The Connection Of Acid Reflux And Atkins Diet


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The Connection Of Acid Reflux And Atkins Diet

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  2. 2. The Connection Of Acid Reflux And Atkins Diet Many people recommend the Atkins diet to lose weight. As the trend for a low carbohydrate diet emerged, many of those who have acid reflux and Atkins diet noticed that their acid reflux was markedly reduce after a few days of staying on the diet. This discovery prompted the study of acid reflux and Atkins diet connection.
  3. 3. How The Atkins Diet Works The Atkins diet functions by reducing the ingestion of carbohydrates in order to stabilize the blood sugar level. This will create a natural break down of fat stores and also protein stores for the body to create energy. This means that the diet prompts the natural usage of reserved fatty stores in the body since there are not enough carbohydrates to turn into energy in the diet.
  4. 4. Esophagus Acid reflux is the occurrence of stomach acid backing up into the esophagus due to many factors. Some factors may include the malfunction of the esophageal sphincter or the position of the individual right after a heavy meal. Other reasons for this condition may be due to may weak muscles or the kind of food you have eaten.
  5. 5. Atkins Diet Many swear by the efficacy of the Atkins diet while some others are skeptical regarding the idea behind it. Some doctors argue that the body might not necessarily burn the fat and protein reserves and the person will be severely malnourished in the end.
  6. 6. Animal Fat And Meat The connection of acid reflux and the Atkins diet lies in the food that the individual does not take in during the diet. Although, animal fat and meat are staples in the Atkins diet, the reduced amount of refined carbohydrates may also have an effect on reducing the instances of acid reflux symptoms.
  7. 7. Acid Reflux And Atkins Diet Studies about acid reflux and Atkins diet have been yielded conflicting results because fats and meats can also trigger the symptoms of acid reflux. Not everybody in the study about acid reflux and Atkins diet has yielded promising result regarding the effect of the Atkins diet on acid reflux.
  8. 8. Atkins Diet Combination Due to the conflicting results, many doctors still hesitate on recommending Atkins diet for acid reflux. More studies and research needs to be done regarding acid reflux and Atkins diet combination.
  9. 9. Acid Reflux And Atkins Diet Combination Medical practitioners still recommend proper posture while eating and after eating as well as regulating what you eat and the amount of food that you ingest to reduce occurrences of acid reflux. The acid reflux and Atkins diet combination might be beneficial for some individuals but for some it may have no effect whatsoever.
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