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jerusalem online restaurant


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jerusalem online restaurant

  1. 1. Ingredients 3 cloves 1 tbs oil  1 cup dahong sili (chili garlic, minced leaves), or malunggay l 1 large onion, chopped eaves 1 tbs  salt and pepper ginger, peeled, cut into  1 cup water strips1 kilo  1 chicken chicken, serving cube, optional size, any part of your  1 tbs patis (fish sauce) choice 3 green papayas, peeled, insid e part removed, sliced
  2. 2. Procedure PROCEDURE: minutes, or until chicken is 1. Heat oil on a sauce pan over half done. You can add more medium heat. Saute water if it dries up. garlic, ginger and onion. 4. Add the green papayas. 2. When onion turns Simmer for about 10-15 transluscent, add the chicken minutes or until the papayas pieces. Add salt, pepper and are cooked. chicken cube to taste. Cook for 5. Remove from heat. Add about 15-20 minutes stirring the dahong occasionally. sili or malunggay leaves. Wait TIP 5: I always add the for about 5 minutes until the seasoning early so that the leaves are cooked. meat will absorb the flavor. 6. Serve with rice. 3. Add water and patis. Bring  Serves 5-6 people. to a boil. Lower down the heat and simmer for about 15
  3. 3. Mechado
  4. 4. Ingredients 1 kilo of beef cut into chunks fat), tomato sauce, soy sauce, bay leaves and 1/8 kilo of pork fat cut into strips beef stock. Bring to a boil and simmer until the beef is almost tender 4 onions, peeled and quartered  Add the vinegar and let boil for a minute or 5 medium potatoes, quartered (optional: two fried)  Add the potatoes, onions, carrot, and bell 1 medium sized carrot, sliced in 1/2" sections pepper 2 red bell pepper, sliced  Let simmer until potatoes and carrots are cooked - occasionally stir to thicken sauce 2 cups beef stock or 2 bouillon cubes dissolved in water  Serve hot with white rice 3 bay leaves (laurel leaves)  Beef Mechado Cooking Tips: 1/4 -cup vinegar  Pressure cook the beef with the beef stock for faster cooking time. 2 cups tomato sauce or 1/2 cup tomato paste  Fry the potatoes before adding to 1 cup soy sauce the casserole. salt & pepper to taste  Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of olive oil and stir Mechado Cooking Instructions: when the mechado dish is almost done for added flavor. Cut an incision on the beef chunks and insert a porkstrip in the middle (mitsa)  In a casserole, combine the beef (with the
  6. 6. Ingredients Bicol Express Recipe Ingredients: 3. Bring to a boil and then lower * 1/4 kilo of Pork liempo – sliced the fire and let simmer for 10 into 1/2 inch strips minutes. * 4 cups of Long green chili – 4. Add long green chili peppers pepper, seeded and julliened and Mama Sitas Pang-Gisa Mix * 1 cup of Alamang – fresh cook until dish gets a little dry. * 1.5 cups of Water 5. Pour in coconut milk and cook * 1.5 cups of Coconut cream until sauce thickens. Serve hot. * 1 pouch of Mama Sita’s Pang-  Gisa mix Bicol Express Recipe Cooking Instructions: 1. Soak Long green chili peppers in salted water for 30 minutes, rinse, then strain well. 2. In a pan,combine water,pork, and alamang.
  7. 7. Pasta
  9. 9. Ingredients Ingredients  1 cup water 1 lb uncooked elbow macaroni  1 tbsp sugar Meat Sauce:  Salt and pepper to taste 3 tbsp butter  Mornay Sauce: 1 lb ground beef  3 tbsp butter 1 ½ cup diced tomatoes  3 tbsp all-purpose flour (canned)  2 cups fresh milk 1 small onions, diced  1/4 tsp salt 1/2 cup green bell  1 ounce grated parmesan pepper, diced cheese 1/2 cup tomato paste  2 ounces grated sharp cheddar 1 tsp paprika cheese 1 piece beef cube
  10. 10. Procedure Cooking Procedure  Slowly whisk in the milk and continue to whisk until the sauce thickens and comes to a boil. Prepare the elbow macaroni according to instructions in the package and intentionally cut the cooking time  Add salt and pepper then simmer for 2 to 3 minutes. so that the macaroni is not well done (the macaroni will be fully cooked once baked) then drain and set  Stir in the cheeses and whisk until melted. Set aside aside.  Combine the cooked macaroni and meat sauce in a Prepare the meat sauce by heating a cooking pot and baking dish then toss until the meat sauce is well melt-in the butter. distributed. When the butter is hot enough, add the ground beef  Arrange the macaroni and pour the Mornay sauce and cook for 5 minutes or until the color turns over it. (Spread the Mornay sauce over the macaroni medium brown. and meat sauce mixture ensuring that every space is covered) Add the onion, green bell pepper, and diced tomatoes then stir and simmer for 3 minutes or until the  Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and bake for vegetables are soft. about 15 to 20 minutes. Add the tomato paste and paprika then stir and cook  Remove from the oven and allow to cool down a bit. for a minute  Serve hot. Share and Enjoy! Add the beef cube and water then stir until everything  is well distributed. Simmer for 20 minutes. Put-in the sugar, salt, and pepper then mix well. Turn of the heat and set aside. Prepare the Mornay sauce by melting the butter in a sauce pan over medium heat. Add the flour stir constantly for about a minute (color must be yellowish and not brown).
  11. 11. Spaghetti
  12. 12. Ingredients 1 kg. spaghetti noodles instructions. 1/2 kg. ground beef  In a sauce pan or wok, sauté garlic and onions in cooking oil. 1/2 kg. ground pork  Add ground beef, ground pork, laurel leaves, 1/4 kg. hotdogs, diagonally sliced bell pepper and a cup of water. Bring to a boil 1 kg. tomato sauce (or 3/4 kg. tomato sauce and let simmer for 10 minutes. and 1/4 kg. banana catsup)  Add tomato sauce or combination of banana 3 pieces laurel leaves (bay leaves) catsup and tomato sauce, salt and pepper to taste then let simmer for another 10 minutes 1/4 cup brown or white sugar (reduce to 1/8 cup if using banana catsup)  Add brown sugar and hotdogs. Continue to simmer for an additional 5 minutes. 2 green bell peppers, diced  Optional: add hot sauce e.g. Tabasco for more 2 onions, chopped spice if desired. 1 head garlic, minced  Serve with the cooked spaghetti noodles and 3 tablespoons of cooking oil grated cheese on top. 1 cup of water  Salt and pepper to taste  1/2 cup grated cheese Spaghetti Cooking Instructions: Cook spaghetti noodles according to package
  13. 13. Creamy carbonara
  14. 14. Ingredients 200 grams sweet ham  Part 3 200 grams bacon 4. In a pan, heat oil and saute garlic 1 head garlic, minced and onion. Add 3/4 of fried bacon and 1 onion, minced ham. 1 teaspoon ground pepper 5. Add evaporated milk and 2 tablespoons olive oil creamed mushroom soup. 250 grams grated Parmesan cheese 6. Add the all purpose cream and 2 grated parmesan cheese. Stir and tablespoon parsley, chopped(optional bring to boil. ) 7. Season with ground pepper. Procedures: 8. Add more evaporated milk or a cup Part 1 of water if the sauce is too creamy or 1. In a large pot, prepare the pasta salty. based on cooking instructions. Set 9. Simmer until beginning to thicken. aside. Remove from heat. 10. Prepare pasta on pasta tray, top Part 2 with grated Parmesan cheese 2. Fry the bacon but not too crispy. together with the remaining bacon drain and cut into small pieces. Set and ham bits and chopped parsley. aside. 11. Serve with garlic bread. Enjoy 3. Fry the ham, drain and cut into small square pieces. Set aside.
  15. 15. Desert
  17. 17. Ingredients 1 banana, split lengthwise banana slices. Squirt chocolate 1 scoop each vanilla, chocolate syrup on vanilla and and strawberry ice cream strawberry on strawberry. Spoon marshmallow crème chocolate syrup over chocolate. Top each marshmallow crème mound with whipped cream. strawberry syrup Sprinkle with nuts and top each with a cherry. whipped cream  * These can be found in your chopped nuts local grocery store. When maraschino cherries having a big dinner party, I Preparation: also use my glass banana split dishes for placing butter Place banana slices against around the table. sides of long, narrow, shallow dish*. Place scoops of ice cream in a row between
  18. 18. Leche flan
  19. 19. Ingredients 12 egg yolks forming. Remove any solids by using a strainer. 2 cans condensed milk (14 oz.)  Pour the mixture in the llanera and cover it with an aluminum foil, so that the moisture from the steam 5 cans small evaporated milk wont come in the pan as it will become watery. 2 cups fine white sugar  Steam Cook for 40-45 minutes, or until knife inserted 2 tablespoon vanilla or in the center comes out clean. ¼ teaspoon grated dayap rind (optional)  Remove the llanera and let it cool at room temperature. Then refrigerate for several hours You will also need the following: before serving. Llanera  To unmold the leche flan- run a sharp knife around Steamer the edge and carefully invert it unto a platter or serving dish, let the caramelized sugar flow over the Strainer leche flan. How to make the Caramelized Syrup :  This recipes makes 4- 5 llanera of Leche Flan. In a stainless steel pan, dissolve 3/4 cups of sugar, add  1/4 cup water over medium heat, do not stir, just swirl the pan gently, caramelize in low heat if you dont  want it burnt. Pale brown means sweeter and too  dark means bitter. When you have achieved the desired color, pour the syrup in the llanera and make  sure to coat all the parts of the pan.  How to make the Custard: In a mixing bowl, combine all the egg yolk, condensed milk, evaporated milk, sugar and vanilla. Use a whisk to mix thoroughly but gently to prevent bubbles from
  20. 20. CASSAVA CAKE
  21. 21. Ingredients Recipe #1 Ingredients:  Procedure 1/4 cup sugar  Mix sugar and butter until 1/4 bottle macapuno (12 oz jar ) smooth. 1/2 can-coconut milk  Add cassava, macapuno and coconut milk. 2 oz butter  Add vanilla. Stir together. Bake 1/2 tsp vanilla in 350°F oven 30 minutes or 1 packet frozen cassava, grated until cooked.  Pour condensed milk on top of Topping: cassava cake. 1/2 can condensed milk ( 300ml  Sprinkle grated cheese on top. can )  Put back in oven top shelf until grated cheese brown.
  22. 22. Drink
  23. 23. Mango Shake Recipe
  24. 24. Ingredients Mango Shake Recipe Serve immediately. Ingredients: 2 cups lowfat milk 4 tbsp frozen mango juice (or 1 fresh mango, pitted) 1 small banana 2 ice cubes Directions for Mango Shake Recipe: 1. Put all ingredients into blender. 2. Blend until foamy.
  25. 25. This is my recipe Viand Pasta Desert Drink1.Tinolang manok 1.Baked Makaroni 1.Banana Split 1.Mango Shake2.Mechado 2.Spaghetti 2.Leche Flan3.Bicol Express 3.Creamy 3.Cassava Cake Carbonara