New Media Marketing Plan Aaron Abbott


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New Media Marketing Plan Aaron Abbott

  1. 1.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   1   Running head: NEW MEDIA MARKETING PLAN The Institute for Forensic Education: New Media Marketing Plan Aaron Michael Abbott
  2. 2.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   2   The Institute for Forensic Education (IFFE) sells a unique video training experience for Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement training. The training videos were created for crime scene investigators, coroners, medical examiners, first responders, police, military, lawyers, etc; and explores the procedures for approaching and processing of the dead body at various crime scenes resulting in death, and the autopsy examination process. The resources teach the core fundamentals of the medico-legal investigation of dead bodies found at the crime scene and how to maintain viability of trace evidence. IFFE has sold the 7-disc DVD/CD-ROM package for $795.00 to universities, police departments, government agencies, and the like for 5 years. The program also includes an Internet based interactive Flash application, a lifetime guarantee on the physical pieces of the program, and discounts for students and bulk orders. This plan will focus on two Web sites that will sell the training resources sold by IFFE. The first site is the existing site, which targets the primary target market segment. The second site that is being developed is featuring the new tools and media evolutions presented in this plan—specifically for prospective Criminal Justice students, current students, their teachers, and anyone who is interested in a career in Criminal Justice. The existing site will be maintained and optimized with efforts directed to the primary target market. The new, additional site will satisfy the needs and the opportunity to sell the training resources directly to the secondary target segmentation. Figure 1 provides detailed evaluation covering the psychographics, demographics, and digital usage habits of the current users. This data and these key insights were collected through the internal surveys and focus groups that IFFE has conducted and received over the past 5 years (, n.d.).
  3. 3.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   3   Figure 1: Participant Print Area   Focus   Key  Highlights  or  Insights   General   Overall  user  base  and   While  students  are  technologically  adept  to  our   Profile   prospect  trends   training  resources,  teachers  and  professionals   have  more  challenges.  The  teachers  and   professionals  have  purchased  our  videos,  but   we  need  to  get  it  into  the  student’s  hands   directly.         Participant   23%  of  the  primary  target  market  users  make   Psychographics   use  of  streaming  videos  and  rely  more  on  the   DVDs  they  know  how  to  use.  90%  of  secondary   target  market  users  want  to  use  the  interactive   portion  but  don’t  know  where  to  get  access.   Target  the  secondary  market  in  new  ways.   They  want  and  need  the  information  while   their  teachers  get  frustrated  with  technology,   hurting  the  brand  image.  Focus  on  students,   prospective  students,  and  anyone  interested  in   the  field  of  study.   Digital   Digital  Usage  Habits   95%  of  users  have  Flash  capabilities  and  have   Profile   shown  that  they  are  satisfied  with  the   presentation  of  the  training  content.  80%  of   students  are  on  social  networks  and  60%  have   mobile  access  to  the  Internet.  Both  primary   and  secondary  markets  are  comfortable   navigating  the  Internet.  Make  sites  visually   adjustable  for  teachers  who  have  poor   eyesight.  55%  of  our  users  read  blogs  and   search  for  videos  related  to  crime  scene   investigations.  100%  of  students  interviewed   have  expressed  a  need  for  an  Interactive   learning  experience  that  presents  the  real   world  of  death  investigation.     Content  Consumption   83%  of  users  exhibit  and  express  they  prefer  to   Preferences   watch  video  versus  reading  text.  They   comment  it  facilitates  learning  and  keeps  it   interesting.  90%  of  users  in  the  field  say  that   there  is  a  lack  of  interactive  training  programs   for  Criminal  Justice.  They  have  desire  and  need  
  4. 4.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   4   for  new  solutions  and  technologies.  Students   say  they  feel  comfortable  spending  $15-­‐$25   dollars  for  these  resources.     Consumer  Content   80%  of  students  interviewed  have  bios  on   Creation  Profile   various  social  networks.  10%  knew  about  35%  frequent  blogs  looking   for  information  and  case  studies.  30%  of   professionals  and  teachers  use  these  networks   but  85%  said  they  would  if  they  knew  it  was   built  specifically  for  Criminal  Justice.   Individual   Current  Users   The  current  database  consists  of  121  users  and   Profiles   271  registered  site  visitors.  They  utilize  the   training  resources  repeatedly  and  are  looking   for  more  and  more  innovative  training  tools.   Current  users  consist  of  the  primary  target   market  while  much  more  attention  will  be   directed  to  the  secondary  market  for  future   marketing  efforts  and  developments.   While new opportunities arise and more data is collected, these profiles will be re- examined and evaluated as to ensure the company goals and that efforts are valid and current with the market demand and state of the company and the resource’s brand awareness. Understanding who the users are will keep the sites valid and interesting after multiple visits. Understanding who the prospective users are will allow more targeted marketing efforts and will steer IFFE in the right direction when it comes to developing new media technologies and experiences. New media provides a vehicle for IFFE to create new and exciting goals based on innovative opportunities—even with a limited budget. This program uncovers the reality behind the glory of Hollywood’s countless television series exposing murder investigations (CBS Interactive, n.d.). The basis of the new site will be in the selling of the limited-time, full-access training experience that will provide the user with an
  5. 5.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   5   opportunity to earn a certificate of completion of IFFE’s fundamental training course at The current site, which has been in existence since 2005, is, and focuses on selling the physical DVD/CD- ROM training program. Efforts to maintain the increasing positioning of the site will be supported with SEO and SEM optimization in mind (, n.d.). However, the new media discussed throughout this plan will be presented and built with the new site,, as the main vehicle of marketing and media development efforts. The reason behind this is that IFFE needs to expand its resources and opportunities while maintaining the current identity for a large portion of site visitors who are simply waiting on budgets to be approved. With streaming previews in place, it is important to allow the engaged-future users to complete their transaction with ease while maintaining access to the previews for their peer reviews of the resources that they are use to navigating. Most teachers do not have the time to sit down and figure out how to get to those previews to show their supervisor, or decision maker. The existing site has been positioned in the minds of many training academies, universities, and other organizations around the world. The current state of the economy has forced many of the soon to be users to wait until their budgets are available. Many budgets have been cut and many have been forced to wait to purchase and implement the training resources. By walking away from what has been built, or by even expanding what prospective users are comfortable with, these clients may get lost in the mix. One valuable insight learned in the past 5 years is that although they are the teachers, they do exhibit a lot of frustration and a fear in dealing with new technologies on the Internet (, n.d.). Many have a hard time with the idea of
  6. 6.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   6   streaming videos—let alone accessing these streaming previews. By maintaining and optimizing the existing site, and moving forward by developing the additional site which will feature the details of this plan, IFFE creates independent sales and marketing vehicles that can actually act as brand unifiers and will ultimately work as individual entities to make these training and Internet resources seem larger than life. One caveat to be aware of when utilizing new product developments to stimulate sales of the same product is the possibility of product cannibalization (Copulsky, 1976). By utilizing two sites, targeting separate market segments, with varying business model strategies, this should be enough to eliminate this concern—especially in the evolving Internet marketplace. This initial goal set out is to acquire and convert 50,000 one-time users Internationally, within the first 6 months of launching The price point will be anywhere from $10.00 to $20.00 dollars (US) for 7 days of access, 24 hours a day. Successful conversions at this price point range would generate anywhere from $500,000.00 to $1,000,000.00 dollars (US) in sales. These conversions consist of paying for access to the training resources and to take the online test for certificate of completion. The price point will fit nicely into what people are willing to spend in these virtual worlds and is based upon user feedback and student focus groups that have provided great insights into what the students are willing to pay for these resources (, n.d.). IFFE is currently working with the Saint Lucie County (Florida) Sheriffs Office and the Palm Beach County (Florida) Sheriffs Department, to have surveys sent out to all employees of the respective
  7. 7.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   7   departments. These responses should lend great insights into what officers and investigators need and want out of the Internet and training solutions. There are tremendous new opportunities to develop new media platforms offering interactive and next generation tools in the field of Criminal Justice and crime scene investigation. Other conversions will be in place as related to the major key performance indicators (KPIs) that will work to prove the successes and failures of achieving the new media goals set out and explained in Figure 2. Figure 2: New Media Goals Goals   o Acquire  and  convert  50,000  one-­‐time  users  Internationally,  within  the  first  6  months   of  launching     o Increase  brand  awareness  and  International  sales  to  the  primary  target  market  via  Primary  market  is  the  professionals,   instructors,  and  trainers  of  the  Criminal  Justice  system.     o Create  a  platform  for  the  primary  target  market  that  will  make  them  want  to   come  to  our  Web  site  as  a  resource  for  solutions  and  a  gateway  to  all  things  in   the  Criminal  Justice  field  on  the  Internet.   o Build  a  second  site  for  our  secondary  target  market.  These  are  the  students  and   these  are  also  people  interested  in  crime  scene  and  murder  investigations.  The   URL  for  this  site  will  be     o Create  a  platform  for  the  secondary  market  that  will  give  the  same  resources  as   defined  for  the  primary  market  as  well  as  a  combination  of  new  media   technologies,  applications,  and  tools.  Make  it  so  coming  to  the  site  to  purchase   our  training  resources  is  almost  ancillary  to  why  they  make  the  visit.     o Brand  the  training  resources  so  that  they  are  known  as  the  fundamental  and   necessary  foundation  for  anyone  involved  in  the  Criminal  Justice  field.     o Utilize  social  networks  and  future  media  opportunities  to  provide  unique  and   innovative  solutions,  tools  and  resources  for  students,  teachers,  trainers,  and   professionals  in  Criminal  Justice.    
  8. 8.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   8   One KPI to be focused upon is that of conversions relating to registration and use of the new media applications, social networking resources, and Web 2.0 tools that will be provided via the new site. It will be this factor of success that will stimulate viral expansion, as these resources become known throughout the industry. These evolving resources are not available in the niches of the Criminal Justice system that IFFE has been and will be targeting. As these conversions and goals are achieved, IFFE will be in perfect position to develop mobile applications and to provide innovative Web 2.0 tools that are currently being researched and developed. The new media platforms and technological advancements that are evolving daily on the Internet create a plethora of new opportunities to better serve customers, potential customers, and non-customers. There are more than 850,000 fans of the popular television series CSI currently on Facebook (, n.d.). The training program involves investigation of crime scenes and the processing/examination of dead bodies. There is no doubt that the fans of the television show would have a vested interest in these training videos. Further, technology now allows anyone to create virtual worlds (, n.d.). Creating virtual crime scenes that will lead into the sale and use of the training videos will satisfy all three of these segments in different ways. For instance, any member of any segment of the market can purchase these videos via virtual worlds—leading to a completely independent profit channels never used by IFFE. Non- customers will be a welcome challenge and IFFE will set out to create enough curiosity that none will want to walk away. Existing and potential customers will be given multiple opportunities to purchase access to videos and other resources, individually, or as a
  9. 9.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   9   package. The point is to remember that the evolving Internet means evolving business strategy. As long as IFFE stays in the know of what is going on in the world of the Internet and technologies, these advancements can be applied directly to the segments of the market niche being targeted. The idea is to give the users something new, and something that will evolve with them, for them, and by their hands (Figure 3). Figure 3: Digital Platform Proposition Digital  Platform  Proposition   To  build  and  provide  an  innovative  platform  for  the  international  Criminal     Justice  community  that  will  not  only  provide  innovative  training  resources  created  and   sold  by  the  Institute  for  Forensic  Education;  but  one  that  will  allow  students  and   professionals  to  communicate,  socialize,  network,  and  create  amongst  themselves  via   the  two  Web  sites.  In  a  sense,  IFFE  will  provide  an  easy  to  use  and  innovative  Internet   experience  that  will  promote  resources  and  education,  and  one  that  will  allow  the  non-­‐ experienced  computer  user  in  the  industry  to  step  on  board  and  fit  right  in  with  the   technological  innovations  and  resources  seen  and  used  day-­‐by-­‐day.       Sales of the training resources have been hindered by high cost ($795.00), and slow implementation as a result of the current economic recession in the United States. While the cost is high when speaking about DVD resources it is the price point that the primary target market has responded to and feel confident paying for the training program (, n.d.). Many potential users have said that their budgets were cut so they cannot purchase the training program right now. It comes down to a simple waiting game, supported by timely and well-received product reminders—or message vehicles. While many companies have thousands/millions of dollars to spend on marketing efforts, the realistic budget that IFFE has to begin with in development of these new media marketing efforts is around $500.00 per month. While
  10. 10.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   10   many of the PPC and SEO efforts will be executed internally, to save money, this budget can and will be able to build a solid foundation that will generate more sales to double this budget every month. Ultimately, IFFE will position itself and have the resources to develop mobile applications, Web 2.0 tools, and other innovative media technologies that will make its resources known throughout the expanding niche of Criminal Justice education and training resources. A budget of $500.00 dollars in the traditional world of marketing and brand positioning is enough to get you, maybe, a few classified advertisements in a market related magazine for a month or two. However, the evolving world of Internet technologies and new media opportunities opens up so many new touch points—physical and digital. These will allow IFFE to stretch this $500.00 dollars and actually achieve tremendous growth rates. After optimizing the existing site with organic keywords, IFFE has seen a 30% increase in traffic in the past two months, as compared to the previous two months (Google Analytics, n.d). Conversions are not increasing as steadily, but IFFE knows that the conversion takes time within the modalities of the existing product structure. This is the purpose of developing the new site—more sales options, easier conversions, all at lower prices. The most important aspect is to understand the goals clearly and to determine the KPIs that will direct technological developments and methods for message delivery. The obvious first steps will be to continue existing organic SEO efforts and combine them with strategic keyword PPC strategies (Google Keywords, n.d.). While there are numerous keywords that would generate massive click through traffic, it will be most important to track which keywords lead to the most conversions. IFFE will budget about
  11. 11.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   11   20% of the initial $500.00 for PPC use (Google AdWords, n.d.). There are a number of searches by prospective students, and they will be targeted initially. The remaining 80% of the budget will be carefully utilized in order to grow presence virally over the Internet via the countless social networks, virtual worlds, mobile opportunities, internal videos, and so on. While the initial $500.00 dollars does not seem like much, IFFE has to make it work. One reason it is possible is that this training resource is a unique program that has no direct competitor in the Criminal Justice education niche (, n.d.). By looking into the behaviors patterns of current and prospective users, IFFE can utilize the low-cost and viral nature of these new media channels to grow this budget right along with growth of the company and resources. Stepping forward from the physical products and redirecting to provide digital resources and experiences will reposition IFFE in the eyes of its users and the industry as a whole. By focusing on tools and solutions for the secondary market, the segment consisting of the students and people interested in crime scene investigations, new sales opportunities are born. While the current site has streaming Flash video previews and other interactive portions, IFFE is developing the additional site where the majority of this channel mix will be implemented (Figure 4). This site, for the secondary market, will Figure 4: Channel Mix Plan Channel  Type   Purpose  in  Customer  Cycle   Metrics   Web  sites   Utilize  existing  site  and  develop  new  site  to  target   Amount  of   multiple  market  segments  at  once.  Use  to  acquire  and   traffic  versus   retain  users  of  the  Web  2.0  tools  we  will  provide  in   number  of   order  to  sell  them  our  training  resources.  Use  as  a   registrants;   resource  for  all  things  Criminal  Justice  for  students   Number  of   and  professionals.  Create  an  experience  so  that  the   users  utilizing  
  12. 12.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   12   general  population  who  is  curious  about  the  content   streaming   will  want  to  purchase  our  training  experience.   resources;   Track  users  of   new  media  we   implement   into  the  sites   function   Mobile  Apps   Allow  access  to  information  in  the  field,  quickly  and   Track  usage  of   conveniently.  Allow  mobile  photo  and  video  uploads   apps;  Track   for  documentation  of  crime  scene  photographs,   virality  of   video,  audio  recordings,  etc.  Allow  remote  access  via   these  apps   video  feeds  from  mobile  devices.  This  will  promote   from  users  to   brand  awareness  by  usage  and  innovation  of   future  users;   resources  for  the  industry.   Track  response   rates   Blogs   Will  help  in  acquisition  of  users  and  the  retention  of   Track  readers   clients.  Author  of  training  resources  will  host  the  blog   and  those  who   and  create  an  International  forum  for  questions,   comment;   answers,  and  discussions  relating  to  cases  and   Track  the  sites   Criminal  Justice  topics.   they  are   coming  from   Social   Utilize  to  create  a  branded  social  network   Track  the  fans,   Networks   for  students  and  professionals  to  communicate  and   friends,  etc.   facilitate  ideas.  Also  can  be  used  for  job  listings  and   established  in   other  necessary  resources.   the  various     social   networks     Second  Life     Create  interactive  crime  scenes  for  the  purpose  of   Track  visitors,   virtual  investigations.  Build  a  classroom  and/or  an   users,  and   interactive  training  experience  as  another  medium  to   repeat  users;   sell  our  training  videos.  This  will  capture  new  users   Obtain   who  are  technologically  advanced.   interactive     feedback  from   these  users   involve such resources as creating blogs for Criminal Justice by authorities in the field, streaming training solutions accessible by all at affordable rates, interactive flash and mobile applications, and so much more as the budget grows and technologies develop.
  13. 13.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   13   IFFE will also focus on creating several communities in social networking sites and is coordinating an interactive crime scene simulator in Second Life. While user-ship will be limited to start off, IFFE could actually utilize those resources to create animated crime scenes for training purposes. If this catches on, it could prove to be a pioneering experience in the world of online training for Criminal Justice. Second Life is so user friendly that students could actually utilize the channel to create crime scenes themselves. Efforts of selling the physical production to the primary market segment will continue while the digital media realms will be fully realized and present in the new site that will target the secondary market segment. While the budget is limited, as previously discussed, these channels are all within realistic reach as the new world of social media and networks creates avenues for anyone to create blogs, social networks, and other media channels for little or no cost. Much of the budget to start off with will be utilized to pay for the premium services, like those offered by, to brand pages for visual integration into the look and feel of the IFFE Web sites and resources (, n.d.). The social network being built on will be an IFFE social network in the eyes of the consumer, not a network. The new focus on students gives IFFE great opportunity, as the students are, for the majority, avid computer and Internet users. For too long, IFFE has attempted to give the primary market the ability to resell the training solutions to their students, IFFE’s secondary market. As many users want to get the resources into the individual hands of their students, the process is much more complex than it would seem looking in from the outside. Some have taken up to two years to purchase just one set. Considering the position of the primary segment as compared to the needs of the secondary market
  14. 14.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   14   segment, the nature of the training resources, combine with the multitude of evolving media technologies to generate the results IFFE has been working to achieve. By targeting market segments in social networks, and by evaluating the navigation behaviors of the users, IFFE can target and attract new users to the site using these low-cost, high- traffic media channels. For such a refined niche, the opportunities are growing exponentially compared to the options IFFE had five years ago. IFFE has an ability to be truly effective with the limited budget that is currently accessible. The con of the situation is the low budget means more of a time investment. In many circumstances, your time investment can cost more than paying a contractor to handle this part of the job. However, in this circumstance, the time will be mostly spent in communicating with users via social networks and by creating blogs and resources users need. This has to work as the budget limitations do not force a choice between mediums or channels to use. Rather, it is a budget that says, “Do what you can with me.” The pro is that IFFE’s efforts will be personalized and will force the company to build business a model that creates a personal experience for each and every user. This creates brand loyalty and one cannot put a price on that. Further, these direct connections open up numerous avenues for valuable feedback and gaining an innate understanding of the users, and potential users behavioral patters while navigating the Internet. Although the biggest problem to face is the minimal budget, with patience and persistence, great successes will be seen, same as if IFFE were starting out with a much larger budget. Building from the ground up will also lend to more insights and forced creative use of the various channels in the mix. IFFE will focus on providing the most innovative content, but does recognize the importance of what consumers will contribute
  15. 15.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   15   down the road. The company-generated content will provide the framework and information required to purchase and access the training resources; while building and providing the infrastructure for the participants to take it further as the brand grows in the market. Figure 5 shows the various content that forms the foundation of what content IFFE does and will provide to the current and future users. Figure 5: Content Outline (Company Generated) Key  Content   Purpose/Participant   Dynamic  or   Sources  of  Content   Benefit   Static/Frequency   Streaming   Allows  users  instant  and   Static  but  dynamic  in   Internal   Flash  Videos   high  quality  access  to   nature  as  this  content   productions.   our  unique  videos.   is  new  to  most  users.   Interactive   Taking  the  video  the   Dynamic  as  users  will   Internal   Training   users  learn  from  and   be  guided  randomly   productions.   Experience   create  online  game  like   through  the  topics.   learning  experience.   Online   Let  potential  clients  see   Based  on  schools,   Static  but  updated  as   Directory  of   who  is  utilizing  the   institutions,   new  users  purchase   our   training  resources.   agencies  and   programs.   Professional   departments  who   Users   purchase.   Exploration  of   Provided  as  a  channel  of   Dynamic.  Both  author   Author  and  users.   Topics  and   communication   of  the  training   Cases   between  author,  users,   resources  and  users   and  future  users.   will  communicate   regularly.   Calendar  of   Provides  to  inform  users   Dynamic.   Other  Criminal   Events   of  what  is  going  on  in   Justice   the  Industry.   associations,   agencies,  institutes,   departments,  etc.   Library  of  Case   Provide  users  with  in-­‐ Static  but  updated  as   Professionals  who   Studies   depth  and  original   new  contributors  are   partner  with  the   opportunities  to  learn   acquired.   company.   from  real  cases.   Tutoring   Provide  solutions  to   Dynamic.   Users  and  author   resources   users  that  will  facilitate   will  discuss  
  16. 16.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   16   learning  with  the   questions  brought   author.   up  by  user.   Virtual  Crime   Provide  users  with  3D   Dynamic  and  created   Author  and  internal   Scenes   virtual  crime  scenes  for   monthly.   developers.   learning.   While the resources deal with teaching the fundamentals of processing the dead body at a crime scene and how the entire process should be executed—no pun intended; IFFE must focus on creating an experience that goes beyond the content of the training resources and into the minds and daily needs of each market segment being targeted. This is what will keep them coming back for more. Each market segment has their specific needs and desires. It is the pivotal keystone for IFFE to understand that user generated content will allow the brand to grow that much faster—with global impact (Figure 6). Figure 6: Content Outline (Consumer Generated) Content  Type   Tools   Prompts  and   Linkage  to  Platform   Promotions   Proposition   Student   Registration  and   Utilize  desktop  and   Will  allow  students  to   Profiles   profile  for.   mobile  access.   see  who  they  are  and   Incorporation  of  an   Incorporate   where  they  are,  as   internal,  site  specific,   as  the  social  network   well  as  teachers  and   social  network.   platform.  Stay  in  tune   professors.  Creating  a   with  your  peers  and   global  community   instructors.   that  will  connect  the   Criminal  Justice   education   community.   Job  Listings   Companies,  Agencies,   Criminal  Justice  Job   Will  ensure  that   Institutes,  etc.  can   Board  that  is  niche   students  will  be   post  jobs  for   specific  and  gives  free   searchable  by  the   graduates  and  other   access  to  all  registered   professionals  who  will   job-­‐seeking   users.  Both  desktop   hire  them.     professionals.   and  mobile  access  will   be  provided  and   updates  will  occur  
  17. 17.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   17   daily.   Crime  Scene   CSI  photo  gallery  will   Share  the  real  world  of   Will  add  user  created   Photo   allow  professionals  to   your  investigative   content  that  relates   Storage     upload  crime  scene   experience  with   directly  to  the   photos  to  their  profile.   aspiring  investigators   programs  we  sell  for   They  can  send  links  to   or  anyone  else  in  the   training  purposes.   their  students  or  other   field.   Will  also  provide   peers.     solutions  for   technologically   challenged   investigators  and   students.   Interactive   Interactive  crime   Will  be  created   Will  guarantee  an   Crime  Scene   scene  builder  that  will   monthly  to  start  in   innovative   Investigation   allow  students  to   cooperation  with   environment  that   and  Crime   collaborate  and   partners.  Allow   students  will  want  to   Scene  Builder   investigate  crime   students  to  investigate   come  back  to   scenes.  Will  be   real  crime  scenes  in   investigate  and  test   modeled  after  real   the  realm  of   their  skills.   cases.    or   internally  when   budget  allows.   Student  Blog   Student  blog  on  site   Allow  students  to   Encourage  split  but   and  accessed  via   communicate   coherent  information   desktop  and  mobile.   between  one  another   between  all  segments   for  various  needs  and   of  our  target  markets.   info.   Trainer  Blog   Trainer  blog  on  site   Trainers  can  discuss   Encourage  split  but   and  accessed  via   advancements  and   coherent  information   desktop  and  mobile.   new  technologies.   between  all  segments   of  our  target  markets.   Professional   Professional  blog  on   Professionals  can   Encourage  split  but   Blog   site  and  accessed  via   discuss  what  is  going   coherent  information   desktop  and  mobile.   on  in  the  world  of  CSI.   between  all  segments   of  our  target  markets.   By diving in and evaluating the psychographics and demographics in relation to the user-generated content, IFFE can create some innovative tools that would cause both segments to use the same resources for different reasons—repeatedly. The ultimate goal
  18. 18.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   18   is to take the participant motivations and make them compliment each other while making sure that all past, current, and future users are aware of what IFFE is providing and developing. The messaging plan outlines how each customer segment will be handled, communicated with, and informed (Figure 7). Figure 7: Messaging Plan Segment   Purpose   Content   Frequency   High  Value   Educate  them  about   E-­‐mail  and  landing   Initially  when   Customers   the  benefits  of   pages  with  content   showing  no  use  of   (Primary  market   utilizing  Flash   explained  and   Flash  resources.   who  use  DVDs   resources  versus   tutorials  discussing   more)   DVDs.   use.   High  Value   Inform  them  of  new   E-­‐mail  and  landing   As  events  occur  but   Customers   developments  and   pages  with  feedback   no  less  than  bi-­‐ (Primary  market   to  gain  feedback  on   forms,  test  Flash   monthly.   who  use  Flash   what  they  need  and   applications,  etc.   resources)   want.   High  Value   Inform  them  of  new   E-­‐mail  and  landing   As  events  occur  but   Customers   developments  and   pages  with  feedback   no  less  than  bi-­‐ (Secondary  market   to  gain  feedback  on   forms,  test  Flash   monthly.   who  pay  for   what  they  need  and   applications,  etc.   training  resources)   want.   Registrants   Educate  them  on   E-­‐mail  with  landing   1  week  after   (Have  not   what  we  have  to   pages  holding   registration  on  the   purchased  training   offer  and  the   surveys  that  give  free   site  with  no   resources)   benefits  to  them.   photos  and  info   purchase.  Then   Ask  for  their   away.   monthly.   feedback.   Return  non-­‐ Educate  them  on   E-­‐mail  with  special   2  days  after  second   purchasers   what  we  have  to   offer.   visit  with  no   offer  and  the   purchase.   benefits  to  them.   Ask  for  their   feedback.   New  users   Thank  you  letter.   E-­‐mail  with  opt-­‐in   Immediately  after   Inform  them  of  new   options  and  other   purchase.   developments  and   promotions.   to  gain  feedback  on  
  19. 19.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   19   what  they  need  and   want.   Old  users     Ask  them  where   E-­‐mail  with  special   3  months  after  last   (No  longer  utilize   they  went.  Inform   offer.   use  of  interactive   online  services)   them  of  current   Flash  resources.   resources.  Ask  for   feedback  for  reason   of  non-­‐use.   With the existing budget challenge, the ultimate goal is stimulating a viral expansion loop that would circulate between the primary and secondary markets—and all users in general. Providing mobile applications that connect students to teachers, or having an “ask a pro” section may be some of the things that can attract the prospective user. A job board that is niche specific is the most obvious example of what to implement that is already out there in the general world of the Internet, but not readily available in the Criminal Justice market. By taking the job board a step further, when the budget allows, IFFE can develop an app that would notify students immediately when new jobs are posted, or when their profile was evaluated and by whom. Innovation in functional experience will lead to new content that will stimulate traffic, and low cost solutions will complete the conversion of the sale and/or the registration. The content is one-of-a-kind and people are all drawn to the concept of death. While some cannot even think about looking, others cannot get enough. There is a curiosity with the content and an almost obsessive behavior by the people who are using the resources currently. The nature of the subject will be the main reason users and prospective users tell their friends. It could be students sharing with students, or a fan of the TV show CSI sharing with another fan (CBS Interactive, n.d.). No matter, the
  20. 20.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   20   combination of the content and offering Web 2.0 tools with innovative mobile applications will put IFFE at a technological advantage over every single would be competitor on the Web in the world of Criminal Justice Internet resources. The experience must be based upon the needs of the market segments and IFFE must effectively predict the resources that will be used down the road. It will be necessary to implement the viral plan in order to stimulate users to spread the word. This will not only allow IFFE to save money, but will more importantly provide integrity for the brand position. The key is to make them feel that if the user and/or potential user spread the brand message and resources, they will benefit from this viral expansion as well as IFFE will. With a profound interest in developing mobile apps, games, and Web 2.0 tools for students and professionals in the Criminal Justice system, IFFE is setting the stage to bring a lot of firsts to the industry. The viral plan will ensure success and knowledge of the resources at a very low cost to IFFE if received by the target market (Figure 8). Figure 8: Viral Plan Content/Format   Purpose/Function   Viral  Prompt   Teaser  videos   Explain  what  the  training  program  is   Send  to  10  friends  and  get  24   from  training   all  about  and  have  those  who  are   hours  access  to  the  Interactive   program.   interested  and  want  access  spread   portion  of  the  training  content.   the  information  around  to  their   peers.   Fake  Crime   A  realistic  parody  on  a  crime  scene   Humor  and  will  be  produced  in   Scene  Video   staged  to  scare  the  crime  scene   hopes  it  will  become  a   investigators.  People  who  are  dead   YouTube  hit.   come  back  to  life.   Free  Crime   Get  users  and  prospective  users   Get  10  Crime  Scene  Photos  for   Scene  photos   spread  the  brand  to  their  network  of   sending  5  friends.  And  a  5-­‐ and  videos.   peers.   minute  teaser  of  the  Gunshot   Training  Video  for  10  friends.  
  21. 21.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   21   With confidence and effective development of the concepts IFFE is creating, IFFE will definitely need turn to some of the next generation advertising and interactive media agencies to assist in the development and implementation of the creative concepts and anticipated technologies. While IFFE creates new channel technologies to introduce these tools to the target market segments, within a very specific niche, it makes planning much more refined and strategic—allowing IFFE to come up with some innovative tools for the market. IFFE will keep widget ads on the site to a minimum to make visitors feel as if they are in a pure training environment, and not the targets for marketing. However, IFFE will utilize these widget ads on strategic external sites, as the budget grows. IFFE will be turning more to the ad networks and campaign management resources versus utilizing a creative agency in order to ensure that the target market is aware of the resources, solutions, and training that is provided. The digital awareness plan explains the key channels, means, and metrics that are to be utilized in the roll out of these advertising and brand awareness strategies (Figure 9). The main ad networks IFFE is looking to utilize include Offerpal Media, The SL Agency, and Widgetbox. Figure 9: Digital Awareness Plan Type   Site  or  Digital  Channel   Role   Key  Metrics   Display   The  major  social  networks,   Banner  ads  that   Click  through   stream  Flash  Videos  of   and   and  it’s  ad  network,,     training  resources.   conversions.  and  it’s  ad  network,   Interviews  and  and  it’s  ad   statistics.  Build  brand   network   image  and  awareness.   Search   Keywords  on  Google,  Yahoo!,   Build  traffic  and  brand   Click-­‐through   Bing  and  the  major   recognition  across  the   and   International  search  engines.   globe.   conversions.   Affiliate,     Existing  partnerships   Click,   that  will  be  expanded   thorough  and  
  22. 22.                                                                                                                                          Aaron  Abbott—   22   in  utilized  in  future   conversions.   developments  of   training  resources  and   new  media  tools  and   promotions.   Sponsorship/   Utilize  sponsorships  in  video   Position  the  training   Click  through   Negotiated   games,  MMO’s,  and  virtual   resources  in  the  eyes   and   Space   worlds  dealing  with  CSI, of  the  users  who  are   conversions.   military, war, etc.     playing  these  games— the  students.   As far as gaming opportunities, when the budget allows for these media channels to be purchased, it will be very beneficial to advertise on any game that relates to police, military, war, etc. Everyone from police officers, to Navy Seals, benefit from the training resources. Putting the content in front of anyone who shows any interest in anything to do with investigation, protection, and public service from military to emergency response is of vital importance to their success and IFFE’s. As many ad opportunities in actual video games will cost more money that the existing budget allots, IFFE will begin with building a resource in By taking advantage of their low-cost opportunities, IFFE can build a virtual crime scene that could be the beginning of something big for the Criminal Justice system. When plausible, IFFE will dive deep into MMO’s, video games, and virtual realities. As these will be the future of the Internet experience—it has to go 3D one day—we can begin to lay groundwork for the Criminal Justice training experience of tomorrow, today. IFFE will make great use of Flash generated and text/image advertisements that relate to the few existing print ads and classified ads in circulation. Dynamic ads such as widgets and mobile apps that provide unique solutions for both students and teachers, as