2010 Sourcing and Procurement Services


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Glow 2010 Procurement and Sourcing Services

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2010 Sourcing and Procurement Services

  1. 1. Vietnam Sourcing and Procurement Services …offering industry the Sourcing It Made Easy Solution. …from Vietnam
  2. 2. …sourcing it made easy Glow Investment Group’s Sourcing & Procurement division is your PREMIER product & manufacturing sourcing agency for Vietnam. Our SOURCING services provide research, procurement and delivery of Vietnamese manufactured products for our US, Australian European based clients We are dedicated to helping our clients develop and execute their long-term strategic goals by minimizing risk, substantially reducing Cost of Goods, and accelerating time to market thereby delivering improved profit margins and shareholder returns www.glowinvestment.com
  3. 3. 8 Step Sourcing Process An outsourced project begins by collaborating with your team to create a Request for Quotation (RFQ). This document clearly defines your needs and specifications, and enables Vietnam suppliers to determine cost of production. Step1. Product Sourcing Step 2. Build an Enquiry Step 3. Build a US Quotation Step 4. Due Diligence Step 5. Build a Contract Step 6. Build Standards Step 7. Build Quality Checklist Step 8. Sign, Seal and Deliver Product www.glowinvestment.com
  4. 4. …the Benefits One professional relationship Streamlined Vietnam sourcing. Access to multiple factories, with only one Glow relationship, professionally coordinates your purchase orders. Vietnam based legal support Glow contracts the factory with legally binding agreements to protect your order. Borrow on our experience Leverage our 20 years of Imp/Exp and Glows own manufacturing operations to successfully navigate the Vietnam market. Better pricing Our local staff in Vietnam provides more competitive pricing and broader selection. 24-hour service Our US office is open when you are. Our Vietnam office delivers answers the next day. Guaranteed quality We provide in-house Quality Control, digital images, and sample confirmation. Competitive advantage Our knowledge of the local business landscape enables us to provide all the assurances and services at the US standard to make your Vietnam product sourcing successful at minimal risk www.glowinvestment.com
  5. 5. …the Sourcing Scorecard Is it made in Vietnam now? If your or a similar product is already being manufactured in Vietnam. If you currently source from Asia Cost of Labor Products with larger labor requirements, Vietnam offers one of the lowest wage structures in modern Asia (approx 10%-15% less than China) Logistics and Lead times Transportation by ocean freight add between four to six weeks to delivery to the US and Europe. Volume Efficiency and Risk Lead times generally make for a necessary high volume production requirement, meaning increased defect risk and transport costs. Mature Processes Vietnam outsourcing currently lends itself to more mature processes and products www.glowinvestment.com
  6. 6. …to Find Out More …from Vietnam Glow Investment Group, an international metal fabrication, wood engineering and toy manufacturing company located in Vietnam and the USA. Helping modern companies do business in Vietnam. Americas Asia PO Box 440781 2276/1B Quoc Lo 1A Houston An Phu Dong Ward TX 77244 District 12, Ho Chi Minh City USA Vietnam Tel: +1 (832) 426 3845 Tel: +84 (837) 195 723 Email: sales@glowps.com Email: sales@glowps.com www.glowinvestment.com