a few each week from people from others? foster an environment where tenant charities and voluntary I meet or think may have a We would welcome ideas and the total impact is more bodies as well as local mutual interest. Best group is experiences of meaningful than the sum of the parts. commercial organisations. our Clare Foundation Charity charity assessments. Also The Foundation promotes Advisors Network, a closed charity leaders in Chilterns efficiency and effectiveness; What change are you most group set up by us to share and and Thames Valley are we see shared services and proud of implementing at The match projects with skilled welcome to attend our fiscal sponsorship like the Clare Foundation? volunteers who think they can monthly forum to discuss US model as a way to do so. It’s great to see our tenant help. Its an efficient way of issues of common interest. I We are a founder member charities flourish in our communicating opportunities have been surprised how of AddVentures promoting subsidised, pain-free office to a large group simultaneously organisations just a few miles best practice in fiscal accommodation, but it’s even and keeping everyone involved. apart knew little or nothing of sponsorship. Members better to see a culture of I also like Charity UK as the each other and how many will hear more on mutual support develop and discussions are a useful common challenges they AddVentures in the autumn. extend into Chilterns and the temperature gauge for the faced! Our Founder and Chair, Thames Valley. I have been sector. Mike Clare, is keen to the catalyst for a number of What things keep you up at promote charity excellence initiatives bringing people What is your Twitter handle night as a CEO? and devise a form of rating together across the sector (profile name)? There are the operational for charities that is easily through a monthly Charity We use Twitter as a key part worries of running a large understood. Collaborating Leaders Forum, a training of our communications building, when the weather is with others on this is also coordination initiative and strategy, follow us @tcf_uk bad, when the alarms go off, a priority.
  22. 22. Investment for charities Income Diversification Advice FairnessCCLA is the UK’s leading charity fund managerCall us on 0800 022 is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority
  23. 23. ACEVO network autumn 2011 23New in NaplesLucas Fülling from Euclid Network describes how a worldwide competition brought social innovationto Naples. t the end of September We achieved over 500 individualA some 300 people from around the world cameto Naples to celebrate the competition entries and over 200 applications for solving one out of six set challenges in of Euclid’s Social Twelve finalists from all over theInnovation Competition Naples world flew in to present their2.0, transforming the city into solutions in front of a jury panel.a hub for new ideas, new Every finalist was given fivepartnerships and new projects. minutes to present their idea in The competition began with front of the panel. In the endthe idea of The Citizens potential seven winners were selectedto change places that have instead of the allocated six.proven resistant to change. From A good example of anthis came a competition that innovative idea is Margheritaallowed people to formulate Cittadino’s proposal. Sheout-of-the-box solutions for conceived the idea of a ‘greenpersistent social challenges. urban centre’ in a confiscatedWhilst every society craves Camorra villa. It will focus onsocial innovation, cities such as social economy andLondon, Berlin or Prague environmental sustainability inalready foster a degree of social order to provide trainingentrepreneurship. At Euclid we courses to improve thewanted to approach a region knowledge of a sustainableregarded as highly challenging, lifestyle. This innovative spaceto demonstrate that even here will accelerate the co-creationpeople can triumph and social for people empowerment andinnovation can provide the can be a stimulus fornecessary solutions. We community participation andidentified Naples as a inclusion. There will also be anchallenging environment, an urban green festival in theinternational symbol for state villa and in private gardens in Euclid Awards Ceremony at the Museum Diocesano Napoliand market failure. It’s also Naples. People are now aware that you Euclid Network is awell-known for its garbage The outcome of the do not need huge funding but community of civil societyproblem and the Camorra (the competition was more than rather small amounts of professionals who wantinternationally operating what we had hoped for. During investment capital for social to connect across borderscriminal group) ruling the city. the three days in Naples problems. We have steered the for an innovative andBy the end of September innovative projects and ideas direction of social innovation sustainable Europeanfollowing our conference Naples were generated and towards the individual, proving civil society. This year wewas awakened with a sense of disseminated. However, most that anyone can bring social are focused on Centralsocial innovation and change. importantly, winners and change, while at the same time Eastern Europe and hard toOver three days we witnessed non-winners alike, as well as providing a format that both reach networks, such asindividuals experiencing social observers of the competition, government and businesses Muslim charities.innovation through carefully communicated their can become involved with. A If you would like to beplanned workshops and high enthusiasm for challenging new vision has been borne and involved get in touch with usprofile panels; the excitement of issues within their society and a new culture of social at orthe event was apparent. formulating solutions. innovation has been triggered. visit