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Recruitment Marketing and Millennials: Branding Your Company as the Employer of Choice

Adam Singh's presentation at the Millennial Mega MashUP Conference on May 8, 2012.

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Recruitment Marketing and Millennials: Branding Your Company as the Employer of Choice

  1. 1. Recruitment Marketing& Millennials: Branding Your Company as the Employer of Choice #MegaMashup By Adam Singh – President @InternEdge @AdamHSingh
  2. 2. TopMillennialTalent OverYourCompetitors Photo credit: William & Mary Law Library
  3. 3. Traditional RecruitingPlaybook is Broken Photo credit: trieu88
  4. 4. DisruptiveTechnology Photo credit: Intersection Consulting
  5. 5. Game Changer Photo credit: fredcavazza
  6. 6. Takeaway #1:Heroes know socialmedia has changedthe recruiting game. #MegaMashUP
  7. 7. Optimize theMillennial Experience
  8. 8. Gather Millennial Intel Photo credit: FlyingSinger
  9. 9. Employment Status Off-Campus Job 40.9% On-Campus Job 29.7% Currently Unemployed 21.4%Periodic Work (Babysitting, Yard 10.4% Work, Web Design, Etc.) Paid Internship 5.7% Internship for Credit 3.9% Self-Employed/Own Business 3.7% Base: 496 College Students
  10. 10. Looking for a JobYes 60%No 40% Base: 496 College Students
  11. 11. How Long Students Have Been Looking for A Job1 month to less than 3 months 34.3% Less than 1 month 24.5%3 months to less than 6 months 21.0% 6 months to less than 1 year 10.3% 1 year or longer 9.9% Base: 496 College Students
  12. 12. Attitudes Toward Careers I have become more interested in 3.4 pursuing a passion than a paycheck I would rather wait it out for a jobthats right for me than settle on a job 3.3 simply for pay I would rather focus on work thatinspires me than think about investing 3.2 in a lifelong career Ill take anything just for the 3.2 experience Ill take anything I can get just to pay 3.1 the bills I am too talented to settle 2.9 Base: 496 College Students. Based on scale of 1-5 where 1 is “Not at all like me” and where 5 is “A lot like me.”
  13. 13. How Likely To Achieve Their Personal Goals Likely 90%Neither Likely or Unlikely 6% Not Likely 4% Base: 496 College Students
  14. 14. Resources Find Useful in Their Job Hunt Company Websites 71% Friends 65% Job Search Sites 62% Teachers/Professors 57%Professional Organization Websites 56% Past Employers/Internships 55% Parents 52% Career Center 50% Career Fair 48% Other Family Members 47% Social Networks 42%Help Wanted Ads in the Newspaper 41% Siblings 35% Base: 496 College Students
  15. 15. Factors That Are Important When Selecting A JobExperience I am gaining from my job 18.1% Ability to be me 15.6% Location 5.8% Benefits offered at the job 4.5% Money I get for the job 4.5%Opportunity for advancement/growth 3.3% Flexibility of hours 2.5% Base: 496 College Students
  16. 16. Interest In A Mentoring Relationship Very Interested 63%Somewhat Interested 30% Not too Interested 4%Not at All Interested 3% Base: 496 College Students
  17. 17. Personas→ Fictional Characters→ Ideal Employee Profile→ Demographics→ Online Behavior
  18. 18. Takeaway #2:Heroes optimize theexperience usingmillennial intel. #MegaMashUP
  19. 19. Recruitment Marketing Photo credit: Pro1pr
  20. 20. Benefits ofRecruitment Marketing  Organically Attract  Build a Subscriber Base  Everyone Involved Photo credit: lumaxart
  21. 21. Measure & Refine
  22. 22. Social Media Engagement
  23. 23. Takeaway #3:Heroes measureeverything. #MegaMashUP
  24. 24. Personalized Recruitment Marketing =Competitive Advantage = Winning!
  25. 25. Thank You!Watch the video presentation and download your copy of thePowerPoint slides at Learn how to get your copy of “The YPULSE Report – Education, Employment, & Finances” by clicking here.
  26. 26. Are you winning the top Millennial talent over your competitors?The InternEdge Talent Community platformprovides you with everything you need to attractthe brightest students while reducing both yourrecruitment marketing costs and time-to-hire.