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Social media for students


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Presentation about online reputation manage

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Social media for students

  1. 1. Social Mediafor StudentsSocial media best practices for landing(and keeping) a great job.
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover How Employers Stalk You Building Your Online Reputation Using Social Media to Land a Job
  3. 3. Competition is Fierce 9% Unemployment 14 Million Americans
  4. 4. In 2009, 53% of employersused social media to screencandidates. 53%
  5. 5. Today, over 91% ofemployers use social mediato screen candidates. 91%
  6. 6. What happens in Vegasgets posted on Facebook,Twitter, and YouTubebefore the night is over.
  7. 7. Keg Stand, Anyone?
  8. 8. Reasons EmployersDisqualified Candidates Inappropriate photographs or information Content about drinking or using drugs Bad-mouthing of employers, co-workers or clients Poor communication skills Misrepresentation of qualifications Source: Reppler study, 2011
  9. 9. Reasons EmployersHired Candidates Positive impression of personality and organizational fit Profiles supported professional qualifications Good references posted by peers Solid communication skills Source: Reppler study, 2011
  10. 10. How Employers StalkJob Candidates Online
  11. 11. theyGoogle you
  12. 12. Facebook 76%LinkedIn 53%Twitter 48%
  13. 13. theconnor:“Cisco just offered me a job!Now I have to weigh the utilityof a fatty paycheck against thedaily commute to San Jose andhating the work.”
  14. 14. timmylevad:“@theconnor Who is thehiring manager. I’m sure theywould love to know that youwill hate the work. We here atCisco are versed in the web.”
  15. 15. “I just split up withmy girlfriend, butlike the Japanese say,erell be anotherone oating by anyminute now.’”
  16. 16. what will ourgrandchildrenread about us in 50 years?
  17. 17. If only it werethis easy.
  18. 18. Building your OnlineReputation
  19. 19. Principles of OnlineReputation Management Be Yourself, Let Your Personality Show Self-Censor Your Posts Have Fun, But Be Smart Perception Is Reality Online
  20. 20. Facebook Control What is Public Create Friend Groups Regularly Review Privacy Settings Be Cautious of What You Post You Never Know Who is Watching
  21. 21. LinkedIn Complete Profile Add Applications Request Recommendations Participate in Groups and Answers Search for Jobs
  22. 22. Twitter Complete Your Profile Follow Industry Leaders Post About Relevant Topics Participate in TweetChats and Discussions Stalk Your Favorite Companies
  23. 23. Blog Buy Your Domain Name Show Your Experience and Knowledge Showcase Your Portfolio and Projects Include a Detailed Biography and Resume WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr
  24. 24. Google+ Create Circles (Groups) Be Aware Which Circles You Post In Be Cautious What You Post Publicly Find Industry Leaders Engage in Conversations
  25. 25. Using Social Mediato Land a Job
  26. 26. Plant a seed.
  27. 27. Beat Employers At TheirOwn Game Research Employers Using Google Follow Them on Twitter Connect With Them on LinkedIn Be Creative
  28. 28. Get Creative
  29. 29. Questions?follow me