IELTS speaking test part 1 questions


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IELTS speaking test part 1 sample questions. Prepare their answers by yourself.

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IELTS speaking test part 1 questions

  1. 1. IELTS speaking test- part 1 Work Do you work or study? What do you do for living? Did you have any difficulty getting your present job? Do you enjoy your work? Which part of your job is exciting? What are the main tasks in your job? Do you plan to continue/stay in this job for a long time? Would you like to change this job? Which is more important – your job or the people you work with? Studies Do you work or are you a student? What subject are you studying? Is it a difficult subject? Why did you choose this subject? What do you like most about this subject? What’s the most interesting aspect of your subject? What do you plan to do when you finish studying? School At what age do most people leave school in your country? Do you think it’s a good age to leave school? What was your favourite subject at school? Why? What do you think are the most important subjects at school? Hometown/city What city or town are you from? Is it a big city or a small town?
 Is it a rural or urban area? Tell me about your home town/city. Describe your neighbourhood.
  2. 2. Is it a good place for people with young children? Can you describe the people of your home town/city? What do most people do for work in your home town/city? What is your home town/city it famous for?
 Do you think it is a good/interesting place to live in? 
 Home What sort of home do you live in? Do you live in a house or a flat? How long have you lived in your home? What do you like or dislike about your home? What is your favorite room? Why? Is there anything you’d like to improve about your home? Do you do household chores? What are they? What type of chores did you do as a child? Family Do you have a small or large family? Do you spend a lot of time with your family? What do you enjoy doing most with your family? When did you last celebrate a special event with your family? How do families help each other in your country? Do you think attitudes to families are changing? Food Who do you eat your main meals with? When do you have your main meal of the day? Do you prefer to eat at home or in restaurants? Do you think home-cooked meals are healthier? On what occasions in your country do people eat special meals? What dishes are popular in your country? Is it important for families to eat together where you live? Do you think it is good for people to eat together as a group? Describe a traditional dish from your country.
  3. 3. Friends Do you have a small or large circle of friends? How often do you see your friends? What things do you like doing together? How important is it to have close friends? What makes a good friend? Free Time How much free time do you have? How do you spend your free time? What kinds of things do you like doing in your free time? Do you prefer to spend your free time alone or with other people? Do you think people have enough free time these days? What do you usually do on weekends? What did you do last weekend? Do you have plans for the next weekend? Holidays Are there many public or national holidays in your country? Do you think there are enough public holidays? Do you like going away on holidays? Where did you go on your last holiday? Describe a place you like to go to during your holidays. What is the most interesting place you’d like to visit on your holidays? Transport Which form of transport do you usually use? How do you prefer to travel on long journeys? Do people use public transport where you live? What are the benefits of public transport? Are there any problems with public transport? Hobbies / Photography
  4. 4. What kind of hobbies are common in your country? Do people collect things as a hobby? Did you ever collect anything when you were a child? Is photography a common hobby in your country? Do you like taking photographs? What kind of photographs do you like?
- Why? When you go on holiday, do you prefer to buy postcards as souvenirs or to take your own photographs? Sports Do you like doing sports? Do you prefer to play or watch sport? Are there many sports clubs where you live? Did you play any sports when you were a child? Is there any sport you would like to learn? Which sports are the most popular in your country? What are the benefits of doing sports or physical exercise? What is the impact of exercising on our health? Swimming Is swimming popular in your country? Should young people, especially children, learn to swim? Can you swim? When did you learn swimming? Do children learn to swim at a young age in your country? Do you like swimming? Why / why not? Are there enough places to swim where you live? What are the benefits of swimming?
 Health & Fitness What do you do to stay healthy? Is it easy to keep fit where you live? What do you think is more important, eating healthily or doing exercise? Do you have a good public health system in your country? Is there anything you’d like to improve about it?
  5. 5. Music / Concerts What kind of music do you like? Did you learn to play a musical instrument when you were at school? Do you like to hear music in restaurants and shops? Have you ever been to a concert? When did you last go to a live concert? Who was the star in this concert? Did you like him/her? Why? How often do you go to concerts? What kind of live performances does your hometown offer? Do you prefer attending a live concert or listening to recorded music? Dancing Do you like dancing? Have you taken dancing classes in your childhood? Why do you like dancing? Do you like to watch people who can dance? On what occasions do people usually dance in your country? Art Do you enjoy going to art exhibitions? Do you have a favourite artist or painter? Did you like painting when you were a child? Were you good at art at school? Do you think art is an important subject in schools? Film / Theatre Do you like watching films? What kinds of films do you enjoy? Do you prefer watching films at home or at the cinema? Do people go to the cinema or the theatre in your home town? How often do you watch films / go the cinema? When was the last time you went to the cinema or the theatre? What did you see? When you were a child what kind of movies did you like to watch?
  6. 6. Would you like to be in a film / play? Why / why not? Television Do you watch much TV? When do you usually watch TV? Who do you normally watch TV with? What kind of TV programmes do you like the most? Do you have a favourite TV programme/series at the moment? What TV programmes do you remember from your childhood? Reading Do you read a lot? What kinds of things do you like to read? What is your favourite time for reading? Is reading popular in your country? Languages What languages do you speak? Do you think it’s important to learn a foreign language? When did you start learning a foreign language? Do you enjoy learning languages? Do you think young children should learn to speak a foreign language at school? Are there any languages you would like to learn? What are they? Why? What activity do you find most useful for learning English? What do you find most difficult about learning English? Animals What do people use animals for in your country? What is your favorite animal? Is it common to have pets in your country? Do you have a pet? Did you have a pet as a child? What kind of animals make typical pets? What wild animals are there in your country? What is the attitude of people to animals in your country?
  7. 7. Names What is your full name? What should I call you? How do you prefer to be called? Do you like your name? Does your name have a special meaning? Who chooses a name for a baby in your culture? How important is name selection in your country? How do you remember names? What do you find easier to remember: names or numbers? Numbers Does any number have a special meaning in your country? What are the most important numbers that someone should remember? Are you good at remembering numbers? How do you remember numbers?
 What do you find easier to remember: names or numbers? Computers Do you use a computer at work or at home? What do you use a computer for? Do you like using computers? When did you learn to use a computer? What is the importance of computers nowadays? What jobs do computers do better than people? Weather What is the climate like in your country? Are there any problems with the climate in your country? What is your favourite type of weather? What kind of weather do you dislike? Would you prefer to live in a hot or cold country? What is the best/worst weather for travelling in? Gifts / Flowers
  8. 8. Do you like giving gifts? When do people give each other gifts in your country? What type of gifts do you give to people?
 Do you like flowers? How often do you buy flowers? For which purpose are flowers used in your country? Are flowers used in local festivals or national celebrations? Colours What are your favourite colours? Why? Do colours have any special meaning in your country? What colour would you choose for decorating your house? Are colours important to you when you’re shopping for things?