Sprint Zero in Scrum


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Where to start Scrum? Sprint 0 is a good approach to start a project with Scrum in order to get the team and the prepared and trained to start with. The presentation has been hold at the monthly agile vietnam event in July 2012.

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Sprint Zero in Scrum

  1. 1. Sprint Zero: Scrum starts here ...Hoa Luong, Scrum Masterhoa.luong@swissITbridge.comswiss IT bridge gmbhwww.swissITbridge.com
  2. 2. Agenda1. Difficulties when setting up new Scrum teams?2. What is Sprint Zero?3. Why Sprint Zero?4. Sprint Zero Checklist5. Good Scrum Checklist6. Get back to the difficulties7. Q&A
  3. 3. Who am I? ● Senior Project Manager/Scrum Master at Swiss IT Bridge ● Certified Scrum Master by ScrumAlliance.com ● Speaker & member of AgileVietnam.org ● 14 years in software development ● Used to work for SilkRoad Systems (now Harvey Nash), Axon Active ● 36 years old, one 5-year-old daughter ● Blogger @ http://it-talents.org and http://DongNhacXua.com
  4. 4. Warming up ... What are your problems when establishing a new Scrum team?
  5. 5. What is Sprint Zero? Very simple: The preparation period before real sprints start :-)
  6. 6. Why Sprint Zero?Product Owner Team Scrum Master
  7. 7. Why Sprint Zero? ● Product Owner and Team need to get along well ● Environment does not exists ● Processes are not clear ● Definition of Done is not defined ● Sprint agenda is unsure and what else?
  8. 8. Why Sprint Zero? ● Product Owner and Team need to get along well ● Environment does not exists ● Processes are not clear ● Definition of Done is not defined ● Sprint agenda is unsure and what else?
  9. 9. Sprint Zero Checklist (1) - HR ● Are Team/PO/SM available for Sprint Zero? ● Are Team/PO/SM trained for Scrum? ● Are Stakeholders aware of their roles? ● Is Team trained for technologies used in the project? ● Is Team aware and ABLE to be cross-functional? ○ Developers = Testers ● Does Product Owner know how to write user stories? ○ As <> I want <> so that <>. ○ Priority
  10. 10. Sprint Zero Checklist (2) -Environment ● Are workstations/PCs ready? Necessary software installed? ● Are servers ready? Necessary software installed? ● Are meeting facilities set up? ○ Conference? ○ Team knows how use? ● Version control system setup? ○ Make sure Team knows basic commands ● Is an online project workspace needed? ● Is a physical whiteboard ready?
  11. 11. Sprint Zero Checklist (2) - Environment- Scrum Dashboard http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Scrum_task_board.jpg
  12. 12. Sprint Zero Checklist (3) -Technical ● Is Team sure about technical architecture? ● Coding conventions are clear to Team? ● Does Team know how to write unit tests? ● Is automated build server setup? ○ Test coverage ○ Pass/Fail notifications ● Team knows how to deploy and Product Owner knows how to do testing
  13. 13. Sprint Zero Checklist (4) - Process ● Is Sprint agenda agreed? Sprint Planning 1 Daily Scrum Daily Scrum Daily Scrum Daily Scrum Sprint Planning 2 Product Backlogs Pre-release Refinement Daily Scrum Daily Scrum Daily Scrum Daily Scrum Daily Scrum Product Backlogs System testing Sprint review Refinement Group testing Cross testing Sprint Retrospectives Release Source: http://it-talents.org/scrum-workshop
  14. 14. Sprint Zero Checklist (4) - Process ● Planning poker Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planning_poker
  15. 15. Good Scrum Smells ● Estimates are updated every day. ● Everybody is there at scrum on time every day. ● People offer to help others. ● People ask for help. ● People present the team with problems and solve them as a team. ● There are lots of talking and interaction. Source: Alan Atlas and Odd-e.com
  16. 16. Bad Scrum Smells ● The Sprint requires a lot more work than was planned. ● Team member reports the same item more than two days with the same or greater estimates. ● No interaction outside of daily scrum. ● Product Owner not available for consultation. ● Distractions from outside Team. ● Definition of Done/Acceptance Criteria missing. Source: Alan Atlas and Odd-e.com
  17. 17. ReferencesScrum Handbook by Jeff Sutherlandhttp://it-talents.org/category/process/scrum
  18. 18. Thank youHoa Luong can be reached at hoa.luong@swissITbridge.com orhoa@it-talents.org