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Taisan care


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Published in: Self Improvement, Business
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Taisan care

  1. 1. taisan care<br />ING.<br />4 egg yolks<br />1/3 cup water<br />¼ cup oil<br />½ t salt<br />1 t lemon extract <br />MERINGUE<br />4 egg whites<br />1/3 c sugar<br />½ t cream of tartar<br />1 1/8 c cake flour <br />1/3 c sugar <br />1 ½ tsp. B. powder<br />PROCEDURE <br />Beat high speed when bobbles come up. Add sugar. Beat until stiff or frothy. Beat bake 350 in 25 or 30 mins.<br /> <br />Tocino ½ k only<br />ING. <br />¾ cup sugar<br />1 tsp. salt<br /> ½ tsp. ground pepper <br />PROCEDORE <br />Combine salt, curing salt, sugar and pepper dissolve in 1 tbsp. H2O.Add pinch of food color (optional).add to meat mixture then add anisado wine. Keep in ref in 2 days in room temperature in 2 hours after mixing.<br />EMBOTEDO <br />1 k meat <br />2 pcs. Bell pepper <br />2 pcs. Onion (diced) <br />2 pcs. Carrots grated <br />1 c raisins <br />1 pcs. Foot long sausage (diced) <br />1/3 c soy sauce <br />1 tbsp. salt<br />2 tsp. sugar <br />3 eggs boiled chard <br />1 ½ tsp. pepper<br />½ cheeses grated <br />1 c bread crams <br />2 raw eggs <br />1/3 c pickles relish <br />BANANA CAKE <br /> ING. <br />2 1/3 c cake flour <br />2 ½ tsp. B. powder ½ tsp. B soda <br />1 tsp salt <br />½ tsp cinnamon <br />1 c mash banana <br />½ c butter <br />1 c brown sugar <br />2 eggs whole <br />¼ tsp vanilla <br />½ c milk evap add 1 tsp vinegar / combine <br />